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Inger Houghton demonstrates the entire 7 Minute Workout while listening to "The 7 Minute Workout" by Tabata Songs. (Get it on: Spotify, iTunes, Google Play). Just like other Tabata Songs, the music tells the listener when to Start, Stop, and which exercise is next.
When we asked our Tabata Songs listeners what other workouts they do that could use some programed music and instruction (a la Tabata Songs), the overwhelming response was... The 7 Minute Workout! Well, you asked for it and we listened! The 7 Minute Workout, a scientifically driven sequence of movements famous by this New York Times article, has gone viral among young professionals with heavy work schedules.
Our listeners' feedback stated that The 7 Minute Workout, just like Tabata, can be difficult without help of a timer and/or instruction. So we made our first 7 Minute Workout Song based off of our most popular Tabata Song ("Deep Orchestra Tabata").
The 7 Minute Workout consists of:
• Jumping jacks
• Wall sits
• Push-ups
• Abdominal crunches
• Step-ups onto a chair
• Squats
• Triceps dips on a chair
• Planks
• High knees/running in place
• Lunges
• Push-ups and rotations
• Side plank Left
• Side plank Right
Inger Houghton @IngerInDubai
www. IngerinDubai
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  1. Karolína Labudová

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    I love it

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    how many calories you can burn with this workout?

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    I am attempting to try these work outs

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    Who is here because your teachers want you to be active during quarantine?

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    تبقاي تصفطلي الفدهات

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    Half of these exercises I can’t even begin to do 🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. Peter Gurgel

    Peter Gurgel3 giorni fa

    Wow its a direct copy of this workout i am doing for years. itgos.info/video/paCswXbDo2ynprM.html . I think she is doing the exercises way too fast and imprecise. It's a nice workout, but you really should do it slowly and technically good before you speed it up.

  12. Leon Grubi

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    my whole body hurt, but I am determined to continue.

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    This is my video to google meet in education

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    Am I the only one whose PE teacher not only made them watch this video, but also FILM THEMSELVES and send him the video?

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    What does tabata mean? Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that consists of eight sets of fast-paced exercises each performed for 20 seconds interspersed with a brief rest of 10 seconds.Sep 10, 2018  Merriam-Webster › words-at-play What Does 'Tabata' Mean? | Slang Definition of Tabata | Merriam

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    I love this tabata workout...and use it..thanks for you great workout..

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    Who’s like me I’m just here because my mom wants me to do this O.o

  32. Claroe Rodríguez

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    Hola tabata me encantan tus rutinas de ejercicios lo voy a intentar... esta muy bien el lugar donde haces los ejercicios, estupendo la voz del cronometrista, y la musica perfecta para la rutina. Es como un reto para ponernos en forma.. Saludos!!!!!

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    I'm dying. She's a beast 👍🏻❤️

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="448">7:28</a> "plank on your left side....and...ROCK 'N ROOOOLLL!!!!"

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    no disrespect to joe wicks but i feel like this workout is harder and it is obviously quicker so i do this one every day

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    Ok. I tried it this morning without any previous training and I feel really good although I am exhausted. I completed all the exercises at my own pace. I am sure if I keep doing this exercises for fun everyday I will improve my phisical condition and speed it up. I absolutely can afford 7 minutes of my day at home to do it.

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