HIGHLIGHTS: Juventus vs Bologna - 2-1 - Ronaldo's 701st Goal!

After returning from the international break, Juventus came out on top against a determined Bologna side looking to edge into the top half of the Serie A table. Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Miralem Pjanic made sure that wasn't the case!
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  1. Luigi Saba

    Luigi Saba3 giorni fa


  2. Mattia Ciccaglione

    Mattia Ciccaglione2 mesi fa

    Che parato a gigi

  3. RV YAMZ

    RV YAMZ3 mesi fa

    The best n greatest club right now💪 #GravityKing #CR7 #GOAT Whether one is playing every/most/less game or not...all Juve players sud b proud n happy to in this club which is the greatest, strongest, most popular n have huge respect for players. Juve n Serie A will achieve something big in 1-2 yrs💪💪💪🏆🏆🏆 #ForzaJuve

  4. Nicole Rita Rinaldi

    Nicole Rita Rinaldi3 mesi fa


  5. Adrian Alessandro Aleman

    Adrian Alessandro Aleman3 mesi fa

    San Gigi

  6. Crazy Killer

    Crazy Killer4 mesi fa

    Who love Ronaldo like from heart

  7. vivi sousa

    vivi sousa4 mesi fa

    Mamma e fatto 701

  8. super mantep group

    super mantep group4 mesi fa


  9. Endrit Krasniqi

    Endrit Krasniqi4 mesi fa

    Fanculo De ligt potresti ingessare quella cazzo di mano lecce juve 1:1 è normale pareggiare con il lecce🖕🖕

  10. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    Fuck off

  11. ayşenil hatçenil

    ayşenil hatçenil4 mesi fa


  12. Mas Dum

    Mas Dum4 mesi fa


  13. Pointless TR

    Pointless TR4 mesi fa

    De light yi boşuna almışsınız takıma Merih Demiral ı koyun her macta adam kalbiyle korur defansı top geçirmez.

  14. Nica Mariel Biagtan

    Nica Mariel Biagtan4 mesi fa

    That is my idol Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro so far so good

  15. Nica Mariel Biagtan

    Nica Mariel Biagtan4 mesi fa


  16. Rasya Rasya

    Rasya Rasya4 mesi fa

    Rabiot keren banget

  17. Nicola D'Elia

    Nicola D'Elia4 mesi fa

    Il telecronista non si può sentire....

  18. JahsGameplayHDR

    JahsGameplayHDR4 mesi fa


  19. Lance Chhuana Ralte

    Lance Chhuana Ralte4 mesi fa

    the power, the accuracy.. amazing!!!!

  20. 200000000 subs With no vids

    200000000 subs With no vids4 mesi fa

    buffon: only ronaldo can score bicycle kicks against me

  21. ghislin kouassi

    ghislin kouassi4 mesi fa

    What a save from Buffon! Cr7 ever the best!

  22. M T

    M T4 mesi fa

    vittoria meritata punto

  23. Likuhle Bashe

    Likuhle Bashe4 mesi fa

    jeez ronaldo do youhave to be hard on them but am a big fan

  24. wizztizzlm

    wizztizzlm4 mesi fa

    Some great chances, for both sides....

  25. SilkBeard Danquah

    SilkBeard Danquah4 mesi fa

    So no one is talking about the Bologna Goalkeeper 🙄🙄

  26. Reynmen Krallığı

    Reynmen Krallığı4 mesi fa

    Spiker juventusu tutuyor

  27. Krzysztof Zieliński

    Krzysztof Zieliński4 mesi fa


  28. Bang Man

    Bang Man4 mesi fa


  29. Skadoosh

    Skadoosh4 mesi fa

    5:32 De Gea ,is that you ?

  30. Rizki Ananda

    Rizki Ananda4 mesi fa

    where is de ligt handsball? VAR is gone

  31. Please don't CHECK my youtube video below

    Please don't CHECK my youtube video below4 mesi fa

    Juventus will win UCL🏆 Who else agrees 👇 Ignore my name...

  32. WWFAllStars

    WWFAllStars4 mesi fa

    vinicius jr triatleta, corre mucho, hace bicicletas y despues nada de nada...

  33. Matuidicharo

    Matuidicharo4 mesi fa

    Ronaldo 2019 13 games 12 goals 3 assists 8 Motm 🐐

  34. Siddharth Rajan

    Siddharth Rajan4 mesi fa

    Higuan is such a waste..... He could have scored 2 goals......

  35. Lindokuhle Pini

    Lindokuhle Pini4 mesi fa

    Goalkeepers really turn into prime Casillas/Buffon when playing against CR7

  36. Bartosz Sołtysik

    Bartosz Sołtysik4 mesi fa

    It was a pretty good match! 💪⚽️👍 Forza Juve ⚪️⚫️

  37. Abdoulaye Coulibaly

    Abdoulaye Coulibaly4 mesi fa

    CR 7 like

  38. Andre Iskandar

    Andre Iskandar4 mesi fa

    for example Real Madrid midfielder, they are always in their area unlike Khedira? why he is always in the penalty box and does not create an opportunity like kroos. Very sad, you have a goal machine but only score one goal per match.

