How To Restore a Rusty Knife

Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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  1. Minato Gaming

    Minato Gaming13 minuti fa

    Wow thank you so much , its work bro, my mom love it


    ALL IN ONE16 minuti fa

    U were killed by ronald mcdonald

  3. Action Yuri

    Action Yuri22 minuti fa

    Why eggs, I still need to know

  4. Jishnu Ck

    Jishnu Ck22 minuti fa

    He's been naked all the time it seems

  5. Kαto

    Kαto32 minuti fa

    Welcome to episode 267 of random ITgos recommendation

  6. Dena Annisa

    Dena Annisa35 minuti fa

    My dad literally thought that it was a real tutorial😂 he showed me this and: " It's a prank. This isn't funny"😂😂

  7. callex 192

    callex 19235 minuti fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> asmr

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    GRIM REAPER45 minuti fa


  10. Sabeswaar S

    Sabeswaar S45 minuti fa

    He should make a video on how to fix a broken tambourine

  11. pepelipep

    pepelipep47 minuti fa

    you're my knife now

  12. rossdale2

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  13. jera

    jera55 minuti fa

    he’s managing to control his anger so much better (until the end, we don’t talk about the end)

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  15. No - Name

    No - NameOra fa

    Ok ill try

  16. AlanYT Roblox_艾伦

    AlanYT Roblox_艾伦Ora fa

    I'm going to do this when im an adult.



    Intructions were unclear now my grandma is in my oven pls help

  18. Cristian Soare

    Cristian SoareOra fa

    hey, i have a question. could be used a different selection of sauces or has to be the exact same shown in the video? anyways great work and looking forward for your next tutorial!

  19. Shivered Bread

    Shivered BreadOra fa

    I thot it was actual cleaning a knife video

  20. danimadi

    danimadiOra fa

    Weirdest part is that it actually looks like toothpaste+fire kind of fixed it.

  21. Tangle The Fox

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  22. XxP0tatoFcxiixX

    XxP0tatoFcxiixXOra fa

    I Though This Is A Normal Cleaning Video But.. YOU'RE CRAZY!

  23. 弘源Javier

    弘源JavierOra fa

    Is this a joke?😂

  24. Speph

    SpephOra fa

    Alright bet

  25. Romel's Animation

    Romel's AnimationOra fa

    this is actually pretty legit, i tryed it, IT WORKS

  26. Scheinii ———

    Scheinii ———2 ore fa

    What a fu*king food waste but i kinda liked it😂



    instruction unclear: now my mouth is bleeding too much

  28. Quang Anh Hoàng

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  29. SIDE

    SIDE2 ore fa

    Are you dumb?

  30. PhanKo Lolo

    PhanKo Lolo2 ore fa

    Can confirm didn't work. Tried it.

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    Yes i like IT.

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  33. Hans Raj

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    I just want to see the man behind it

  34. The Random

    The Random2 ore fa

    How to restore and clean a used condom is a good idea

  35. Szilágyi Dávid

    Szilágyi Dávid2 ore fa

    How many unborn chickens died to him? The chickens' population on earth today would be twice as much as now.

  36. Reuben Aja

    Reuben Aja2 ore fa

    The title should be **How to waste your food**

  37. parfulla bhura

    parfulla bhura2 ore fa

    Seriously man you are a legend ✌👍😅😁

  38. Jomel Gallebo

    Jomel Gallebo3 ore fa

    Can you give me some loptop because you already have enough money to do it in your biggest fan 😂 me.....

  39. Tyler Pulsifer

    Tyler Pulsifer3 ore fa

    You see I was interested in what this was going to be until I read the user

  40. Deus vult

    Deus vult3 ore fa

    How to waste food 👍

  41. Loser

    Loser3 ore fa

    There is person, who cant eat delicious food, cant buy pasta, cant buy egg He really really want food. And then he watch this video

  42. Alexis Aragundi

    Alexis Aragundi3 ore fa

    Is this a cooking video or a restoration of a cooking knife 🤔

  43. Youssef Ezzariani

    Youssef Ezzariani3 ore fa

    Instruction not clear, now i have a koala in my fridge

  44. TriMations

    TriMations3 ore fa

    One day, he's gonna make a,"How to be like HowtoBasic" video and its just gonna be a normal vlog without any sign of eggs

  45. beatM PoP

    beatM PoP3 ore fa

    And dont forget the most important part is Cook an egg

  46. Speedy RB

    Speedy RB3 ore fa

    Tried it and it worked!

  47. Alyssandra Anonuevo

    Alyssandra Anonuevo3 ore fa

    *Yes. We will cook,freeze, and burn stuff on it. Then we will brush and rinse it.🙂*

  48. Саша Белявский

    Саша Белявский4 ore fa

    Привет англоязичним

  49. Anh Tran

    Anh Tran4 ore fa

    i guess i'll just buy a new one....

  50. Ry Ramos

    Ry Ramos4 ore fa

    It works!!! Thank you!!!!! 🤣😂

  51. Danwidohw 20

    Danwidohw 204 ore fa

    Imagine what kind of trash bags he has outside his house...

  52. My name is not Carl

    My name is not Carl4 ore fa

    No one: 5 minute crafts: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a>

  53. Trung Kiên Hoàng

    Trung Kiên Hoàng4 ore fa

    Me : see eggs Me : aw shit here we go again Knife : cleans Me : throws the eggs in the phone because thought it was a error screen

  54. Blank Clips

    Blank Clips4 ore fa

    Why did you get rid of the status enhancement?

  55. Poppy Tart

    Poppy Tart4 ore fa

    This took me for a ride i wasn't expecting

  56. Rafhaisnoor

    Rafhaisnoor4 ore fa

    The original title is : how to cook a knife

  57. Saifullah Umamity

    Saifullah Umamity4 ore fa

    Buset, goblok tapi bagus, Lanjutkan!🗿👍

  58. Joe Powless

    Joe Powless4 ore fa

    You my man using the egg minigun <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a>

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    I've seen the Japanese one. Now we see the International one

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    High quality video

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    Lets be honest Every your video the thumbnail is clickbait But i like the video

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    Step 1:buy a new knife

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    I didnt work

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    I was thinking wtf was this then i looked at the channel name

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    Your videos is very fun😀

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