Andrea Bocelli - Return to Love (Christmas Version)

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Produced by Strani Rumori Studio for Sugar S.r.l. and UMG

Executive Producer: Ivano Berti
Director: Luca Scota
DOP: Cristian Alberini
International Production Manager for Maverick: Francesco Pasquero
Artistic Direction: Alberto Bartalini
Assisted by: Ilaria Bartalini

Edited by Diletta Fernandez
Color Grading: Luca Scota at Strani Rumori Studio
DOP: Cristian Alberini
Cameras: Cristian Alberini, Lorenzo De Giorgi
Operatore Camera Gimbal: Lorenzo Marzocca
Phone operator: Sara Formicola, Alessia Navarino
Drone operator for Strani Rumori Studio: Nicolò Baronci
Audio Post Production: Vanni Tagliavento
Driver Tesla: Luca Giglioli
Set up and Stage design: L’Arte del Fiore Ykebana, Silvia Bigliotto
Make up & Hair Stylist: Antonella Melani e Chiara Marinosci
Photography: Stefano Marinari
Choir: Simone Valeri, Katiuscia Baldini , Silvia Barsotti, Sara Giusti, Valentina Perini, Sara Parri, Alessandra Morandin, Christian Contessa, Daniele Romano, Michele Taddei.


  1. Шестая палата

    Шестая палатаOra fa

    Итальянец на английском... Не звучит.

  2. Suely Azevedo

    Suely AzevedoOra fa

    Muito lindooo!♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏😘😘😘

  3. Daniele Di Lorenzo

    Daniele Di Lorenzo2 giorni fa

  4. Pamela Conn

    Pamela Conn2 giorni fa

    My fiancee played this on Christmas before he roposed to me6

  5. Stefania Utulu

    Stefania Utulu2 giorni fa

    Is there an instrumental clip of this version pls?

  6. E E

    E E2 giorni fa

    I love it 👍👍❤❤

  7. Maria Marta

    Maria Marta5 giorni fa




    can this person see or wat... i mean u hardly tell that he is blind???

  9. Lizardo Morales

    Lizardo Morales5 giorni fa


  10. Martin Dukes III

    Martin Dukes III6 giorni fa

    This is by far one of the most inspirational videos I’ve seen all week. I definitely needed this positive energy 👍🏽😎

  11. deb fox

    deb fox7 giorni fa

    So romantic. Made me cry it was just so beautiful!

  12. Daniele Di Lorenzo

    Daniele Di Lorenzo8 giorni fa

  13. Daniele Di Lorenzo

    Daniele Di Lorenzo8 giorni fa

  14. Meritenn

    Meritenn9 giorni fa

    Such a beautiful couple!!

  15. GamaN Sumulok

    GamaN Sumulok11 giorni fa


  16. sijin miyuka

    sijin miyuka14 giorni fa

    She is the reason why andrea look more handsome as he aged..ang galing nyang mag alaga😊

  17. Odete Alves de Araujo

    Odete Alves de Araujo16 giorni fa

    As músicas de Andrea Bocelli é um encanto todas.

  18. Marcia Cristina Constantino Ferraz

    Marcia Cristina Constantino Ferraz17 giorni fa

    Tão bom ver e ouvir algo que dá tanta paz ! Ver o carinho o respeito de dois seres tão legal isso ! Entre tanta coisa que derrama tanta paz tanto acolhimento e suas músicas Andre boclelli ! Muito lindo esse seu vídeo com sua esposa ! Deus abençoe sempre todos que canta o amor com tanta pureza e verdade ! Um abraço

  19. Vania Valentinn

    Vania Valentinn18 giorni fa

    Lindo!!!....AMEI👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Hoje desejo a minha música pra você meu querido Andrea Bocelli e pra TODAS AS NAÇÕES♥️ A FORÇA DE UM ABRAÇO🇧🇷 PRA VOCÊS COM TODO CARINHO💞

  20. C.N Art & Graphics

    C.N Art & Graphics18 giorni fa

    WOW!! Ain't she just the luckiest woman on earth? ❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Natalie Kendel

    Natalie Kendel19 giorni fa

    Honestly his wife made this whole thing so stupid! She kept interrupting by singing along, picking up the damn dog, etc.

  22. deb fox

    deb fox7 giorni fa

    Natalie Kendel no way! She was filled with love and I thought it was just so loving.

  23. Maicol Ardiles

    Maicol Ardiles20 giorni fa


  24. Anderson Ferreira

    Anderson Ferreira20 giorni fa

    Lindo , lindo !!!!

