Layrite Cement Clay vs. Lockhart's Matte Clay | Brand Battle

It's Layrite Cement Clay vs. Lockhart’s Matte Clay. Brand Battle time! Which is the best matte clay men’s hair product? I'll be putting these men's hair products up against each other and reviewing several factors: ingredients; packaging; smell; consistency; ease of application; styling; finish; washability; and price. What's your favourite hair product? Have you used Layrite Cement Clay or Lockhart’s Matte Clay? Got a Brand Battle suggestion? Leave a comment below!
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  1. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    So good to have Brand Battle back. I’m so glad so many of you are enjoying it.

  2. randy palla

    randy palla11 mesi fa

    Robin James yo robin like your bids I like how informative you are on the products,

  3. LongDongSilver78

    LongDongSilver78Anno fa

    District X i would look into contempo hair products out of korea/japan, etc. after all where does kpop originate?

  4. District X

    District XAnno fa

    I want to style my hairste like all down like kpop whats product is the best ? I want feels light but strong

  5. Prometheus

    PrometheusAnno fa

    Robin James what product did you use for your hair in the video?

  6. Will

    WillAnno fa

    Would you be able to do an American drugstore brand battle? Like Old Spice/Axe/Got2B/Dover/Garnier those kinds of brands?

  7. J Z

    J Z2 ore fa

    What do you have in your hair?

  8. Taylor Gillespie

    Taylor GillespieMese fa

    As much as smell and feel and all that is important, at the end of the day how the product works is what's important to me. If the one that won out of these two is the more disappointing of the two, im not sure how it won. I do appreciate the in depth review of both of them, but if the one that is disappointing one, and the one that you would trust more lost, that seems like the weighting is off. I do love this series though, and that may be just because of what I'm looking for in a product. I appreciate the review and comparison between products!

  9. Dustin Mikulus

    Dustin Mikulus2 mesi fa

    Mr. James, you should do a review or brand battle of the Cardinal brand. I couldn't find anything about it on youtube

  10. Niko

    Niko2 mesi fa

    Don't like either they use synthetic chemicals like Petrolatum and Ceteareth-20 which are known carcinogen

  11. Matthew Lissamore

    Matthew Lissamore4 mesi fa

    Just great GREAT info and this is what is needed!!! 👍🏼

  12. Jake Gilly

    Jake Gilly5 mesi fa

    I need a clay that has a matte natural finish for a messy look what do you recommend?

  13. Chris Cartwright

    Chris Cartwright6 mesi fa

    Do one on Reuzel's Extreme Hold Matte!

  14. Joshua Samora

    Joshua Samora7 mesi fa

    I've noticed that nearly every hair product will weigh your hair down, so it's really just a matter of how evenly it's distributed into the hair. Anyhow, a quality hair spray will maintain the volume built up from styling

  15. christian arizpe

    christian arizpe8 mesi fa

    How weird, Layrite Cement Clay works perfect for me all day long 🤔

  16. Cody Chen

    Cody Chen5 mesi fa

    It's because people's hair are different, really

  17. Cian Gargan

    Cian Gargan8 mesi fa

    I just bought layrite. It's an amazing clay. The only problem I have with it is, I don't like the smell. It's smells sort of like coconut. But it's so easy to apply and style with.

  18. notchjohnson1

    notchjohnson19 mesi fa

    Jesus christ you actually choose to look like this?

  19. 1q3er5

    1q3er59 mesi fa

    yo how can you let this happen - hold is one of the most important features and u let layrite win????

  20. Zahirah Khan

    Zahirah Khan10 mesi fa

    I'm watching your videos and reviews because I recently got a pixie cut and in need of a good hair product🙊🙏

  21. Felipe Guerra

    Felipe Guerra10 mesi fa

    Thanks dude, you helped me avoid buying Layrite, I thought it had a stronger hold. 😓

  22. John Doe

    John Doe10 mesi fa

    I can't get past that mustache...................

  23. S̶e̶a̶n̶

    S̶e̶a̶n̶Anno fa

    I personally use layrite cement clay and it's my favorite hair product I've ever used

  24. Andy H

    Andy HMese fa

    Hi, are you still using after 9months? If so, you only use clay (and blowdry??), or do you have to use prestyler like Mousse or Hair thickener

  25. Umeed Kassam

    Umeed KassamAnno fa

    How’s the smooth viking clay

  26. hij

    hijAnno fa

    Based on this video I will probably never buy either ;)

  27. manfre

    manfreAnno fa

    Mmm not matte...

