HIGHLIGHTS: Juventus vs Sassuolo - 2-2 - Ronaldo strikes again!

Relive all of the moments from our tie with Sassuolo, last weekend. It was a tight contest in which a penalty from Serie A's Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo earned us a point. There was also a fantastic, pin-point, outside of the box goal from our defender, Leonardo Bonucci that took us into the lead before the game ended 2-2.
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  1. Luigi Saba

    Luigi Saba3 giorni fa


  2. Amelia Nurf

    Amelia Nurf2 mesi fa

    Bernadeschi is idot people. He always in starting XI but he always played is very disappointing

  3. Amelia Nurf

    Amelia Nurf2 mesi fa

    Bernadeschi is idot people. He always in starting XI but he always played is very disappointing

  4. Bendu Dukuly

    Bendu Dukuly2 mesi fa

    Nice too from Ronaldo

  5. Smo ke

    Smo ke2 mesi fa

    SHIT PLAY...!! FIRED Mr Sarri. Mr Runner Up... U losse againt Lazio..?!! FUCK...!!

  6. Vination

    Vination2 mesi fa

    WTF Ronaldo shouldnt have came to juventus. Juventus have shit gameplay and zero attacking play they are playing like kids.

  7. FN Gamerz

    FN Gamerz2 mesi fa

    Many of them u hive it to dybala

  8. FN Gamerz

    FN Gamerz2 mesi fa

    Why the fuck u dont give the free kick to ronaldo bastards

  9. Kathy Erwin

    Kathy Erwin2 mesi fa

    ,dlkdhjjnfjfnjcmvhikfhvjfmc. Jvjdicjfjfmehvhhghgyghghvnfuhrvhvhntugnjvg

  10. Kathy Erwin

    Kathy Erwin2 mesi fa


  11. Kathy Erwin

    Kathy Erwin2 mesi fa


  12. mr balosh

    mr balosh2 mesi fa

    I don't understand how sarri thinks about benching dybala is he drunk like I mean it if dybala and Ronaldo and higuin start they will be the best trio. I actually like the coach before sarri I think his name was max allergi he was a nice couach and knows how to start Juventus and btw sarri sold cancelo and bought instead Danilo cancelo is much better than Danilo I remember those days when cancelo juste to pass Ronaldo alot and he shoots and score fuck you sarri #sarrileavejuventusnobodywantsyou #bringmaxallergiback

  13. Riekhie Riezar

    Riekhie Riezar2 mesi fa

    what happen with Gigi :(

  14. Christophe Ho

    Christophe Ho2 mesi fa

    Juve so salty that they don't want to show replay buffon got chipped...hahahahaha

  15. Fernando Matias Obando

    Fernando Matias Obando2 mesi fa

    Buffon en s so stuped


    G KARTHIKEYAN2 mesi fa

    Its delight to see Ronaldo strike a fast & furious penalty kick.. ball travel like a Moto gp racer bike.......

  17. ROÇKY Rk

    ROÇKY Rk2 mesi fa

    Why Buffon? He is not old Buffon anymore..he did lot of mistakes along with ages..

  18. I'm Lolito

    I'm Lolito2 mesi fa

    His not old Buffon because is old Buffon 😂And FIFA Note Rises Evry Year -3

  19. Manam Alagwa

    Manam Alagwa2 mesi fa

    Sarri his not gud manager

  20. Pes 2020 Mobile

    Pes 2020 Mobile2 mesi fa

    Cr7's freekick effort hinted that those freekick screamers will be back soon.. 😀😀

  21. Nithin Prasad

    Nithin Prasad2 mesi fa

    Penaldo steiked back on penalty lol

  22. Yash G

    Yash G2 mesi fa

    Rent free 😂🙄

  23. Tushar Kasana

    Tushar Kasana2 mesi fa

    2:24 ronaldo s freekicks are improving compared to the last season

  24. Mr Pipo

    Mr Pipo2 mesi fa

    Haha nice joke

  25. Jérôme Vernhes

    Jérôme Vernhes2 mesi fa

    What a bad positioning and game of Buffon 😢

  26. Stan Talents

    Stan Talents2 mesi fa

    A rare game where Buffon made many mistakes, esp that second Sassuolo goal..


