Freddie Mercury And Roger Taylor These Are The Days Duet

ooops couldn't fit these are the days of our lives in but i guess you have already figured that out well enjoy...


  1. christopher march

    christopher march11 anni fa

    yea he sings it with his heart and soul and when you watch the video you know instinctively this is a final farewell video this song isn't really a roger singing style i dont think but theres allways something i have loved about his singing voice thanks again!

  2. Usmaan Siddiqui

    Usmaan Siddiqui11 anni fa

    Only Freddie should sing that song. I love Roger but his version doesn't compare. Great job though!

  3. christopher march

    christopher march11 anni fa

    hehe thanks very much have you seen my others?

  4. Sandra Tivadar

    Sandra Tivadar11 anni fa

    i liked it so much!