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    JOSEF BORG7 giorni fa

    @Subscribe To me For no Reason ❶ That was his secret plan... to scoop up all the girls in one holiday! LOL

  3. Travis Limers

    Travis Limers7 giorni fa

    Didnt send it

  4. Beat T-Series With One Video Challenge

    Beat T-Series With One Video Challenge7 giorni fa

    Anyone else think he actually could sing really well if he wasn't memeing?

  5. North Eastern Dragger

    North Eastern Dragger7 giorni fa

    I'm actually practicing on bass

  6. Dat wholesome Gurl UwU

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  7. Pp Jackson

    Pp Jackson18 ore fa

    I don't like piaple pizza (;

  8. Best Looping

    Best Looping20 ore fa

    Unbass hands reveal.

  9. Damir Asainov

    Damir Asainov20 ore fa

    Но что делать если мой краш не знает английский и не поймет суть?

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    Like my comment now or I will call the police

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    This nearly killed me haha

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    I send this to my crush but she blocked me 🤦‍♂️☹

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    I sent this to my gf and she left me Because she wants Davie504 now :( not epic

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    thumbnail looks like thanos

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    Yoji no

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    no u

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    Oh my god I'm in love😂😂😂

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    This is the song that i want my date to sing I have no date

  23. Cristian López

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    I like your B-ASS :')

  24. sherbertstar64

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    I was about to send this to my crush then she got with another guy

  25. Colby Neale

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    The name of the song is send nudes

  26. Pat Mehan

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    can't go 1 minute without B A S S checkmate no bass players

  27. Manuel 412

    Manuel 412Giorno fa

    Name of the original song please?

  28. Kaden Nichols

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    40 string bass now plz

  29. Randy Yusuf

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    Don't have special one. But i hope Mia Khalifa and Maria Ozawa would respond to my "P" feeling if i send this.

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    I liked this.

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    Slap that b-ass

  32. Raggo

    RaggoGiorno fa

    I want to learn to play this song... What are the chords? (B - A - S - S, yes I know!) But seriously, it has the chords Bb - Eb - F - Ab but what is it - etc? I have played this song all night, but can not find all the chords. Help appreciated! My favourite youtuBe-video from now on! Thanks for the great song! --------- Found chords online! Verses: Bb - F -Bb - Eb Bb - D - Gm - Eb - Bb (C - F) Chorus: Gb - Db - Gb Gb - F - F7 Now I just have to manage to figure it out. :)

  33. Danilo Matos

    Danilo MatosGiorno fa

    Very impressive, but you can play Dance Monkey?

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    Original pls

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    What's the original song?

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    You know slap. That was montage in start. He was rly jerk***!

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    Que hace Kiko del chavo del 8 tocando el bajo?

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    what is this WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE

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    @Adrian Boroša ik

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    No one : you: joined last hour

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    42,069 blinks exactly

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    1:35 that's kinda sick

  44. Awesome Boys | JPTV

    Awesome Boys | JPTVGiorno fa

    Waiting for Davie504 judging videos: 1. Unknown Bassline Challenge 2. Davie504 Guitar Cover 3. Davie504 Epic Battle

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    You can have my Cut Pee :D

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    Meu deus como esse homem pode ser tão bonito e feio ao mesmo tempo?

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    Lol, alway love you Davie

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    Ah yes I see ur a man of culture as well

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    Quality content.........slap a huge like

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    Avanti Savoia

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    00:40 you’re welcome 😂

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    Sent this to my crush. Now she's my girlfriend

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    I sent this to my crush and now we're dating '-'

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    thanks bro because of this song i got a girlfriend

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    I wasn’t READY


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    Da hell

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    I sent this vedio to my lover, she said you are cute......emm

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    This guy looks cute

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    Sent this in my class chat, now I'm a hentai protagonist

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    Minchia finalmente qualcuno per cui posso dire di essere fiera di essere italiana!!!!

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    Davie504: my D is so long Me: DOPPI SENSI :O