This Magic Moment - Ben E King and The Drifters

"This Magic Moment" is a song composed by lyricist Doc Pomus and pianist Mort Shuman, and is one of their best-known songs. It was recorded first by Ben E. King and the Drifters. The Drifters version spent 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached No. 16 on April 2, 1960.


  1. Motivation Man

    Motivation Man7 ore fa

    The beginning screech almost sounds like the sound effects from Insidious

  2. Leuze Michael

    Leuze Michael20 ore fa

    Still top! Remember when my mother listen it. When I was young she allways say to me that my Magic moment will come. Now my mother left and I still have my Magic moment since 26 years.

  3. SkaterDavidCruz

    SkaterDavidCruz23 ore fa

    yeah 😎✌🍻🍺🍻🍺🎭

  4. SkaterDavidCruz

    SkaterDavidCruz23 ore fa

    yeah 😎✌🍻🍺🍻🍺🎭

  5. TheTsar1918

    TheTsar19185 giorni fa

    The anthem of brothers who faked death and are now in deep shit.

  6. iron man

    iron man6 giorni fa

    Gonna take my 8 yr old to them next week

  7. Richard C Hanson

    Richard C Hanson10 giorni fa

    Well, it was magic. How else can one explain time standing still before we drift away?

  8. Lumpy euphoria

    Lumpy euphoria12 giorni fa

    Very Euphoric

  9. Lexi Micianova

    Lexi Micianova13 giorni fa

    Sopranos ♥️

  10. Derek Anderson

    Derek Anderson14 giorni fa

    When I first tried drugs.

  11. Letícia Toledo

    Letícia Toledo15 giorni fa


  12. harsimran jit kaur

    harsimran jit kaur18 giorni fa

    Mankind will be remembered for this kind of music

  13. Abraham Romero

    Abraham Romero19 giorni fa


  14. Eddie Spaghetti.

    Eddie Spaghetti.20 giorni fa

    i remember when the sandlot came out then i watched it. and then this song was playing in the movie. i fell in absolute love with it, and was always listening to it. those days were absolutely incredible. back in the day songs were about their life, now it’s about giving love to women. our generation has changed so much that honestly i’m tired of it. we need to bring this type of music back, it’s so much better than music today. i’m 49 years old and still listening to this masterpiece.

  15. Eddie Spaghetti.

    Eddie Spaghetti.20 giorni fa

    malli69 Exactly, it’s disgusting.

  16. malli69

    malli6920 giorni fa

    Yeah and it's a shame today women want to act like men, and men like women.

  17. Rufus Firefly

    Rufus Firefly20 giorni fa

    He kissed a woman, he kissed her long and good

  18. Johnlindsey289

    Johnlindsey28916 giorni fa

    What he did was sneaky rotten low and cool

  19. Becky Rose

    Becky Rose21 giorno fa

    One of the most romantic songs ever made. Truly timeless.

  20. Skelen

    Skelen22 giorni fa

    Sweeter than wine, softer than the summer night...such lyrical words of wonderful will make a woman fall for you to this day. Damn back then the lyrics of songs like these are epic they do not compare to today's songs. Beautiful.

  21. james szwacki

    james szwacki23 giorni fa

    Not what i most connect with this song but... Anyone see the 30 for 30 about the Orlando magic...back to back draft years first overall pick Shaq and then penny (plus a ton of #1 picks...chris webber trade) but no championships...talent squandered and playing in the era of Michael jordan

  22. Edwin Connelly

    Edwin Connelly25 giorni fa

    Reminds me of South Africa 1987......

  23. John Johnson

    John Johnson26 giorni fa

    The sopranos bobby holds his daughter at the end of episode to this song

  24. Karin Porter

    Karin Porter29 giorni fa

    Oh my gosh I absolutely love this song I think I can cry now

  25. cory catcheway

    cory catchewayMese fa

    Bobby walking up to his family hugging his baby girl after his first kill on the Sopranos season 6 part 2

  26. huey p. Newton

    huey p. NewtonMese fa

    Soprano's home movies

  27. Adam Biggs

    Adam BiggsMese fa

    Any one here because of Stephan lynch intros

  28. stephen bynum

    stephen bynumMese fa

    This Magic Moment🌹😂👀💓💕💘💌💋💜💙💛😍👌😘💎💍💗❤😇👼💚

  29. Dusty Gozangas

    Dusty GozangasMese fa

    Is he talking about premature ejaculation?

  30. Дмитрий Дмитриев

    Дмитрий ДмитриевMese fa


  31. Scarleth Corrales Arrieta

    Scarleth Corrales ArrietaMese fa

    ¿Alguien que hable español?😂

  32. Terio Dropsa

    Terio DropsaMese fa

    Cuando me besaste Nora...

  33. Ricardo Alvarenga

    Ricardo AlvarengaMese fa


  34. 浅野真史

    浅野真史2 mesi fa

    This song reminds me of What's Eating Gilbert Grape!

  35. Dennis A

    Dennis A2 mesi fa

    Nu vet jag var Thåström fick iden till CC Cowboys!

  36. Alec Coleman

    Alec Coleman2 mesi fa

    Sandlot anyone?

  37. Juan El Bean

    Juan El Bean2 mesi fa

    There needs to be one of those videos where a song is played in another room but with this song

  38. Brandon Martin

    Brandon Martin2 mesi fa

    Magical song that shakes & wakes up ur inner core & spirit & makes u want to slow dance to ur favorite gal for most or inflatable doll & guy for others & kiss in the rain in front of fireplace on polar bear rug

  39. Mohannd samtube

    Mohannd samtube2 mesi fa

    Sopranos ??

  40. Daniel DeVito

    Daniel DeVito2 mesi fa

    What wouldn't do to have the chance to go back and love through the 60's, 70's and 80's... I was born 1985, which, unfortunately, was about 35 years too late...

  41. Isaiah Wilson

    Isaiah Wilson2 mesi fa

    Still hear this and get that nostalgia.. Sandlot good times

  42. Norma Murphy

    Norma Murphy2 mesi fa

    From a small town inside of Detroit … Highland Park … we loved The Drifters!

  43. Johnlindsey289

    Johnlindsey2892 mesi fa

    "You little pervert" "oh man he's in deep shit!"