HIGHLIGHTS: Juventus vs Udinese - 3-1 - Ronaldo's rockets and Bonucci's bullet

In what was our final match of the decade at the Allianz Stadium, Juventus put on a show for our home supporters, scoring three goals in the first half of the match. Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals while Leonardo Bonucci added the final third to give us the 3-1 win over Udinese.
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  1. Luigi Saba

    Luigi Saba3 giorni fa


  2. RDGA 7

    RDGA 711 giorni fa

    itgos.info/video/emewzHiojnunorM.html miren este video

  3. İlham İlyasov

    İlham İlyasovMese fa

    Ronaldo yuventus efsanesi

  4. Айдар Касымбаев

    Айдар КасымбаевMese fa

    Dybala top1

  5. raju ff

    raju ffMese fa


  6. raju ff

    raju ffMese fa

    Dybala cristiano ronaldo vs me yes hahaha nob

  7. Mert Ase starting

    Mert Ase startingMese fa


  8. Kirmizi Kara

    Kirmizi KaraMese fa

    Liverpool please sign Demiral.

  9. Dazer Gamer

    Dazer Gamer2 mesi fa

    when will Ronaldo score a hat trick???

  10. gelhat icin

    gelhat icin2 mesi fa

    Merih demiral

  11. viva viva

    viva viva2 mesi fa

    alex sandro Leonardo and Bonucci suck are idiots

  12. TheLion matte

    TheLion matte2 mesi fa

    Bel centrocampo che abbiamo dopo la supercoppa, difesa da migliorare totalmente troppi gol e pochi fatti


    MEVLÜT AKAGÜN2 mesi fa

    merih demiral ❤❤❤

  14. Annada Sankar

    Annada Sankar2 mesi fa

    I have just gone through some news that the Juve management is discussing to sell Demiral.. How stupid... Please don’t sell him he is the future of juve defence... Demiral and de ligt duo is the future of Juventus defence.

  15. Annada Sankar

    Annada Sankar2 mesi fa

    Please Don't sell Demiral...please Don't

  16. Rumah Jati

    Rumah Jati2 mesi fa


  17. victor ugorji

    victor ugorji2 mesi fa

    The trident of Ronaldo, Dybala and Higuain is going to be too much for serie A. I think Juve will win d league again. The can also do serious damage in the champions league too if Sarri does his job effectively. Juve can dream about the champions league this season

  18. Seto Kaiba

    Seto Kaiba2 mesi fa

    GOL GOL GOL GOL, no gol

  19. Keller

    Keller2 mesi fa

    Demiral better then de ligt

  20. King Cash

    King Cash2 mesi fa

    Commentator: Ga Ga Ga Ga siiiiiiiii 😅😬

  21. Karim Benz

    Karim Benz2 mesi fa

    Cr7 needs a good crosing

  22. Renis Lena

    Renis Lena2 mesi fa

    Hello juve content creators! I‘m a juve fan like everyone here at this channel. Why can’t we see the press conferences of our team/trainer at ITgos for free? How is it possible, teams like Bayern, dortmund... are showing the press conferences and highlights of the u19, u21, u23 and juve want their fans to pay 4€ monthly. I think its a shame. We should get it for free on ITgos. Because we wanna stay always online with the team and you can get ITgos clicks and more attractive for everyone. Pls let the juve channel know this and leave s like if you have the same opinion like me. Greetings from Switzerland and forza juve per sempre!

  23. Amanath Waleed

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  24. Hafiz Baihaqi

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  25. Wonder Kidz

    Wonder Kidz2 mesi fa

    See that 2nd goal ronaldo Like bos , prank defender 😅😂😂

  26. HM Studio

    HM Studio2 mesi fa

    We love Ole...

  27. rembo bakinski

    rembo bakinski2 mesi fa

    i am sorry you have super defender .merih demiral .all he did fantastik.whu did not played at last matches merih demiral?now i think demiral is one of the best defender in europa .



    cr7 + Higuain + Dybala = tiers gagants 👍👍👍👏👏👏💗💗💗

  29. Ali Gaming 69

    Ali Gaming 692 mesi fa

    de ligt should be sold because he even cut by the weakest player and for the other two CB Sarri should scout some defenders for the coming two years

  30. CR7 Official

    CR7 Official2 mesi fa

    please Come to select junior team in nepal

  31. 4LEAF

    4LEAF2 mesi fa

    GOD Messi~

  32. vietlongmobile08

    vietlongmobile082 mesi fa

    Bộ 3 RDH :))) mạnh quá

  33. Anthony Noroh

    Anthony Noroh2 mesi fa


  34. SwaTie ` BS

    SwaTie ` BS2 mesi fa

    Merih Demiral ❤

  35. Alper Topuz

    Alper Topuz2 mesi fa

    Merih Demiral, you should be the next Ministry of Defence in Turkey :))

