The Weeknd - In Your Eyes Remix feat. Doja Cat (Audio)

Official audio for The Weeknd's “In Your Eyes” Remix feat. Doja Cat - available everywhere now:
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  1. bubbles winter

    bubbles winter11 ore fa

    I will allways love this song and the weeknds music no matter what scandal happens with the weeknd

  2. Beauty Soul Tarot

    Beauty Soul Tarot11 ore fa

    Abel does such a good job💕

  3. la louve du 77 lol

    la louve du 77 lol11 ore fa

    Love 😙😙😙😙💖💟👍

  4. MattDiBenedettofan77 1

    MattDiBenedettofan77 111 ore fa

    I'm glad that I found Doja when she first came out and not thru tik tok

  5. Black Nekochi

    Black Nekochi12 ore fa

    The bass totally sounds like the one from Adventure of a Lifetime

  6. N Napoleon

    N Napoleon12 ore fa

    Doja's cat killed it... press repeat 😍

  7. CrimsonRed Roses

    CrimsonRed Roses12 ore fa

    Wether you hate Doja or not, the music should still be appreciated. That's all I gotta say 🤷‍♀️

  8. Santiago Repil

    Santiago Repil13 ore fa

    ¡Me encanto tanto la canción es muy hermosa!

  9. Gilson Cristiano

    Gilson Cristiano13 ore fa

    Perfect Song!

  10. Sam Hammer

    Sam Hammer14 ore fa

    nicki minaj + cardi b = Doja Cat

  11. Jerome Cassell

    Jerome Cassell14 ore fa

    Best song I've heard since 2020

  12. Sam Hammer

    Sam Hammer14 ore fa

    god how his voice is like the voice of Michael Jackson

  13. Viviane Ngadjeu

    Viviane Ngadjeu14 ore fa

    It’s rascist

  14. Flying Dragon 555

    Flying Dragon 55512 ore fa

    It’s isn’t people are not paying attention and doing their research. They believe everything they hear on Twitter...It’s not right..

  15. Theo Samoila

    Theo Samoila13 ore fa


  16. Educando desde Casa

    Educando desde Casa15 ore fa

    me gusta mas que la original... cada día aportando mínimo con 10 reproducciones...

  17. Juliana Forrest

    Juliana Forrest16 ore fa

    oh helllllllllllll fix that right now

  18. Charly views

    Charly views18 ore fa

    Whose eyes are on the video? Doja cat are they yours?

  19. Pedro Sandro

    Pedro Sandro17 ore fa check out her new song.. raps at 2 mins 10

  20. SHADOW

    SHADOW19 ore fa

    hot16chalenge pls

  21. Anna Maria

    Anna Maria19 ore fa

    I thank The Weekend so much, because he is always the one who gave me peace. He is really helping me with my emotions and fighting the depression.

  22. Reimchen Maryna

    Reimchen Maryna20 ore fa


  23. misolou fout

    misolou fout18 ore fa

  24. JustRiver

    JustRiver21 ora fa

    Abel you are the new king of pop

  25. Tuân Nhat Truong

    Tuân Nhat Truong21 ora fa

  26. misolou fout

    misolou fout18 ore fa

    surprised how good this song is 😳

  27. Alena Chavez

    Alena Chavez21 ora fa

    :0 this is very *delicate*

  28. Tanga Designs

    Tanga Designs21 ora fa

    Nostalgic Song this could go in 80’s Songs it’s no longer for 2020

  29. Pedro Sandro

    Pedro Sandro17 ore fa check out her new song.. raps at 2 mins 10

  30. Tanga Designs

    Tanga Designs21 ora fa

    Nostalgic Song this could go in 80’s Songs it’s no longer for 2020

  31. Lorenzo Corrieri

    Lorenzo Corrieri22 ore fa


  32. CallMeLucifer

    CallMeLucifer22 ore fa

    The weekend makes a song Doja cat ruins it Doja cat doesnt show tiddies Doja cat is cancelled

  33. Jeremiah Simmons

    Jeremiah Simmons15 ore fa

    She didn't ruin it and she was never cancelled that doesn't

  34. Pranav

    Pranav23 ore fa


  35. James Lee

    James LeeGiorno fa

    pray for me by the weeknd with black panther montage:

  36. i H9W6

    i H9W6Giorno fa

    Arcade songs 😍

  37. medhat nagy

    medhat nagyGiorno fa

    The Weekend regretting this collab alone in his room

  38. Leito uwu

    Leito uwuGiorno fa

    i still loving Doja Cat

  39. Jeremiah Simmons

    Jeremiah Simmons14 ore fa

    She was never cancelled

  40. Pedro Sandro

    Pedro Sandro17 ore fa check out her new song.. raps at 2 mins 10

  41. Larissa Oliveira

    Larissa OliveiraGiorno fa

    Pqp que música Maravilhosaa❤❤

  42. Amanda Goins

    Amanda GoinsGiorno fa

    Loving the 80s vibes in this 💕💕

  43. Pedro Sandro

    Pedro Sandro17 ore fa check out her new song.. raps at 2 mins 10

  44. Datu Saudi Gayao

    Datu Saudi GayaoGiorno fa

    surprised how good this song is 😳

  45. AwaNeko!

    AwaNeko!Giorno fa

  46. Isabella

    IsabellaGiorno fa

    I like how the style of his songs are like 80's songs

  47. XX Meth BS

    XX Meth BSGiorno fa


  48. Arikison

    ArikisonGiorno fa

    Mad stranger things season 4 vibes

  49. Aylla Guimarães

    Aylla GuimarãesGiorno fa

    Love music. Brasilll🎯

  50. Potato Chip

    Potato ChipGiorno fa

    Ok I’m confused did she actually do what people are saying she did 🤧

  51. Tevinn Tanner

    Tevinn TannerGiorno fa


  52. StarchaserArya

    StarchaserAryaGiorno fa


  53. This Isn’t America

    This Isn’t AmericaGiorno fa

    Only the real fans remember when this video was made for kids lmaoooooooo

  54. James Baldwin

    James BaldwinGiorno fa

    What happened to this guy

  55. Christopher Clemente

    Christopher ClementeGiorno fa

    The weekend made the biggest comeback in history

  56. Qandeel Hussain

    Qandeel HussainGiorno fa

    Ok who wasn't totally expecting this??

  57. Miroslaw Bryniak

    Miroslaw BryniakGiorno fa


  58. Dulce Arrecis

    Dulce ArrecisGiorno fa

    The weeknd y doja cat hacen una hermosa pareja like si hacen una hermosa pareja y si no comenta por que 🙌🙌💕💕

  59. Djazes Yessiirr

    Djazes YessiirrGiorno fa

    She’s dope great voice and vibe

  60. Splash Lyrics

    Splash LyricsGiorno fa

    Help me make some subs☹️

  61. Jovan Mitanoski

    Jovan MitanoskiGiorno fa

    i hate that the remix is not gonna do well because of the fake shit about doja

  62. AceTimey

    AceTimey12 ore fa

    I agree with you 100% she debunked all rumors so everyone should leave her alone

  63. Jessica Peralta

    Jessica PeraltaGiorno fa


  64. Graciela Rodriguez

    Graciela RodriguezGiorno fa

    I'm in love with Doja's part! your doing great sweetie

  65. Fabiaan Vergara

    Fabiaan VergaraGiorno fa

    I think doja is more versatily than megan, yes megan can rap very well but her flow is always the same, and doja all the songs sound different, juicy, boss bitch, in your eyes, say yo she sound very well in every song I love how she change her floww

  66. just random sh*t

    just random sh*tGiorno fa

    Why would the weeknd allow this to happen

  67. just random sh*t

    just random sh*tGiorno fa

    Shes racist towards her own men. The weeknd should never done this collab

  68. Kyran Roberts

    Kyran Roberts19 ore fa

    it was literally all fake

  69. Orlando Hernandez Garcia

    Orlando Hernandez GarciaGiorno fa

    you know almost all that shit about her being racist is fake?

  70. Flying Dragon 555

    Flying Dragon 555Giorno fa

    She’s actually not there was a smear campaign against her

  71. Valeria OC

    Valeria OCGiorno fa

    I never imagined this

  72. Hasana Zaki

    Hasana ZakiGiorno fa

    I like both version, with or without doja both are awesome. It's on repeat 💕💕

  73. Hasana Zaki

    Hasana ZakiGiorno fa

    Doja cat's singing voice 💕💕 I'm melting

  74. T.

    T.Giorno fa

    Twitter culture can succ a big d This song slaps, she slaps, and the only thing that should be cancelled is the culture

  75. lou Gwen

    lou GwenGiorno fa


  76. Isra Hauntler

    Isra HauntlerGiorno fa

    Love Doja....Angel voice

  77. rub rub

    rub rubGiorno fa

    I thot the song couldnt get any better

  78. Virag Gupta

    Virag GuptaGiorno fa

    what a fantastic collab !!! i love this song !!1

  79. Ceagene :0

    Ceagene :0Giorno fa

    Yo these comments wildin rn lmao 👁👄👁

  80. Isabella Andrade

    Isabella AndradeGiorno fa


  81. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuGiorno fa

    I still like doja cat,

  82. phatbelly glo

    phatbelly gloGiorno fa

    Cancel culture is whack Doja did her thing 💕

  83. Daniels Velazquez

    Daniels VelazquezGiorno fa

    Lo mejor que e escuchado en esta cuarentena!! Sigan así nada de dueto con reggaeton.

  84. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuGiorno fa

    IDK but Her voice matches to Melanie At least for me

  85. Luciana Schipani

    Luciana SchipaniGiorno fa


  86. romar lob

    romar lobGiorno fa

    Now i want doja to rap in her singing voice

  87. Gabriel Souza

    Gabriel SouzaGiorno fa


  88. Maria. Mmashk

    Maria. MmashkGiorno fa


  89. Seyli Pineda

    Seyli PinedaGiorno fa

    Joder como me encanta.

  90. Roy Pereira

    Roy PereiraGiorno fa


  91. Jorge Fondovila

    Jorge FondovilaGiorno fa

    excelente cancion arriba The Weeknd

  92. Cherif Maryem

    Cherif MaryemGiorno fa

    I love love love this song and I love love love all the weekend's songs🤩😍😍😍

  93. Jaxta

    JaxtaGiorno fa

    Doja like a breath of 90s Rnb

  94. chafik laimeche

    chafik laimecheGiorno fa

    now its a kids song

  95. Scott Pips

    Scott PipsGiorno fa