Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (Lyrics)

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  1. SyrebralVibes

    SyrebralVibes8 giorni fa

    *Where is everybody listening from today?* 💜

  2. Kiki Deeks

    Kiki Deeks7 giorni fa

    Dubai 💜💜

  3. Elizabeth Parameriti

    Elizabeth Parameriti7 giorni fa


  4. Hằng Nguyễn

    Hằng Nguyễn7 giorni fa

    Vietnam 🇻🇳🇻🇳

  5. Anna Isbell

    Anna Isbell7 giorni fa

    Dyersburg tn

  6. Tamara S.

    Tamara S.7 giorni fa

    Macedonia 🇲🇰

  7. Monica GC

    Monica GC9 ore fa

    i already wanna leave it all on the dance floor with this fucking song

  8. Savannah Whitham

    Savannah Whitham9 ore fa

    I cna tell the difference between there voice or just me? I am addicted when lady gaga said stubbornly *Rain.. On... Me...* or just me?

  9. bob sponge

    bob sponge11 ore fa

    I am getting 2011/2012/2013/2014 feeling idk why lol

  10. TimeFliesAway

    TimeFliesAway12 ore fa

    Who else thought of “rain on me” by pitbull when reading the title?

  11. Leona Burton

    Leona Burton14 ore fa

    I love this song so much! It’s so catchy!

  12. BJ POP'S !

    BJ POP'S !15 ore fa

    Hello :) Wanna here an other version of this song ? Here it is : Have a look :)

  13. Hannah Manning

    Hannah Manning17 ore fa


  14. Hannah Manning

    Hannah Manning17 ore fa


  15. Maria_Aesthetic

    Maria_AestheticGiorno fa

    `rain on me` O_O am i the only person who thinks this is dirty asf 🤣


    ICECONEGiorno fa

    It sounded to me like I’d rather be drunk but atleast I’m alive I swear I hear the k

  17. Iconic Angel

    Iconic AngelGiorno fa

    Me singing this infront of the shower

  18. Hannah Cellona

    Hannah CellonaGiorno fa

    I literally thought it was "id rather be drunk but at least im in love" until i saw the lyrics 😂

  19. Menime Em

    Menime EmGiorno fa

    *now I'm eagerly waiting for rainfall so I could even feel this song* 😍💦

  20. JaKe Lopez

    JaKe LopezGiorno fa

    *Hope you listen to my cover of this 😊*

  21. Thea Manoban

    Thea ManobanGiorno fa

    Something I never knew I needed so bad 😳❤️🌧️

  22. April Cordova

    April CordovaGiorno fa

    It’s raining hard where I am right now and I’m dancing to this song in the rain😂

  23. Eva

    EvaGiorno fa

    Me in the shower

  24. Mia Bess

    Mia BessGiorno fa

    rain on me is not that good😠

  25. Lyrics Maker

    Lyrics MakerGiorno fa Video lyrics - Rain on Me

  26. Prison7Break

    Prison7BreakGiorno fa

    France 🇫🇷❤️🇫🇷❤️🇫🇷❤️

  27. PJM Channel

    PJM Channel2 giorni fa

    Philippines ♥️

  28. Prison7Break

    Prison7BreakGiorno fa

    France ❤️🇫🇷

  29. PJM Channel

    PJM Channel2 giorni fa

    Philippines ♥️

  30. romeo mamaril

    romeo mamaril2 giorni fa

    Im addict in this song. Love it

  31. Zariana Nicole

    Zariana Nicole2 giorni fa

    All this time I've been singing the wrong lyrics I'd be like "Rain one me sooner bitch" but its "Rain on me tsunami" gosh

  32. someone somewhere

    someone somewhere2 giorni fa

    This give me a 'be alright' vibe

  33. Michael David Oyco

    Michael David Oyco2 giorni fa

    who went here because so many people are talking about it.. just checking if its good lol

  34. Breakfree Lyrics

    Breakfree Lyrics2 giorni fa

    I love you

  35. Den ise

    Den ise2 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a>

  36. Casey Thomas

    Casey Thomas2 giorni fa

    Glad I came to look up the lyrics I thought they said "I'd rather be drunk but at least I'm alive"

  37. Mehakpreet Kaur

    Mehakpreet Kaur2 giorni fa

    How many people like ariana grande

  38. Tanya’s Music

    Tanya’s Music2 giorni fa

    Can’t wait to dance in the clubs to this like

  39. Camille Woods

    Camille Woods2 giorni fa

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  40. Eirini Devitt

    Eirini Devitt2 giorni fa

    Song of 2020!!! Ive made a cover if you fancy listening

  41. Adam Wilson

    Adam Wilson2 giorni fa

    *”I didn’t ask for a free ride;”* *i asked for cookies idiot they’re mine*

  42. Gulimzhan Sagundykova

    Gulimzhan Sagundykova2 giorni fa

    Instagram account Erkinovna.06

  43. Gulimzhan Sagundykova

    Gulimzhan Sagundykova2 giorni fa

    Instagram account Erkinovna.06

  44. Sly E. Vanderhall

    Sly E. Vanderhall2 giorni fa

    I thought it was "I'd rather be drink but at least I'm in love"😂

  45. Just Draco

    Just Draco2 giorni fa

    what program do you use to do the lyrics

  46. megat shaqeer

    megat shaqeer2 giorni fa

    Wtf??!! At first i thought it was..rain on me, me me, but its act rain on me, rain rain lolll

