Lyon 1-0 Juventus - Reaction

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  1. Darkhooper

    Darkhooper24 giorni fa

    There is nothing after <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> The video is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="602">10:02</a> I see that you deliberately added 4 minutes just so you can add more ads on the video and get more money.

  2. Rocker 4Life

    Rocker 4LifeMese fa

    We juventus fans have a stupid President (Agnelli) he dont give a fuck about Champions League. I hate him. Fuck Agnelli. Fuck Paratici. Our midfielders are awful!!!

  3. Musired _

    Musired _Mese fa

    Même sans notre leader technique ont arrive à battre une grosse équipe et me parler pas de forme des équipes car Lyon ne fais pas une bonne saison .

  4. Leonardo Torres

    Leonardo TorresMese fa


  5. Leonardo Torres

    Leonardo TorresMese fa


  6. Martin Sebastian

    Martin SebastianMese fa

    👍🏽👍🏽like your videos Ethan

  7. Xavier anonyme

    Xavier anonymeMese fa

    Im french.. aouar guimaraes 💪💪💪 depay adelaide .. Lyon its goodteam 🦁🦁 Allez OL

  8. Vinicius de Morais

    Vinicius de MoraisMese fa

    React Neymar Jr 2020 ● Neymagic Skills & Goals

  9. J. Alexander

    J. AlexanderMese fa

    is no one going to mention the 4 minutes of black screen?

  10. Nuno Miguel

    Nuno MiguelMese fa

    Please react to Rui Costa "The Idol of Cristiano Ronaldo"

  11. Batato

    BatatoMese fa

    Aouar qualified Lyon in all competitions this season with amazing goals : Vs Leipzig (2-2) UCL ; Vs Lille 2-2 ( 1/2 League Cup) and Vs marseille 1-0 ( 1/4 French Cup ) At the age of 21 this is amazing

  12. Batato

    BatatoMese fa

    You all talking about Depay but the best player of Lyon is Aouar

  13. Eagle Walker

    Eagle WalkerMese fa

    Ma dove vai se gli arbitri in champions non li hai

  14. Ali 733

    Ali 733Mese fa

    The gol conceded was when De Ligt was being medical

  15. Ali 733

    Ali 733Mese fa

    As a Juve fan it was our worst match of the season

  16. the king

    the kingMese fa


  17. Uhachiji Uhachiji

    Uhachiji UhachijiMese fa

    memphis and adelaide are still injured <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> that's juninho by the way the greatest free kicker of all time

  18. Stavros Georgiou

    Stavros GeorgiouMese fa

    We should have 2 penalties at least the dybala one

  19. Fabio Mota

    Fabio MotaMese fa

    That highlight video wasn‘t great. Two great crosses from Ronaldo in the first half weren‘t shown, and they were two of the best chances Juve had during the whole game.

  20. Ibrahima Sow

    Ibrahima SowMese fa

    React to houssem aouar, 21 he literally dominate the game yesterday and in fact lyon is one the best academy club in europe with ajax, benfica and barça, they have produced a lot of talents like benzema, fekir, lacazette, martial, aouar... and they won the ligue 1 seven times in a row with juninho’s generation. Psg who?😂😂😂

  21. Ibrahima Sow

    Ibrahima SowMese fa

    Falcon M yes 7 times sorry

  22. Falcon M

    Falcon MMese fa

    7 times in a row.

  23. Ibrahima Sow

    Ibrahima SowMese fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> that was Juninho

  24. Patrick G

    Patrick GMese fa

    Can you plz react to Most Shocking World Cup Moments - Part 1, by Balefire100?

  25. Monster Drop Extreme Speciality

    Monster Drop Extreme SpecialityMese fa

    when your a coach and your A plan doesn't work you have to change it not smoke like a piece of shit

  26. Bert Smith

    Bert SmithMese fa


  27. SSN_UDITMAX 0710

    SSN_UDITMAX 0710Mese fa


  28. Giovanni Rodríguez

    Giovanni RodríguezMese fa

    Don’t be surprised if juve comes back 😂 y’all already know CR7 is the king of comebacks 💯

  29. Fraud

    FraudMese fa

    Bruv how UEFA didn't slap you with a copyright block is beyond me. They come for me in every footy video.

  30. Ender Chewy Suarez

    Ender Chewy SuarezMese fa

    Memphis Depay is out for the entire season i think


    ASAP FLACCOMese fa

    Memphis is out for the season he tore his acl

  32. Zhir Omar

    Zhir OmarMese fa

    Well, we all know what Ronaldo is going to do the second leg.......

