2019 Carpool Karaoke ft. My Favorite YouTubers

HAPPY HOLIDAYS SISTERS! 2019 has been quite the roller coaster, so I wanted to end it off with some of favorite ITgosrs & best friends that made my year special. ❤️Colleen Ballinger, Joey Graceffa, Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, Larray, my a cappella friends, & best friends all drive around with me and sing Christmas songs! Enjoy!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. Melisa Kalkanci

    Melisa Kalkanci6 ore fa

    I always thought that Joey and Many like weren’t as much in the video as the others

  2. Beau McPhee

    Beau McPhee8 ore fa

    Little did they know

  3. SourApple_YT

    SourApple_YT9 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> such a mood lol 😂

  4. Bambi & Duck

    Bambi & Duck12 ore fa

    little did you know that you're going to be stuck in quarantine for a LONG time...

  5. aleen star

    aleen star12 ore fa

    I didn’t notice until now that he is talking about instant influencer at the end😂😂😂 Like if you did too

  6. Kaitlin Lacy

    Kaitlin Lacy13 ore fa

    James you are so good

  7. Rocky Wagner

    Rocky Wagner14 ore fa

    looking back. day be sayin we gonna slay 2020 Well, 2020 IS SLAYING US

  8. Eric Chen

    Eric Chen16 ore fa

    I love how Nikita just summons her dog in her hands.

  9. Layla Affolter

    Layla Affolter17 ore fa

    What r u looking forward to in 2020 Everyone: Coachella Me: you thought 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Layla Affolter

    Layla Affolter17 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="560">9:20</a> um ya no

  11. Ella Joelle

    Ella Joelle17 ore fa

    Where did Nikita Get the dog from??? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="954">15:54</a>

  12. Vickylicious 29

    Vickylicious 2918 ore fa

    nikita and james are my favorite together like they both have such big personalities and both of them combined is just everything

  13. Kendall Cowan

    Kendall Cowan20 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="943">15:43</a> She’s dead 💀

  14. Milli Davis-Martin

    Milli Davis-Martin20 ore fa

    James: What are you excited for in 2020? Them: I'm excited for...(so many things). Me and the world: Sat in quarantine due to coronavirus.

  15. Razor Xy

    Razor Xy22 ore fa

    Who’s here during the “best” 2020 even though it’s the worst

  16. delilah reddy

    delilah reddyGiorno fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> nope!

  17. Bernice Liu

    Bernice LiuGiorno fa

    What do u wanna do in 2020? Cry less!!! 2020 people dying and being lonely and me the cheeriest person ever has depression and cries all the time

  18. jazzy talala

    jazzy talalaGiorno fa

    Omg joey

  19. Lili Ela Sims

    Lili Ela SimsGiorno fa

    Get james to 20 M

  20. Patricia Sandoval

    Patricia SandovalGiorno fa


  21. Patricia Sandoval

    Patricia SandovalGiorno fa


  22. Alexander Miranda

    Alexander MirandaGiorno fa

    I just noticed James talks about instant influencer

  23. Fares Feleifel

    Fares FeleifelGiorno fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="564">9:24</a> ohh biiiiiitttcchh how wrong you were

  24. Breakfast Burritos.

    Breakfast Burritos.Giorno fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="937">15:37</a> no hands on the wheel while driving..JAMES

  25. Harvey Ashton

    Harvey AshtonGiorno fa

    James: “it’s literally a river” Everyone in the UK: “ looks like the roads after a light rain”

  26. Italia Hernandez

    Italia HernandezGiorno fa

    Larri~Ravon look how ghetto we look next to james😂🤣

  27. Daily Dose of David

    Daily Dose of DavidGiorno fa

    “I want to cry less in 2020” 2020: that is not on my agenda for the time being

  28. Portia Mensah

    Portia Mensah2 giorni fa

    I'm watching this in 2020 and I'm like 2020 is the year we have a global pandemic

  29. Oh itz day day

    Oh itz day day2 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1026">17:06</a> James: “was the porsche you brought here not enough” Larray: “where did my hearing go?”

  30. Sarah Sachdeva

    Sarah Sachdeva2 giorni fa

    Most successful but also the saddest. You have not seen 2020

  31. Annabelle Read

    Annabelle Read2 giorni fa

    When I saw Nikita stare at James sing at the second song! XD LOL

  32. Helpful KitKatluv

    Helpful KitKatluv2 giorni fa

    2020 is gonna be the best .... Girl where?

  33. Ellie Arnold

    Ellie Arnold2 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> I'm looking forward to not being able to leave the house for months! 😀 It's gonna be so great.

  34. Eiyanna Anderson

    Eiyanna Anderson2 giorni fa

    Mani: I want to do acting and a producer Coronavirus:HECK NO BISH!!!

  35. Idk

    Idk2 giorni fa

    Nikita reaction to the second song was me

  36. Hi

    Hi2 giorni fa

    James: “what are you looking forward too in 2020” Larray: “to cry less” Ok 1: that him me hard 2: miss corona said no 3: haha guess I already broke that bc i cry everyday

  37. Hi

    Hi2 giorni fa

    We love how colleen actually dissed ari even though they are pretty good friends. Like she goes to her birthday parties.

