200522 SUGA (+ENG)

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  1. Виктория Скворцова

    Виктория Скворцова2 ore fa

    Альбомы вместо подставки?! Серьезно💚? 😂

  2. Виктория Скворцова

    Виктория Скворцова2 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> Понеслась! 💚

  3. Die

    Die2 ore fa

    Ele limpando o almoço vomitado

  4. songs but- -

    songs but- -2 ore fa

    Esto no fue en tiempo real, alv


    SILVA BTS3 ore fa

    Il est trop beau !!😍😭💜

  6. Kim Liu Yona

    Kim Liu Yona3 ore fa

    Suga, We believe in you! Hwaiting~! Purple, Love&Trust You forever~!

  7. Mäsäkiツ

    Mäsäkiツ4 ore fa

    Suga, you are the reason for my happiness !!! I love you so much ❤️❤️💕💕, I don't know what I would be without you !! I want to meet you, I'm BR but I can speak English. My dream is to meet you!!! 😘 I don't

  8. Amanda Malenfant

    Amanda Malenfant4 ore fa

    I wonder if he figured it out or read a comment about why the print screen wasnt transferring because of the dry paint on it. Instead he hand painted it 💜

  9. Nai nai

    Nai nai5 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="641">10:41</a> ayyy.

  10. Cynthia Ana Borromeo

    Cynthia Ana Borromeo6 ore fa

    love his life lesson at the end!!!

  11. Tade Garam

    Tade Garam6 ore fa

    Suga 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜

  12. محمد ادم

    محمد ادم7 ore fa

    ilove you BTS

  13. That’s the tea Sis

    That’s the tea Sis8 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> *daechwita plays* Suga: *doing his job without over reacting with anything* Me: *nodding my head like crazy* WHY DIDNT HE GET VIBE?! I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM AND NOT CRAZY LIKE ME 😂

  14. Аягуль Кашлан

    Аягуль Кашлан9 ore fa

    Suga, we love you and will always support your every decision!

  15. Lee Miku kawaii

    Lee Miku kawaii10 ore fa

    I♡BTS 😍😍😍

  16. F RM

    F RM10 ore fa

    min yoongi, we don't deserve you, sorry.

  17. lxvely chaeyoung

    lxvely chaeyoung11 ore fa

    He always looks so dang fluffy and soft when painting

  18. Fernanda Machado

    Fernanda Machado11 ore fa

    Estamos com você!!!! 💪🏻

  19. Fernanda Machado

    Fernanda Machado11 ore fa


  20. Ni sa

    Ni sa12 ore fa

    Memang gk ada ahlak albums dibuat ganjel lulusan 😤😫

  21. Valeria bts grupo

    Valeria bts grupo12 ore fa

    Love cooool suga

  22. YoongiLove UwU 7w7

    YoongiLove UwU 7w712 ore fa

    Yoongi: (apaga la cámara) Yo: pero q hermosa mano ❤️😍

  23. YoongiLove UwU 7w7

    YoongiLove UwU 7w712 ore fa

    Yo: gastando todos mis ahorros en álbumes :”v (y sólo teniendo uno) Yoonie: (pone dos álbumes debajo de su pintura (hermosa por cierto) Yo: jaja se pasa :”v 😂❤️

  24. Yee Haw

    Yee Haw12 ore fa

    Fanartists: Now thats art.

  25. 늘 보라해

    늘 보라해13 ore fa

    I love you yoongi 🤍

  26. 늘 보라해

    늘 보라해13 ore fa

    Yoongi’s art class was trending in my country so I’ll watch it once again bcuz why not 🤍🤍

  27. alisa ika septiani

    alisa ika septiani13 ore fa

    Love u

  28. Anjeli Mar

    Anjeli Mar13 ore fa

    Yonngi ♡

  29. Min Yoongi Is Baby

    Min Yoongi Is Baby13 ore fa

    Who tf disliked a 30min video of Min Yoongi making art :

  30. Jocelyn Mook

    Jocelyn Mook14 ore fa


  31. ⟭⟬A . B⟬⟭7

    ⟭⟬A . B⟬⟭715 ore fa

    და ისევ ტრენდშია ☺💜

  32. Dinda Widiantari

    Dinda Widiantari15 ore fa


  33. ยงยศ สีทอง

    ยงยศ สีทอง19 ore fa


  34. francisca xyza glorioso

    francisca xyza glorioso19 ore fa

    yoongi is painting again😍

  35. Haylie Chick

    Haylie Chick21 ora fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a>ha ha ha😂😂😂

  36. Min Shookie

    Min Shookie22 ore fa

    Wait this is trending not daechwita. Yeah yt things....

  37. Just Human

    Just Human23 ore fa

    Yoonki : use album for his painting AgustD : Ottoke senggakhae???!!

  38. Kristina Dee

    Kristina DeeGiorno fa

    Yoongi, we love you.

