Tana Mongeau Gets Back At Her Cheating Ex | Episode 1 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

Already on a journey to rebuild her reputation following 2018’s disastrous TanaCon, Tana Mongeau reclaims her future (plus, seeks a little revenge) in the midst of a bad break-up and her looming 21st birthday.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. New episodes premiere Mondays on MTV ITgos.


  1. MTV

    MTV3 mesi fa

    Ashly and Imari reveal their #GreatestPartyStoryEver in VEGAS! itgos.info/video/q6Ck1ISxaZRng7s.html ❤️

  2. Meme master :0

    Meme master :010 ore fa

    Remember when you guys did music

  3. Rachel Quinn

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  4. Lana Yang

    Lana Yang3 ore fa

    "It was a lot for HER to go through" 🙄

  5. Tyray Smith

    Tyray SmithGiorno fa

    Shes like a king

  6. Tyray Smith

    Tyray SmithGiorno fa

    Tana a bossy ass bitch

  7. Lyrically

    LyricallyGiorno fa

    I hate people like Tana

  8. Lyrically

    LyricallyGiorno fa

    Ur life's crumbling...... Bitch calm tf down u don't have problems

  9. kitty love

    kitty loveGiorno fa

    Take a shot everytime she says "like"...

  10. ginger pauline

    ginger paulineGiorno fa

    who else is binging during quarantine?

  11. The Real Gordon Ramsay

    The Real Gordon Ramsay3 giorni fa

    Cringe vanity brutal societal death 💀

  12. Ida Nienhardt

    Ida Nienhardt3 giorni fa

    Is this the girl who married one of the Logans?

  13. Monica Yanez

    Monica Yanez3 giorni fa

    How does Tana have her own MTV show showing her real body but her dumb ass fans continue to keep gobbling up the ones she posts on her instagram . This is proof she photoshops too much and they keep believing it. I guess stupid people make other stupid people famous

  14. Nelson Alfaro

    Nelson Alfaro4 giorni fa

    Oh my God I love tana so much because she legit said that everything on her is fake and flammable so like Giiiirl I feel you on that part ahaha:D #tanamogeau #forLIFE # YESSSBITCHHHHHHHHxD

  15. sonjaya maulana

    sonjaya maulana4 giorni fa

    Mtv today is trash. Yo mtv did you remembee when you use to be cool with mtv unplugged.

  16. Catann

    Catann5 giorni fa

    Jordan has a “glitter bitch” subscription!!? Lol 😂

  17. armed dane

    armed dane5 giorni fa

    Zane and Tana would be amazing !!

  18. betzany zuniga

    betzany zuniga5 giorni fa

    I’m 22 and this girl is making every early 20 year old look bad 😭

  19. holly Spence

    holly Spence6 giorni fa

    WTF is wrong with all you damn kids then be mean to her wow just wow WTF IS UP WITH YOU KIDS NOW AND DAY OH BOOOHOOO YOU SAT OUT IN THE SUN.... YOU DID ... YOU Didn't HAVE TO YA DUMB BITCHS SHE IS STILL A FUCKING PERSON

  20. Godfrey Okafor

    Godfrey Okafor7 giorni fa

    Tana: I feel like I'm actually going crazy because I'm not having sex like you know!!! In Jordan's head:bitch are you fr

  21. unicorn princess versa

    unicorn princess versa8 giorni fa

    ByE SiStEr

  22. Veronica Robledo

    Veronica Robledo8 giorni fa

    Tana is only about to turn 21!!!!! , But she looks like shes in her 30s

  23. Melissa Sippa

    Melissa Sippa9 giorni fa

    awwww, Jordan is wearing Tana's merch

  24. Charles Burnham

    Charles Burnham10 giorni fa

    Jordan takes so much shit from her😂😬

  25. K

    K10 giorni fa

    Honestly, she is just ordinary looking white girl. I think that's why she has a lot of subscribers. Ordinary is popular.

  26. Jessica Bosse

    Jessica Bosse11 giorni fa

    Who is tana and what is she known for? I just started watching

  27. Andrew Griffin

    Andrew Griffin11 giorni fa

    That was great for the environment .

  28. Deanoss Last

    Deanoss Last12 giorni fa

    All these kids deserve it for lining up for a nobody.

  29. Maddison Lindley

    Maddison Lindley12 giorni fa

    Skinny dogs scare me

  30. Nicole Grace

    Nicole Grace12 giorni fa

    their dog is horrendous

  31. Sarita Salomon

    Sarita Salomon12 giorni fa


  32. 38skate masturbate

    38skate masturbate12 giorni fa

    "I feel like I'm the wild child" LOL don't flatter yourself hunny. Why do people like this muppet? I literally have no words 😶

  33. Hannah Highness

    Hannah Highness9 giorni fa


  34. nae meh

    nae meh14 giorni fa

    love imari and ashly so much

  35. Drema

    Drema14 giorni fa

    She’s awful

  36. Alycia Riley

    Alycia Riley14 giorni fa

    Those poses where not sexy hon more cringe

  37. Nana TK

    Nana TK14 giorni fa

    This show made me stop being a fan

  38. Eve

    Eve15 giorni fa

    Ok, but what's with ashli or whatever her name is, and those tops??