  38. elle

    elle2 giorni fa

    watching this in 2020 they ALL wrong

  39. Abdullah Said

    Abdullah Said2 giorni fa

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="572">9:32</a> 2020 is going to be the best. Yeah sure 💔

  40. Dorothy Olaniyi

    Dorothy Olaniyi2 giorni fa

    Anyone eles here at 2020 she ant a sikicek corona

  41. Matthew Vouloukos

    Matthew Vouloukos2 giorni fa

    yo i didn’t know who larray was when we watched this for the first time and now i’m a larray stan and i’m watching this again and i’m facepalming 🤦🏻‍♂️

  42. Elizabeth Katusich

    Elizabeth Katusich2 giorni fa

    She said “2020 is going to be the best!” Everyone in 2020 “HAHA!!! You wish CORONA VIRUS!”

  43. the world according to josie

    the world according to josie2 giorni fa

    larray i want to cry less me oh sweety you gonna cry more

  44. Dad Emery

    Dad Emery2 giorni fa

    Nikita is a whole mood🤣

  45. tirza De kip

    tirza De kip2 giorni fa

    "david if your watching this.." "he's not" I DIED

  46. Aniya #1Youngblood

    Aniya #1Youngblood3 giorni fa

    "2020 is going to be the best" Me in 2020: "mm" 😑

  47. Krišs Andersons

    Krišs Andersons3 giorni fa

    I think they all vanted corna at 2020

  48. Anna-Zara Hancox

    Anna-Zara Hancox3 giorni fa

    sing: virgin Nakita:😏 Me: 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Anna-Zara Hancox

    Anna-Zara Hancox3 giorni fa

    Nikitas face 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Sunnybear3000

    Sunnybear30003 giorni fa

    Colleen: mC doNaLdS iS cLosEd me: in 3 days a crisis will arise and u dont kNoWwWWWwww

  51. Sherlyne HUYNH

    Sherlyne HUYNH3 giorni fa

    Welp look how 2020 is now..and I oop- 1 . Corona 2. Killer hornets 3.quarintine 4. Parallel universes 5 . Poison plants?

  52. LuAni Alejo

    LuAni Alejo3 giorni fa

    Nikita's ALWAYS a mood ~ periodt.

  53. Adia G

    Adia G3 giorni fa

    Joey: I'm excited for 2020. Coronavirus: MWAHAHAHAHAHAH

  54. Cammy Ackland

    Cammy Ackland3 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="563">9:23</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="573">9:33</a> corona: sike bitch

  55. Paisley Grace

    Paisley Grace3 giorni fa

    I keep watching this because it delivers serotonin.

  56. Sad girl games YT

    Sad girl games YT3 giorni fa

    them* in 2020 i wanna travel and expirience new things.. Corona* THIS CANT HAPPEN

  57. Ilzayri

    Ilzayri3 giorni fa

    Everybody:dancing and singing Colleen: *THE MCDONALDS IS CLOSED WTH*

  58. Angel’s World

    Angel’s World3 giorni fa

    High key 2020 sucks

  59. Eira Staniuk

    Eira Staniuk3 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> Nikita's face tho she's such a queen!!!

  60. Anne Bloemen

    Anne Bloemen3 giorni fa

    why does james chrismas hat looks like einsteins hair?

  61. Emma Sh

    Emma Sh4 giorni fa

    Hha quarantin chekkk....😂😂

  62. Leia Godfrey

    Leia Godfrey4 giorni fa

    Anyone who’s excited for 2020 stop stop

  63. Anuradha Gupta

    Anuradha Gupta4 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="578">9:38</a>. Do u want to try staying home all day...lol

  64. anderson sasada

    anderson sasada4 giorni fa

    WHY IS <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="919">15:19</a> THE FUNNIEST THING EVER TO ME-

  65. Elizabeth Parker

    Elizabeth Parker4 giorni fa

    they are talking about all these things to do and then........... CORONAVIRUS entered the chat

  66. Problem ?

    Problem ?4 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a> james is perfect

  67. Aoife

    Aoife4 giorni fa

    I have to speed up literally every other ITgosr but with James I nearly want to slow it down a little bit because he speaks so fast

  68. Ishrat Laka

    Ishrat Laka4 giorni fa

    how come he didnt get copyrighted?

  69. Emma Freeman

    Emma Freeman4 giorni fa

    well 2020 is the WORST

  70. 何sandy

    何sandy4 giorni fa

    If it’s Larray it makes sense he’s very funny and thick? Idk

  71. Carolyn Marshall

    Carolyn Marshall4 giorni fa

    "2020 is gonna be the best" physic was wrong mate

  72. Izzy Finch

    Izzy Finch4 giorni fa

    The transition in the voices going from latest to Colleen 😂😂

  73. Leokicker1221

    Leokicker12214 giorni fa

    Everyone in 2020 when they say it is going to be a great year we were like: are you sure about that

  74. Olivia Tidmore

    Olivia Tidmore4 giorni fa

    Nikita was reall aggravating me during “mary did you know” 🥴

  75. Amina B

    Amina B4 giorni fa

    Colleen looked like she was about to cry when James was talking how he sobbed after they called!! omg that made me cry!! she is like the best person on this planet!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Also: James: Looking amazing in that Sister Santa Suit Nikita: Looking amazing while taking selfies Colleen: Looking amazing as an egirl sorry i didn’t have time to do anyone else

  76. Alexis

    Alexis4 giorni fa

    For Santa baby I was expecting the remix

  77. caroline ramirez

    caroline ramirez4 giorni fa

    “2020 is going to be the best year” coronavirus NOOOO

  78. jordan britt

    jordan britt4 giorni fa

    No one: Nikita on 2nd song: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS

  79. Ashlyn Vasilas

    Ashlyn Vasilas5 giorni fa

    You sure about that Joey lmao

  80. M Clinger

    M Clinger5 giorni fa

    the only reason Nakita didn't know that song is because it was talking about I think something religious?