    MRDR AJITH2 mesi fa

    King dybala


    MRDR AJITH2 mesi fa

    Dybala no😥😥😥

  29. Risang Aji

    Risang Aji2 mesi fa

    Conte loss ,1 draw 1 vs juve...win the seri a this season

  30. Khamsum Dybala

    Khamsum Dybala2 mesi fa

    FUCK Juve would have won and still would be on top of the table if sarri put thier best player in starting 11 like Costa, Dybala, Scezney

  31. Krish Stha

    Krish Stha2 mesi fa

    Stycar plr had to passed ball to Ronaldo ... mistake

  32. Muzafar. M.K.

    Muzafar. M.K.2 mesi fa

    Buffon is too old .his reflexes are faded.

  33. mr balosh

    mr balosh2 mesi fa

    Ikr omg are we the only in this that thinks that replace Buffon and bring in scezzny 🤦🤦

  34. Thakuri Singh

    Thakuri Singh2 mesi fa

    Mebe all player looking for Cr7

  35. old cat

    old cat2 mesi fa

    Cr7 crack

  36. Sergio Ivaan Almazán

    Sergio Ivaan Almazán2 mesi fa

    Porción vuelve a tirar ronaldo

  37. Julianto Tio

    Julianto Tio2 mesi fa

    Juventus midfielders are looked awful. Look how bernardeshi, bentancur, and matuidi play. They are lack of determination and look so lazy. Sarri should give chances more to emre can, adrien rabiot, and aaron ramsey. Also pjanic need to rest, he to exhausted. Juve need to buy another midfielder who can play the role like pjanic.

  38. aryah arbian

    aryah arbian2 mesi fa

    La Juve è buona, è solo che il portiere deve essere sostituito

  39. Prime

    Prime2 mesi fa

    Ronaldo have Balon D'or :)) Tụi chó Fan Rô

  40. leticia skramowskyj

    leticia skramowskyj2 mesi fa

    Por qué en el resumen no pusieron la jugada de gol de Dybala que Ronaldo impidió?? Que raro Juve tapando sus errores!!

  41. Jackson Paul

    Jackson Paul2 mesi fa

    They said CR7 only took the penalty but he was the one that pased the Ball to dybala

  42. Mario Marino

    Mario Marino2 mesi fa

    JUVE, CR7, Dybala 🔥🔥🔥💯%⚽

  43. pew pew laser beams

    pew pew laser beams2 mesi fa

    de ligt and gigi kinda to blame but happens

  44. Velotic ZX

    Velotic ZX2 mesi fa

    Cristiano Ronaldo is going to come back stronger. Messi winning the ballon dor is just a reason he's gonna fight for his 6th!

  45. Vination

    Vination2 mesi fa

    Messi doesn't deserves this ballondor and Ronaldo was clearly winner of last year's

  46. Ahmad Salah

    Ahmad Salah2 mesi fa

    ♡♥ Forza Juve ♥♡

  47. Hatip Mahim

    Hatip Mahim2 mesi fa


  48. muneeb khan

    muneeb khan2 mesi fa

    The midfielders should be passing the ball to ronaldo instead of shooting and making blunders

  49. Otto Speedy

    Otto Speedy2 mesi fa

    your my favrite player in the world ronaldo

  50. Yash G

    Yash G2 mesi fa

    @Paulo Dybala he's good aswell !!

  51. Paulo Dybala

    Paulo Dybala2 mesi fa

    Otto Speedy what about Dybala?

