Superman: Red Son - Exclusive Official Batman Clip

The Soviet Batman is a stone-cold killer as depicted in this scene from Warner Bros. Animation and DC's feature-length animated film, Superman: Red Son.

The Warner Bros. Home Entertainment release arrives on Digital starting February 25, 2020, and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack and Blu-ray Combo Pack on March 17, 2020.

Based on DC's famed Elseworlds tale from 2003, Superman: Red Son takes place in an alternate reality where the spaceship bearing the last survivor of Krypton crash lands - not in rural Kansas, but in Stalinist Russia. Can this Cold War-era Earth survive the coming of a Soviet Superman?


  1. robin martin

    robin martin12 giorni fa

    That wasn’t even 10 seconds! It was like 6!

  2. Stone the Statue

    Stone the Statue17 giorni fa

    U know what?that batman voice actor is Our beloved Ezio and sonic actor.....Roger craig smith

  3. mart Mandred

    mart Mandred17 giorni fa

    "Really? When we're all his pets. Animals in a carefully constructed cage. He may feed and shelter everyone, but the only freedom we have is to be exactly what he wants us to be. To do exactly as he wants us to do. The only answer to this world of perfect order is Chaos. We have to blow the entire system apart." Savage and badass at the same time. Well done, comrade.

  4. Kas

    Kas7 giorni fa

    @mart Mandred everyone? You're outta touch. I know this seems silly to argue about, but it's really subjective. I loved the comic. They just went for shock value in this.

  5. mart Mandred

    mart Mandred7 giorni fa

    @Kas There's nothing bad about watching this. Everyone likes it.

  6. Kas

    Kas9 giorni fa

    @mart Mandred but you watch dumbed down cartoons? You can enjoy both

  7. mart Mandred

    mart Mandred12 giorni fa

    @Kas Sorry, but I don't read comics.

  8. Kas

    Kas15 giorni fa

    Read the comic. It's worded better, plus Batman isn't a genocidal maniac. What's badass about killing innocent/defenseless people?

  9. Berries 20

    Berries 2017 giorni fa

    Blyatman is visibly a mix of Joker & regular Batman. Has Batman's ambitious ideals, but Joker's rage and insanity towards someone he deems responsible for his suffering & death of his loved ones.

  10. Michael Vintimilla

    Michael Vintimilla19 giorni fa

    Soviet Batman gets me hard

  11. Shido Kusunagi

    Shido Kusunagi20 giorni fa

    I wish he didn't die.... there were so much potential could've happen between the two alternate characters in russia.

  12. Eduardo Macias

    Eduardo Macias21 giorno fa

    Go 🇺🇸

  13. Magentapurple YAP

    Magentapurple YAP22 giorni fa

    I know that this is a different version of Batman, but *HOLY SMOKE!!*

  14. gaming shippuden

    gaming shippuden22 giorni fa

    not 10 seconds

  15. James Parker

    James Parker22 giorni fa

    That wasn't even 10 seconds.

  16. Nate nelson

    Nate nelson23 giorni fa

    Roger Craig Smith is also the voice of ezio and I didn’t notice until I saw an episode of regular show where he does the voice of Thomas the Russian spy and I could hear a little bit of ezio in it

  17. Recht_voor_zijn_raap

    Recht_voor_zijn_raap25 giorni fa

    Batman doesn't kill. Well he does in this universe. And a lot.... And a lot of innocent people.....

  18. Kragar01

    Kragar0125 giorni fa

    Well the speech was pointless if you are immediately going to blow up everyone who just heard it.

  19. Oz_Tee X23

    Oz_Tee X2326 giorni fa

    Blyat man vs cyka man

  20. Mack Lee

    Mack Lee26 giorni fa

    When he said it'll explode in 10 minutes, I thought ok, that's reasonable of him. A few seconds later, I was like Daaaaaamn 😵😱

  21. Kas

    Kas15 giorni fa

    I was like damn....why didn't he give them time like in the comic....

  22. deathknightrevan

    deathknightrevan26 giorni fa

    Says 10 minutes, says he meant 10 seconds, blows it in 6 seconds.

  23. Diego Bojorquez

    Diego Bojorquez26 giorni fa

    Batman+Vodka= Kabooom!!

  24. Moses Lalmuanpuia

    Moses Lalmuanpuia26 giorni fa

    BLYAT !!

