HIGHLIGHTS: Juventus vs SPAL - 2-0 - Pjanic and Ronaldo goals seal win!

Juventus pick up another valuable three points at home after a stunning first half strike from Miralem Pjanic and a Cristiano Ronaldo header sealed the win for the Bianconeri at Allianz Stadium against SPAL.

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  1. Gaming Is Awesome 14

    Gaming Is Awesome 1416 giorni fa

    Some good goals

  2. Thari Thari

    Thari Thari18 giorni fa

    R lalramthari z Monroe. Sairang. Mami jain

  3. Freeze_ Br0

    Freeze_ Br021 giorno fa

    Mamma mia Berisha

  4. jacinto machado

    jacinto machado2 mesi fa

    CR7 is doing his best, but the goalkeeper is a monster

  5. Mass Gamer

    Mass Gamer4 mesi fa

    That spal goalkeeper is the man of the match for sure

  6. Fake Name

    Fake Name4 mesi fa

    Juve can bring out the best of any goalkeepers.

  7. Vinícius Eduardo

    Vinícius Eduardo4 mesi fa

    Gol 700 do cr7

  8. Luigi Saba

    Luigi Saba4 mesi fa


  9. L

    L4 mesi fa

    Ronaldo x Dybala Messi x Suarez Salah x Firmino

  10. Hamudie Akladier

    Hamudie Akladier4 mesi fa

    nice goal keeper👍

  11. Sơ MýT

    Sơ MýT4 mesi fa

    Best GK

  12. Perparim Hoxha

    Perparim Hoxha4 mesi fa

    The goalkeeper was the star of the game. Bravo.

  13. Steven Kim

    Steven Kim4 mesi fa

    Real madrid ..

  14. Jamal adhan

    Jamal adhan4 mesi fa

    Juventus will dorminate Italian League for many years and I have not seen any team that could challenge it soon.

  15. Raul Rubio

    Raul Rubio4 mesi fa

    Thought I was a R Madrid fan, until CR7 left and I left with him. Football will never be the same after him and Leo retirement

  16. Martina Cerqua

    Martina Cerqua4 mesi fa

    Wooooooooow che partita

  17. delhorno6

    delhorno64 mesi fa

    what a goalkeeper though, what a wall !!!

  18. DeaddyVenom 07

    DeaddyVenom 074 mesi fa


  19. DeaddyVenom 07

    DeaddyVenom 074 mesi fa


  20. A N O N Y M O U S YT

    A N O N Y M O U S YT4 mesi fa

    3:18 ronaldos gol

  21. 19HajimeSaitou91

    19HajimeSaitou914 mesi fa

    Left foot goal previous game versus Inter and head goal now. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Best, number 1. There is no football without you.

  22. pallavi rajput

    pallavi rajput4 mesi fa

    why are you reuploading this video doesnt serie a have any other content

  23. Bikram

    Bikram4 mesi fa

    Dybala is in form

  24. xx yy

    xx yy4 mesi fa


  25. Matt Saloio

    Matt Saloio4 mesi fa

    This announcer needs to stop with the GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA

  26. Yuno ϟ

    Yuno ϟ4 mesi fa

    More like Juventus vs Goalkeeper lol 😂 He did an amazing job

  27. Aneesh Cr7

    Aneesh Cr74 mesi fa

    💕🌟💪cr7 💪💕🌟🤝dybala💪👍 pjananik💪👍 🤝heguein all plyrs good performance 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  28. Aneesh Cr7

    Aneesh Cr74 mesi fa

    cr7 world better great amzng king plyr all in one man only genius goat

  29. Jared Leto

    Jared Leto4 mesi fa

    Professional team and nobody cover Ronaldo when he scored with his head- it's shame.

  30. Ihsan Albar

    Ihsan Albar4 mesi fa

    SPAL Goalkeeper is really good. They would suffer a lot if the goalkeeper is not that good.

  31. Aria.Sterling

    Aria.Sterling4 mesi fa

    I was watching this live, amazing atmosphere when Ronaldo finally scored, screaming SIIII when Ronaldo scored should be on every Juve fans bucket list.

  32. bob the builder

    bob the builder4 mesi fa

    The goat scores

  33. Anthony Noroh

    Anthony Noroh4 mesi fa

    Ronaldo create many chances

  34. Adidas Lord

    Adidas Lord4 mesi fa

    Ma quanto cazzo è forte il portiere della spal?! Ha giocato solo lui

  35. Veck

    Veck4 mesi fa

    What is it with goalkeepers playing against Juventus and having amazing performances?


