Champions League 2nd Leg preview: Can PSG, Juventus and Liverpool overcome deficits? | ESPN FC

Steve Nicol and Ross Dyer preview the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 with Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Liverpool facing deficits heading into the next fixture. Nicol says PSG has the firepower to overcome Dortmund's dynamic attack in the second leg and backs Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus to regain form at home, but is worried about Liverpool after the Premier League frontrunners failed to come up with an away goal against Atletico Madrid.
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  1. Nazeera Vasim

    Nazeera Vasim4 giorni fa

    Juventus CR7 fan like👇👇👇

  2. getc4cked FBR

    getc4cked FBRMese fa

    3 or 2 week ago liverpool are going to destroy atletico at wanda metropolitano , now im not so sure if they are going tk win

  3. Suveer Bajaj

    Suveer BajajMese fa

    As a lfc fan I am worried. We have been playing poorly after winter break. If athletico score one Liverpool will need 3 and I don't see Liverpool scoring 3

  4. Biodun Savage

    Biodun SavageMese fa

    Liverpool will prevail at Anfield nomatter how many Diego Simeone players block the attack. Liverpool have passed through the stormy period. They have done a factory reset successfully and now ready to go on another invincible journey. This is Anfield, plz note

  5. Christian Hernandez

    Christian Hernandez16 giorni fa


  6. Danknight gaming

    Danknight gamingMese fa

    So we not gonna talk about the 4 goals Chelsea have to score



    Juventus is not Good in Away they are like Barcelona and Liverpool in the Champions League but they plays so good in home and I love when they Plays in home because they plays so special 🔥 We will go through to quarter final if they not PSG Real Madrid Liverpool will also go out of the champions League or someone of them will go out of the champions League 🔥 But I think juventus will go through

  8. livitylinks

    livitylinksMese fa

    So these guys have already ruled real Madrid out they should remember that real madrid this season has more wins away than home

  9. lil sticky

    lil stickyMese fa

    If the Liverpool that showed up at Watford shows up against Atleti at Anfeild then they dont have a chance

  10. R4ZI _

    R4ZI _Mese fa

    Liverpool formation- 433 ATLETICO formation- 11 players n the goalpost 🥅

  11. Henry Ronkay

    Henry RonkayMese fa

    PSG will lose in Paris

  12. Christian Hernandez

    Christian Hernandez16 giorni fa


  13. marcanthony eagleton

    marcanthony eagletonMese fa

    Lmao Steve Nicol thinks Atletis home ground is in the city of "Altetico".

  14. Kumar Mahat

    Kumar MahatMese fa

    Real Madrid will come back. Its sure

  15. Ant Gang

    Ant GangMese fa

    Watch Ronald score a hat trick

  16. Alexander Falkenstein

    Alexander FalkensteinMese fa

    I'd say PSG vs Dortmund will be ending in a 2-2 draw somehow. Haaland just finishing the Job.

  17. rollercoaster478

    rollercoaster478Mese fa

    I expect both Athletico and Lyon to throw everything on the attack in the first 15 minutes, trying to surprise and break down their enemies. Liverpool and Juventus better be prepared.

  18. Joseph kamanu

    Joseph kamanuMese fa

    One of them must go down...I wonder who?

  19. Christian müller

    Christian müllerMese fa

    The bundesliga is too strong this year i think bayern dortmund final❤️

  20. arsalaan khan

    arsalaan khanMese fa

    i want liverpool to be dumped but i know for a fact that is impossible currently especially at anfield

  21. Neeraj NJR

    Neeraj NJRMese fa


  22. Olawale Ogunyemi

    Olawale OgunyemiMese fa

    Liverpool is a major worry for me, For Liverpool to score they have to push very high, and A. Madrid are very good on Counter..I don't see Liverpool getting more than 1 or max 2 goals in Anfield and keeping a clean sheet will be difficult.

  23. John Stones

    John StonesMese fa

    What is Stevie going on about? Liverpool conceded 4 goals in the last 13 games and he is going on like they're conceding 3 a game

  24. Minimal Red

    Minimal RedMese fa

    Liverpool will pass for sure! For those who doubt need to watch last year’s game against Barcelona

  25. zhabiz HZ

    zhabiz HZMese fa

    What about the city and real game?

  26. Nserrata77

    Nserrata77Mese fa

    Liverpool❌ Juventus✔ Psg✔

  27. Ruben Martinez

    Ruben MartinezMese fa

    Liverpool’s defense is shocking sometimes tbh

  28. Bryan Molina

    Bryan MolinaMese fa


  29. Lal Shrestha

    Lal ShresthaMese fa

    Don't count out Lyon , Lyon have Knockout lot of so call rich team from Champion league,

  30. Blaazzii :D

    Blaazzii :DMese fa

    Liverpool 1-1 Atletico Madrid PSG 1-0 BVB Valencia 2-1 Atalanta Leipzig 2-1 Totenham Bayern 2-0 Chelsea Barcelona 3-1 Napoli Juventus 2-0 Lyon Man City 3-1 Real Madrid

