8 ‘Fear Factor’ Teams Prepared To Drown For $50K | MTV Ranked

If you’re scared of drowning, don’t watch this! A look back at some of the scariest, most water-filled ‘Fear Factor’ moments ever.
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  1. MTV

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    These 7 Challenges will make you NAUSEOUS🤢 itgos.info/video/h4SY3JjSpIh9nqs.html

  2. Jaichand Oad

    Jaichand Oad24 giorni fa

    Trying to kill people wow

  3. Gideon Freeman

    Gideon Freeman29 giorni fa


  4. Kreative Kennedy

    Kreative KennedyMese fa

    Ok I love the guy who does the show live

  5. Cynthia Williams

    Cynthia WilliamsMese fa


  6. Maddison Slack

    Maddison SlackMese fa


  7. RestlessChild Tarot

    RestlessChild Tarot32 minuti fa

    The 2nd couple to last did an amazing job

  8. TKPh03

    TKPh035 ore fa

    I would scream so hard that the glass would break 😂😂😂🤣

  9. Aradhana Heeralal

    Aradhana Heeralal9 ore fa


  10. Thomas Starling Collector

    Thomas Starling Collector14 ore fa

    The man in the Red on #4 is such a brat. He's so cocky

  11. Thomas Starling Collector

    Thomas Starling Collector14 ore fa

    The man in the Red on #4 is such a brat. He's so cocky

  12. John Ulao

    John Ulao16 ore fa


  13. John Ulao

    John Ulao16 ore fa


  14. Kim Sawaydee

    Kim SawaydeeGiorno fa

    This remind me of saw

  15. Jaus Santos

    Jaus SantosGiorno fa

    This mortal

  16. Kayla Hughes

    Kayla HughesGiorno fa

    This challenges seem hard and fun

  17. DRugS

    DRugSGiorno fa

    i'd literally rather get set on fire

  18. wawa Elias

    wawa EliasGiorno fa

    This is sooooo ludicrous da da tiss ill see myself out now smh

  19. CiB

    CiB2 giorni fa

    In France we have fort boyar

  20. Maryann Pen

    Maryann Pen2 giorni fa


  21. Sherlin_yt Aguilar

    Sherlin_yt Aguilar2 giorni fa

    That looks fun but scary

  22. Dy Sl

    Dy Sl2 giorni fa

    This gives me anxiety

  23. North

    North3 giorni fa

    My anxiety I can’t breathe

  24. Christos Mp.

    Christos Mp.4 giorni fa

    Τί μαλακιες κάνετε;

  25. ngo Chieens

    ngo Chieens4 giorni fa


  26. Alvin

    Alvin7 giorni fa

    Male generally has larger lung which gives the opposite side disadvantage

  27. Jennifer Adkins

    Jennifer Adkins7 giorni fa

    MTV is the best

  28. Ujala Khan

    Ujala Khan7 giorni fa

    Aplog kese apni jan se khelte ho very horrer games

  29. Pedru Gama

    Pedru Gama7 giorni fa


  30. 3Rr0r the error

    3Rr0r the error8 giorni fa

    That last one was kinda bs for the contestors, they literally didnt get to breathe because the cage was like 2 inches too deep, literally getting a disadvantage becauae of wind it seemed

  31. basically becca

    basically becca8 giorni fa

    they must be real strong if they can do that

  32. I dont care

    I dont care9 giorni fa

    The realistic version of saw

  33. freddy and foxy

    freddy and foxy10 giorni fa

    I will do a water challenge

  34. BɪᴘBᴏᴏᴘ •-•

    BɪᴘBᴏᴏᴘ •-•10 giorni fa

    Nobody: The camera: Lemme focus on this woman body

  35. Icaro Campos

    Icaro Campos10 giorni fa

    Drink the water

  36. Wil Marg

    Wil Marg10 giorni fa

    Im not going on this shit ever

  37. XxAnime GodxX

    XxAnime GodxX11 giorni fa

    What if the phone electrocuted her ?.??

  38. Vlogs with Rhianna

    Vlogs with Rhianna11 giorni fa


  39. Naelyn’s Vu

    Naelyn’s Vu11 giorni fa

    One time I drown before, luckily I survive. But it’s very bad u start getting bad headaches and u will feel dizzy and always lazy. They need to stop this right now. And also ur body will feel heavy when you drown

  40. PeachyAriel •

    PeachyAriel •12 giorni fa

    do you actually drown or you cany say something or pull the flag because I don't see the flag on the plane

  41. QWERTY

    QWERTY12 giorni fa

    Jigsaw games but in real life

  42. sek C

    sek C12 giorni fa

    This looks so easy

  43. Leena Ghosal

    Leena Ghosal12 giorni fa

    Dude ye to apna khatro ke khiladi hai but sirf english main😆😉😎😎😎😎😜😝

  44. Gla Dys

    Gla Dys13 giorni fa

    Wish it's still joe Rogan. It's ludicrous that ludicris is hosting he isboring as fu@$ arrghhh

  45. Jamya Aggison

    Jamya Aggison13 giorni fa

    This probably make them fill like they in a army GET READY!!!