  25. James Bond

    James Bond27 giorni fa

    Hey, at least this Batman is not Bruce Wayne

  26. Victorious Vehicon

    Victorious Vehicon27 giorni fa

    Now we need a "Batman: Red Son" to balance things out.

  27. Victorious Vehicon

    Victorious Vehicon27 giorni fa

    I truly believe that Superman had the best intentions in mind. And, let's face it, under his leadership, the country was doing well. There will always be people like Batman, if you've seen the film, that will question, and rightfully so, so-called benevolent dictatorships, because distrust for authority is only natural, especially in human nature.


    EXMAXPOWER26 giorni fa

    in real life if an alien came to earth and says he would give us shelter and food for everyone and in general he would improve the lives of all of us in exchange for obeying his laws, believe me that more than half the planet would agree. all third world countries would agree, as well as all the poor people in the world.

  29. dmaxcustom

    dmaxcustom27 giorni fa

    The dark knight powered by stronk vodka

  30. Prasanth G

    Prasanth G27 giorni fa

    After Serbian war , Niko bellic moved to Russia with all the money he earned in liberty city and became the batman.

  31. Mr peanutbutter

    Mr peanutbutter28 giorni fa

    Spoiler. Why did they decide to kill of Batman. He could had a nice story arc

  32. Mr stecdude123

    Mr stecdude12328 giorni fa

    For a second I thought ezio was in the film XD

  33. jimijuu omastar

    jimijuu omastar28 giorni fa

    Wait, when did the Wayne family move to Soviet Russia....

  34. AR - 08CS - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473)

    AR - 08CS - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473)27 giorni fa

    It’s not the actual Batman I think.

  35. soultiger 267

    soultiger 26728 giorni fa

    Man Why Not Make An Animated DC Movie Based On Injustice?

  36. leo b

    leo b28 giorni fa

    He killed a child

  37. Frozen Pines

    Frozen Pines28 giorni fa


  38. cattata01 YT-_-

    cattata01 YT-_-28 giorni fa

    Blyat man:yall got 10 minutes. Woman:ok guys every out of the- Blyat man:hey guys my thumbs falling asleep so um,10 seconds.

  39. Elian Bogado

    Elian Bogado28 giorni fa

    Asi es como lo hacemos en la madre rusia

  40. GP

    GP28 giorni fa

    American Batman is hero, Soviet Batman is villain. not surprised XD

  41. Green Penguin07

    Green Penguin0729 giorni fa

    Batman: i'm the night Blyatman: we are the night

  42. Cristian Carrasco

    Cristian Carrasco29 giorni fa

    You know? If he was going to blow up the museum at 10 seconds, the speech seems irrelevant. Everyone would die anyways 🤷‍♂️ PS: in the comic, soviet Batman wasnt portrayed as a killer btw.

  43. The Motley Channel

    The Motley Channel29 giorni fa

    Relentlessly savage in Soviet Russia - brill!

  44. Vasilij Rappana

    Vasilij Rappana29 giorni fa

    Superman opressed people to sustain the system, you kill people to destroy it. Only because you suffered in Gulag doesn’t make you any better, than Superman.

  45. Red king

    Red king29 giorni fa


  46. Billy Mount II

    Billy Mount II29 giorni fa

    Russian Barbara Gordon??

  47. Tyler Natividad

    Tyler Natividad29 giorni fa

    I'm trying to think of a Fallout joke relating to this, but I can't think of anything.

  48. Natal Kumar

    Natal Kumar29 giorni fa

    Superman is Son of Bernie Sanders.

  49. Carlos Villarreal

    Carlos Villarreal29 giorni fa


  50. Richard D

    Richard D29 giorni fa

    I get why Superman is Russian in this Universe, because he crash landed there instead of America, but how is batman Russian? He's still Bruce Wayne right?

  51. chilli dog

    chilli dog29 giorni fa

    Russian batman best batman

  52. Irene Price

    Irene Price29 giorni fa

  53. Akhilesh K

    Akhilesh K29 giorni fa

    Batman would be pissed off with Russia's Batman.

  54. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost29 giorni fa

    In Russia, Batman kills you

  55. Adrian Carballoza

    Adrian Carballoza29 giorni fa

    Ah!!! A batman that gets the job done

  56. Total Creative Gaming

    Total Creative Gaming29 giorni fa

    Damn, Bats, your ruthless. I like it. Interesting take of the Dark Knight

  57. Muaaz Akbar

    Muaaz Akbar29 giorni fa

    NO NO NO NO NO NO oh wait he is Russian -any American

  58. DB5tothehive

    DB5tothehiveMese fa

    Wait...does this movie have the same composer from the first Dead to Rights videogame? The song that starts playing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a> sounds realllly similar to the the below song from Dead to Rights.



