Proof Minecraft Steve Has UNLIMITED Power! | The SCIENCE... of Minecraft

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Who is the most POWERFUL character to ever exist? Today Theorists, we find out how Minecraft created the strongest character of all time. Don't believe me? Let Austin tell you.
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  1. LitNerd13

    LitNerd133 ore fa

    You forgot gold armor

  2. Eilaf Alsherbini

    Eilaf Alsherbini13 ore fa

    What if he's wearing gold armor too.

  3. 袁建强

    袁建强18 ore fa

    How about a furnace isn’t it heavier

  4. run now

    run now19 ore fa

    what about enchanted golden apples? those have 8 blocks of gold each

  5. run now

    run now18 ore fa

    edit: i stand corected

  6. Galact

    GalactGiorno fa

    ...with Buff Helpy, Dawko's Worst Nightmare, being the only character to be even stronger.

  7. Davide Pandini

    Davide PandiniGiorno fa

    And the inventory full of shulkerchests full of goldblocks full chest trip?

  8. Rated PG-13

    Rated PG-13Giorno fa

    To follow up with this fact bedrock weigh s more than gold and cans still lift that many blocks as Austin said so yeah Steve is awesome and still isn't slowed down at all with either that number of gold or bedrock blocks.

  9. Killa

    KillaGiorno fa

    Did you added the weight of the chests? There are so many it should increase the power of Steve a bit.

  10. Anna N

    Anna N2 giorni fa

    He forgot the armour!

  11. Anna N

    Anna N2 giorni fa

    Shulker boxes

  12. Eclipse Sharkbreath

    Eclipse Sharkbreath2 giorni fa

    Well in the comics hulk destroys a planet by walking on it, holds a continent, and has never reached his peak

  13. DuhItzMaster

    DuhItzMaster2 giorni fa

    Did you take into account of the chest's weight?

  14. mr pickle

    mr pickle2 giorni fa

    Enter the sholker box

  15. Noah Popack

    Noah Popack2 giorni fa

    Shulker boxes

  16. jack Trussler

    jack Trussler2 giorni fa

    What about shulkerboxes filled with those chests in an ender chest then those ender chests in other shulker boxes?

  17. Michael Racancoj

    Michael Racancoj2 giorni fa

    wait, so if steve dies to a silverfish or creeper or whatever, he is just pretending to die?

  18. Silent Gamer

    Silent Gamer3 giorni fa

    The Doom Slayer has infinite power because every time he kills he gets stronger. Steve would get killed by him. Steve can't one punch mobs.

  19. Schwupiblackydoo

    Schwupiblackydoo3 giorni fa

    How far would have the Austins counted this far by this day?

  20. Robert Bush

    Robert Bush3 giorni fa

    But the ender chest

  21. _. Cherry ._. Pie ._

    _. Cherry ._. Pie ._3 giorni fa

    *and then... the shulker boxes came*

  22. TinyTanker44 YT

    TinyTanker44 YT3 giorni fa

    You included the use of shulker boxes right?

  23. Shelby DU

    Shelby DU3 giorni fa

    So when I'm playing Minecraft I am a literal God?

  24. The Red Baron

    The Red Baron3 giorni fa

    Actually The Terrarian Is Stronger Than Steve Because Of 1. The Terrarian Can Carry Anything In stacks Of 999 2. In Terraria Platinum Is The Densest Metal Along Side Gold 3. The Breaker Blade is The One Of the Most Biggest Weapons In IRL and Terraria 4. (Ingame Plot) The Terrarian Has Moon Level Of power Because Him/Her Defeating The Moonlord and 5. Terrarians Can Hold Up Too about 16233 Stacks Of Gold and Platinum Combined Thats More Than Steves Inventory With another Around 160-180 Extra With Platinum Armor.

  25. David The killer

    David The killer4 giorni fa

    Astan: hear that there isn't more limit Also astan: Steve can get infinity KG in his hand

  26. Finicky

    Finicky4 giorni fa

    And this was made before the shulker box was added which basically makes you able to Carry an infinite amount of stuff by Putting shulker boxers into shulker boxers continueasly

  27. Ember Wolf

    Ember Wolf4 giorni fa

    what about infinite shulker boxes

  28. Jonathan Arsenault

    Jonathan Arsenault4 giorni fa

    WAIT you forgot gold armor

  29. Kermitkiller 666

    Kermitkiller 6664 giorni fa

    How old is he

  30. Demon _Wolf

    Demon _Wolf4 giorni fa

    Rip my brain @m@

  31. TBOMB 1OO

    TBOMB 1OO4 giorni fa

    What about one punch man

  32. João Pedro Rodrigues Sousa

    João Pedro Rodrigues Sousa5 giorni fa

    Ok so i have a theory (which can even be used on other characters). Steven doesn't carry things in his hand or pocket, but in a pocket dimension where he leaves the objects he has taken and huddles them there. This dimension is divided into smaller ones like a peg and when a thing he simply opens and takes what he wants. (By the way I'm Brazilian so I had to use the translator)😶👌

  33. Robin Brand

    Robin Brand6 giorni fa

    What about shulker boxes? Can't you make normal chest into shulker boxes so that this whole thing repeats a few million times more?

