KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com www.premierleagueentertainmen...
Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
Production Company: Walk On Water Pictures
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  1. Damian Water

    Damian Water2 ore fa

    My guy stay in yo lane

  2. Bass Boost Central

    Bass Boost Central2 ore fa

    Anyone miss JJ uploading proper videos on this channel?

  3. BlaZeZ

    BlaZeZ2 ore fa


  4. Armageddon LRH

    Armageddon LRH3 ore fa

    This video is no good it is a load of noise it’s got no beat i’m missing some music but Jesus this one takes the shit KSI has really screwed yourself over this time

  5. Devoo 2Timez

    Devoo 2Timez3 ore fa

    Offset Def Did That Fa Da Bag😭😭😭😭💯

  6. H.L 14

    H.L 143 ore fa

    From screaming like a girl when playing horror games to this

  7. robin birkeland

    robin birkeland3 ore fa

    Producer: how much auto tune yall want? ksi and offset: yes

  8. Stevan Sekulic

    Stevan Sekulic4 ore fa

    Compare him with him from 2011 and now

  9. A B

    A B4 ore fa

    Why do is it sound like clout cobain by denziel curry

  10. Micheal Lyons

    Micheal Lyons5 ore fa

    Like: I'm on a hourse Comment: Cap

  11. Kj

    Kj5 ore fa

    Ksi seemed to grow as a person seems a lot more mature and likable now

  12. Brian Billings

    Brian Billings5 ore fa

    This song is epic-

  13. Eleganza Heights

    Eleganza Heights5 ore fa

    KSI ..you got better at rapping…no cap

  14. Nikša Šobot

    Nikša Šobot5 ore fa

    Its a great song, but the musivc video almost gave me a seazure.

  15. Dovid Yovid

    Dovid Yovid5 ore fa

    The atmosphere makes me feel like I’m in a really tight space

  16. H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu

    H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu6 ore fa


  17. MeyanArts

    MeyanArts6 ore fa

    Next... KSI-Ft migos...

  18. Murtaza khan

    Murtaza khan6 ore fa

    What would you rate this song? 1-10

  19. DTOG

    DTOG6 ore fa

    “Shawty got stuck with the gang” -Offset 2020


    OGX REFLEX6 ore fa

    I can’t believe how this is the same guy who made I’m on a horse

  21. yg straightout

    yg straightout6 ore fa

    Ksi:From a funny ass youtuber to a singer GOD:i allow you to suceed

  22. crosses101

    crosses1016 ore fa

    What are they saying?

  23. Aaliyah Deanda

    Aaliyah Deanda7 ore fa

    This song goes so hard it’s so sick I can’t stop listening to it

  24. Its Carlos

    Its Carlos7 ore fa

    I thought he said I work at chucky cheese for the bank

  25. Victor El naturo

    Victor El naturo7 ore fa

    Is they girl at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> from the newest fazeclan tinder video?

  26. Just Hasnain

    Just Hasnain7 ore fa

    lyric: Checkin chains at the bank What we hear: Chucky cheese at the back

  27. Pizza Baronen

    Pizza Baronen7 ore fa

    anyone else thinking that, that right there kinda looks like JUICE <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a>

  28. Bodan Koneski

    Bodan Koneski7 ore fa

    My headphones broke...🥴

  29. Anders Rizzo

    Anders Rizzo7 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> that flow is cold🔥

  30. Dauzalas Yadigg

    Dauzalas Yadigg7 ore fa

    Damn from fifa in his room to dis

  31. R4GE_TV

    R4GE_TV7 ore fa

    We get it no cap

  32. The Neilster

    The Neilster8 ore fa

    If he is singing a song about ‘No cap’, why is his name in caps?

  33. Mr. Vunts

    Mr. Vunts8 ore fa

    offset´s verse is fire , ksi is trash tho LMAO

  34. Priyansh Khare

    Priyansh Khare8 ore fa

    Hey guys, can somebody tell me the instruments used in this song. I chose this song for a school project. Luv u JJ and SDMN.

  35. zane

    zane8 ore fa

    big carry offset


    CVR STVNCE8 ore fa

    wow song is literal dogshit lmfao. offset went crazy tho. offset dime did this for the right price 😂

  37. Worcestershire Sauce

    Worcestershire Sauce9 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> when you squint-blink really fast while looking around

  38. Brady Gentry

    Brady Gentry9 ore fa

    Good Job good song to smoke dabs to love it

  39. BobiFatAss

    BobiFatAss9 ore fa

    Like my comment

  40. Cooking with Campbell’s

    Cooking with Campbell’s9 ore fa


  41. Charlie Balfour

    Charlie Balfour9 ore fa

    He’s got one good song and his part in it is shit

  42. Charlie Balfour

    Charlie Balfour9 ore fa

    Ksi’s voice isn’t meant for rapping

  43. Charlie Balfour

    Charlie Balfour9 ore fa

    Oh dear

  44. Aju Jacob

    Aju Jacob9 ore fa

    shouldn't KSI and nck collab it will be lit

  45. William T

    William T9 ore fa


  46. Ynl Ynl

    Ynl Ynl10 ore fa

    Jj has bars but babatunde does not

  47. pinkstagnantofficial

    pinkstagnantofficial10 ore fa

    This guy just doesn't improve atall. Always the same generic middleschool flow.