  31. EñŹın NC

    EñŹın NCMese fa

    You guys sucks maahnn😂😂whoes this grandpa 😂😂

  32. Nabeel Nou

    Nabeel NouMese fa

    Psg will dominate bvb in 2nd leg Mark my words

  33. TheOtherSide

    TheOtherSideMese fa

    Dortmund were really good deffensive in the first leg. And they were also good against Bremen last week, so to me it's not even a question that Dortmund is going through. While PSG has the stars, BVB have the better overall team

  34. CityDrive 4K

    CityDrive 4KMese fa

    TheOtherSide wait and watch .. who will win

  35. Vasu Bhadra Singh

    Vasu Bhadra SinghMese fa

    They have somehow started to defend properly xd.. good news for a Dortmund fan :) if they can defend like this they can be the real underdogs for this competition

  36. Saadia Maalimhyhg

    Saadia MaalimhyhgMese fa

    Liverpool are in danger because they are facing defensive mindset team.

  37. Deo Ram

    Deo RamMese fa

    Sarri needs to leave

  38. Ethan King

    Ethan KingMese fa

    i think Juventus and liverpool will be out. they are not playing their best l think

  39. Totandx

    TotandxMese fa

    Juve and Liverpool of course, Im betting 2K at odds of 3 to qualify

  40. Lupus1444

    Lupus1444Mese fa


  41. Manuel Elias

    Manuel EliasMese fa

    I guess they dont think Madrid has any chance to pass to the Next stage

  42. Ibrahim Asker

    Ibrahim AskerMese fa

    My guy is of it he thinks liverpool won't win

  43. Andrew Guerrero

    Andrew GuerreroMese fa

    Is Stevie not aware that PSG gonna be left without some key players in the next leg? Reus also going to be fit possibly even though he’s been shaky lately. BVB the stronger side✊🏻

  44. Deepheats GAmer

    Deepheats GAmerMese fa

    Mentality monsters will strike again!

  45. kaala 1

    kaala 1Mese fa

    For a change steve is bang on about liverpool ........

  46. TALHA

    TALHAMese fa

    I wish all these team should be knocked out

  47. bright kwabey

    bright kwabeyMese fa

    Chelsea is winning buy four goals

  48. Nihad Nesirov

    Nihad NesirovMese fa

    As much as it seems tough I'd put my money on Real, they have a chance to go through if they'll be able to break City defense.

  49. Izze06 King

    Izze06 KingMese fa

    Atlético is about to park The fattest buss Anfield has ever seen

  50. hoeffen 98

    hoeffen 98Mese fa

    Dortmund will get into the next round, because PSG's main man, Verratti, is suspended. This is a huge blow for them

  51. karan chavan

    karan chavan25 giorni fa

    Let see mna

  52. Lamar Barryvf

    Lamar BarryvfMese fa

    lool how about real madrid you guys forgot them they can overcome too

  53. dandzrega

    dandzregaMese fa

    Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we lose to Atletico Madrid I feel like they are just parking the bus from the very first minute with no shame😤

  54. Charles

    CharlesMese fa

    Agree with Steve on Liverpool

  55. boris Odor

    boris OdorMese fa

    Sarri has to go

  56. Mr Kipling

    Mr KiplingMese fa

    If it’s 0-0 at anfield in the 2nd leg with 15 minutes to go then Liverpool are out. That’ll be the scenario that Atlético would be hoping for.

  57. Mr Kipling

    Mr KiplingMese fa

    John Cornell true.

  58. John Cornell

    John CornellMese fa

    Unless a baying Kop win Liverpool a penalty.

  59. Brian Obanda

    Brian ObandaMese fa

    Liverpool and psg won't get past this round

  60. Raunak Dutta

    Raunak DuttaMese fa

    Real Madrid too has tough days ahead of them

  61. Ujjwal Sahni

    Ujjwal SahniMese fa

    If you ask me , all of them are in trouble

  62. Hleketile Chauke

    Hleketile ChaukeMese fa

    How about your beloved Liverpool??🤣🤣🤣 That question really cracks me up.... I hope Liverpool win

  63. User 123

    User 123Mese fa

    What about real madrid they won CL 3 times in a row people forget that. Zidane always has something special in second leg games....

  64. Delahoya V

    Delahoya VMese fa

    Liverpool will win by 3 goals. They got an really lucky goal. The winterbreak took away the momentum. By still we win.

  65. Sbusiso ndwandwe

    Sbusiso ndwandweMese fa

    Teams to the last 8 Barcelona Madrid A Madrid Bayen munich Lyon PSG Valencia Lepz

  66. Patryk Sikora

    Patryk SikoraMese fa

    Steve Nicol please stfu

  67. Damien

    DamienMese fa

    I enjoy Steeve's analysis, they are the most fair to all the teams involved all the time. Keep going !

  68. Abbas KhanYT

    Abbas KhanYTMese fa

    Are you for real mate?