  28. jshannon2k8

    jshannon2k8Anno fa

    I've found that the Layrite cement only loses its hold in very humid environments. Day by the beach? It's done. Inside my office during the week? All day hold.

  29. drunk by daylight

    drunk by daylightAnno fa

    I think you should remove points for the packaging. Because packaging is up to you, your taste, etc I personally like the lockharts packaging more so it's really just a personnal preference. Also, a product that has a great packaging can still perform poorly, as we all saw.

  30. drunk by daylight

    drunk by daylightAnno fa

    Also I'd like to see more brand battles Robin, I don't know if you tried the Nostalgic Grooming brand, I've heard the products were great.

  31. Patryk Laszuk

    Patryk LaszukAnno fa

    Hey mate ☺ nice battle brand's but tell me what u using everyday for example on this video? 😉

  32. JC

    JCAnno fa

    I have both, and the terrible hold and greasy look (at least for me) of Layrite is a 100% dealbreaker for me. It loses form so fast while Lockhart keeps it's hold all day for me. Lockhart also has a very nice subtle earthy scent whereas Layrite has a REALLY strong vanilla/rootbeer scent. Smells nice at first until I catch whifs of it all day long, I get sick of it pretty fast. Maybe there's better out there, but Lockharts matte clay is by far the best I've ever used

  33. EverythingisFire

    EverythingisFireAnno fa

    I hear ya on the Layrite. I'm actually on my 2nd container as it's been great during application & washout but I agree with you on the hold & greasy look. I use less to prevent the waxy sheen that comes with heavy applications but then it won't hold too great. I'm going to branch out to clays/pastes from here on out.

  34. Erick Garcia

    Erick GarciaAnno fa

    Robin, thank you for affirming my reasoning behind disliking the layrite product. The hold is atrocious. If you have thick hair it will fallout in a couple hours!!

  35. LongDongSilver78

    LongDongSilver78Anno fa

    Layrite is the bomb!! In my arsenal..end result-wise once settled in hair (combability), on par with Krewcomb Masterwax < GBS Hair Control Wax. Heads up if you thought Layrite to be heavy, try the GBS. Can’t believe there aren’t any reviews for it on here! Love your review, never get tired of them..very useful in terms of user point of view👍

  36. Boosted One

    Boosted OneAnno fa

    Always watch your vids. If you dont really approve a product or it lets down. Im not getting it

  37. A freeze is coming

    A freeze is comingAnno fa

    So layrite then?

  38. Andrew Pasillas

    Andrew PasillasAnno fa

    how about you put more product for the amount of hair you have.

  39. TheKingofSomalia

    TheKingofSomaliaAnno fa

    Wish I watched this review before I dropped $30 CAD on the layrite clay. I had the same experience, super responsive and styles great at first. But a couple hours later and the hold just fails so hard.

  40. EverythingisFire

    EverythingisFireAnno fa

    I wish it were more common for brands to sell inexpensive samplers.

  41. Ralse

    RalseAnno fa

    Errr...yeah, thanks for that, but now I still don't know which to choose. You've done well to push me to get both

  42. Brendan

    BrendanAnno fa

    I think maybe giving partial points to both or negative points (like more of a rating system rather than a winner-take-all) would be a good idea. That way you could compare products from video to video based on what overall rating you gave them.

  43. huhndaking777

    huhndaking777Anno fa

    lockharts clay or baxter of california clay?

  44. steven chandra

    steven chandraAnno fa

    Hi i need some advice which one stronger for hold lockhart matte or d wax? Thanks

  45. PublicEnemy-1

    PublicEnemy-1Anno fa

    Is hairspray suitable for Layrites?

  46. 7suarezf

    7suarezfAnno fa

    keep up the good work, love these videos,

  47. Aimkeyz

    AimkeyzAnno fa

    Label.m moulding clay or layrite cement clay? Please help!

  48. jonata rocha

    jonata rochaAnno fa


  49. Snejczan

    SnejczanAnno fa

    New version of layrite is awesome, great hold, nice matte, love it. Great brand battle.

