tsunami 2004 sri lanka

Watch Tsunami in 2004 ,2011 and 2018.
TSUNAMI 2004 | 2011 | 2018
TSUNAMI 2004 | 2011 | 2018
TSUNAMI 2004 | 2011 | 2018
Tsunami in Sri Lanka, indonesia,Japan
tsunami 2004 | tsunami 2011 | tsunami 2018
tsunami | 2004
tsunami 2004 | sri lanka | indonesia | japan
tsunami 2004 | sri lanka | indonesia
TSUNAMI in Sri Lanka | indonesia | Japan
tsunami sri lanka
tsunami sri lanka


  1. jeff lim

    jeff lim8 giorni fa

    Its like nature went onto ramoage without any care

  2. Sheng Cha

    Sheng Cha10 giorni fa

    i don't like the music 😡🤬😠

  3. Thomas D.F.

    Thomas D.F.24 giorni fa


  4. GamerWind

    GamerWindMese fa

    Damn Sri Lanka lost a lots of lives earthquake disaster and LTTE Terrorist attacks.

  5. Serge Dannywild

    Serge DannywildMese fa

    L'image de couverture de cette vidéo est totalement mensongère. Cette vague représentée comme immense n'a jamais existé. La mer s'est avancée dans les terres sur une hauteur d'environ 1,50 à 2 mètres, c'est tout.

  6. Rondenelis Dutra

    Rondenelis Dutra2 mesi fa

    The *Akira* !😱

  7. Will Not

    Will Not2 mesi fa

    Can not Trust mother nature. She can be brutal...

  8. Michael Partington

    Michael Partington3 mesi fa

    I asked my own opinion & found the music to be crap

  9. Xi Jinpingpong

    Xi Jinpingpong3 mesi fa

    and this is exactly why Rosie O'Donnell should not be doing cannon balls.

  10. Lakmini Udayanga

    Lakmini Udayanga3 mesi fa

    God jesus..keep safe my world...my peple

  11. Poorva Sree

    Poorva SreeMese fa


  12. බිඳුණු පියාපත්

    බිඳුණු පියාපත්3 mesi fa



    MAGICAL BOSNIA3 mesi fa

    It is not a tsunami but the punishment of Allah

  14. moon light sonata light sonata

    moon light sonata light sonata2 mesi fa

    your stupid allah is a fake profet dats why

  15. kilin chock

    kilin chock3 mesi fa

    Allah is such an idiot.. why the hell he punished all the people instead of bad people 😆😆😆

  16. Anjalena

    Anjalena3 mesi fa

    OMG how did the person with the camera at the end survive that?

  17. Anjalena

    Anjalena3 mesi fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="358">5:58</a> -- Was that an animal trying to flee? Jumps out just before the water gets there. Almost looks like a shadow but it's fast. All of this is horrifying, particularly the music played over all the death that's likely happening. I always watch these disaster videos with equal parts awe, fascination, and pulse-pounding terror! Literally, my heart is pounding right now.

  18. MassCityMadman

    MassCityMadman21 giorno fa

    I think it was just debris or a towel. I had to rewatch that a few times but it looks like clothing of some kind attached to a pole or something.

  19. Mangala Mangala

    Mangala Mangala3 mesi fa


  20. Jenny M

    Jenny M4 mesi fa

    Music ruins this 👎🏼

  21. Shafeek Ahmed

    Shafeek Ahmed4 mesi fa

    Not srilanka. India

  22. Add Pattern

    Add Pattern4 mesi fa

    Nice clickbait tumbnail ..........................

  23. M. Garcia

    M. GarciaMese fa

    Its not a fake, just watch minute 1:50

  24. assouma

    assouma5 mesi fa


  25. frank di maio

    frank di maio5 mesi fa

    Povera gente

  26. Bithi Biswas

    Bithi Biswas5 mesi fa


  27. Abdi Kusuma

    Abdi Kusuma6 mesi fa

    Indonesia too

  28. saleem smart

    saleem smart6 mesi fa

    Kerala and Tamil nadu is in india

  29. Mercedesik Mapper

    Mercedesik Mapper6 mesi fa

    əgrçyqqgeyq , şə eşəlüulr üyo dşşbəa

  30. Sanoj Hasuranka

    Sanoj Hasuranka6 mesi fa

    Budu dahama avaboda kra ganna piris sobadahama nevatha ownva rakinu atha😔😔😔🇱🇰☀️🙏

  31. Lorna Lake

    Lorna Lake6 mesi fa

    Terrible tragedy which most of us thankfully can only experience in videos. Whoever put the 'music' to this video has done the most awful and disrespectful disservice to those who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones. It's way beyond irritating. Silence would have been preferable. It is not some 1950s disaster film; it is a real-life document for heaven's sake!

  32. Andrew YUEN

    Andrew YUEN4 mesi fa

    yes of course! so true!

  33. Anengiyefa

    Anengiyefa7 mesi fa

    The music is unnecessary.