  36. Balo Öz

    Balo Öz2 mesi fa


  37. Zoltan Kenebisz

    Zoltan Kenebisz2 mesi fa

    Christiano Ronaldo is too old ...right Messi fans ?? 😎😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this guy is 34 years old and stilll plays like a 24 years old ...😎🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅👍✌👌👀

  38. Sport ToDay

    Sport ToDay2 mesi fa

    CR7 in UCL: - Top scorer in history - Home - Away - In group stage - In the final phase - In the final - Of the head - On free kick - On penalty - Record of braces - Of hattricks - Assists

  39. Takbir abie

    Takbir abie2 mesi fa


  40. jeson bost

    jeson bost2 mesi fa

    Telecronista da vomito

  41. A- VRN

    A- VRN2 mesi fa

    As fenerbahce fan , I am so pissed off that fenerbahce lost Demiral when he was in our squad. He was such a gold mine !!! He will be better than virgil

  42. A- VRN

    A- VRN2 mesi fa

    Keller Caglar soyuncu didnt go to juve ( game riggers) but soon he will be bought by manchester or livepool. What you saying is stupid, if the player has talent, doesnt matter where they play!! We saw other turkish teams in UCL like Galatasaray , they got raped and came back. Turkish teams overall valur is 100 million euro tops, big clubs more like 1 billion . So they are not match !! U clearly dont have a clue about football in europe

  43. Keller

    Keller2 mesi fa

    If he would stay at fenerbahce he maybe never could go to juve fener is shit havent see them in europe for a long time

  44. Eratosthenes 100

    Eratosthenes 1002 mesi fa

    Hdr - higuain dybala Ronaldo

  45. Leran LERAN

    Leran LERAN2 mesi fa

    The turkısh Wall 🐉 Melih Demiral 🐉

  46. Ibrahim Barsya

    Ibrahim Barsya2 mesi fa

    Gigi Buffon strong ever

  47. Emre Güney

    Emre Güney2 mesi fa

    DEMIRAL 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  48. Aizat69

    Aizat692 mesi fa

    Ge ge ge ge ge ge goaaaalllll

  49. ahmad pro tenda

    ahmad pro tenda2 mesi fa

    Ronaldo larinya gak kenceng lagi yah

  50. ahmad pro tenda

    ahmad pro tenda2 mesi fa

    Calon juara liga champions musim ini

  51. Them Mz

    Them Mz2 mesi fa

    Is it only me or others that does the SIUUUUUUU celebration whenever Ronaldo scores ❤️❤️

  52. shariff ismail

    shariff ismail2 mesi fa

    That front 3 🔥

  53. Diary Ragnarok M Eternal Love Indonesia

    Diary Ragnarok M Eternal Love Indonesia2 mesi fa

    Missss u Mr. NoGood

  54. Uyumsuz

    Uyumsuz2 mesi fa

    Merih Demiral 💥💥💥💕💕💕

  55. Murdochella

    Murdochella2 mesi fa

    Demiral is better than De Ligt

  56. visse264

    visse2642 mesi fa

    Demiral too late on the Nr. 23 scoring the goal but Juventus were great overall, no real problems.

  57. Melo Atay

    Melo Atay2 mesi fa

    Merih Demira =wall.

  58. himanshu aggarwal

    himanshu aggarwal2 mesi fa

    It was like watching Juve 2.0 Everything was so dreamy. Could have scored few more goals but great to see CR7 refreshed. Demiral was 🔥. And the Siiuuu was totally in synch with CR7, audience and commentator.

  59. Excelsior _

    Excelsior _2 mesi fa

    Cr7 was on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Handan Somun

    Handan Somun2 mesi fa

    2:04 gol gol gol o no gol, 😂🤣

  61. tomato it

    tomato it2 mesi fa

    ronny's back

  62. Rohit Chindarkar

    Rohit Chindarkar2 mesi fa

    I don't find any reason for not playing Ronaldo Dybala & Huigain together.....and let's accept the fact that Khedria & Matuindi have not done anything so far....so we should go for Rabbiot & Ramsey....... Costa should be introduced after 60 mins

  63. Rohit Chindarkar

    Rohit Chindarkar2 mesi fa

    And no more Barndeshci ......he should have passed that ball to Ronaldo.....Ronaldo was on very good position to score.....

  64. R 17

    R 172 mesi fa

    can we stop with the Berna experiment...Dybala is so much better there! And can we stop acting like Matuidi offers anything..Rabiot is such a superior player. Start Rabiot and bring Matuidi to finish games when we are up! Higuain Ronaldo, Dybala front 3 Rabiot Pjanic, bentancur in middle Sandro, De ligt, Bonucci, Cuadrado in back although in like when we have de sciglio in there to for sandro..he can use both feet and take on players offensively play Demiral more in rotation