Dean Martin's Magic Moments

My tribute to the king of cool.


  1. Fastminer 2000

    Fastminer 2000Mese fa

    i making a brick i got me chick she driving me crazy

  2. Daren Finan

    Daren Finan5 mesi fa

    I think Dean looked like Gino D'Acampo. When he was young.

  3. arthur workman

    arthur workman5 mesi fa

    I remember seeing this song displayed on those old Columbia House Records commercials.

  4. arthur workman

    arthur workmanAnno fa

    Is it my imagination or do Dean and Perry sound so much alike.

  5. arthur workman

    arthur workmanAnno fa

    Back when every one had their own TV variety shows especially Christmas specials.

  6. Philipp Völler

    Philipp VöllerAnno fa

    This isn't Dean Martin. It's Perry Como.

  7. mine santos

    mine santosAnno fa

    DEan Martin´s magic cigarrets

  8. David Salinas

    David SalinasAnno fa

    That’s Perry Como not Dean.


    BCMTUKAnno fa

    One of the reasons people may confuse this with Dean Martin, is likely that they are thinking of Memories Are Made Of This.

  10. Rosa Araya Huerta

    Rosa Araya Huerta2 anni fa

    Amo a este hombre...

  11. s r

    s r2 anni fa

    why does song sound so sad but makes you smile

  12. ChiefShittingBull

    ChiefShittingBullAnno fa

    s_ r happy memories, special moments long gone but locked in our minds .

  13. Natalie Weiss

    Natalie Weiss2 anni fa

    I know everyone else has said it, but yeah... this is so absolutely Perry Como haha

  14. YaroSz.

    YaroSz.2 anni fa

    ...magiczne 😊👌📷🎬 🎦 🎥👀 ...😊👍👏👌👂🎼🎵🎷🎺🎸🎤🎻🎹🎶🎵

  15. Yassir Sade Q.

    Yassir Sade Q.3 anni fa

    Hermoso tema ! pero es de Perry Como ! ...en todo caso grandes ambos y cantaron juntos varias veces! :)

  16. Dante Sinatra

    Dante Sinatra3 anni fa

    That's Perry Como

  17. Jose Pinilla

    Jose Pinilla3 anni fa

    La mejor versión de Magic Moments, Perry Como.

  18. Harvey Dude-o

    Harvey Dude-o3 anni fa

    Definitely Perry Como!

  19. christopher march

    christopher march3 anni fa

    hello thanks for the comment my intention when I made this video many moons ago was not to trick people into thinking it was Dean Martin singing it was his magical moments to Perry Como's song I thought the music suited the video. thanks again for the comment


    EDWARD BULLER3 anni fa

    that defo perry como

  21. robert szvetics

    robert szvetics4 anni fa

    that's perry pally

  22. Gloria Fearnley

    Gloria Fearnley5 anni fa


  23. Janna Watson

    Janna Watson5 anni fa

    Dean and Perry sound alike. Fooled me.

  24. Sherry Hannah

    Sherry Hannah3 anni fa

    Janna Watson it did me too I thought it was Dean but then I saw it was Perry

  25. Dante Sinatra

    Dante Sinatra3 anni fa

    They don't lol

  26. Christine Mcconnell

    Christine Mcconnell6 anni fa

    Love this guy

  27. Carlos Nitsch

    Carlos Nitsch6 anni fa

    Una cancion hermosa . Beautiful song

  28. Renzky Celino

    Renzky Celino6 anni fa


  29. christopher march

    christopher march6 anni fa

    Haha loving the pun

  30. Richard Opp

    Richard Opp6 anni fa

    Shore did bring back some MEMORIES!!!!!

  31. isukaman

    isukaman6 anni fa

    Sad, but nice.

  32. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Thank you =D

  33. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Haha yea it's not Dean but the song just fit so nicely Perry Como is still one of the greats and thanks =)

  34. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Everyone should =P

  35. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Yep, I love him too thanks

  36. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    thank you glad you enjoyed!

  37. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Thanks means a lot =]

  38. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    He sure is =D

  39. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    thanks, it was fun to do soo many clips I could have used

  40. Maddie Mie

    Maddie Mie7 anni fa

    Love this

  41. Trent691

    Trent6917 anni fa

    I love Dean as well, and I like this tribute to him that you have made. You do know that he's not singing this song though, don't you?

  42. Danielle

    Danielle7 anni fa

    I love Delano

  43. garfield5788

    garfield57887 anni fa

    Love this so much.. thank you for making this fantastic tribute to the coolest, gorgeous gentleman ever.. Dean was total magic, huge fan !! :)

  44. brunaeisotta

    brunaeisotta7 anni fa

    YUOI GOT THE SPIRIT OF DEAN, funny , relaxed and tender, in other words PERFECT ....... great job for the video, thanks for this gift !!!