PARTYNEXTDOOR - Loyal (feat. Drake) [Official Audio]

The official audio of "Loyal (feat. Drake)" by PARTYNEXTDOOR.
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    THESE BEATS D.A.B20 ore fa

    party !!!!!!!!

  2. Geoffrey Anderson

    Geoffrey AndersonGiorno fa

    This song makes me wanna write a note to my ex and send it to myself

  3. Love Life Wander Tarot

    Love Life Wander TarotGiorno fa

    Wow this got me in my feelings

  4. Jack Walsh

    Jack Walsh2 giorni fa


  5. Markin Oliveira Oficial

    Markin Oliveira Oficial2 giorni fa

    Corin,bom deus 😍

  6. Bryse Smith

    Bryse Smith2 giorni fa

    this song feels like summer☺️

  7. Devonte McCoy

    Devonte McCoy2 giorni fa

    1:57 when the beat does that triple tap thing gets me every time

  8. Marcus Atkinson

    Marcus Atkinson2 giorni fa

    Favorite Partynextdoor song. One of my favorite artists of all time and it's not even rappers on the list

  9. Silvana Soares

    Silvana Soares4 giorni fa


  10. Chris Torres

    Chris Torres4 giorni fa

    love love love party next door

  11. arika miller

    arika miller5 giorni fa

    I like the beat

  12. Rexy Chungus

    Rexy Chungus5 giorni fa


  13. thug sparkles

    thug sparkles6 giorni fa

    giving 2010 vibes🌚✨

  14. thug sparkles

    thug sparkles6 giorni fa

    i thought this was an old drake song. then i say it was released 3 months ago

  15. arika miller

    arika miller6 giorni fa


  16. Shantique Belcher

    Shantique Belcher6 giorni fa

    You know a song fire when it put a fussy 2 month old baby to sleep 😂

  17. Rob

    Rob6 giorni fa

    This track is vibes. 🔥

  18. SRN Kim-Chhun

    SRN Kim-Chhun6 giorni fa

    I like Maleek berry's version and this one too! ☺

  19. DREDAY0927

    DREDAY09276 giorni fa

    Song is 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Vershima Ajo

    Vershima Ajo6 giorni fa

    This song lets me know that Party ghostwrote a lot of Controlla .... very similar vibes

  21. Vershima Ajo

    Vershima Ajo6 giorni fa

    That mellow pad just puts my soul in wonderful place

  22. Stheffanye

    Stheffanye7 giorni fa

    a vibe dessa musica é tão gostosinha, e o vocais deles juntos é incrivel demais pprt

  23. Joey Beans

    Joey Beans7 giorni fa

    Someone sounds Jamaican in this song

  24. kwanuhh

    kwanuhh8 giorni fa

    “pain goes away when i’m tipsy. pain goes away when you’re with me” 🤕

  25. Brie LaBrie

    Brie LaBrie8 giorni fa

    I’m happy Drake finally let PartyNexrDoor out of the house again

  26. Miss2Tz

    Miss2Tz9 giorni fa

    I fux with this so hard

  27. Niejah Kemp

    Niejah Kemp9 giorni fa

    I 💖this song and the beat is 🔥🔥

  28. Freopa

    Freopa9 giorni fa

    Summertime at a festival somewhere, memories will be made.

  29. Vante Logan

    Vante Logan9 giorni fa

    PND kinda sound like thugger on this song

  30. FlubNub

    FlubNub9 giorni fa

    Came here after watching Dytto's choreo to this song!! Obsessedddd omg

  31. Leo Sanchez

    Leo Sanchez10 giorni fa

    This straight fire

  32. Kyle Be

    Kyle Be10 giorni fa

    I got money so im ...LOYAL YAYYY

  33. TuxNHoodie

    TuxNHoodie10 giorni fa

    Haha Davis

  34. Bodywork HQ-LLC

    Bodywork HQ-LLC10 giorni fa

    Loving it

  35. Bang Bang FAME!

    Bang Bang FAME!11 giorni fa

    🌞🙌🏼🌴🥰THIS MY SHIIIT!!!

  36. The boss

    The boss11 giorni fa

    This the guy charging 250 to play at a party

  37. Raman Preet

    Raman Preet11 giorni fa

    Loyal,please don't let it just go❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. mrblackhulk

    mrblackhulk11 giorni fa

    Black men don't cheat

  39. Choumane

    Choumane10 giorni fa


  40. Bodywork HQ-LLC

    Bodywork HQ-LLC12 giorni fa

    Loving it


    WXNDYRZR12 giorni fa

    On 04/20/2020 we are walking from San Francisco, California to Washington, D.C. for #ClimateChange (Search: @DarrenStallcup or #ClimateChangeWalk)

  42. justin stuyck

    justin stuyck12 giorni fa

    Drake stays putting me in my feels

  43. Hassan Casey

    Hassan Casey12 giorni fa

    I got money on my pocket I’m loyal .. 👌🏽

  44. Elizabeth Allen

    Elizabeth Allen12 giorni fa

    Love this

  45. Storm 805

    Storm 80513 giorni fa

    Happy Valentine’s Day everybody❤️🥰😇 Follow me on instagram for good luck : Storm_vc have a great day everybody and cherish the one you love🙏🏼😫😍


    MISS BURNS13 giorni fa

    Dizzy 😅👑 bestie b

  47. y j

    y j13 giorni fa


  48. SaadiqThe Great

    SaadiqThe Great13 giorni fa

    This one 😭❤️

  49. K G

    K G13 giorni fa

    I didn’t like this song at first but damn is it growing on me lol

  50. ashonte strickland

    ashonte strickland14 giorni fa

    I wake up to this sometimes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 IS IT YOU

  51. Leem Breezy

    Leem Breezy14 giorni fa

    I'm ready to cookout in February,get the Coronas and Heineken 🍋🍾🍻🍹🍉🌭🍔🍗💯

  52. Mxxnlight Babyy

    Mxxnlight Babyy14 giorni fa

    ur my bAAAAEEEEEEEstfriend 🥺😩

  53. Emmia B

    Emmia B14 giorni fa

    All his songs sound alike...can't tell the difference!!!

  54. Daquan Mclaughlin

    Daquan Mclaughlin14 giorni fa

    I know I’m not the only one who thought young thug was in this song

  55. Ayouba Dolley

    Ayouba Dolley12 giorni fa

    When I read ur comment I heard Yung thugs voice in the song😂👍

  56. K. M.

    K. M.15 giorni fa


  57. Maham Rafique

    Maham Rafique15 giorni fa

    Here after Yugeom(Got7) played this song in his live ?

  58. Galaxy Cat

    Galaxy Cat15 giorni fa

    When is his next show

  59. Diana Alvarrzin

    Diana Alvarrzin16 giorni fa

    This song is absolutely lit 🔥💖

  60. Charles-Antoine Rondeau

    Charles-Antoine Rondeau16 giorni fa

    That sounds really nice. Anybody else hearing Young Thug on some of PND parts?

  61. soul rEaPer

    soul rEaPer17 giorni fa

    " Pain goes away when you're with me " ❤️

  62. Isaac Kurtis TV

    Isaac Kurtis TV17 giorni fa

    This song reminds me of Letting Go By Wayne Wonder