  39. Noviana Listia putri

    Noviana Listia putriGiorno fa

    Suga is handsome

  40. RM rschl

    RM rschlGiorno fa


  41. Evita Putri

    Evita PutriGiorno fa

    Albumnya bisa disumbangin ke gue kalo udh gak dipake ya 😢

  42. multi - stan

    multi - stanGiorno fa

    lmao this video is still on trending

  43. hxneybeebb bees

    hxneybeebb beesGiorno fa

    he looks so smol i cant 😭😭😭

  44. Alanis Rivera

    Alanis RiveraGiorno fa

    200525 Jin playing the piano~ He talked about doing the album design with Yoongi, anyone think the album might be the painting or parts of it? Big Brain

  45. Uriel Reyes

    Uriel ReyesGiorno fa

    Note entendi nimergas no ablo japones

  46. Lachilalita _Joss

    Lachilalita _JossGiorno fa

    Ni japonés es nene 🤙🏿

  47. No one

    No oneGiorno fa

    it's ok sugar 😅💖💖 it always doesn't go like we want , I'm sure you will find something better next time

  48. No one

    No oneGiorno fa

    hey dude how many albums did you put under the canvas 😂😂💔 give me one of them

  49. Aliona Igorevna

    Aliona IgorevnaGiorno fa


  50. Bianca Norman

    Bianca NormanGiorno fa

    I’m so grateful I get to live the same time as BTS. Their going to be remembered forever hands down✨

  51. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMYGiorno fa

    I love you suga

  52. أحب BTS BTS

    أحب BTS BTSGiorno fa

    Suga, PLease give me your snaps💜

  53. Bengaid Bajda

    Bengaid BajdaGiorno fa

    حلمي هو أن أذهب إلى كوريا دائما أبكي.😢 وحلمي التاني أن نتﻻقى ب. بي تي اس😢

  54. rosimara sidio

    rosimara sidioGiorno fa

    Eu quero o boneco do jimin da mateu

  55. rubi loarte

    rubi loarteGiorno fa

    i love min yoongi:3

  56. Valeria K

    Valeria KGiorno fa

    Ok but what was he trying to do putting white paint over that frame thing and expecting it to transfer to the canvas? I'm confused 😭

  57. Chimmy Kookies

    Chimmy KookiesGiorno fa

    Idk much but I think it’s a type of printing that is really hard to transfer on a rough surface like a canvas

  58. _Butterfly_

    _Butterfly_Giorno fa

    This is still trending in my country 💀

  59. August Frost

    August FrostGiorno fa

    200522 SUGA is back on trending at #49 in the US a week later... What is going on??? I'm not complaining though.

  60. Natasha N

    Natasha NGiorno fa

    This still be trending in Canada loool

  61. park bunny

    park bunnyGiorno fa

    Me seeing this video is streamed live in 1 week ago but stil trending in!#46 Wow!



    Yoongi te amo ❤🥺

  63. •[Kιм Dαнуυи]•

    •[Kιм Dαнуυи]•Giorno fa

    Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Yo al ver el pelo precioso de Suga: KSHJJF&FNFUDHGTMU4HSMMXKI *C muere*

  64. m. m.

    m. m.Giorno fa

    it's still trendidng in my country😂

  65. Rayan라얀

    Rayan라얀Giorno fa

    Yes 💜

  66. Rupashri Chandawale

    Rupashri ChandawaleGiorno fa


  67. Taima Alajami

    Taima AlajamiGiorno fa

    乃ㄒ丂 I love you so much 🥰🥰😍 l purple you 💜💜💜 I hope to see you in the next concert after the Quarantine 😔😔😣 사랑해♥️♥️😘


    Love MAMAMOO AND BTSGiorno fa

    Still Tr3nding In Belize

  69. abii saqib

    abii saqibGiorno fa

    Its trendin on no.43..lmao..we were starving!

  70. Rayan라얀

    Rayan라얀Giorno fa

    23 in lebanon

  71. abii saqib

    abii saqibGiorno fa

    @m. m. woah..wow we really miss him😭❤

  72. m. m.

    m. m.Giorno fa

    N 20 in Georgia🇬🇪😂

  73. Kook Chim Chim

    Kook Chim ChimGiorno fa

    I'm swimming to Korea, Who want to come with me...? 💖💜

  74. js ian

    js ianGiorno fa

    스텐실망에 물감이 굳은 거 아닌지 ㅡㅜ

  75. •Lee Yoonjin•

    •Lee Yoonjin•Giorno fa

    30 on Morocco trend

  76. Luylie Levi

    Luylie LeviGiorno fa

    1 week ago I was here and it was on number 3 trending, and now I'm here again and it's still on #47 trending..... Yoongi the legend!👏

  77. A I

    A IGiorno fa

    Why is this stil trending in the uk😂😂 power of yoongi

  78. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytGiorno fa

    As an artist watching him suffer because he just didn’t clean the screen is the most difficult thing I’ve ever sat through

  79. nhóc AG 67 Nguyễn

    nhóc AG 67 NguyễnGiorno fa


  80. nhóc AG 67 Nguyễn

    nhóc AG 67 NguyễnGiorno fa


  81. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytGiorno fa

    I like suga. His style is so perfect

  82. Chinzo Chinzo

    Chinzo ChinzoGiorno fa

    BTS гоё шүү.

  83. Rogue Axle

    Rogue AxleGiorno fa

    I'd buy that masterpiece

  84. Kpop.multistander

    Kpop.multistanderGiorno fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="19">0:19</a> that part doe when he came up and moved his hair to the side:( (suga is me when I’m painting and starts to put bts on🤣)

  85. Балаоглан Иманов

    Балаоглан ИмановGiorno fa

    Azerbaycan armıy

  86. To Bro / Sa

    To Bro / SaGiorno fa


  87. Morgan Olsen

    Morgan OlsenGiorno fa

    Man I hate this stupidly adorable beautiful man 🙄