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  1. Diy Smith

    Diy Smith9 giorni fa

    Pin this mom❤️😘

  2. Diy Smith

    Diy Smith25 minuti fa

    @Kal not really tho she not a gta character she is just Kayla ❤️

  3. Kal

    Kal44 minuti fa

    I’m not the only one who thinks she looks like a gta character rn like look how smooth she looks dude she looks animated

  4. Ad yok Ad yok

    Ad yok Ad yok19 ore fa

    Diy Smith a


    KRISSYD3EGiorno fa

  6. Edward Smart

    Edward Smart2 giorni fa

    Great looking outfits!

  7. Shenēneh jenkins

    Shenēneh jenkinsMinuto fa

    Ur a good fashion model u got gurl! 😆

  8. Allison Rabalais

    Allison Rabalais7 minuti fa

    If this girl makes merch I would totally buy it

  9. Adriana__Bih

    Adriana__Bih13 minuti fa

    Your videos are literally all I need to survive this quarantine 🤣

  10. Stiff Where

    Stiff Where25 minuti fa

    You guys Ashlee A kinda looks like another Nicole tv

  11. Pastel Heart

    Pastel HeartOra fa

    *So nobody saw the bug on the wall?*

  12. - Alice -

    - Alice -Ora fa

    a week ago?? how did i miss this? oh... im not subscribed...

  13. Jessica Ortiz

    Jessica Ortiz2 ore fa

    Why aren't u a model?💜u are beutiful👏yassss

  14. Shanti Lee

    Shanti Lee2 ore fa

    You have great energy 💗

  15. alasia silas

    alasia silas23 minuti fa

    Ashlee A kinda acts like her

  16. Saphelia Miller

    Saphelia Miller4 ore fa

    Girl you are truly a character😍🤗


    AYSHA ABSY5 ore fa

    i llllooovveee yyyuuuoo ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Leonora Rose

    Leonora Rose5 ore fa

    I swear this girl has ADHD, she just like me

  19. Kaelin Williams

    Kaelin Williams5 ore fa

    Why was there a trump ad for her video💀

  20. Ashlee White

    Ashlee White6 ore fa

    Nah Kayla undefeated! Shes our Naomi Campbell with extra personality! You go girl!

  21. Ashlee White

    Ashlee White6 ore fa

    You are yourself no matter what and I love your originality! I hope others take notes.

  22. Aferdita

    Aferdita6 ore fa

    Skiny legend right here! Ooooh u go gurl!

  23. Kevin Seales

    Kevin Seales6 ore fa

    Its called elastic

  24. Ashlee White

    Ashlee White6 ore fa

    Omg girl you are sunshine on a cloudy day I love you so much! Thank you for making us smile through these times Kayla

  25. how tragic

    how tragic6 ore fa

    The way you just *wobble* and move so easily is mesmerising...

  26. Matire Waipouri

    Matire Waipouri6 ore fa

    Y is she so skinny lol

  27. Jey Channel

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    Subscribe on my channel please

  28. Chanel Barnes

    Chanel Barnes8 ore fa

    The J ponytail had me rolling 🤣

  29. Eva Zoar

    Eva Zoar8 ore fa

    Algún latino que acaba de descubrir a la chica de los memes?

  30. monica asimobi

    monica asimobi8 ore fa

    just made my day😂😂😂😂

  31. Miaya Tv

    Miaya Tv9 ore fa

    Kayla nicole:Carole baskin killed her husband waked em..... Me: gets up and dance to

  32. you Tube

    you Tube9 ore fa

    IioVe ❤❤❤❤

  33. Lois Oliver

    Lois Oliver9 ore fa

    You should be a model!

  34. mytinyvictories

    mytinyvictories10 ore fa

    In all seriousness; if I were you I’d look into modeling runway. Have you ever looked at any modeling agencies?

  35. Xxgacha WolfiexX

    Xxgacha WolfiexX10 ore fa

    Omg the beginning 😭😭😂😂😂😂

  36. Sein Ololchoki

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    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm literally dying

  37. Aivreee Yooo

    Aivreee Yooo10 ore fa

    “Like, ya know, rocks”🤣

  38. sophie

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    The way she moves bruh

  39. EM ME

    EM ME10 ore fa

    Ok, she is the most inappropriate crazy super extra person, that everyone needs in a friends group.😃

  40. 10k with no videos

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    SUB TO ME!!9

  41. lia smith

    lia smith11 ore fa

    you the only one who be putting that name & thank you cause them other folks don’t be wanting to tell us 😂😂

  42. Algorithm 10

    Algorithm 1011 ore fa

    Why are you not walking a catwalk somewhere? Seriously, tall, thin, and angular faces make a ton of money. All these models out here are rich why not you?