  25. Roger Eklund

    Roger Eklund21 giorno fa

    🤗🍓🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣🥰great andrea fantastic bravissimo excellent love from Roger Eklund 🥰😀😀😀😀🍓🍓🤗

  26. Roxana Ayala

    Roxana Ayala21 giorno fa


  27. Wake up People

    Wake up People21 giorno fa

    I return to love ..after great love and unbelievable loss return and blessings will be sure to follow ..this heart comes out in his music

  28. Pearl Scorpion

    Pearl Scorpion21 giorno fa

    Every woman's dream.. Every man's dream to love and have like this couple... To grow old matter what life brings... This is really amazing and full of love... The soul unite as one when they found each other.. I hope all of us can be like this..😍😍😍😍

  29. John Klevinsky

    John Klevinsky22 giorni fa

    OK that is so freaking awesome, I don't have words to describe it. The obvious love, and what a voice. I'm deprived, I've only heard this wonderful artist, this incredible human being sing twice, the first was another video that led me here. Heard the name just never stopped to listen. Sweet loving man. Beautiful lady, Lucky couple! 😢😁👍👍👍👍👍

  30. Jing-Ni Wu

    Jing-Ni Wu22 giorni fa

    So touching, can’t help crying

  31. narcia nyunge

    narcia nyunge23 giorni fa


  32. Anikó Heppenheimer

    Anikó Heppenheimer24 giorni fa

  33. Shirin Akmuradova

    Shirin Akmuradova24 giorni fa

    Счастливая женщина

  34. Aneta Luka

    Aneta Luka25 giorni fa


  35. Luciene Brito

    Luciene BritoMese fa


  36. Rick Fournier

    Rick FournierMese fa

    ses fou un jour un homme ma dit que part mon visage et lexpression de mon visage que je donnais disais tout je pensais quil etais fous vu quil ne me voyais pas quand je te regarde chanter je comprend tout ce que ce vielle homme voullais mexplicquer

  37. gmail account

    gmail accountMese fa

    Impossible to have not goosebumps and tears in eyes! ❤ Breathtaking! ❤

  38. Krystyna Skassa

    Krystyna SkassaMese fa

    Andrea, to niesamowity i piekny wykon ♥️

  39. Katrina Statio

    Katrina StatioMese fa

    Amor amor hermoso se miran muy enamorados

  40. My Favorite Things

    My Favorite ThingsMese fa

    SHE lucked out for sure. Such a handsome, kind, talented man.

  41. Estella Zebaze

    Estella ZebazeMese fa

    Incredible. I luv it

  42. Edz Philippinrs

    Edz PhilippinrsMese fa

    Wow.. I melt my heart ...amazing...

  43. Jasprit Tangimetua

    Jasprit TangimetuaMese fa

    The way she stares at him! 😭I hope I find a love like this ❤️

  44. Кадрия Халимова

    Кадрия ХалимоваMese fa

    Maestro bravissimo!👍🤗

  45. Roseane Lima

    Roseane LimaMese fa

    Lindo, lindo lindo lindo tô apaixonada pelo André Bocelli

  46. Boniel Duns

    Boniel DunsMese fa

    🥺 Christmas suprise oh My god🙏🏻

  47. its me, joy

    its me, joyMese fa

    i really fall in love again after watching this❤️😍



    A marvelous twin flames couple ! The #1 in music field with Celine and René.

  49. K0i Namasonthi

    K0i NamasonthiMese fa

    Beautiful couple 👫 and nice video. I like so much boo-boo♥♥💑🌹🌹🌹🎉🎉🎉

  50. Vincenzo De Leo

    Vincenzo De LeoMese fa

    Sei l l'icona della nostra vita ti voglio un mondo di bene buona vita da Vincenzo de Leo

  51. alina araslanova

    alina araslanovaMese fa

    They are so beautiful 😍 😭happy for them for their family

  52. Mercy Jaepa

    Mercy JaepaMese fa

    When she started singing along 😭😭😭

  53. Sandra Duarte

    Sandra DuarteMese fa

    Bellos amor puro.🎆

  54. sönmez Kurtulay

    sönmez KurtulayMese fa

    One word;"Wonderful"...❤🎶🎶🎹🙋‍♂️

  55. Luisa Galvan

    Luisa GalvanMese fa


  56. Ольга Попель

    Ольга ПопельMese fa

    У особенных людей в жизни и любви есть привилегия для них и их любимых - они чаще получаются тактильные дотрагивания. Кожа и тело - лучше всех передают волшебные чувства полета и нежности, желания любить и обладать, есть чувство, что все твое !

  57. Juedie Élismat

    Juedie ÉlismatMese fa

    Ça me fait chaud au cœur

  58. Edna Maria

    Edna MariaMese fa

    Lindooo! ❤

  59. Linda Stuckley

    Linda StuckleyMese fa

    its wonderful to see how much veronica loves andrea and his family we should love like that myfather is from italy and that is the kind of love my mother and father had i am lucky to have the same amore

  60. Enoc sosa 197

    Enoc sosa 197Mese fa


  61. Susana Rossi

    Susana RossiMese fa

    ¡Qué precioso regalo!!! Maravilloso

  62. Dekan Peterne

    Dekan PeterneMese fa

    Bella canzone romantica