Customize your PS4 Pro with Hydro Dipping

Customize your PS4 Pro with Hydro Dipping
In today's video I want to show you how to make your PS4 Pro and Dualshock 4 looks unique! All you need is spray paint and water tank! Give your gaming console second life!
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  1. Mr. Gonzalez

    Mr. Gonzalez2 ore fa

    Sound cool look Like @%#$

  2. Ninja Waldo

    Ninja Waldo9 ore fa

    That's sik

  3. Xx The Vizier Hack xX

    Xx The Vizier Hack xX12 ore fa

    es agua normal con spray normal o son cosas especiales???

  4. glenn r

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    Why why why

  5. Jonathan Bruce

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    That is so dope

  6. N G

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    Or just leave it alone! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Eoghan Mckeever

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    portal gun 😀😃

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  11. Moeez Butt

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    Just buy a new controller like this or a cover for the ps and controller

  12. NSEA Nerf wars

    NSEA Nerf warsGiorno fa

    It actually works!

  13. Gamerplays6261

    Gamerplays6261Giorno fa

    The white spray thingy already looked good though.

  14. Alnshe Rasheed

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  15. Roby roby

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    Spittin straight fax

  16. driftkin4

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    Why did you always put that grey spray before hydro

  17. jorge laureano murgolo

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    Ficou zuado demais

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    Share and options? Gone🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Russel Nash

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    Oh my God...

  21. oliver red

    oliver red2 giorni fa

    Отлично и замечательно делаешь, но откуда у тебя столько плоек?

  22. duster889

    duster8892 giorni fa

    You made a xbox colored ps4

  23. E M

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    Is it just spray paint and water

  24. GintarasPlayZ

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  25. Fender Jaguar

    Fender Jaguar2 giorni fa

    Fuckin easy eh 😕

  26. L1nsss

    L1nsss3 giorni fa

    The controller are beautifull, but i don't liked the ps4

  27. Shmangos

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    Can you do a xbox one plz

  28. Krishiv Shah

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    I CAMe from the SHOE VIDEO

  29. Alexey Mogilov

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    Пасхалочка в виде баллончика "універсальний" - годно) круто шо ты с Украины)

  30. Denis Azhi

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    Alexey Mogilov и походу на одном из видео с велосипедами был парк горького из Харькова🤐

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    So did the PS five comes out🤔

  37. Superstar turtle

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    This is the x-station is super Megaforce

  38. Superstar turtle

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    the x station has a Xbox controller and design like a PS4 controller

  39. Pedro Gustavo

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  40. Roby roby

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    Bruh u ruined ur ps4 prob😂

  41. Tešanjski Motherfuckeer Boyyy

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    Press F to pay respect to all the people that ruined there controller...F

  42. Matthew Ignatius

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    type F...😂

  43. Taryn Nichols Wrestling Freak

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    Great vid

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    Lets be honest None of us search about it🤪🤪🤪

  45. -xødemon-

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    A minute of silence for the person who did this and thought it would be a good idea

  46. Roby roby

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    Should i do this on my ps4?

  47. Aivor Mr

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    снимали русские)пруф <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a> посмотрите на название балончика

  48. Yanis Bekki

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  49. Aubrey Lim

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    actually we need a ps4 pro to do that not normal i have one i didnt do im scared to break it


    RYKI-KRUKI6 giorni fa

    Stop COVID-19🌍stay home🏠

  51. Jose Carvajal

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    Como se llama esa cancion <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> How is that song called

  52. Kengamoon fox

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    Дикая хуйня

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    Прикольно получилось)))))

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    üzerine bok yapısmıs gibi oldu

  55. KOOPZ

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    Looks bad, REAL bad...

  56. Fish Hunter

    Fish Hunter7 giorni fa

    Very nice!But I think some clear coat is needed after all..the colour will faid away and it's going to look horrible after some time passed

  57. Isch bin de Kalle

    Isch bin de Kalle7 giorni fa

    Ugly af

  58. Braylon Ramirez

    Braylon Ramirez7 giorni fa

    Sony should make a mtn dew skin like this one


    LOL TROLL7 giorni fa

    Am i the only stupid who tried this thinking it was safe just beacuse it was recommended Edit:IT ruined my ps4 pro thx

  60. Marcus Vinicius Barra Salvio

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    Greeeennn??? Not match colour for PS.

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    It looks like you just bought it

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    what a shit!!

  71. Kirt Stoltzman

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    I'll just buy a costume skin for 10 bucks and call it a day

  72. ZodiaaC

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    Xbox gang wya 👀

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    its cool but dont do it pls!

  74. Atom4343

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    What a great color it is.

  75. Nemanja Marjanović

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    Great, now I just need PS4 Pro

  76. Gonca Latif

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    *I’m not brave enough to do this*


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    me too

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    Is thıs normal water?

  81. Test

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    without the Bottom and middle part of the PS4 this looks weird

  82. John Dorotiss

    John Dorotiss17 giorni fa

    Why customize a system that you're probably going to replace at the end of the year(might want to trade in an UNALTERED system instead)?

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    Customising the world by dipping the it in tsunami.

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    I tryed it and My controller looks like vomit

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    Ficou f0d4, pena q eu sou burro