  46. Phallin Y

    Phallin Y13 giorni fa

    mrbeast challenges are way batter

  47. ChainsawChuck

    ChainsawChuck14 giorni fa

    Lol he said “I feel like I was in a cage”. Bitch you r in a cage😂😂😂

  48. Derek Rostran Vlogs

    Derek Rostran Vlogs14 giorni fa

    Those two white girls fucking triggered me

  49. ZeusTastic54

    ZeusTastic5414 giorni fa


  50. Otaku

    Otaku14 giorni fa

    Release the shark xDD

  51. Sara Potato Antonio

    Sara Potato Antonio14 giorni fa

    Legal way for torture! Lol jk

  52. Night Bot

    Night Bot15 giorni fa

    Like in the plane with all the locks. If he was drowning how would the secerity guards get him out quick enogh?

  53. Katie Cubbedge

    Katie Cubbedge5 giorni fa

    The machiene holding the netting under the plane would lift it up

  54. Poom Zock

    Poom Zock15 giorni fa

    Omg I haven't seen this before.

  55. klnayi vera :3

    klnayi vera :315 giorni fa

    Wow 😮

  56. SwedFrom PolandFoXus

    SwedFrom PolandFoXus15 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="495">8:15</a> can’t they just jump on next level of this yellow thing without going so slow? EDIT: ok they are pinned to this pipe

  57. Jrrh Hrhrh

    Jrrh Hrhrh15 giorni fa

    Person: Willing to die for money Also person: *Stonks*

  58. hyhy tuturfi

    hyhy tuturfi16 giorni fa

    Am i the only person that thinks those challenges look fun?

  59. Audrey Hinkly

    Audrey Hinkly16 giorni fa

    if that happened to me me: aAaAhHhHhHhHfoehfbqouufyqbjjkjhkjtkgj

  60. Nature goden

    Nature goden16 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a> that ass very nice

  61. Henry

    Henry16 giorni fa

    Fear Factor: risk drowning and you will win 50,000 dollars Mr Beast: stand in a circle and win 50,000 dollars

  62. LeviathanRL

    LeviathanRL16 giorni fa

    I swear all these contestants are dumb as rocks

  63. Em Apple

    Em Apple16 giorni fa

    can these people not hold their breath longer than like 20 seconds

  64. juniorVlogs

    juniorVlogs16 giorni fa


  65. jolly World

    jolly World17 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="860">14:20</a> my dirty mind..

  66. Adelyn Gage

    Adelyn Gage17 giorni fa

    My anxiety during the second one omg I could NEVER

  67. Manuel Gómez López

    Manuel Gómez López17 giorni fa

    The dubay

  68. WafflezAreBae 223

    WafflezAreBae 22317 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a> my CLAUSTOPHOBIA COULD NEVER

  69. Isaac Ruiz

    Isaac Ruiz17 giorni fa

    Poor dudes at the end weren’t able to breathe through the holes which was kinda bs cuz they were basically set up to fail that. And almost drowned because of it

  70. Jestine Lirio

    Jestine Lirio17 giorni fa

    What is this video for I think I'm gonna get my biggest nightmare again

  71. WHAR wyfizzz

    WHAR wyfizzz17 giorni fa

    if you want money......just go to mrbeast

  72. Blue Baby

    Blue Baby18 giorni fa


  73. maxi Molina

    maxi Molina18 giorni fa

    Lo amo ase hombre de rapidos y furiosos

  74. Potatoes Are life

    Potatoes Are life18 giorni fa

    Is it just me or is this guy trying to kill innocent(?) people??

  75. Bongo Boy

    Bongo Boy8 giorni fa

    ツYuu bruh they sign up for the show they know what they are going to have to do

  76. THE BRODERS cervantes

    THE BRODERS cervantes19 giorni fa

    Que. Nomanches. Que miedo

  77. Colleen Desmoulins

    Colleen Desmoulins19 giorni fa

    Drink out of the hose so no water would come🥳

  78. Zenk Animations

    Zenk Animations20 giorni fa

    Why does this all have water

  79. Cameron RedSkies

    Cameron RedSkies20 giorni fa

    My hearttttttt OOOOHHHhhHH

  80. dogeboy 777

    dogeboy 77720 giorni fa

    Oh god they may just die fricken heck-

  81. Chiara Tiara

    Chiara Tiara20 giorni fa

    Why is this video still up?

  82. Your Buster Sheridan

    Your Buster Sheridan21 giorno fa

    He always says ha

  83. Myla Manu-Arkhurst

    Myla Manu-Arkhurst21 giorno fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="573">9:33</a> Imagine saying "Go, baby, go!" to your ex on Fear Factor when he's about to drown...yikes.

  84. Ava ._.

    Ava ._.21 giorno fa

    I have anxiety watching this, imagine almost drowning for money I-

  85. Tinteling Pff

    Tinteling Pff21 giorno fa

    This aint worth the money

  86. genjer hebat

    genjer hebat21 giorno fa

    Host nya ngebacot

  87. Koala

    Koala21 giorno fa

    Damn what setting spray are they using