Perry Como - Magic Moments (Audio)

"Magic Moments" by Perry Como
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Magic moments
Memories we've been sharing
Magic moments
When two hearts are caring
Time can't erase the memory of
These magic moments filled with love
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  1. Didar Zhanbolatuly

    Didar Zhanbolatuly2 ore fa

    What a beautiful voice. Legend!

  2. il01il01

    il01il0118 ore fa


  3. Garrett.perkins

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  4. Angelique Collins

    Angelique Collins2 giorni fa

    I've always liked this and yes, wal-mart did bring me here!

  5. Nova 29

    Nova 299 giorni fa

    I got me a chick and her name is Wendy

  6. LetsGoNate

    LetsGoNate13 giorni fa

    shotgun willy wendy

  7. Brian and rainbow socks

    Brian and rainbow socks14 giorni fa

    Beautiful song ♥️

  8. KTSP

    KTSP16 giorni fa

    Who is here because of Leokimvideo

  9. Christine Lage

    Christine Lage26 giorni fa

    Takes you back to a more decent world! When I was a child.

  10. Barry I. Grauman

    Barry I. GraumanMese fa

    Recorded on December 3, 1957. Accompanied by the [other] Ray Charles Singers and Mitchell Ayres' orchestra. One of Burt Bacharach and Hal David's early hits.

  11. Lanie Wales

    Lanie WalesMese fa

    Funeral song

  12. Shanna Nicole

    Shanna NicoleMese fa

    Y’all I got chills my grandpa been dead for two years and he loved perry camo this song has been in my head all afternoon

  13. Dwayne Hlabangani

    Dwayne HlabanganiMese fa

    I'm just busy right now

  14. Dwayne Hlabangani

    Dwayne HlabanganiMese fa

    I think Eve's a bit busy

  15. Employee 427

    Employee 427Mese fa

    these comments are rlly confusing im just here to make a character based off of this

  16. L&M team

    L&M teamMese fa

    A méhecskék a barátaink

  17. The Grammar Crusader

    The Grammar CrusaderMese fa

    The Halloween Hop When everyone came In funny disguises Happy Halloween

  18. The Grammar Crusader

    The Grammar CrusaderMese fa

    @Juiceboi PRO Peter Pan

  19. Juiceboi PRO

    Juiceboi PROMese fa

    The Grammar Crusader wendy

  20. The Grammar Crusader

    The Grammar CrusaderMese fa

    How the Frick is there a Perry Como vevo

  21. Minty Lasaga

    Minty LasagaMese fa

    0:31 im makin a brick

  22. JustAGrandmaWithAGun

    JustAGrandmaWithAGunMese fa

    1.0x speed is what you came for

  23. Mr Panda

    Mr PandaGiorno fa

    TsunamiVVave nah

  24. JustAGrandmaWithAGun

    JustAGrandmaWithAGunMese fa

    Something Really Specific I mean I prefer the slower version but

  25. ً

    ًMese fa

    TsunamiVVave nah.

  26. Tahsin Tasnim

    Tahsin TasnimMese fa

    Sorry to break it to you, but Wendy got nothing on this

  27. Tahsin Tasnim

    Tahsin TasnimMese fa

    @Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX Basically this song

  28. Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX

    Xx_TheNew Chris07_xXMese fa

    I’m confused who’s wendy

  29. Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX

    Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX2 mesi fa

    Anyone here cause it reminds you of Christmas? 🎅🏻❄️☃️🎄

  30. Garrett.perkins

    Garrett.perkinsGiorno fa

    Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX no I’m here because of Wendy

  31. Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX

    Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX14 giorni fa

    ILikeEatingCards Man who’s Wendy?

  32. ILikeEatingCards Man

    ILikeEatingCards Man14 giorni fa

    Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX Wendy has shown me the way

  33. Young poopy

    Young poopyMese fa

    Nah Wendy

  34. JustAGrandmaWithAGun

    JustAGrandmaWithAGunMese fa

    Xx_TheNew Chris07_xX it really does

  35. Fastminer 2000

    Fastminer 20002 mesi fa

    i got me a brick she drivin me crazy

  36. Chris Habrecht

    Chris Habrecht2 mesi fa

    Soooo beautiful ..


    BACONBOSS2 mesi fa

    We all are here because of wendy

  38. DatOneYTPer

    DatOneYTPer8 giorni fa

    Shotgun Willy

  39. Burger Tree

    Burger Tree10 giorni fa

    I wish i never found out about that

  40. Bruh NoCap

    Bruh NoCap14 giorni fa

    Shotgun pee pee

  41. Sehrmer

    Sehrmer15 giorni fa

    BACONBOSS Who is this?

  42. ً

    ًMese fa

    TsunamiVVave oki?

  43. Jazz Big Nut

    Jazz Big Nut2 mesi fa

    Ah I love this

  44. George

    George2 mesi fa

    Non-Aging great song

  45. MrCornholio1812

    MrCornholio18122 mesi fa

    I'm making a brick I've got me a chick She driving me crazy

  46. DatOneYTPer

    DatOneYTPer8 giorni fa

    Cash go fast, Spend it on Wendy, Cuz she throw it back.

  47. Paul Masters

    Paul Masters11 giorni fa

    @The Grammar Crusader there's always someone

  48. ILikeEatingCards Man

    ILikeEatingCards Man14 giorni fa

    The Grammar Crusader it’s the lyrics to another song that was sampled, look up yung cracka wendy

  49. Ksi it’s on Oh yeah

    Ksi it’s on Oh yeahMese fa

    keffyboss1 Ok boomer

  50. finn.

    finn.Mese fa

    I got coin in my chest Finesse her for neck And I count up a check and a check and a check

  51. MasterQ 19

    MasterQ 192 mesi fa

    That bassoon, tho. 😄