Kahin Deep Jalay - EP 22 Teaser - 13th Feb 2020 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS

Kahin Deep Jalay - EP 22 Teaser - 13th Feb 2020 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS
This is the story of a beautiful girl named Rida, who is the beloved sister of her three brothers and blue-eyed child of her mother. However; her innocence and good fortune make her a target of her sister-in-law’s hatred, resentment and jealousy, resulting in terrible adversity and misery for Rida. To make matters worse, her husband; who is an extremely insecure person; mistreats her as well instead of supporting her. Will Rida be able to defend her honor when it’s her closest relations who are determined on defaming her?
Written By: Qaisra Hayat
Directed By: Saima Waseem
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment
Cast details:
Neelam Munir
Imran Ashraf
Saba Faisal
Saba Hameed
Ali Abbas
Nazish Jahangir
Hammad Farooqui
Madiha Rizvi
Nida Mumtaz
Syed Areez
Ali Ansari
Hasan Noman
Bina Chaudhary
Shehzad Mukhtar
Farah Nadeem


  1. Saad Kalam

    Saad KalamGiorno fa

    Shamila fasadan ne to Rida ka gala hi ghont dia

  2. house47 mobile

    house47 mobile2 giorni fa

    Rida have wonderful personality with innocent face

  3. house47 mobile

    house47 mobile2 giorni fa

    Mis understanding destroy the life .plz understand kre husband wife 1 dosre ko sune wife Kia kg rahi h it's doing wrong Zeeshan mistakes .

  4. Malik Shahbaz

    Malik Shahbaz2 giorni fa

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  5. Designer Dress Collection

    Designer Dress Collection2 giorni fa

    Har pal geo Drama

  6. Aliza Jan

    Aliza Jan3 giorni fa

    Shamaila mur jao tum bh ajeeb e pgl pan kr rhy asim ko bh change kr liya at least he should remain with rida🙂

  7. aqsa arslan

    aqsa arslan3 giorni fa

    Sab the easy hoty ha boy orat king bat ni sunty bass apni bat kr k chor dety ek dafa trust to kro Larki par

  8. SahiL Babu

    SahiL Babu3 giorni fa

    Sara gher ujar gaya 😢😢😢😢

  9. Iftikhar Honey

    Iftikhar Honey3 giorni fa

    Faham k jagah mein hota to qasam sy shamila ko zehrrr dy deta...

  10. Sheikh Afzal

    Sheikh Afzal3 giorni fa

    Ye sab kuch shameela ki wja sy hoa hy end par shamila ko b mar dy to phir maza ay

  11. stichting bazie

    stichting bazie3 giorni fa

    Shamila jesi koi zleel kmeeni bad baht baho na ho k jo jnat jese ghr ko jehanum bna dia or brbaad hi kr dia ort ki shkl me shetaan hae

  12. Wahla Safdar

    Wahla Safdar4 giorni fa

    Fazol darma

  13. usman ali

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  14. The Lazy Life

    The Lazy Life4 giorni fa

  15. Mere Writes

    Mere Writes4 giorni fa


  16. Madiha Rashid

    Madiha Rashid4 giorni fa

    Sb rida ki galti hai...

  17. Aashiq rza khan

    Aashiq rza khan4 giorni fa

    Yar .... Ye bas ek drama h ....... sab log itna Serious nhi hoye ....

  18. Hassan TMK111

    Hassan TMK1114 giorni fa

    HAZRAT MOHAMMED SAW SAYS Naik Biwi dunya ke Sb sai bare nematode hai. ALQURAN Husband wife aik dosre ka Libas hain . Zeshan is stupid husband .Naik biwi ka Qarz mard kbhi nahin chuka sakta

  19. Maryam Mirza

    Maryam Mirza4 giorni fa

    Next episode kb aayega

  20. Zaroori Hai

    Zaroori Hai5 giorni fa

    اللّٰہ ایسی بھابھی کسی کو نہ دے ۔

  21. 786 xo

    786 xo5 giorni fa

    Anyone else think the bit where shahmila stabs Rida is a dream?

  22. 786 xo

    786 xo5 giorni fa

    Imran ashraf's acting here is kind of annoying and the actual character is so irritating. Who publicly shames their wife and then apologises what an idiot!

  23. Duy snooker

    Duy snooker5 giorni fa

    I love pakistan

  24. Saharujhcxlssfhmhed Usman

    Saharujhcxlssfhmhed Usman5 giorni fa

    Waqi m rida end me mar jaye gi??? Rply plz

  25. The Heart Of Islam

    The Heart Of Islam5 giorni fa

    Islam gives us a line of direction in holy Quran. Quran is the reflection of (Seerat un nabi) good deeds of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him. So we can say that heart of islam is actually love and obedience of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him. Quran also tells us about us the ancient stories of different nations. In others words Islam is the body and seerat un nabi (good deeds) is the heart. So both are important and necessary for survival of mankind especially for Muslims. With out love of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him religion Islam is a soul less body. In the Quran Allah Says if you want to be a true muslim obey me and my Prophet Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him.

  26. Sana Saeed

    Sana Saeed5 giorni fa

    Bada ishq ishq krta h zeshaan.ishq ka i tu pta nhi is ko.aise admi ko chod dena chahiye.

