Juventus' Matthijs de Ligt reacts to his 2019 Kopa Trophy award win after his outstanding performances for both club and country this past year. The young defender is interviewed on the private plane trip to Paris both before and after the ceremony.

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  1. Umar Hasan

    Umar HasanMese fa

    I'm feeling good, like I should

  2. Santumukherjee Mukherjee

    Santumukherjee MukherjeeMese fa

    He is in right team but in wrong hand of a manejer 😒 allegery much better than sarri or juve should hire Klopp next season 😑

  3. DenmarkVEVO

    DenmarkVEVOMese fa

    He sounds like Novak Djokovic

  4. Jomano De bruijn

    Jomano De bruijnMese fa


  5. Christian Cardenio

    Christian CardenioMese fa

    Bruttina la tipa di Matthijs

  6. Day D

    Day DMese fa

    De miral is better Forza juve

  7. visse264

    visse264Mese fa

    He just hasn't got anything to show for it. De Ligt has won big individual awards on the world stage of football.

  8. Cavin K

    Cavin KMese fa

    Kylian Mbappe should come to Juve

  9. R M

    R MMese fa

    So sweet what he said about his girlfriend

  10. Elisa Beccari

    Elisa BeccariMese fa

    Buon anno a tutta la Juventus

  11. King Conor

    King ConorMese fa

    Ladriii pure i giocatori ci fottete ahah fate ridere avete la puzza di merda che vi esce dalle mutande ecco perché ci volete rubare i giocatori.. Prima con lukaku.. Ma vi è andata male.. adesso con kulusevski ladri in campo e fuori buon anno merde bianconeri

  12. JaY LoL 99

    JaY LoL 99Mese fa

    Overrated fat kid ! Demiral is better

  13. Maradona_is_10 mar

    Maradona_is_10 marMese fa

    he will leave juventus 2021 if not 2020 .... he is good player but not for juventus ... he dont use his brain.... he can not be Gaetano Scirea. i watch serie A from 1981 ..... and this de ligt is bad player in good team ..simple like that.

  14. massimo Guarneri

    massimo Guarneri2 mesi fa

    Il ns futuro. Insieme a Demiral. Due cagnacci a fare da invalicabili muri . Chi lo discute non capisce nulla di calcio

  15. rai bhakta

    rai bhakta2 mesi fa

    u are the juventus wall ...

  16. DeShaun O'Haugennasy

    DeShaun O'Haugennasy2 mesi fa

    H A N D B A L L E R !

  17. Eric Munoz

    Eric Munoz2 mesi fa

    juventus might have to release sell 2 or 3 players to compete at the top.

  18. Eric Munoz

    Eric Munoz2 mesi fa

    looks like emre can is staying at juve rabiot perin rugani might be left out cuz of team chemistry.

  19. Sir Zanamivir

    Sir Zanamivir2 mesi fa

    Complimenti a DeLigt, non solo per il premio, ma anche per la ragazza che si è scelto!


    FIFANATION JUVE2 mesi fa

    Please watch this video ... Like,Share, Subscribe

  21. Queen

    Queen2 mesi fa

    DE LIGT on Demiral Off

  22. visse264

    visse264Mese fa

    @Yetkin Yurtsever Just because Demiral can't even properly walk. He's weak, that's why he's out. He'll struggle to get back into the team.

  23. Yetkin Yurtsever

    Yetkin YurtseverMese fa

    De light may carry Demiral's shoes

  24. King is Back

    King is Back2 mesi fa

    Demiral is way better ligt is gonna' be warming the bench'' for a long time.

  25. evil mase

    evil mase2 mesi fa


  26. ZogSpark ROS

    ZogSpark ROS2 mesi fa

    The best team for me

  27. Vaibhav Appu

    Vaibhav Appu2 mesi fa


  28. Mattia Castelli

    Mattia Castelli2 mesi fa

    Grande 💪🏻⚪⚫

  29. 심심

    심심2 mesi fa

    이 형 진짜 잘생겼네

  30. extreme04is t

    extreme04is t2 mesi fa

    Juve doesn't deserve him. He should go too man united

  31. Maaike Idelenburg

    Maaike Idelenburg2 mesi fa

    We missen je mathijs, Het doet ons pijn je zo te zien , Hopelijk kom je snel weer thuis ❌❌❌.

  32. rez pro rakyat

    rez pro rakyat2 mesi fa


  33. King is Back

    King is Back2 mesi fa

    Go exit yourself.demiral is the best in the squad for the time being !

  34. Alberto Michelini

    Alberto Michelini2 mesi fa

    great de ligt.

  35. Emmss Emmss

    Emmss Emmss2 mesi fa

    Demiral is better

  36. Mario Marino

    Mario Marino2 mesi fa

    De Ligt/CR7/Juve!!! ⚽⚽⚽

  37. Not Leco

    Not Leco2 mesi fa

    It's sad that people hate their own player in Demiral

  38. Not Leco

    Not LecoMese fa

    @visse264 Sorry.Thanks for the info

  39. visse264

    visse264Mese fa

    What do you mean? That Turkish fans give Demiral a bad name because they're relentlessly attacking & insulting De Ligt on Instagram and ITgos?

