Juventus were back training on Thursday afternoon for the first session of the new decade. The team participated in general fitness training, as well as tactical work followed by a mini-game at the end!
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  1. Leonardo Maria Garavini Minutillo

    Leonardo Maria Garavini Minutillo3 giorni fa

    Ci siamo ragaaaaaaaaaaa ⚪⚫♥️

  2. Adis Zejnoski

    Adis Zejnoski19 giorni fa

    Juve juve

  3. ANDRE_ B08

    ANDRE_ B08Mese fa

    Sempre e solo forza juve

  4. mank thoriq thoriq

    mank thoriq thoriqMese fa

    Suatu hari nanti sy akan berlatih disitu dan berpelukan dengan Ronaldo 🤩

  5. Дмитрий Савин

    Дмитрий СавинMese fa

    Есть кто русский?

  6. NIKE213326

    NIKE213326Mese fa

    2:25 crazy!!!

  7. Pippo Miaudo

    Pippo MiaudoMese fa

    Che figural di merda con la Lazio Supercoppa. Bastardi maledetti, le feste di mmmerda doveva te passare. Indegni maledetti.

  8. The Qladiotors

    The QladiotorsMese fa

    I wish I could meet Ronaldo

  9. Roman Teix

    Roman TeixMese fa

    juvents needs play moore atack they waist time play back is wrong play front on atack you scoore

  10. Макс Морозов

    Макс МорозовMese fa


  11. TangLung LUNG

    TangLung LUNGMese fa

    Look at them running its like zlatan is breathing in there necks

  12. Dhanush lover __ DK

    Dhanush lover __ DKMese fa

    Why still khedira ?

  13. Agam Goel

    Agam GoelMese fa

    Ronaldo-"I want a penalty."

  14. Amirul Fahizz

    Amirul FahizzMese fa

    2:25 CR7's jump is higher than the keeper jump

  15. Danny Dano

    Danny DanoMese fa

    C. Ronaldo will not score anymore gols this season. 🤦

  16. Reynan tera

    Reynan teraMese fa

    Watching this video just want to look C. Ronaldo

  17. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff JeffMese fa

    Like if CR7 will do even better this year!

  18. Killer Zoro

    Killer ZoroMese fa

    Anh em Việt NAm điểm danh cái nào

  19. A Dũng chanel

    A Dũng chanelMese fa

    Ronaldo anh 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

  20. NURIK KG

    NURIK KGMese fa


  21. francy gamer 06

    francy gamer 06Mese fa

    Cristiano e Dybala idoli 😘😍👍

  22. serge aristide kouassi

    serge aristide kouassiMese fa

    Salut je suis pas contre Sarri mais il n'est pas meilleur pour remporter des trophées LDC SERIE A COPA ITALIE avec la Juventus cette sasion il n'apporte rien a l'equipe

  23. Miceal Pindi

    Miceal PindiMese fa

    JESUS CHRIST GOD of god bless juventus amen .

  24. Felipe Junior Gostosão

    Felipe Junior GostosãoMese fa

    Flamengo 🔥💰💲

  25. VKP 97

    VKP 97Mese fa

    I love juve due to the signing of CRISTIANO RONALDO🥰

  26. RaY AiD

    RaY AiDMese fa

    I still can't understand why Juve has frozen Mandzukic out of the team... such a good striker on his day

  27. Abdoulaye Coulibaly

    Abdoulaye CoulibalyMese fa

    Forza Juve

  28. Muhammad Asim

    Muhammad AsimMese fa

    I love ronaldo

  29. Yeliz Çoban

    Yeliz ÇobanMese fa

    Where is demiral?

  30. электронная музыка электронный

    электронная музыка электронныйMese fa


  31. november Bello

    november BelloMese fa



    ARYAN SINGHMese fa

    Cristiano Fc

  33. Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo VargasMese fa

    Sarri, sentate a cr7 está ya de más

  34. Timsah Celil

    Timsah CelilMese fa

    DEMIRAL ❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. DarkCruiser7

    DarkCruiser7Mese fa

    Dybala facci sognare

  36. Thomas Centrone

    Thomas CentroneMese fa


  37. Guul wade Official

    Guul wade OfficialMese fa


  38. Deep Magiya

    Deep MagiyaMese fa

    Biggest Juventus fan

  39. Mukhtaar Sandheere

    Mukhtaar SandheereMese fa

    I did'nt still understand whay Matudi is there in the club list beside what ever he does for the club nothing! No creativity no passing skill still he can't control the ball

  40. Ummu Shaufi

    Ummu ShaufiMese fa

    Ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo

  41. Wiranata Kayadoe Pris

    Wiranata Kayadoe PrisMese fa

    Still dont know what special in matuidi. He doesnt match in any modern football kind of way. Lack of composure, creativity and ball control. So boring watching him play tho.

  42. Mukhtaar Sandheere

    Mukhtaar SandheereMese fa

    Useless Matudi

  43. Edoardo Mattia Zoleo

    Edoardo Mattia ZoleoMese fa


  44. Nishtiman Mahmood

    Nishtiman MahmoodMese fa

    1:17 Ci siamo raga😂

  45. Filippo De Zottis

    Filippo De ZottisMese fa

    Cristiano's hair?🤯

  46. Krist Malacs

    Krist MalacsMese fa

    KING REMAINS KING .. WHATEVER YEAR IT IS. 2020 OR 2021 OR 2022. He will the Emperor of Football.

  47. Andi Saputra

    Andi SaputraMese fa

    Sama lazio kalah beruntun mengecewakan aja

  48. David Padilla

    David PadillaMese fa

    All i see is focus on that pitch

  49. nicole medford

    nicole medfordMese fa


  50. Rendi Saputra

    Rendi SaputraMese fa

    Ci siamo raga? Hahahahaha

  51. Entertainment videos

    Entertainment videosMese fa

    Only 4 CR7 😍

  52. saleeq muhammed

    saleeq muhammedMese fa

    ബ്ലാസ്റ്റേഴ്‌സ് = ജുവെന്റസ്

  53. Muhammed sahal

    Muhammed sahalMese fa

    Malayali potta

  54. HitZ Eleven

    HitZ ElevenMese fa


  55. Сергей Подмазко

    Сергей ПодмазкоMese fa

    Juv 3:0 Gal Cristiano 34,66 min Rabiot 52 min

  56. Alpana Panja

    Alpana PanjaMese fa

    Forza Juve

  57. Abutik Abud

    Abutik AbudMese fa

    And I only volunteer and not spamers. Thanks CR7 and Juventus !

  58. Abutik Abud

    Abutik AbudMese fa

    Hi all. I am from Indonesia, yes a friend of CR7. Hopefully CR7 reads! I ask for help ... I think CR7 is concerned about this one-handed mobile legends player who is currently in dire need of assistance due to illness for 4 months ... which made me write this message because I saw the juventus logo on his T-shirt ... please help he... (Channel ITgos He : Edo Ts )

  59. Edger Reyes

    Edger ReyesMese fa

    Siiiii CR7 Vamos Juventus

  60. John Mason

    John MasonMese fa

    emre can looks like hes getting a good run about.

  61. Nani 17

    Nani 17Mese fa

    Sarri out

  62. Alexander Medina

    Alexander MedinaMese fa

    Real madrid. Barc,a sabe bien tus sentidos darestilo a estilo de posición goles y orientación de profesionales historia que hable de dinero en balones muchos a la red propia para ganancia del ejemplar Oro balon