  39. BtS cRaCK

    BtS cRaCK15 giorni fa

    Whoever dog that is I can tell they spent more money on surgery than feeding they dog 🤭

  40. Lily hernandez

    Lily hernandez15 giorni fa

    Wait wtf she’s 21

  41. syed sunny syed asmani

    syed sunny syed asmani17 giorni fa

    Don't show so very little path, show the whole things, so that you can get 1st title of "TOP NUDE CHEEKY CHICKEN" value your life priced your moral while you're still capable of doing so!

  42. syed sunny syed asmani

    syed sunny syed asmani17 giorni fa

    She turns 21 and the rest I don't, and the next step will be turned to a porn star, that will be the top of 1,000,000,000 spectators loved to watch I presumed.

  43. Talia Gonzalez

    Talia Gonzalez17 giorni fa

    i love how much shit everyone’s giving Tana in the comments under this MTV episode, but all of y’all stayed to watch & are probably going to watch the next one… so i don’t want to hear anyone complaining about how this is just an “extended version of her vlogs”… obviously it’s not... it’s a new point of view, & it’s honestly kind of entertaining… in the same way that kuwtk is entertaining... they’re absolute narcissists, but we still blindly watch them 💀

  44. PrincessAdriGirl

    PrincessAdriGirl17 giorni fa

    It’s such a strange realization that I’m older than Tana. But I can sure as hell say I never acted like that at 20 yrs old 😂 oof

  45. Dondon Oligo

    Dondon Oligo17 giorni fa


  46. Mikayla Stai

    Mikayla Stai19 giorni fa

    when only half of the bad words are censored

  47. Gringa Maluca

    Gringa Maluca19 giorni fa

    The burning of that cushion could well be what started Tana’s athsma.


    TONG JIA SENG19 giorni fa

    How bout donating it to thrift stores.

  49. Erbie Musik

    Erbie Musik19 giorni fa

    shes so ugly without makeup

  50. Natalie

    Natalie20 giorni fa

    When is this "clothing line" coming out?

  51. Melisa L

    Melisa L22 giorni fa

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Tana and her squad: having a cult session in her back yard and burning team tens pillow

  52. Tetsu de Rothchild

    Tetsu de Rothchild25 giorni fa

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  53. 8 Letter Lie

    8 Letter Lie25 giorni fa

    This is what's wrong with the world. Fucking bunch of dumb asses.

  54. Juliet&Klaus Mikaelson

    Juliet&Klaus Mikaelson27 giorni fa

    honestly, tanacon wasn't really even her fault cause a shit ton of people who weren't supposed to show up and never got tickets came

  55. Jocelyn McCormick

    Jocelyn McCormick27 giorni fa

    Sounds like she did a "fyre fest"

  56. Jakir Sells man

    Jakir Sells man29 giorni fa


  57. McKenzie Myers

    McKenzie MyersMese fa

    “the whole bushel” had me weak 😭😭💀

  58. Jasmine Karki

    Jasmine KarkiMese fa

    Jordan is literally wearing jana merch wtff

  59. tonksnjoy Satan

    tonksnjoy SatanMese fa

    Lowkey why is the pic she's taking to advertise her thong the EXACT opposite of sexy?

  60. Jeferson Onofre

    Jeferson OnofreMese fa


  61. MLGxWeezyy

    MLGxWeezyyMese fa

    Literally who watches this?

  62. MLGxWeezyy

    MLGxWeezyyMese fa

    Tana = the most superficial and fakest female of all time

  63. MLGxWeezyy

    MLGxWeezyyMese fa

    Her manager literally can’t stand her lmao

  64. MLGxWeezyy

    MLGxWeezyyMese fa

    Tana looks like a walking bottle of make up lmao bet you couldn’t even recognize her without makeup. The biggest clout chaser in the world

  65. XxUnkown OoftxX

    XxUnkown OoftxXMese fa

    Pollution is up in this bitch

  66. queensryche52

    queensryche52Mese fa

    You’re so hot

  67. tom

    tomMese fa

    “legally drink together” wild tana, wild.

  68. Stacy Harryman

    Stacy HarrymanMese fa

    It’s looman!!!

  69. Megan Leigh

    Megan LeighMese fa

    Wtf she looks much older. Haven’t seen her in a long time. Guess it’s that Hollywood fillers n crap they do to themselves.

  70. chance Williams

    chance WilliamsMese fa


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  72. John Pigeon

    John PigeonMese fa

    Another ignorant person spouting ignorant stupidity. Why do people tune into this brain drain? See ya.

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  75. Miley Pereira

    Miley PereiraMese fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>🤣

  76. Vinay Prabhakaran

    Vinay PrabhakaranMese fa

    What a bunch of whose

  77. Bren idk

    Bren idkMese fa

    Come on Tana, open your eyes to see how bad they played you and show us the real beautiful and loving Tana we all know you are, thankfully all your fans do know what went down. So they still love you.. But come on, be the you we wanna see, get more fans that way.

  78. Lime Strawberry

    Lime StrawberryMese fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="514">8:34</a> “ yes ghandi “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Joëlle Damen

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  80. Fernando Ibarra

    Fernando IbarraMese fa

    Mtv is wackk..she a cool girl but damm mtv aint got nothing interesting anymore. #Musictelevision 👎 This is like showtime

  81. DAVIT *21# GAMING

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  82. Damn Google

    Damn GoogleMese fa

    nbk tana?

  83. Stefi Mikova

    Stefi MikovaMese fa

    So spoiled and cheap girl ... bad educated , fake and bad example for the girls around the world ... wtf is happening with the world 🤦🏽‍♀️