NLE Choppa - Famous Hoes (Official Music Video)

Listen to "Famous Hoes" here:
Directed by: @shotbyjolo



    NLE CHOPPA2 mesi fa

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  2. Huzail Khan

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  3. Maxten Kevin

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  4. Maxten Kevin

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  5. Dooty Spratley

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    @lil Akbar you can't not spell my boy

  6. lil Akbar

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    yea yea yea

  7. Nicholas DeBrito

    Nicholas DeBritoGiorno fa

    the gang 😈💰💳

  8. Kelson 2700

    Kelson 2700Giorno fa

    NBA YoungBoy clone...

  9. FROZ Jay

    FROZ JayGiorno fa

    This reminds me of juice wrld

  10. Richard Miller

    Richard MillerGiorno fa

    can i ask u something can u try to make me famous I trying to rap I'm good

  11. BABY JAY

    BABY JAYGiorno fa

    Can yall fw my song i just dropped?I just started making songs so just lmk if it sound good💯✔🐐

  12. James Rodebaugh

    James RodebaughGiorno fa

    Best song

  13. Vanihya Jefferson

    Vanihya JeffersonGiorno fa

    Love this song

  14. Cameron Speed

    Cameron SpeedGiorno fa

    Cant be smoking at this young

  15. Erinne O'Grady

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  16. Xötic Btw

    Xötic BtwGiorno fa

    Like this if you’re high rn

  17. Aiden Maldonado

    Aiden MaldonadoGiorno fa

    First shotta flow ft blueface then camolot then side then this he’s 🔥

  18. Tani Gordon

    Tani GordonGiorno fa

    Yay that gun was sickkk

  19. GoldPockets_YT

    GoldPockets_YT2 giorni fa

    Ooooooohhh he snapped

  20. Logan Beauchamp

    Logan Beauchamp2 giorni fa

    This song is fire

  21. Da'Yon Brown

    Da'Yon Brown2 giorni fa

    0:20 ' I got the bomb like al-queda

  22. Jaher Rivera Rivera

    Jaher Rivera Rivera2 giorni fa

    This shit Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Cruel Omari2xx

    Cruel Omari2xx2 giorni fa

    Everytime one of my hoes break up with me I listen to this song.... 😤😤😤😤

  24. Young Lee

    Young Lee2 giorni fa

    Is he going to fuck her with his dick out we don't even know if he has

  25. xxfearlessgodxx x

    xxfearlessgodxx x2 giorni fa

    Lil peep wanna be

  26. Lymac

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  27. Abdikani Mohamed

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  28. Shyheem Miller

    Shyheem Miller2 giorni fa

    When a girl only go for guys D**ks Everybody and Nle: SHE FAMOUS FOR BEING A HOE

  29. Dripz ツ

    Dripz ツ2 giorni fa

    this reminds me of my ex I got (we started dating) got her more popular (because I'm a popular kid in my school) we broke up now sue has me blocked :p


    NIGEL ALUYI2 giorni fa

    choppa u should really stop gang banging cuz pop smoke look where he at But R.I.P POP SMOKE SO PLEASE I DONT WANNA SEE YOU HURT OR ANYTHING CUZ IF U ARE IM GONNA FALL TO THE GROUND AND START WAILING

  31. harry crane

    harry crane2 giorni fa

    quando's abg flow youve robbed here nle fella

  32. Samuel Dixon

    Samuel Dixon2 giorni fa

    This dude is just a reboot nba young boy

  33. James Campbell

    James Campbell2 giorni fa

    Nle choppa add me on fortnite plz bro plz

  34. James Campbell

    James Campbell2 giorni fa

    Dat shit go hard no fucking cap bitch if u don't like it u a bitch

  35. Tour Guy

    Tour Guy2 giorni fa

    When you tryna get turned up on a sad day jest play nle choppa

  36. Kentrell Cloud

    Kentrell Cloud2 giorni fa

    I’m addicted to this song

  37. Rose Pierre

    Rose Pierre2 giorni fa

    Bruh this song fire

  38. Temprest Davis

    Temprest Davis2 giorni fa

    So lit

  39. King Thanos

    King Thanos2 giorni fa

    In the thumbnail was that pretty boy Alfredo or NLE?😅

  40. Michael Conwell 3

    Michael Conwell 32 giorni fa

    He hit it

  41. Natasha Ramsey

    Natasha Ramsey2 giorni fa

    Chopppppppppppppa is a God a raping

  42. Jayden Sims

    Jayden Sims2 giorni fa

    Are you messed up nle choppa

  43. Ryan Kumar

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  44. Comethazine Snippets

    Comethazine Snippets3 giorni fa

    nle choppa and nba youngboy = 💯🔥

  45. JR Russell

    JR Russell3 giorni fa

    famous hoes more like famous no

  46. Ethan Schneider

    Ethan Schneider3 giorni fa

    Imagine asking for likes on comments just like the music video instead!

  47. lilmurray 9821

    lilmurray 98213 giorni fa

    Nle choppa is the goat and fire

  48. Antonio clown airsoft

    Antonio clown airsoft3 giorni fa

    Nles pants are lower than my grades

  49. Ebony Jenkins

    Ebony Jenkins3 giorni fa

    Whoever likes this nle choppa will adopt you

  50. VladGameChannel

    VladGameChannel3 giorni fa

    Ok now choppa is daddy xddddd

  51. Bryceton Heard

    Bryceton Heard3 giorni fa

    What's up bitch

  52. MooreCore

    MooreCore3 giorni fa

    Say yall see how fat this man ass is wtf

  53. Silvestrs Beitins

    Silvestrs Beitins3 giorni fa

    Me: this is so emotinal NLE:you kno surviver when you you shoot a nigga righht in the head

  54. Silvestrs Beitins

    Silvestrs Beitins2 giorni fa


  55. Its Mekhai

    Its Mekhai3 giorni fa

    This song will forever be fucking heat idc what happen and r.i.p pop smoke yktv

  56. Ayden Kemmer

    Ayden Kemmer3 giorni fa

    Who doesn’t like this is going to be poor for life

  57. Stevie-Leigh Lambert

    Stevie-Leigh Lambert3 giorni fa


  58. CUB.official

    CUB.official3 giorni fa

    I feel like nle been fuckin with lsd

  59. Samiah Toon

    Samiah Toon3 giorni fa

    you cute😗😖

  60. Darviae Tate

    Darviae Tate3 giorni fa

    slaps so hard high

  61. Roscoe Smudge

    Roscoe Smudge3 giorni fa

    Bro NLE banned on insta lolll

  62. Hassan Arbo

    Hassan Arbo3 giorni fa

    hi nle choppa

  63. Judah Barber

    Judah Barber3 giorni fa

    if you take showers you need to like

  64. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda3 giorni fa

    Judah Barber shut up

  65. D- Cash

    D- Cash3 giorni fa

    Best of all hid songs

  66. Demoney wyrick

    Demoney wyrick3 giorni fa

    NLE CHOPPA No LOVE 💔 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. Brittany Dunn

    Brittany Dunn3 giorni fa

    Did this boy just say don't f*** her with his dick out how else would he f***** I pray he said I f*** her with my Blick out