    PANKAJ SHENDKAR4 mesi fa

    @Pes Mobile Gameplays i dont think so...it is like that the way he saved khediras two headers was excellent..even other chances it was like juventus vs goalkeeper..

  37. Kojo Agyei

    Kojo Agyei4 mesi fa


  38. Kojo Agyei

    Kojo Agyei4 mesi fa


  39. Pes Mobile Gameplays

    Pes Mobile Gameplays4 mesi fa

    it is just that when ronaldo misses people think the world is going to end

  40. Serdar vl —1907 Serdar vl—1907

    Serdar vl —1907 Serdar vl—19074 mesi fa

    No Juventus = Piemonte 😂😂

  41. Serdar vl —1907 Serdar vl—1907

    Serdar vl —1907 Serdar vl—19074 mesi fa

    F for Agus fangulo orusbu

  42. F para la Agus

    F para la Agus4 mesi fa

    Who needs licensed offiicial Juventus fc when you have Piemonte calcio

  43. 가믈을Bingson

    가믈을Bingson4 mesi fa

    CR7 is trying really hard to make his team win by providing assistance to his teammates instead of trying to score by himself. This is the true goat ❤️

  44. Stasera Nonlagga

    Stasera Nonlagga4 mesi fa

    MVP: Berisha.

  45. aamirkhan pathan

    aamirkhan pathan4 mesi fa

    4: 05 that save 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. M J

    M J4 mesi fa

    Commentator sucks

  47. Joshua Marcocchi

    Joshua Marcocchi4 mesi fa

    appena in tempo direi

  48. Ready to challenge

    Ready to challenge4 mesi fa

    Nice match

  49. Sazidur Rahmam

    Sazidur Rahmam4 mesi fa

    2:36 nice play

  50. mobile legend

    mobile legend4 mesi fa

    Age is just a number for Cr7

  51. Kalsang Norbu

    Kalsang Norbu4 mesi fa

    2 missed goals by 2 great assist from Ronaldo.

  52. Jack Yutube_addict

    Jack Yutube_addict4 mesi fa

    Ronaldo was too good in this match 😍

  53. 19HajimeSaitou91

    19HajimeSaitou914 mesi fa

    Damn he was pissed of 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  54. Raj rockzz

    Raj rockzz4 mesi fa

    Ronaldo is at his best.. Love ronaldo

  55. sweet kenobiviko

    sweet kenobiviko4 mesi fa

    Juve getting stronger

  56. Joanne Adamidou

    Joanne Adamidou4 mesi fa

    I am here for Cristiano, but that goalkeeper though. Major respect.

  57. Jai Nepal

    Jai Nepal4 mesi fa

    Me too

  58. Miroslava Karailieva

    Miroslava Karailieva4 mesi fa

    Love CR7❤

  59. ألوووان عربية

    ألوووان عربية4 mesi fa

    الحارس فضيح لولاه كان 6 لليوفي

  60. jorge Da Silva Carvalho

    jorge Da Silva Carvalho4 mesi fa

    Messi si c'est le chouchou à la FIFA 👎🏼

  61. jorge Da Silva Carvalho

    jorge Da Silva Carvalho4 mesi fa

    Messi il a marqué un but hier alors qu'il est même pas faute c'est un complot contre Cristiano..

  62. jorge Da Silva Carvalho

    jorge Da Silva Carvalho4 mesi fa

    S'il y a pas de buts la marqués par Cristiano alors Pellé il a eu 800 buts marquer des plus. La vitrage a bien changé c'est très compliqué marqué un but actuellement par rapport avant un vitrage de merde quel complot avec la...

  63. jorge Da Silva Carvalho

    jorge Da Silva Carvalho4 mesi fa

    L'arbitrage il a été racheté par inter

  64. ilbelle86

    ilbelle864 mesi fa

    sta partita doveva finire 8 a 0 ma come al solito i portieri contro di noi diventano benji price

  65. wizztizzlm

    wizztizzlm4 mesi fa

    Good. Some great saves by thze SPAL goalkeeper, Berisha.

  66. Kakm Ajsndhdidndud

    Kakm Ajsndhdidndud4 mesi fa

    For a juve

  67. Dirga Praya Wisda Mahardika

    Dirga Praya Wisda Mahardika4 mesi fa

    Perisha is better than Curtois

  68. Antonio Fiorino

    Antonio Fiorino4 mesi fa

    Internet explorer vi fa una pippa