  48. Трајче Лељохин

    Трајче Лељохин11 ore fa

    this is the guy who started from making rape faces with his dad0,big respect G🤞🏿❤

  49. Zander Olsen

    Zander Olsen11 ore fa

    Love KSI but his music just ain’t it and it never will be. You brits got some weird ass taste in music

  50. Jiasheng Zhan

    Jiasheng Zhan11 ore fa

    Ksi's verse wasn't bad but offset carried this one.

  51. Micah Leblanc

    Micah Leblanc11 ore fa

    This sucks

  52. Xavier Bonilla

    Xavier Bonilla11 ore fa

    Offset go crazy KSI trash

  53. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler12 ore fa

    u should do a challenge wer u get people to make a beat and the best beat is what u use in ur next song

  54. AJGHD

    AJGHD12 ore fa

    Absolutley one of his best tracks, man this guy has come so far!

  55. Mr. Melon

    Mr. Melon12 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a> ITS DAX

  56. captain Kitty

    captain Kitty12 ore fa

    I'm sitting here listening to your songs bc no one came to me birthday :(

  57. Hisham Mubarak

    Hisham Mubarak12 ore fa

    Offset’s back must’ve hurt after this damn👀🤷‍♂️

  58. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler12 ore fa

    and 1ns again jjs feature has a bigger role than him

  59. mad fishing

    mad fishing13 ore fa

    Wow this music is horrible, feel like music these days is just getting worse 😂

  60. Coronavirus

    Coronavirus11 ore fa

    Go back to fishing cuz who asked

  61. Snapshot Flo

    Snapshot Flo13 ore fa

    Reckon it's so auto tuned cos he can't hold a note and offset was only paid for one take?

  62. Ek0

    Ek013 ore fa


  63. Elmo

    Elmo13 ore fa

    How comes these guys can't get big in their own countries? Looks like they will always need whitey

  64. Ăůrkö

    Ăůrkö13 ore fa

    finally some girl show in jj's music video XD

  65. J1

    J113 ore fa

    Jjs music career is going somwhere unlike logan and jake who clickbait pornstars for views and comment on jjs music career and boxing career for views.

  66. juice

    juice13 ore fa

    Offset goated on the lyrics and Ksi flows and lyrics are good and improving so I like what I’m hearing

  67. YR

    YR13 ore fa

    This is the worst Travis Scott impersonation I’ve heard holy shit

  68. Keith O’Toole

    Keith O’Toole14 ore fa

    Everyone who disliked is a Logan Paul fan Everyone who liked wants baldski

  69. Charbel-Fred Mansour

    Charbel-Fred Mansour14 ore fa

    I just realized that if seanna still dated jj imagine how rich she would be rn. Cuz rn she ain’t lookin too good

  70. Net is gay -

    Net is gay -14 ore fa

    Offset carried this song hard cheif

  71. Zen

    Zen15 ore fa

    party when corona is going around hmm

  72. Horace Ramroop

    Horace Ramroop15 ore fa

    Child molesters migos

  73. Ryan 07

    Ryan 0715 ore fa

    Thought this would have got 15 mil views after a week with offset on this an ksi having 21 mil subs where all the fans at?? Great first album KSI!

  74. Matheus Henrique

    Matheus Henrique16 ore fa

    KSI: Offset Save-me my music!

  75. Just Veer

    Just Veer16 ore fa

    Waiting of him getting features with artists like snoop dogg and eminem

  76. sacdiyo Noor

    sacdiyo Noor16 ore fa

    A cap is what JJ finna wear everyday when he transform to BALDSKI👨🏿‍🦲

  77. Formula 33 • 33 years ago

    Formula 33 • 33 years ago16 ore fa

    I find it hilarious that you are so desperate for likes, you litteraly do an exact copy of the top comment. You kids are hilarious 😂😂😂

  78. GNR Garador

    GNR Garador16 ore fa

    This song is mumble trash

  79. Man Don’t Care

    Man Don’t Care4 ore fa

    GNR Garador and give him views

  80. GNR Garador

    GNR Garador5 ore fa

    @Man Don’t Care to make this comment

  81. Man Don’t Care

    Man Don’t Care16 ore fa

    yet you’re here

  82. Dmac 740

    Dmac 74017 ore fa

    The future of hip-hop sucks.

  83. Radarz

    Radarz17 ore fa

    babatunde is actually pretty talented.

  84. Brospect Does

    Brospect Does17 ore fa

    Sounds like every other rap song

  85. BBK04BEATS

    BBK04BEATS18 ore fa

    This is a song Dedicated to what trippie did lol

  86. BBK04BEATS

    BBK04BEATS16 ore fa

    @cronoforce i know too

  87. cronoforce

    cronoforce17 ore fa

    It isn't but trippie is a 🐍