  52. G C

    G C2 mesi fa

    "Completely and utterly EMBARRASSING. It really is that bad" Why did I laugh so much at this😂

  53. Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo Vargas2 mesi fa

    Le dieron el penalito para que no llore, definitivamente está en declive hace rato, Mourinho lo hubiese sentado como hizo con Raúl

  54. Jan piero

    Jan piero2 mesi fa

    SARRI OUT🚬🚬🚬

  55. Jan piero

    Jan piero2 mesi fa


  56. lunar kinesis

    lunar kinesis2 mesi fa

    messi slapped ronaldo at all awards :D Ronaldo says that at the end of my career I have to win more prizes than messi :D omg!!!!!! what a dream and this is just a dream :D

  57. Yash G

    Yash G2 mesi fa

    He won best player in england spain and now italy Messi still a bottler without barca 😂

  58. Luka Radovanovich

    Luka Radovanovich2 mesi fa


  59. Luka Radovanovich

    Luka Radovanovich2 mesi fa

    He didn't win la Liga MVP did he?

  60. Andreas wjya

    Andreas wjya2 mesi fa

    Buffon out Perin in


    LENECIA JOHNSON2 mesi fa


  62. monicha cpm

    monicha cpm2 mesi fa

    cR7 joss gandoss

  63. putra mori fishing

    putra mori fishing2 mesi fa

    Juve the best


    LENECIA JOHNSON2 mesi fa


  65. كنان الامير

    كنان الامير2 mesi fa

    كس ام ساري

  66. Kalaala Sports tv

    Kalaala Sports tv2 mesi fa

    🤕🤕🔥🔥 itgos.info/video/jIiElaa9apV5n5Y.html

  67. Chizzy kings

    Chizzy kings2 mesi fa

    Let's help Ronaldo to score more goals so Juventus can win The Champions league and Seria so he can win the Ballon d'or 2020

  68. Julio Bloemenveld

    Julio Bloemenveld2 mesi fa

    He wont score with the lack of build up play. Juventus are not creating many chances and don't link up well. The need to fix the midfield. Because their midfield plays it safe and lack creativity in the final pass. They also have to stop with the crosses. It used to work for madrid cause they had players who could cross better and because they played counter attacking football. Juventus for some reason only cross when the box is crowded with defenders.


    FISH TIPS2 mesi fa

    Tell Ronaldo to take of the bow that is ruining his look and game Like this so that they would see


    AYGENT_HK7 GAMING2 mesi fa

    It's hairband lol!

  71. Luigi de Alfaro

    Luigi de Alfaro2 mesi fa

    FISH TIPS so true

  72. Judge Porceddu

    Judge Porceddu2 mesi fa

    pretty disastrous. although you _can_ argue 2019/20 was a Paratici mercato and not a Sarri one; some big names (except woj, dybala , ramsey and bantancur) need recycling out.


    CEREN SOYLU2 mesi fa

    Merihi oynatmazsanız böyle olur

  74. vex 13

    vex 132 mesi fa

    Sarri really need to work with trio dybala ronaldo higuain. You cant just benched dybala when he is in form like now wtf. Bernadeschi and ramsey are doing not good at cam anyway.

  75. vex 13

    vex 132 mesi fa

    @حنان Hanan iirc he said about it still unbalanced. I still hope they will find the best formula to fit those 3 together.

  76. حنان Hanan

    حنان Hanan2 mesi fa

    vex 13 I read that Sarri didn’t want to put the trio at the same time, because none of them do ‘defending-work’ when they play the whole match.

  77. CR7 SportVideo

    CR7 SportVideo2 mesi fa

    Who all think that Ronaldo deserved balon d'or 2019?

  78. Stefan#21

    Stefan#212 mesi fa

    he definitely didn't?!?!?!? why should he deserve it at all?

  79. Shaikh Kasim

    Shaikh Kasim2 mesi fa

    CR7 SportVideo only if everyone was smoking shit sure why not

  80. CR7 SportVideo

    CR7 SportVideo2 mesi fa

    @Karolly Tamasela so that is what I am asking that do you think that ronaldo "deserved" it or not?

  81. Karolly Tamasela

    Karolly Tamasela2 mesi fa

    messi already got it .. 😅😅