  50. Clay Browning

    Clay BrowningAnno fa

    I used to be a big fan of the Layrite Cement when my hair was shorter, but now that it has gotten a bit longer (4" or so), I really have come to dislike the layrite. The product is very hard to apply and ends up being way too heavy for my thick hair - makes my hair look gross and weighed down. Application is also really not good, I find there is way too much tug and resistance which makes it difficult to evenly distribute throughout. I have come to much prefer the layrite Natural Matte Cream as both a pre- and post-styler as my hair has gotten longer.

  51. Young Gotti

    Young GottiAnno fa

    Layrite cement is my go to product...lockhart was disappointing for me...the hold was nill while cement holds forever

  52. agm2992mga

    agm2992mgaAnno fa

    Hi Robin, Good video, thank you - it was of particular interest to me as I own both of these clays. I was wondering can you share any experience you may have with our home Great British brand Lock Stock & Barrel? They do a clay called 85 Karats, for example. I also would be interested, given your love for Aveda's tonic, to know if you've tried Aveda's hair clay. I have this Aveda clay and it is quite unlike most other products. You may be interested to try it out and I'd certainly be keen to hear how these fare in your far-reaching gauge of experience with innumerable hair products! Cheers!

  53. ThatsTheBadger

    ThatsTheBadgerAnno fa

    how can a product with abysmal hold come out on top? surely that is the key factor here when all said and done? interesting one again Robin! keep it up! Also take a look at Shear revival pastes, Flagship pastes and Nostalgic Grooming pastes, stellar stuff! the homebrewer market is where its at

  54. Hugo Lizardi

    Hugo Lizardi6 mesi fa

    ThatsTheBadger hey man, what’s a good paste for me? I want a high hold product. I’ve been using mister pompadour beeswax paste and the Odouds matte paste

  55. Thomas Kittock

    Thomas KittockAnno fa

    I can't believe Layrite won 😂

  56. Gerry Adams

    Gerry AdamsAnno fa

    Out of curiosity what is your day job

  57. Aman Rahman

    Aman RahmanAnno fa

    Can you suggest clays with no shine please?

  58. Trust Fall

    Trust FallAnno fa

    I suggest Firsthand Supply Clay. That's excellent clay I've ever used.

  59. Farrel Rizky

    Farrel RizkyAnno fa

    Hey robin,if i go to london where is the best place to buy mens hair product like a clay? Btw love ur videos

  60. We Remotely Low

    We Remotely LowAnno fa

    Hold should be worth a few more points if you ask me.

  61. Stefano Pesenti

    Stefano PesentiAnno fa

    so far my favorite is Apothecary87

  62. Sam Xavier

    Sam XavierAnno fa

    Robin i really want u to answer barber spray some liquid on my hair and then blow dry my hair then my hair became silky smoth soft and have more volume and shine .. i have thin hair...usually when i blow dry my hair in home the just became very dry and have no what is that liquid that barber sprayed over my hairs??

  63. John Cornelio

    John CornelioAnno fa

    You should make a video explaining which order you should use pre stylers. I’m new to this and I don’t know if I can use a mousse, thickening tonic and sea salt spray and I don’t know if you just throw it all on then blow dry or use one then blow dry then repeat? Also I have straight fine hair if you wanted to know

  64. Fred Priester

    Fred PriesterAnno fa

    Ayy Robin what products would you use for a 90s Leo Depp slick back, and how would the combination of that and a fade look? Too much? Do tell 😁

  65. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel GarciaAnno fa

    Which clay have you tried that has the most hold? I was also disappointed with layrite cement clay. May try Lockhart's.

  66. We Remotely Low

    We Remotely LowAnno fa

    I think the ingredients should be a category up for grabs.

  67. We Remotely Low

    We Remotely LowAnno fa

    Can you try some messy-look products?

  68. Farrel Rizky

    Farrel RizkyAnno fa

    James please review hairbond btw love your vids!!!

  69. Lex Cheshire

    Lex CheshireAnno fa

    Not sure about the Layrite clay but the Lockhart's clay was one of the WORST clays I ever tried. It left the hair so so greasy after just 1-2h of using, I had to trade it for another product.