  33. LIL J.F.M

    LIL J.F.MMese fa

    If u are an og u remember the The Kitchen Sink

  34. AM 7

    AM 7Mese fa

    Ethan juves midfield is awful ronaldo and dybala has been carrying this team even when the midfield is bad if the midfield was actually decent the result could possibly have been a different one

  35. Mirko

    MirkoMese fa

    Didn't even show the 2 penalties we should've got

  36. Falcon M

    Falcon MMese fa

    Lol there is VAR now. Diving doesn't work anymore

  37. iceninja46

    iceninja46Mese fa

    The goal, Juve were at 10 men and there was a possible 2 penalty's for Juve which were not even VAR'd. They played pretty crap...

  38. Un Français

    Un FrançaisMese fa

    Absolutely no penalty should have been given.

  39. Yajmal 13

    Yajmal 13Mese fa


  40. Chouyren

    ChouyrenMese fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a> Tousart scores a goal in the Champions League against Juventus but signed for Hertha Berlin who are 14th place in the Bundesliga at the moment and lost their last game against Cologne 0-5 at home. Ok, he did say he wouldn't come to Hertha if they would be relegated but even if they manage to stay in the Bundesliga they are currently the laughing stock of German Football and with the current management I don't see them doing well anytime soon. I mean they spent 70 million € only to play worse than last placed Paderborn.

  41. Kévin Munch

    Kévin MunchMese fa

    tbh most of the Lyon supporters don't like Tousart because he is slow and often pass the ball backwards instead of players like Aouar, the new arrival of Bruno Guimaraes who looks very very very promising and the youngsters Maxence Caqueret and Jean Lucas. So I think he agreed to leave beause of a certain feeling of pressure by the supporters. He fought well though and we'll remember him for his goals againt Barcelona and Juventus. Funny that he scored more goals in knock out stages of the Champions League than Neymar since he arrived at PSG (3 years ago).

  42. Wrivu Roy

    Wrivu RoyMese fa

    Hey......!! I love your videos...!! You can react to "goat camp" its a short commercial, but its cool , you may check that out once..☺️❤❤

  43. Zephyr

    ZephyrMese fa

    You really should check out Aouar he is the best u20 in the world imo

  44. Wout vanden Bempt

    Wout vanden BemptMese fa

    Zephyr he has 3G and 4A in the ligue 1

  45. Zephyr

    ZephyrMese fa

    Wout vanden Bempt he does create goals, he has like 9goals and 7assists, and he plays much deeper than de bruyne

  46. Wout vanden Bempt

    Wout vanden BemptMese fa

    Zephyr but the “best U20 player i.t. World” should at least create some goals, dont you think? Look at kdb hes a midfielder and haf like 20 assist this season. I rate aouar but not even top 5 U20 player.

  47. Zephyr

    ZephyrMese fa

    Wout vanden Bempt he’s a winger, of course he’s gonna have better stats than a midfielder, aouar’s intelligence and vision makes him better imo you can have yours

  48. Wout vanden Bempt

    Wout vanden BemptMese fa

    Zephyr sancho is the best U20 there is easy. 21 games, 13goals and 14assists only messi beats those stats atm.

  49. Twixsty

    TwixstyMese fa

    sarri is terrible. when you have costa , dybala , ronaldo , higuin and you cant score more than 2 goals a game it says a lot ... 0 tactics just cross the ball to the box

  50. Harry Day

    Harry DayMese fa


  51. nihar wani

    nihar waniMese fa

    Bayern vs chelsea reaction???

  52. HuS Sam

    HuS SamMese fa

    You should react to Antonio Di Natale or Fabrizio Miccoli. Two of the most underrated strikers IMO

  53. Jesus Murillo

    Jesus MurilloMese fa

    Please react to 442 toons hazard refund

  54. Atwiine Igonor

    Atwiine IgonorMese fa

    Please react to The Best of Wengerball (1996-2018) from Arsenal Producer!