  27. Samad Khan

    Samad Khan5 giorni fa

    Mujhe tu zeeshan r sharmila modi se b ziada bury lgty hai 😣😣😣

  28. Soma Khan

    Soma Khan5 giorni fa

    Ohhh Teri me smjhi rida mar rhi khud KO uffff ye drama nay bht rolaya yaar😢😢

  29. Mukhtiyar Bhai

    Mukhtiyar Bhai6 giorni fa


  30. Sajida Parveen

    Sajida Parveen6 giorni fa

    Orat k character k ly mard ko certificate chahye hota hey aj k dor trust dy k phir khud hi trust tor dyta hy

  31. Arya Stark

    Arya Stark6 giorni fa

    Shamila se mafi mangne se pehle waqai mar hee jati Rida🥵🙄

  32. Cute Doll

    Cute Doll6 giorni fa

    World's best drama ever😭😭😭😭😭👌👌👌👌

  33. Aqsa Sheikh

    Aqsa Sheikh6 giorni fa

    Chuss se chuss tareen drama banta ja raha hai and i am glad more people are talking about how ugly zeeshan's character is and how worst is he playing. I dont know why the writer wanted an impactful character ( Faham) to die where he could bring about the changes and kick both shamila and zeeshan asses. This drama is shit dont waste your time y'all !!

  34. Talib Channa

    Talib Channa6 giorni fa

    Zeeshan is a stupid and sikho adami😂😂😂😂

  35. Ali khan

    Ali khan6 giorni fa

    Zeeshan is bad character in the darama kahin deep jalay

  36. Chuhan Chuhan

    Chuhan Chuhan6 giorni fa

    Super hit sireal


    ABDUL KALAM6 giorni fa

    Next episode kab ayega plz bataye

  38. Mustafa Baloch

    Mustafa Baloch6 giorni fa

    rida ki shadi tokhir sy honi chahiye ti aven zeeshan sy ho gi har waqt ma muhabat krta hun ap abey jaha mohabat ho waha yaken b hota hai ak leter ki waja sy rishty ni toot,ty

  39. Mian Ali

    Mian Ali6 giorni fa


  40. Mian Ali

    Mian Ali6 giorni fa


  41. Faisal Faisal

    Faisal Faisal6 giorni fa

    Yar pakistan main b ak nagin drama hona chahy

  42. Haider Hadi

    Haider Hadi6 giorni fa

    No good drama very poor

  43. Nimrah Khan

    Nimrah Khan6 giorni fa

    Mother should be the head of the family not her son. And she can decide who gets the property and who doesn't. She should give some share to Rida!

  44. Kaka Bali

    Kaka Bali4 giorni fa

    Nimrah Khan tm abhi tk yeah soch rhe ho lalchi😂



    Modi par Lanit bhejo 1 like= 100 Lanit

  46. Ocean Seahorse

    Ocean Seahorse6 giorni fa

    Bara aya zeeshan samajta kya hai apne ap ko khud khusra hai andar se aur apni ego boost klye rida par ilzaam lagara hai wah wah Aur rida tum mein hairan hu ye kuttay ki tara har zalim se maafiyan maangne ki kya shoq pargay hai.

  47. Talha Khan

    Talha Khan7 giorni fa

    Meri Tarha Kis Kis Ko Lagta Hai Wo Jo Shamila Rida Ko Maar Rahe He Wo Khuwaab Hoga 100%

  48. Alizeh Abbas

    Alizeh Abbas7 giorni fa

    I hate Shamila.....!!!!!

  49. Alizeh Abbas

    Alizeh Abbas7 giorni fa

    Faham ko pta hi nhin chala ke bivi uski buri hy jiss ny sb ke life jharab ki aur bechara mar gya......Zeeshan is too much stupid character because that letter would've been written by anyone else......How could he suspect his wife for this??????? Nd most of all Shamila is trying to kill rida in this teaser what a non sense..........!!!!

  50. Arham Abbass

    Arham Abbass7 giorni fa

    Faham ko naii marna chahiyai tha ik wahi Tu xamjdhaar tha in xab main

  51. Cooking Diary

    Cooking Diary7 giorni fa

    Nice drama nice direction

  52. Hassan TMK111

    Hassan TMK1117 giorni fa

    Neely minor acting awesome .His husband is stupid . Husband and wife are libas for each other . How he expose his dignity wife UN front of other .women should not forgive that kind of men .

  53. Abdul Salam

    Abdul Salam7 giorni fa

    Nice drama

  54. Alina Liaqat

    Alina Liaqat7 giorni fa

    Itahae fazoool drama

  55. fiza mukhtar

    fiza mukhtar7 giorni fa



    KHALQAT7 giorni fa

    zeeshan aur shamila main se acting kis ke achi h ?

  57. Pro umair 😎

    Pro umair 😎7 giorni fa

    Kon Kon India sa dakh ra

  58. Agha Rabia

    Agha Rabia7 giorni fa

    Zeeshan is really a fake person


    FATIMA ANJUM7 giorni fa

    Pakistani serial me yhi burayi h kisi k bhi khne se apni beewi, bhen, beti ko hi galat smjhne lgte hain. Uspe trust ni krte bus kisi aur ne jo kh diya usi ko such maan lete hain

  60. Daniyal Danzi

    Daniyal Danzi7 giorni fa

    Dil nawaz ❤️😂 Acha to yeh yaha py aa gye hai sahib ko chor k...

  61. Bushra Raj

    Bushra Raj7 giorni fa

    Neelam munir ki.shadi Ali Ansari sy honi Chahye....imran Ashraf is ky Kabil ni