  40. Solid_Snake

    Solid_Snake2 mesi fa

    Miglior pallavolista del 2019!

  41. amo il natale

    amo il natale2 mesi fa

    Pensa che sia un bel ragazzo mette like al mio commento

  42. 대두풀

    대두풀2 mesi fa

    Fucking team juventus

  43. Patrick Mol

    Patrick Mol2 mesi fa

    Come to England Italian football is for 60 year olds so slow and shit

  44. Michele Lain

    Michele Lain2 mesi fa


  45. Roberto Valero

    Roberto Valero2 mesi fa

    Kom weer terug naar Ajax!!!!!

  46. Hido BTW

    Hido BTW2 mesi fa

    Lol her Girlfriend looks like a bitch

  47. Rosa Diletta

    Rosa Diletta2 mesi fa


  48. NO DEVIL Pubg Mobile Lite

    NO DEVIL Pubg Mobile Lite2 mesi fa

    Demiral is better than de ligt

  49. NO DEVIL Pubg Mobile Lite

    NO DEVIL Pubg Mobile Lite2 mesi fa

    @visse264 my idea bro

  50. visse264

    visse2642 mesi fa

    He hasn't got any individual award to show for it, so he is not.

  51. Dhanar Putra

    Dhanar Putra2 mesi fa

    Seriously... The thumbnail looks so CGI. I think this comes from FIFA cut scene.

  52. Said Çaycı

    Said Çaycı2 mesi fa

    Merih 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  53. Gjenganger KJN

    Gjenganger KJN2 mesi fa

    So good he can defend 1 vs 2

  54. Jelle

    Jelle2 mesi fa

    In a few years he is so much better than Demiral and it will be embarrassing that he is sitting on the bench right now

  55. evil mase

    evil mase2 mesi fa

    @visse264 bullshit....demiral owns de ligt....

  56. visse264

    visse2642 mesi fa

    He's already a better player. He won the Golden Boy and Kopa trophy and Demiral hasn't been near that. But somehow Juve have played De Ligt on the left. He's a right center back.

  57. LEXU7M HD7

    LEXU7M HD72 mesi fa

    I hope he Start doing amazing as he was doing before!!! Never lose hope De Ligt!!!! Always be happy and be the best!!.😉

  58. livio cavedon

    livio cavedon2 mesi fa

    al momento della consegna del premio, assieme a mbappè, ho pensato: speriamo di vederli giocare assieme nella juve. sarebbe un insulto mettere de-de copia centrale e provare bonucci più avanti visto che siamo davvero scarsi a metacampo?

  59. Checco Figu

    Checco Figu2 mesi fa

    Ma è inzaghi 1:16? Ahah

  60. DarkCruiser7

    DarkCruiser72 mesi fa

    Forza De Ligt premio più che meritato adesso l'anno prossimo devi puntare più in alto come il pallone d'oro

  61. Niels v.D

    Niels v.D2 mesi fa


  62. Ginger Rabbit

    Ginger Rabbit2 mesi fa

    Vola vola possibilità di fare plusvalenza

  63. Georgia Emsley

    Georgia Emsley2 mesi fa

    The best

  64. fino alla fine

    fino alla fine2 mesi fa

    The dislikes are from Turkish we been knew

  65. W Blanco

    W Blanco18 giorni fa

    @King is Back Because only Turks praise demiral. Suck it up crybaby

  66. King is Back

    King is Back2 mesi fa

    Go'practice some english before you come up with such a stupid post, pal. Why should Turks drop' a disslike to this video, mind to put a solid perspective to it ?

  67. D Patterson

    D Patterson2 mesi fa

    Wassup brotha

  68. barlian rahim

    barlian rahim2 mesi fa

    De Light will be The Next Chiellini in Juve 💪💪

  69. cronos1rscrew

    cronos1rscrew2 mesi fa

    Calcio di rigore...

  70. Silverback 3

    Silverback 32 mesi fa

    Portateci Mbappe

  71. 101010101 _

    101010101 _2 mesi fa

    Should have asked him about the super cup win .... Oh wait ...


    SOY FRENKIE JR#2 mesi fa

    forza juve champions

  73. Alex. ito

    Alex. ito2 mesi fa

    Bravo De Ligt 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Greetings from Santa Cruz - BOLIVIA 🇧🇴

  74. Caio Antonio Soares Silva

    Caio Antonio Soares Silva2 mesi fa

    Vamos lá de ligt !!

  75. the oddfather

    the oddfather2 mesi fa

    de ligt and demiral juve defence is in good hands for the next decade.

  76. Tommy

    Tommy2 mesi fa

    Questo insieme a DeMural non fanno passare nulla