  39. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    Don't compare Real Madrid to Juventus, both team have different playing style

  40. Zuheri

    Zuheri4 mesi fa

    The Greatest player in the Premier League The Greatest player in the La Liga The Greatest player to be soon in the Seri A The Greatest player of all time. #Cristiano #CR701

  41. HEART Lifter

    HEART Lifter4 mesi fa

    Gigi save at the end ♡ he is the heart of Juve. Superstar Legends: Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane, Baggio, Figo, Maradonna, Pele. (The players that always get the spotlight) THE LEGENDS: Maldini, Totti, Nesta, Scholes, Del Piero, Raul, Xavi, Puyol, Giggs, Zanetti. (The players that never get the spotlight - but are the double legends)

  42. The Matador

    The Matador4 mesi fa

    VAR does not apply to juventus because they will always be a mafia club

  43. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    Your comment prove your stupidity

  44. subas grg

    subas grg4 mesi fa

    Congratulations king

  45. Hengam Touthang

    Hengam Touthang4 mesi fa


  46. Abdullah Ibne Meraj

    Abdullah Ibne Meraj4 mesi fa

    It only took 19 minutes to update his record! Insane #CR7 🙌👑

  47. MiREZH

    MiREZH4 mesi fa

    great goal

  48. SillySymphony

    SillySymphony4 mesi fa

    bernadeschi has to be consistent with his performances.. or else dybala or ramsay cn play in that position..

  49. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Ahmed Mahmoud4 mesi fa

    I believe he can reach 1000

  50. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    He will, Ronaldo said he want to play until he reach 40 years old

  51. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Ahmed Mahmoud4 mesi fa

    @HELLO THERE look at Zlatan still scoring if Cr7 goes to MLS he can reach 900


    HELLO THERE4 mesi fa

    800. Not even 900

  53. nick frank

    nick frank4 mesi fa

    800 goal coming soon.. its about 1 or 2 year.. CR7 👑 KING#GOAT🐐


    HELLO THERE4 mesi fa

    1 year? Are you nuts

  55. spike 5

    spike 54 mesi fa


  56. Giancarlo Medrano

    Giancarlo Medrano4 mesi fa

    Pjanic has been sublime this season 🔥

  57. Quantum Brain

    Quantum Brain4 mesi fa

    CR7 and Buffon amazing

  58. Joanne Adamidou

    Joanne Adamidou4 mesi fa

    San Gigi, haha

  59. Sizwe Ngutshane

    Sizwe Ngutshane4 mesi fa

    Christiano and Gonzalo combination will sit dybala on the stands long enough. Wanna bet on it?

  60. Sizwe Ngutshane

    Sizwe Ngutshane4 mesi fa

    Better be. I miss that speedster. He will fatigue defenders of the opposition in the late stage of the game with his crosses to the box, with Gonzalo and CR700 waiting. Deadly🤞🏾

  61. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    @Sizwe Ngutshane Douglas Costa still injured, i heard news he will be available in the next match against Genoa

  62. Sizwe Ngutshane

    Sizwe Ngutshane4 mesi fa

    Good point there. Where is Douglas Costa?

  63. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    @Sizwe Ngutshane Well, Sarri don't bench Dybala too much compare to last season with Allegri

  64. Sizwe Ngutshane

    Sizwe Ngutshane4 mesi fa

    @Loonation Dybala is one player who enjoys playing, playing sporadically will frustrate him as a top quality player.

  65. ramhari chaulagain

    ramhari chaulagain4 mesi fa


  66. Nin

    Nin4 mesi fa

    Bernardeschi is shit

  67. Nikita Ratu

    Nikita Ratu4 mesi fa

    My Cristiano Ronaldo

  68. Haya Sharaf

    Haya Sharaf4 mesi fa

    Cristiano Ronaldo🔥👑🔝🙌🏻 fino alla fine,Forza Juventus⚫️⚪️⚫️

  69. Chandra Babu Sajja

    Chandra Babu Sajja4 mesi fa

    Buffon- played when Zidane is playing Buffon- played when Ronaldo started playing Buffon- played when Zidane retired Buffon- playing when Zidane started coaching Buffon- plays when ....


    HELLO THERE4 mesi fa

    Dont know tbh

  71. Tj the gamer

    Tj the gamer4 mesi fa

    Ronaldo retires

  72. Eagle

    Eagle4 mesi fa

    Can he not go GO GO GO GO GOAL, its fucking annoying i mean cool fo what u must but let us hear the stadium too THANKS!

  73. Shakibur Rahman Sagar

    Shakibur Rahman Sagar4 mesi fa

    বুফন দ্যা বুইরা সিংহ😍😍

  74. Shakibur Rahman Sagar

    Shakibur Rahman Sagar4 mesi fa

    3:48 😍😍

  75. Honey Badger

    Honey Badger4 mesi fa

    They could have scored more, just need more polishing in the defence.