  70. Brannon Doolin

    Brannon DoolinAnno fa

    When I first started styling my hair, I have thin hair too but a lot, I used layette clay and I need to get some again its just expensive sadly and I am in college but its way better then any budget brands

  71. Tanner grinzel

    Tanner grinzelAnno fa

    Patrick’s M3 vs Kevin Murphy free hold plz

  72. Max Krause

    Max KrauseAnno fa

    Hi Robin, I just wanted to ask you one question: could you please reply with all the hair products you use (shampoo, conditioner, wax etc) ? And could you make a video of your daily/weekly hair routine ? I have really thin and fine hair, and I can't even have a faded hairstyle because you can actually see my scalp through the hair (like in your worst haircut ever video) so I was wondering if I could talk to an expert like you to assess how I could treat my hair better. Thank you in advance for the advice

  73. Rob Chamberlin

    Rob ChamberlinAnno fa

    This video is just what I wanted; I've had the cement clay on my radar for a little bit now, thank you!

  74. Endriu 5

    Endriu 5Anno fa

    I have fine hair and just purchased layrite cement clay a day before this video cause I heard it's good, holds very well and doesn't flatten your hair but after this video now I wish I bought lockhart xD Anyway you're doing good work with these videos.

  75. Carlos Reyes

    Carlos ReyesAnno fa

    Thank you for this review Robin. Layrite smells amazing and I tried to love it but hold was major turn off. Thought it was just me.

  76. justin picard

    justin picardAnno fa

    You should do a review on mythical pomade

  77. Valerie Khemraj

    Valerie KhemrajAnno fa


  78. Grammer Natcis' hair are you're christmas present;

    Grammer Natcis' hair are you're christmas present;Anno fa

    I use clay I harvested from the local river, back to basics

  79. EscobarStyle

    EscobarStyleAnno fa

    Robin, what product do you like most that you use now? I’d imagine it has great hold AND gives volume too (after prestyle)

  80. JoePlaysGuitar

    JoePlaysGuitarAnno fa

    Pascino Hair Products Vs any other .

  81. Theshowdown 93

    Theshowdown 93Anno fa

    Haven't watched the video yet but Lockhearts should win their clay is awesome!

  82. Theshowdown 93

    Theshowdown 93Anno fa

    Well guess who got disappointed 😂

  83. Andrei Naldo_2005

    Andrei Naldo_2005Anno fa

    Im very happy you uploaded this!

  84. Nathan Holt

    Nathan HoltAnno fa

    Would you recommend the Lockhart's clay over Apothecary 87's clay?

  85. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    Ooh... that is such a hard question! I'm not sure I would, but then I love them both for different things.

  86. mukesh aravind

    mukesh aravindAnno fa

    Make a video on By vilain and Baxter of California products in brand battle

  87. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    Which ones? P.S. Please is a word I love.

  88. Thomas Huvane

    Thomas HuvaneAnno fa

    Hey Robin could you review the dollar shave club hair products. I keep hearing about them in ads.

  89. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    Hey Thomas, will pop on the list.

  90. Johnny Rose

    Johnny RoseAnno fa

    Lockharts clay couldn’t hold my hair up at all

  91. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    Stuck to what you know, for sure.

  92. 760Piper

    760PiperAnno fa

    Hi Robin....can you review Morracanoil texturizer?

  93. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    Coming up!

  94. Aprolifix Blue

    Aprolifix BlueAnno fa

    Lets face it they both have weak hold

  95. Aprolifix Blue

    Aprolifix BlueAnno fa

    ok cool, we know that layrite has no endurance and bad hold. as far as Lockhart, you have good hair but its not dense/thick as you stated one time. and in the video your hair was falling apart and looked greasy as the day went on, so for someone who has thick/dense hair matte clay is not a good choice IMO, thanks

  96. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    Don't really agree. But it will depend on you!

  97. TheBAMFBrothers!

    TheBAMFBrothers!Anno fa

    Please do something with Aveda Volumizing Tonic

  98. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    On the lust, for sure!

  99. J

    JAnno fa

    I’ve been using Layrite Cement for years because I have very thick, hard to style hair. It works okay on shorter hair, but it really doesn’t hold well. Also, as soon as I start running or something, the Layrite breaks down and my hair collapses. Anyone recommend any products that hold up to sweat well and work in longer, thick hair? I’d like a matte finish, I find Layrite is too shiny.

  100. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    Apothecary 87? Has a light shine to it.

  101. Jagannath Patra

    Jagannath PatraAnno fa

    Pls give us a nutrition plan of urs of what u eat In a day to achieve healthy skin and hair

  102. Robin James

    Robin JamesAnno fa

    Hey Jagannath, this could be a good video, for sure.

  103. ESman Music

    ESman MusicAnno fa

    Big fan of Lockhart’s I might have to check out the Matte Clay one of these days.