PITCH-CAM: Juventus vs. Lokomotiv Moscow | Alternative angles

Alternative angles of Juventus' come from behind Champions League win against Lokomotiv Moscow at the Allianz. Paulo Dybala's epic efforts earned Juventus three vital points in progressing in the #UCL group stage.
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  1. Dybala 4 life

    Dybala 4 life4 mesi fa


  2. Luigi Saba

    Luigi Saba4 mesi fa


  3. Aurora Luna

    Aurora Luna4 mesi fa

    Cristiano ronaldo 7 es el mejor de la juve junto con dibala 10 Like👍

  4. Hafizur Mahdi

    Hafizur Mahdi4 mesi fa

    Not CR7, Dybala is the 'ONE' of Juventus

  5. Angus Macdonald

    Angus Macdonald4 mesi fa

    I love Ronado so much and dyela

  6. Rupsa

    Rupsa3 mesi fa

    Who the hell is dyela?

  7. amber jain

    amber jain4 mesi fa



    SMART THINGS4 mesi fa

    || THE AMAZING LIFE STORY OF CRISTIANO RONALDO || itgos.info/video/m5COj3W2o3iFipY.html

  9. Matheus Queiroz

    Matheus Queiroz4 mesi fa

    Just perfect match for Dybala!!! #D10 I love JUVE, love Dybala, love Buffon... so much! Cheer from Brazil. 🇧🇷 #FinoAllaFine #ForzaJUVE #JUVE ⚪⚫

  10. Matheus Queiroz

    Matheus Queiroz4 mesi fa

    @Johnny B. They are the best!!! =D

  11. Johnny B.

    Johnny B.4 mesi fa

    Matheus Queiroz I love Buffon and Dybala so much🤩💪

  12. Rosario Messina

    Rosario Messina4 mesi fa

    Bonucci è davvero scandaloso

  13. Said A

    Said A4 mesi fa

    Дибала так держать!

  14. Florencia Martínez

    Florencia Martínez4 mesi fa

    Dybala ti amo❤️

  15. Igor Rossetti

    Igor Rossetti4 mesi fa


  16. princextreme88

    princextreme884 mesi fa

    forza juve

  17. Matteo Filippini

    Matteo Filippini4 mesi fa

    Forza Juve.

  18. Bodybildir

    Bodybildir4 mesi fa

    Fucking ıdıot Juve Merih is better than De light 🖕🏿🖕🏿

  19. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    Shut up

  20. Damrab gaming

    Damrab gaming4 mesi fa

    Wat da heck. Why repeat again and again and again of ronaldo miss1:09

  21. hanoof malik

    hanoof malik4 mesi fa

    No Cristiano No Party!

  22. Alice Moser

    Alice Moser4 mesi fa

    Forza juve

  23. Matuidicharo

    Matuidicharo4 mesi fa

    Juventus is undefeated in every competion but has multiple problems Bernadeschi and Khedira are taking every shots instead of setting up Ronaldo, Dybala and Higuain.Moreover Costa is injured and its been 5 months Ramsey and Rabiot are in the club and they are still not in the starting 11 so we are lacking creativity.

  24. Bin

    Bin4 mesi fa

    Matuidicharo plus ronaldo is shit hes not good these days. Fans should admit it and club should sell him and buy better one hes just unifrom seller


    SPEARFISHING4 mesi fa


  26. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    Mandzukic going to Man Utd

  27. Gb Black Gamer

    Gb Black Gamer4 mesi fa



    TONY MONTANA4 mesi fa

    ✌👑🖤 FINOALLAFINE !!! 🍀

  29. CaveCanem

    CaveCanem4 mesi fa

    Questi video sono davvero bellissimi, riescono a trasmettere delle sensazioni uniche, soprattutto l'audio è devastante sentire il rumore del pallone che batte sulla rete non ha prezzo. Bravi

  30. unprof

    unprof4 mesi fa

    Anni che dico che senza telecronisti ha un fascino


    Nico SUD CRIMINAL4 mesi fa

    Afammoc grande Lecce rubentini di merda

  32. Yogesh Gaming

    Yogesh Gaming4 mesi fa

    No goal ronaldo

  33. Sonia P Sonia P

    Sonia P Sonia P4 mesi fa

    No Ronaldo no party

  34. Alice Moser

    Alice Moser4 mesi fa


  35. SUMFX

    SUMFX4 mesi fa

    🇱 🇦 🇯 🇴 🇾 🇦 💎

  36. giuseppe Alfonzo

    giuseppe Alfonzo4 mesi fa

    Forza Juventus⚫⚪

  37. MR white

    MR white4 mesi fa

    Bernardeschi out

  38. Mike 7

    Mike 74 mesi fa

    Play Demiral

  39. Please don't CHECK my youtube video below

    Please don't CHECK my youtube video below4 mesi fa

    Wait a second,you too think Juventus will win UCL this year😱 Ignore my name...