    Isso mesmo,lugar de comunista e no inferno...

  60. dbzking02

    dbzking02Mese fa

    "Minutes, seconds, you know how bad I can be at math."

  61. Budi Prasetyo

    Budi PrasetyoMese fa

    accent batman ????????

  62. mart Mandred

    mart Mandred21 giorno fa


  63. Murad Sheshani

    Murad SheshaniMese fa

    Red Son .. Starting .. Bruce Wainovich .. and Clark Kentov

  64. Captain Gryphon

    Captain GryphonMese fa

    BethMan has clearing been overdosing on Vodka and Pashtiet😂😂😂

  65. Btw Gg

    Btw GgMese fa

    BLYAT Man Vs SUKA Man

  66. Abdul Aziz

    Abdul AzizMese fa

    This movie is blaming Male as hard as it's gets. Mans did that, man did this

  67. Eric Ruckenbrod

    Eric RuckenbrodMese fa

    The bats i like

  68. Space Ghost Vibes

    Space Ghost VibesMese fa

    I’m just gonna say it Batman being Russian a lot more entertaining than the American version Imo

  69. TheEliteNinja

    TheEliteNinjaMese fa

    *Russian accent* SHEVVVVA

  70. N7Bane12000

    N7Bane12000Mese fa

    Wouldn’t Batman still be American? Just bc Clarke landed in Russia wouldn’t change Bruce is from Gotham?

  71. Greeny Wolf

    Greeny WolfMese fa

  72. hologram setting

    hologram settingMese fa

    I'm not sure why but my mind is reading the comment section in Russian accent

  73. hellatze

    hellatzeMese fa

    KGB man

  74. dj ikr

    dj ikrMese fa

    Batman is a bi*ch in this movie

  75. John Anderson

    John AndersonMese fa

    Damn, lol.

  76. Tyler Jhonson

    Tyler JhonsonMese fa

    I hate how they keep trying to turn Batman into a bad guy, when everyone knows that he does not ever kill, its his one and only rule.

  77. Ephraim • 69 years ago • Updated

    Ephraim • 69 years ago • Updated28 giorni fa

    This is The Batman, this is Blyat Mankov

  78. vampricyoda

    vampricyodaMese fa

    .....Wat. Even in the Red Son comic itself he gave them time to leave.

  79. logan05

    logan05Mese fa

    So it's communist Batman?

  80. kOoLppT191

    kOoLppT191Mese fa


  81. geardog24

    geardog24Mese fa

    Injustice Superman vs Russian Batman

  82. Elly Hex

    Elly HexMese fa

    That was kinda badass

  83. pledgesDenise blubbermanvan Velzen

    pledgesDenise blubbermanvan VelzenMese fa

  84. Johnny

    JohnnyMese fa

    Facts: Christian Bale's Batman kills and he killed more than Keaton and Affleck

  85. Efreetom Efreetom

    Efreetom Efreetom26 giorni fa

    What about Kilmer and Clooney? They nearly killed the franchise

  86. Barend Visser

    Barend VisserMese fa

    Uh... awesome scene but why did he make a speech to people he was going to kill? Did anyone who heard his message actually survive? How exactly did he hear the woman inside to comment on what she was saying? This is a clear way to show the audience what Russian Batman is all about but the theatrics make no sense. I hope there is an explanation for all of this in the movie.

  87. AndyP Previews

    AndyP PreviewsMese fa

    Darkseid to Batman: You kill your own kind to get what you want, an admirable quality. Apply to both hero and villian Batman i think.

  88. Hùng Nguyễn Đức

    Hùng Nguyễn ĐứcMese fa

    I swear the boy from Gulag was young Batman. When Superman visited, his parent were dead in the background, and when he stood up to Superman, there's a bunch of bats flying everywhere.

  89. Murcaroni Salad

    Murcaroni SaladMese fa

    Nahh. He doesn't kill anyone. Commies don't count. Murrica

  90. Robert

    RobertMese fa

    So when Superman is a communist Batman well be a anarchist

  91. DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    DJ Akademiks Supreme HoodieMese fa