  47. AK-47


  48. gloria

    gloria2 giorni fa

    i love the “i hear the thunder coming down won’t you rain on me” part

  49. icexteaa

    icexteaa2 giorni fa

    Does your videos stop your monitization ? I love your lyric videos

  50. Rosie the sinister

    Rosie the sinister3 giorni fa

    So this is the latest public obsession I've only very briefly seen mentioned online?! Meh🙄

  51. carltony ph

    carltony ph3 giorni fa

    I will like a this song carn

  52. Jai Ratadia

    Jai Ratadia3 giorni fa

    And let it wash away my sins sounds like another song

  53. Jai Ratadia

    Jai Ratadia3 giorni fa

    I don't like it

  54. Diamond

    Diamond3 giorni fa

    U know she said “I’d rather be DRUNK but at least I’m alive” not dry 😂 just letting u know

  55. TheAsian CRINGE

    TheAsian CRINGE3 giorni fa

    No one: Nobody in this world: Lady Gaga: *R A I N O N M E*

  56. Aleesha Rose

    Aleesha Rose3 giorni fa

    This whole time I thought she was saying, “ i’d rather be drunk but at least I’m in love”😭

  57. Joe Pani

    Joe Pani3 giorni fa

    Ryan Toby: WHEN JESUS WASSSSSSSHHHHHED Ariana: let me wash away my sins, let it wash awayyyy

  58. chilltable 480

    chilltable 4803 giorni fa

    I created time travel

  59. XFR • X I C O R

    XFR • X I C O R3 giorni fa

    Lady Gaga has a angelic voice😍

  60. Bono Chavez

    Bono Chavez3 giorni fa

    Please help a little monster with a small channel :) I made a quick and fun reaction video for Rain On Me! Please check it out on my channel and kindly leave your thoughts on the comments section. Thank you so much in advance! Paws up! Congrats Kweens!

  61. Julian Cabilte

    Julian Cabilte3 giorni fa

    singles out there: "I'd rather be dry but at least I'm alive

  62. K Pop

    K Pop3 giorni fa

    Am I’m the only person that Is restarting Ariana part of the song

  63. Menino. Lucas

    Menino. Lucas3 giorni fa


  64. Elbert Bailey

    Elbert Bailey3 giorni fa

    #Lady Gaga

  65. Jake Cardenas

    Jake Cardenas3 giorni fa

  66. dafnie kash

    dafnie kash3 giorni fa

    please save this from tik tok

  67. Juvy Lucero

    Juvy Lucero3 giorni fa

    I thought it was “id rather be trouble at least im alive.”

  68. Laura orellana

    Laura orellana3 giorni fa

    I love u 💖

  69. mortredcritical

    mortredcritical3 giorni fa

    Im still not convinced that the lyric is “dry”, i really think it’s drunk 😂😅

  70. Monica BandaBand

    Monica BandaBand3 giorni fa

    Best song of the year,loooove it

  71. Cristian Resuelo

    Cristian Resuelo3 giorni fa

    I'm about to fly with the melody of this song. Love it much ❤️

  72. champ reilly

    champ reilly4 giorni fa

    lyrics are boring but ariana’s here so i am

  73. Putri Khalish

    Putri Khalish4 giorni fa

    IN : tention STUCK : with you RAIN : on me HOTEL : trivago ME : alone

  74. Breakfree Lyrics

    Breakfree Lyrics4 giorni fa

    Big fan of syrebral vibes. If you too love this channel don't forget to check mine. Follow back guarantee

  75. Caitlin Ariana

    Caitlin Ariana4 giorni fa

    Can’t be just me that thought it said ‘I’d rather be drunk but at least I’m alive’ no? Okay 😂

  76. Emma K

    Emma K4 giorni fa

    Ok I’m gonna be honest I didn’t like lady Gaga’s verses but Ariana KILLED it so in conclusion I don’t really like the song..... but it’s my opinion 😗 don’t @ me ok byeee

  77. Fallon Chanel

    Fallon Chanel4 giorni fa

    Likes this if your listening today 🔥❤️❤️❗️


    AES THETIC4 giorni fa

    Any app for making lyric video ?

  79. Carlita Davidson

    Carlita Davidson4 giorni fa

    I really want to like this song 🤦‍♀️

  80. Gabriel Lucas

    Gabriel Lucas4 giorni fa

    Tik Tok music

  81. Kendrick Huang

    Kendrick Huang4 giorni fa

    You're fast lol

  82. Zm Song

    Zm Song4 giorni fa

    hice una versión en español de esta canción espero puedan ir a verla

  83. Nobody

    Nobody4 giorni fa

    funny how i can listen to this for hours and still

  84. Jazz Chill

    Jazz Chill4 giorni fa

  85. Kristen

    Kristen4 giorni fa

    This is the most mediocre song I’ve heard in a while. 😳🥱

  86. Silver Stone

    Silver Stone4 giorni fa

    Meh there was so much potential with this song like beyonce and Lady gaga that was a collab that was great in terms of the song