  55. Daniel Isaac

    Daniel IsaacMese fa


  56. Ryu Allen

    Ryu AllenMese fa


  57. Riccardo Bonato

    Riccardo BonatoMese fa

    lyon scored when de ligt was out... 10 vs 11 without a defender

  58. The real Catch

    The real CatchMese fa

    GS- BONNY Juventus suck 0 shoot in target ,Lyon congratulations

  59. balu sarbeswarar

    balu sarbeswararMese fa

    De ligt bleeding like a hell in this match

  60. Monsta X

    Monsta XMese fa

    Memphis tore his ACL 2 months ago, in fact 2 of Lyon's best players, Memphis and Jeff Reine Adelaide tore their ACL in the same game and are both injured right now

  61. Batato

    BatatoMese fa

    Monsta X You should talk about Aouar, Guimares ans Cherki in few years all Europe will know them

  62. სანდრო

    სანდროMese fa


  63. Craigs Craig

    Craigs CraigMese fa

    Ethan imo Sarri is even worse than valverde His tactics are abysmal most of his plan was to deliver crosses in the box. Ronaldo and Dybala are carrying this team

  64. Craigs Craig

    Craigs CraigMese fa

    Fatima Idris at least valverde got barcelona to the semis and won them league titles this cigarette smoker has made it harder for juventes to win the league and it would be a miracle if this team reaches the semi finals

  65. Andrei Irimescu

    Andrei IrimescuMese fa

    Sarri proved that when was at Chelsea. I don't know who was the genius who think otherwise and hired him...

  66. Fatima Idris

    Fatima IdrisMese fa

    Craigs Craig No one is worse than Valverde for Barcelona

  67. Craigs Craig

    Craigs CraigMese fa

    y3llowflash200 he picks slow players like pjanic and rabiot in the midfield who are so slow and expects them to play them fast

  68. y3llowflash200

    y3llowflash200Mese fa

    Craigs Craig mate it’s not Sarri, it’s the players, he even came out and said he doesn’t understand why they’re playing so slow.

  69. Samuel Leopold

    Samuel LeopoldMese fa

    Wach females football ?

  70. LuckylukeHR

    LuckylukeHRMese fa

    Please react to Simunic vs Sulejmani, Croatia - Serbia 2013

  71. Monsta X

    Monsta XMese fa

    it wasn't anywhere near a red, he didn't catch him in the face at all, you could see it better on the replays, the commentators admitted it as well

  72. Thomas K

    Thomas KMese fa

    When I watched the mach on German TV, the commentator said Marcelos wasn't even a yellow. I didn't see a close up of the situation but everyone knows Italians love to dive #nofront

  73. Riccardo Zaga

    Riccardo ZagaMese fa

    Aahhahaahahah Everyone knows 100%italians like Neymar, Dybala, Sterling,Wellbeck love to dive

  74. Thomas K

    Thomas KMese fa

    @Monsta X That's what the commentator said too. 👍

  75. Monsta X

    Monsta XMese fa

    @Thomas K You could see it better on the replays, he doesn't catch him anywhere near the face, and Dybala dives on the floor

  76. Thomas K

    Thomas KMese fa

    @Olz ReConZ I said I didn't see a close up. But the 2nd half Juve trying to get a pen for every little touch was a joke.

  77. Olz ReConZ

    Olz ReConZMese fa

    Thomas K a hand to the face is a dive 🤨

  78. Yme Ypma

    Yme YpmaMese fa

    Love him or hate him you an't deny his work rate is Amazing respect to, The Kitchen Sink

  79. Jensie

    JensieMese fa

    Work rate ...

  80. Fifa Aunim

    Fifa AunimMese fa

    Today is Europa league yayyy! 😁

  81. Miquel Canosa Santeularia

    Miquel Canosa SanteulariaMese fa

    got to wach it before it is taken out

  82. MR Habibi

    MR HabibiMese fa

    Is the no react for the 2 first games becuse you lived streamed?

  83. Kartal Sahin

    Kartal SahinMese fa


  84. Craigs Craig

    Craigs CraigMese fa

    Kartal Sahin pessi had no shot on target too

  85. João Eduardo

    João EduardoMese fa

    Oh yeah, cuz Messi played so well last UCL game

  86. LHS

    LHSMese fa

    well u didnt watch the game..

  87. DuplexScarab12

    DuplexScarab12Mese fa

    Please react to Adama Traore is ending careers 2019-20 by Teo cRI

  88. DuplexScarab12

    DuplexScarab12Mese fa

    Throttle it’s a different one

  89. mohamed noor mohamed

    mohamed noor mohamedMese fa


  90. DuplexScarab12

    DuplexScarab12Mese fa


  91. Alex Proo

    Alex ProoMese fa