  69. BG

    BGMese fa

    This Liverpool team is amazing at home and has a never give up attitude. Given this, I think Liverpool is going to turn the tide around and get level within the first 10-15 minutes, post which the momentum will let Liverpool score a few more

  70. Lincons Onono

    Lincons OnonoMese fa

    i love how dortmund players cordinates on the pitch both psg and dortmund have strong strikers but i think sancho and haaland are in form at the moment compared to Mbappe/Neymer i can tell in my opinion that dortmund will make it to the next round

  71. R bar

    R barMese fa

    I dont understan why people dont understand that juventus cannot face speed. Last champions league they also lost to the speed of young players.

  72. Kwame Nkrumah

    Kwame NkrumahMese fa

    A lot of big teams are not in good shape I see Liverpool in very very danger If Thomas Party stay fit in second leg. My only hope to them is An field Effect.

  73. Subhadip Das

    Subhadip DasMese fa

    Bayern vs Leipzig Ucl final🔥 yes you heard it right.

  74. juan Ramires

    juan RamiresMese fa

    Only time I'm going to agree with these blokes. Juve are playing so reserved and parked back. They have such am amazing squad too.

  75. Raze 女 Killer

    Raze 女 KillerMese fa

    At home City will replace Real with Duplicate Barcelona will dethrone Maradona Juventus will shoot the Lyon Bayern will dump Chelsea in the Blue Sea Liverpool will play with ant in the field to penetrate Atletico defenders

  76. Anss Khalid

    Anss KhalidMese fa

    i dont know why but i feel like real madrid will make a comeback

  77. Super Saiyan779

    Super Saiyan779Mese fa

    “Livirpul” “livirpul” SHUT UP

  78. Doctor Albert

    Doctor AlbertMese fa

    Bayern and Leipzig have already qualified for quater final. I think Man city also. But Real Madrid can make miracle. They have some world class players. Nothing can be said for other teams.

  79. Il corsaro

    Il corsaroMese fa

    Atalanta is probably qualified too, i don't see Valencia winning 3-0

  80. Nextraker

    NextrakerMese fa

    Alls I know I’d Real Madrid is going through 🦾

  81. Henna Zafar

    Henna ZafarMese fa

    Man City know very well about champions league disasters Both teams will have to be on there best that day

  82. Kovid Bhaduri

    Kovid BhaduriMese fa

    hehe funny man

  83. Mr. anonymous

    Mr. anonymousMese fa

    No i don't think real is gonna win its man city for sure

  84. Henna Zafar

    Henna ZafarMese fa

    Nextraker Im a huge fan!!!!! Been watching all your videos for years amd yes Real Madrid will go through HALA MADRID!!!

  85. Harish Kumar

    Harish KumarMese fa

    Atleti, napoli, juve, bvb, atlanta, bayern, city, leipzig to go through!

  86. Abhishek Sahoo

    Abhishek SahooMese fa

    Plastic fan..idiot

  87. Ishaan K

    Ishaan KMese fa

    Do you really think napoli can eliminate barca?

  88. John Cornell

    John CornellMese fa

    Never write off Liverpool at Anfield. Never.

  89. Kevin Styles

    Kevin StylesMese fa

    Juventus need two CR7s. One to cross the ball and another to score from that cross 😅😅

  90. Liam Pritchard

    Liam PritchardMese fa

    PSG when Tiago Silva isn’t playing there defence is a joke I see BVB will go through

  91. Neymar Don

    Neymar DonMese fa

    Liam Pritchard nah is better without him he’s old

  92. saswati sen

    saswati senMese fa

    See Only 2 teams are CERTAIN to go to round of 8 and thats Bayern and Atalanta .....So if somehow Bayern gets eliminated in the round of 8 by the ppossible quarter final contenders that's liverpool ....Then I think the cl will be quite easy ....I think the toughest job is to eliminate bayern Coz once they are eliminated....every other team has an equal chance of winning the Cl but if bayern stay till the semis they will no doubt go on to the finals and win the cl

  93. saswati sen

    saswati senMese fa


  94. vicenation sparta

    vicenation spartaMese fa

    What about real madrid? Sigh. I don't know why they love to concede silly goals 😢

  95. Paras Kamdar

    Paras KamdarMese fa

    They weren't silly goals, real vs man city was probably the most tactical match played, because both zidane and Guardiola are genius at coming up with strategies. And the 2 goals man city scores were mainly due to Guardiola changing his strategy mid game, changing from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 and getting sterling. Guardiola is the better tactician, and it's a home game, so city is most likely to win

  96. Fries Williams

    Fries WilliamsMese fa

    I know right they might beat City



    We can't predict. Anything can possible.

  98. Nadia B

    Nadia BMese fa

    Liverpool will knock out Atlético at Anfield. Juventus will be knocked by Lyon because Lyon will score away goal and this Juventus with Sarri as coach is just getting worse and worse. PSG and Dortmund is a hard one but I believe in Dortmund and I think PSG will continue their getting knocked out in round of 16 as usual.

  99. Shardul Sawantbhosle

    Shardul SawantbhosleMese fa

    I hate the fact that ESPN are so against Real Madrid ... The pundits don't even watch the games and give their biased opinions on the basis of stats 😂😂 ...