  40. Loonation

    Loonation4 mesi fa

    Well, let's see

  41. ProfesorEddy96

    ProfesorEddy964 mesi fa

    Forza Dybala!!!

  42. ALEX DP10

    ALEX DP104 mesi fa

    LA JOYAA❤️💎

  43. David Thompson

    David Thompson4 mesi fa

    Forza Juve

  44. SHD FUT

    SHD FUT4 mesi fa


  45. Aziza Azizaxon

    Aziza Azizaxon4 mesi fa


  46. David Beckham

    David Beckham4 mesi fa


  47. maria stella bevilacqua

    maria stella bevilacqua4 mesi fa

    Forza Juve # italia Salerno

  48. Salvatore Salinari

    Salvatore Salinari4 mesi fa

    ma dopo 5 giorni sempre commentare ho ma andate a cacare,.?

  49. Abdirisak Awes

    Abdirisak Awes4 mesi fa


  50. ibrahim Shark

    ibrahim Shark4 mesi fa


  51. Abdullah Fares

    Abdullah Fares4 mesi fa

    Cr7 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. Dnwng D7

    Dnwng D74 mesi fa

    I love Juventus

  53. Dnwng D7

    Dnwng D74 mesi fa

    I'm very biggest fan of Juventus. Pls reply me back sirrr

  54. İsmail Eren Turgut

    İsmail Eren Turgut4 mesi fa

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  55. احمد حسن حكمي

    احمد حسن حكمي4 mesi fa


  56. Usman Sikandar

    Usman Sikandar4 mesi fa

    I will sub to whoever subs to me I swear

  57. GIAMBA _ 030

    GIAMBA _ 0304 mesi fa

    Forza juve

  58. Soccer BRO

    Soccer BRO4 mesi fa

    Juventus is best like if u agree

  59. Camara Mohamed

    Camara Mohamed4 mesi fa

    Champions league winners Forza juve

  60. MK7Hfootball

    MK7Hfootball4 mesi fa

    Subcribe pro

  61. zaraan haider

    zaraan haider4 mesi fa

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  62. Dnwng D7

    Dnwng D74 mesi fa

    I love Juventus

  63. wynpooSas :

    wynpooSas :4 mesi fa

    Juve magical

  64. The Raym Twins

    The Raym Twins4 mesi fa

    True fans of Juventus regardless of Ronaldo before 2019???? Show yourself in comment section

  65. Buble Akter Jaciyah

    Buble Akter Jaciyah4 mesi fa

    Supporting juv since 2015

  66. Soccer BRO

    Soccer BRO4 mesi fa

    I liked CR7 since 2013

  67. Alice Moser

    Alice Moser4 mesi fa

    Since I was born


    THE LIGHTNING4 mesi fa

    @Teguh Lumban-Gaol Respect

  69. Teguh Lumban-Gaol

    Teguh Lumban-Gaol4 mesi fa

    Im fall in love with Juve since Nedved score a goal against Man.United in 2003 UCL group round. I cry when he cant play in the final.

  70. La Joya

    La Joya4 mesi fa

    Dybala is best😍

  71. Abdirisak Awes

    Abdirisak Awes4 mesi fa

    He's a great player

  72. lilmozey24

    lilmozey244 mesi fa

    juv better than every team lets go cris pual mario bunccio

  73. КИТ

    КИТ4 mesi fa


  74. laelatul damayanti

    laelatul damayanti4 mesi fa

    One coment

  75. lilmozey24

    lilmozey244 mesi fa

    lets go juv lets go

  76. fikaro ale

    fikaro ale4 mesi fa

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  77. lilmozey24

    lilmozey244 mesi fa

    hi first