Mory kante - Yeke Yeke (Official video)

Mory kante - yeke yeke (Official video)


  1. Akasi Willet

    Akasi Willet14 ore fa

    Legends never die, True son of the soil, The pride of mama Afrika forever in our souls Mory kanté.

  2. Sunil Tarate

    Sunil TarateGiorno fa

    Rest in peace Mory🙏

  3. Micke Destelin DIDIT

    Micke Destelin DIDITGiorno fa

    Cette chanson m’a bercé dans mon enfance. La première fois que je l’ai écouté c’était pendant la CAN 2001 organisée au Mali 🇲🇱

  4. yap dem

    yap demGiorno fa

    One of my all time favs, RIP was just talking about him last week, playing this song 😥😥😥😥

  5. Francis Ackah

    Francis Ackah2 giorni fa

    Rest in Peace Legend

  6. Wilhelm Hesse

    Wilhelm Hesse3 giorni fa

    Thanks for this masterpiece, RIP Moray Kante.

  7. Bangoura Gaspard

    Bangoura Gaspard3 giorni fa

    A l'enfance, qui est la encore en 2020? Repose en paix Papa Mory Kanté.

  8. Mamy Mbaye

    Mamy Mbaye3 giorni fa


  9. Mamy Mbaye

    Mamy Mbaye3 giorni fa

    pk tu es mort

  10. Henok R. G.

    Henok R. G.4 giorni fa

    RIP legend. Thanks for putting Africa's music on the world's hottest seat.

  11. kishor pathak

    kishor pathak4 giorni fa

    RIP Legendary Mori Kante Sir

  12. Fatma Kelle

    Fatma Kelle4 giorni fa

    RIP Mory Kante god bless you Wè loved him

  13. Ibra Komah

    Ibra Komah4 giorni fa

    Repose en paix 😧

  14. S. Rathgeber

    S. Rathgeber4 giorni fa

    Sending my condolences from Germany where this was a huge hit. And I can still "sing" the lyrics I don't understand.

  15. Tee-Tee

    Tee-Tee4 giorni fa


  16. Jorgey Garcya

    Jorgey Garcya4 giorni fa

    "Ethno-Pop", 1988 ! Along with OFRA HAZA, JOHNNY CLEGG, TRACY CHAPMAN ! R.I.P., Mister MORY KANTE 😍😍😍😊👏👏👏!!!

  17. Sasa Mercy

    Sasa Mercy5 giorni fa

    rip kante

  18. Francisco Pedro

    Francisco Pedro5 giorni fa

    RIP brother

  19. Rico kariuki

    Rico kariuki5 giorni fa


  20. Leon Pierre Barbera-Isaac

    Leon Pierre Barbera-Isaac5 giorni fa

    je verrai bien une reprise de cette chanson par maître gims. Il a la voix qu'il faut.

  21. Jean Paul Roelofs

    Jean Paul Roelofs5 giorni fa

    R.i.p. mory 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  22. Obala Média TV

    Obala Média TV5 giorni fa

    IMMORTEL !!!

  23. Ekrem Akdemir

    Ekrem Akdemir6 giorni fa

    ilkokulda tahtaya çıkıp taklidini yaptığım günler geldi aklıma. Kaybetmişiz, Mekanı cennet olsun

  24. Philemon Ndunda

    Philemon Ndunda6 giorni fa

    RIP Legend love from Kenya🇰🇪❤

  25. houselounge33

    houselounge336 giorni fa

    R.I.P. 🕯

  26. Trevon Pascall

    Trevon Pascall6 giorni fa

    Just learned that he passed away. R.I.P Mory Kante

  27. Ariely MATHA

    Ariely MATHA6 giorni fa

    Yeke yeke,j’avais 4 ans . RIP Mory Kante.

  28. Bulent Türel

    Bulent Türel6 giorni fa


  29. Andre Haize

    Andre Haize6 giorni fa

    repose en paix mory j aimais bient ta chanson fetiche

  30. Patrick Hammel

    Patrick Hammel6 giorni fa

    With this song, you have proven that one doesn't need to understand the lyrics you so beautifully sing. We will miss your great talent and your grand soul. From Jerusalem, Israel I wish and pray for the peace on our planet. RIP man!

  31. Diane Gant

    Diane Gant6 giorni fa

    RIP and thank you so much for your music x

  32. Adedolapo Boluwatife

    Adedolapo Boluwatife6 giorni fa

    This song always gives me the boufou soufou vibes

  33. Nicola Crow

    Nicola Crow6 giorni fa

    I really love your sound Mory! Rest in Peace

  34. Ahmet Haspolat

    Ahmet Haspolat6 giorni fa


  35. Benoît Coenen

    Benoît Coenen6 giorni fa

    Triste nouvelle, toute une époque... Je l'écoute en boucle depuis ce matin!