  34. Theresa Coleman

    Theresa Coleman6 giorni fa

    Seven words Ender chest Shulker box Donkey with chest

  35. Pros Lola shd

    Pros Lola shd6 giorni fa

    He can carry 64 gold blocks but he can't carry 17 egg, snowball or ender pearl Ironic

  36. Bob Bjbi

    Bob Bjbi6 giorni fa

    Your wrong it’s blockheads

  37. Levferno

    Levferno6 giorni fa

    This entire time he’s only been playing human.

  38. Vertan keyyy

    Vertan keyyy7 giorni fa

    I like matpatt more

  39. MiniBeast 4000

    MiniBeast 40007 giorni fa

    "Steve is the strongest fictional character" Yet he dies to silverfish.

  40. Ronan Bhatt

    Ronan Bhatt7 giorni fa

    wait.. has he heard of ender chests and shulker boxes? oh god I shouldn't have said that.

  41. Patrick Stamos

    Patrick Stamos8 giorni fa

    Austin makes all the best videos

  42. McVillain80

    McVillain808 giorni fa

    Should we tell him about shulker boxes

  43. Seth Baker

    Seth Baker9 giorni fa

    Day 1 of telling Game Theory a theory is wrong: in the Minecraft theory of how much weight Steve can hold, Austin says gold blocks are the heaviest thing in the game. Well that's way off; some of you who played before golden apples were nerfed might remember that you could craft notch apples. How? You needed an apple or golden apple (I forget which) and 8 gold blocks in the crafting table to create ONE notch apple, which means that the notch apple is over EIGHT TIMES HEAVIER than the gold blocks. Checkmate, Game Theory!

  44. Kevin Playz

    Kevin Playz10 giorni fa

    Also Ender Chest, A Pocket Dimensional Portal. I think a stack of ender chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest inside a chest is heavier than what you calculated. Plus the mobs in Minecraft are Rideable...

  45. Kevin Playz

    Kevin Playz10 giorni fa

    tbh tho, Steve and Alex can ride Horses and also pigs and almost every mobs (With Commands or enabled game rules(maybe)). Is that mean that the Minecraft Mobs are stronger than anything?

  46. Sheridan Reyes

    Sheridan Reyes11 giorni fa

    What even happened to MatPat? My mind: “He ded, *d e d* ded from all this *SCIENCE* “

  47. X perduction's

    X perduction's11 giorni fa

    Superman just shat him self

  48. CreenelMC

    CreenelMC11 giorni fa

    Also there's shulker boxes.

  49. Tate Mize

    Tate Mize12 giorni fa

    The entire universe: Kills Steve Steve:i'mma just respawn The universe:Is death a joke to you

  50. Isaac Lepischak

    Isaac Lepischak5 giorni fa

    Well yes, but actually no cuz I’m in hardcore

  51. Pure_Steve _1153

    Pure_Steve _11536 giorni fa

    Well yes, and more of a joke in creative mode

  52. sharkking angel

    sharkking angel12 giorni fa

    What would happen if you put a shulker box of gold blocks in a shulker of 27 gold blocks in 27 shulkers in 27 shulkers in a shulker

  53. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford12 giorni fa

    *brain in agony noises*

  54. XxAgent D3kuXx

    XxAgent D3kuXx12 giorni fa

    Terraria: am I a joke to you?

  55. szsmix

    szsmix13 giorni fa

    smelting wouldn't take 2 and 1/2 days wtf u on about.

  56. Alfred

    Alfred13 giorni fa

    Yet Steve and Alex get killed by some anvil or some punches from a zombie

  57. Alfred

    Alfred13 giorni fa

    Shulkers filled with gold filled shulker boxes

  58. Trisha

    Trisha14 giorni fa

    The Minecraft character can also wear armor on top of carrying all of those boxes.

  59. Owen's Hot Spot

    Owen's Hot Spot14 giorni fa

    Instead of some weird bug you could have used shucker boxes, wich don’t drop items when you break it and can go in the inventory and probably weighs more then chests.

  60. J-R B

    J-R B15 giorni fa

    This is the kind of content I subscribed for. Loved this!

  61. Alphabety Spaghetti

    Alphabety Spaghetti15 giorni fa

    Steve gave his dad the talk

  62. Prokercher Gaming

    Prokercher Gaming16 giorni fa

    But can he jump on 1 block high fences

  63. Laser Slice

    Laser Slice16 giorni fa

    Steve can carry 999999+ universes, but his punch only does 0.5 damage.