  34. Level Asian

    Level Asian2 mesi fa

    Ashley Richardson then fuck off and don’t reply to me ever again if you do You will earn 1 million dollers

  35. Ashley Richardson

    Ashley Richardson2 mesi fa

    @Level Asian No one asked you to reply to me for replying to you for replying to him

  36. Level Asian

    Level Asian3 mesi fa

    Ashley Richardson no one asked you to reply to me replying to his comment

  37. Ashley Richardson

    Ashley Richardson3 mesi fa

    @Level Asian no one asked you to reply to his comment

  38. Level Asian

    Level Asian3 mesi fa

    Wouter de vries no one asked you to reply to my comment

  39. Subhashree Mishra

    Subhashree Mishra8 mesi fa

    First 2 footages are of India

  40. AquariuzDiva

    AquariuzDiva8 mesi fa

    sweet god the music was ANNOYING!!!

  41. Leda Niezle

    Leda Niezle3 mesi fa


  42. KMC Staysafesystems

    KMC Staysafesystems9 mesi fa

    Oh my god

  43. TheHoly Reviewer

    TheHoly Reviewer9 mesi fa

    Absolutely breathtaking! Simply Beautiful. Gotta love Mother Nature

  44. Ki Tom

    Ki Tom7 mesi fa

    Yeah, I don't get that

  45. CrazyAboutCrafts

    CrazyAboutCrafts8 mesi fa

    A beauty worth 250.000 lives across several countries :/

  46. zephyrmaze

    zephyrmaze9 mesi fa

    This footage can do better without the music.. I feel like I'm watching a thriller cinema blockbuster movie. The music does no justice to the thousands that died during this tragedy.

  47. Dileka Priyadarshani

    Dileka Priyadarshani4 mesi fa

    You cant take justice against nature.

  48. 4th revolution

    4th revolution9 mesi fa

    God hadd punish pray to god

  49. kilin chock

    kilin chock3 mesi fa

    if God punished he such an idiot case why he punished all the people instead of bad people ? Come on man grow up

  50. Arsam S.

    Arsam S.9 mesi fa

    The last one was quite funny

  51. Akithya Samarasekara

    Akithya Samarasekara10 mesi fa

    My poor country every sri lankan is born with pride i looked back and i was born when this happened.

  52. G52 466

    G52 4662 mesi fa

    Kerala and tamil nadu is not in sri lanka

  53. Dileka Priyadarshani

    Dileka Priyadarshani4 mesi fa

    So other nations aren't born with pride?

  54. aini xyncandy

    aini xyncandy10 mesi fa

    The last minute of tsumani it is in Indonesia Palu not In sri lanka!

  55. Veera anan

    Veera ananMese fa


  56. G52 466

    G52 4662 mesi fa

    aini xyncandy the title is very misleading

  57. Its Emily and Mandy

    Its Emily and Mandy11 mesi fa

    Why aren’t they running?

  58. Ed Ka

    Ed Ka26 giorni fa

    Its Emily and Mandy no one knows

  59. Hiro Jaya

    Hiro Jaya3 mesi fa

    @Yasodhara LakmaliI am also a Sri Lankan... They had never heard about Tsunami.Before coming Tsunami, sea waves had gone far away from seaside.so people went to watch this because of the curiosity...when they realised that the seawaves are coming back they were late...

  60. Mario Rudnicki

    Mario Rudnicki3 mesi fa

    Hare krishna punish them yes.

  61. Victor Emmanuel martinez

    Victor Emmanuel martinez3 mesi fa

    The tsunami sis for 1 meter

  62. Yasodhara Lakmali

    Yasodhara Lakmali3 mesi fa

    They can't run because of the water you idiot I am in Sri Lanka dummy

  63. nina bagira

    nina bagira11 mesi fa

    Dieses Land muß soviel schaden einstecken :(

  64. Vipushan Varathalingam

    Vipushan Varathalingam6 mesi fa

    Entlich deutsch

  65. nina bagira

    nina bagira11 mesi fa

    Tut mir einfach leid für Sri Lanka

  66. Abhishek paithankar

    Abhishek paithankar11 mesi fa

    Very happy that almighty Lord Shriram punished CPM and their kerali pimps, let more die.... JAI SHRIRAM

  67. joki- the simply Sarath fan

    joki- the simply Sarath fanMese fa

    U are not paithankar.u are paithiyakaar 😬😠

  68. Krista-Thérésa Hage

    Krista-Thérésa Hage5 mesi fa

    Go get a life tfouuu

  69. Aquaman

    Aquaman6 mesi fa

    Oh my god can't believe such toxic people exist in the world.....

  70. Amal Thekkel

    Amal Thekkel11 mesi fa

    gets fucks your mother patti tayoli avrathi poori mone

  71. Rahul Awasthi

    Rahul AwasthiAnno fa


  72. Malaka Dharmasiri

    Malaka DharmasiriAnno fa

    Brave Sri Lankans captured land when ocean went back and killed them

  73. Malith Maduranga

    Malith MadurangaAnno fa


  74. Malith Ameesha

    Malith AmeeshaAnno fa

    really terrible feeling.

  75. Sounak Chowdhury

    Sounak Chowdhury3 mesi fa