  43. Creme' LaLoyalty

    Creme' LaLoyalty11 ore fa

    You're so funny and hello.

  44. Mia Rudd

    Mia Rudd11 ore fa

    She sounds like China. Like the girl from ant farm

  45. chelseaa x

    chelseaa x12 ore fa

    she’s so funny bruh😂😂

  46. strawberry Gabby

    strawberry Gabby12 ore fa

    "I wanted a high ponytail so I put a J on my scalp." Best quote of 2020 🤣😚

  47. loraine shirao,krchn

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    Nani utavunjika#lakininakupendabure

  48. Alex Rena

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    I can’t with you 😂😂😂

  49. ذكرى الغامدي

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    Black girl 😷🔪

  50. ذكرى الغامدي

    ذكرى الغامدي13 ore fa

    Black girl 😷

  51. unique boo

    unique boo13 ore fa

    Love all these looks on you u wear will😘

  52. Championbobla Gooden

    Championbobla Gooden13 ore fa

    Everything from fashioniva is usually high quality.

  53. Dark Inside

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    I can't believe till now she is not a model come people

  54. samantha polly

    samantha polly14 ore fa

    do you even eat? give me that body.

  55. Samarie Davis

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    The way she walked in 🤣🤣

  56. Mei Sakimoto

    Mei Sakimoto14 ore fa

    Haysst she have perfect body😍😍

  57. Raven Vestra

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    Your videos always calm me down when I have anxiety attacks

  58. Dina Shanti

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    Pin this if you got tricked Read more

  59. Diary of Prudence

    Diary of Prudence15 ore fa

    I’m new here and I wanna know Is she a supermodel?

  60. Fatima Kadiri

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    I love her hwo love 😂😂it

  61. Fatima Kadiri

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    @Dinda 0306 I don't understand

  62. Dinda 0306

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    Hai! Orang indo bukan

  63. Gatcha Corn

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    I’m speechless.. GET INTO IT!!!!

  64. Estelle M

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    She talks and make a song out of it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. yanii torres

    yanii torres16 ore fa

    I love this girl 🥰she don’t even know it !!

  66. Geneva George

    Geneva George16 ore fa

    Y is ur butt so pionty no hate and sorry if I come out the wrong way

  67. Rachel Louring

    Rachel Louring17 ore fa

    I wish she was gay i dont care

  68. Rachel Louring

    Rachel Louring17 ore fa

    Bitch u cute im obsessed

  69. Rachel Louring

    Rachel Louring17 ore fa

    Damn girl in that leopard 🐆

  70. Hilal Ugur

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    Olm malmi lan bu

  71. Ad yok Ad yok

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    Move like a snake

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  73. Joaquin Brent

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a> me every time I'm home alone

  74. Martina Jean Tabares

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  75. Damiya Mumford

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    Got all this clothes ain’t go no draws 🤣🙈

  76. Evelyn

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    Nicole really you have the Body for being a model hunny

  77. Kia Spann

    Kia Spann23 ore fa

    U r one spunky young lady gotta love u

  78. Ana Clara Rodrigues

    Ana Clara RodriguesGiorno fa

    essa menina é um meme ambulante

  79. Matilda Hughes

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  80. Babygirl_nyny 2

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    😭😭i cant with nicole she funny asl and she pretty she should do a modeling career❤

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  82. queen I

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    Damn every time i turn around it’s yo damn birthday

  83. Azhia TV

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    It’s the dance moves for me 😂😂😂😂

  84. Azhia TV

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  85. ebaylover1989

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    First video of yours I’ve seen, that intro, never subbed so fast never been obsessed so quick you got me a mess

  86. La Lisa

    La LisaGiorno fa

    Not just her personality is gorgeous but her body too she can be a model if she wants to.

  87. Sophia Collins

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    you got me laughing so so so so hard omg

  88. Poni Poni

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    that was a hilarious introduction