  36. Warri Boy

    Warri Boy6 giorni fa

    Mory Kante RIP

  37. Kelbay Outis

    Kelbay Outis6 giorni fa

    Rest in peace OG

  38. Rufin Serge BIBOU BOUKONG

    Rufin Serge BIBOU BOUKONG6 giorni fa

    Rest in peace legend🙏🙏

  39. sten ling

    sten ling6 giorni fa

    ruhe in frieden mory kante 🙏🏼

  40. justin waugh

    justin waugh6 giorni fa

    RIP Mr Kante

  41. Wenche Tommervik

    Wenche Tommervik6 giorni fa


  42. alexandr0sss

    alexandr0sss6 giorni fa


  43. tchoclate1

    tchoclate16 giorni fa

    Paix a son Ame !⚘❤

  44. Oral özçakır

    Oral özçakır6 giorni fa

    you went too

  45. Mariano Aguado Darrosa

    Mariano Aguado Darrosa6 giorni fa

    Agur Mory...

  46. ID entity

    ID entity6 giorni fa


  47. Oliver Mahrdt

    Oliver Mahrdt6 giorni fa


  48. George Geszler

    George Geszler6 giorni fa

    RIP Mory Kante :(

  49. Assatou Ndiaye

    Assatou Ndiaye6 giorni fa

    Cette chanson à marquer mon enfance 🥰🥰🥰

  50. Idrissa Diao

    Idrissa Diao6 giorni fa

    Rip Papa Mory, tu as bercé avec ta musik des générations. Que le paradis soit ta dernière demeure. Amine.

  51. fengshui1978

    fengshui19786 giorni fa

    Rip mory kante

  52. Olu akinwale

    Olu akinwale6 giorni fa

    This man died needlessly. When he was alive he travelled to France regularly for treatment for his condition. However, due to the lockdown he could not travel. If our governments in Africa provides good healthcare for the people there would not be a need for "medical tourism" and our people would not be dying of conditions that can be treated. This is the time for our governments and our leaders in Africa to wake up because they too can't travel abroad for their treatment and we are seeing many of them dropping dead. RIP.

  53. Graham Boston

    Graham Boston6 giorni fa

    One of the greatest dance songs ever! RIP Mory Kante

  54. Andreas Schlarmann

    Andreas Schlarmann6 giorni fa

    RIP Mory Kante Thanks for the memories

  55. alassane Faye

    alassane Faye6 giorni fa

    RIP legend 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  56. Nathalie Pautot

    Nathalie Pautot7 giorni fa

    Repose en paix légende 😭😭

  57. Stefan Müller

    Stefan Müller7 giorni fa

    R.I.P. 😢

  58. Medou netcher

    Medou netcher7 giorni fa

    Repose toi le griot mory kanté 😢 🇬🇳

  59. Wangu Thairu

    Wangu Thairu7 giorni fa

    RIP Mory. Forever Legend🙏🏽

  60. Анжела Грищенкова

    Анжела Грищенкова7 giorni fa

    Супер композиция!

  61. Michel B

    Michel B7 giorni fa

    Encore un morceau de ma jeunesse qui fout le camp !! Triste lui, sa famille et pour le monde de la variété, quels bons souvenirs ... Reposez en paix Monsieur Kante.

  62. selahattin incekara

    selahattin incekara7 giorni fa

    Rest in peace Kante.

  63. Ozgur Ozbey

    Ozgur Ozbey7 giorni fa

    RIP Mory

  64. Amanda. K A

    Amanda. K A7 giorni fa

    RIP Monty Kanté much Love from Mauritius

  65. Christopher Cole

    Christopher Cole7 giorni fa

    RIP to the music legend Mory Kante

  66. Ralph Macchiato

    Ralph Macchiato7 giorni fa

    RIP Mory Kante

  67. Ndeye khady Niang

    Ndeye khady Niang7 giorni fa

    G le mème âme k ce yèkè yèkè mai jècoute tout les jour cètt chanson . rip papa cet chanson va exister pour toujour

  68. Abdel N

    Abdel N7 giorni fa

    Quelle énergie paix à ton âme l'artiste

  69. Bobzer KOKO

    Bobzer KOKO7 giorni fa

    Une mélodie qui a fait mon enfance.. merci la légende

  70. Fatoumata Diallo

    Fatoumata Diallo7 giorni fa

    Repose en paix Legende

  71. Mamad Mamad

    Mamad Mamad7 giorni fa

    🌈🌟❤️R E PAIX

  72. Pete Beatminister

    Pete Beatminister7 giorni fa

    First Manu Dibango, then Tony Allen and now Mory Kante - its a sad time for African Music!

  73. Andreas Brieler

    Andreas Brieler7 giorni fa

    R i p 😢

  74. Marko San

    Marko San7 giorni fa

    Rock Up There ! Never rest in peace

  75. Ndeye Khoudia DIOP

    Ndeye Khoudia DIOP7 giorni fa

    Petite j'adorait cette chanson. Je suis sénégalaise.Reposez en paix grand artiste.

  76. ikemana

    ikemana7 giorni fa

    RIP 😟

  77. jock barblessable

    jock barblessable7 giorni fa

    If this doesn't make you want to dance your dead , fantastic .

  78. Rogge K

    Rogge K7 giorni fa


  79. Paul Egerton

    Paul Egerton7 giorni fa

    Sad loss to world music, play well in the skies my friend.

  80. Chadwick Bironga

    Chadwick Bironga7 giorni fa

    Rest in peace Mory. We'll miss your great vocals😭