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  1. Bessie Knapper

    Bessie Knapper27 giorni fa

    Like hearing Dean and his son singing Small Fry. I Love You Too.

  2. Bessie Knapper

    Bessie Knapper27 giorni fa

    Love hearing Dean singing his theme song Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes. Miss him still today. 12-22-2019.

  3. Bessie Knapper

    Bessie Knapper27 giorni fa

    Love to hear Dean sing Magic Moments.

  4. Maria Lewis

    Maria Lewis3 mesi fa

    Loved Freddie, an icon and genius, George, however, MUCH smoother and sexier singer

  5. Fastminer 2000

    Fastminer 20003 mesi fa

    i making a brick i got me chick she driving me crazy

  6. Daren Finan

    Daren Finan6 mesi fa

    I think Dean looked like Gino D'Acampo. When he was young.

  7. arthur workman

    arthur workman6 mesi fa

    I remember seeing this song displayed on those old Columbia House Records commercials.

  8. bilui

    bilui8 mesi fa

    that evening at Tribute concert,Freddie from the sky was bowed to George. And many years later "he appeared in a dream" to Mika.

  9. Zeljko Ciric

    Zeljko Ciric8 mesi fa

    Freddie simple best singer ever, respect for Michael

  10. Nothing is Real

    Nothing is Real11 mesi fa

    You forgot We Will Rock You. It was #1.

  11. ᄌᄒᄌ

    ᄌᄒᄌAnno fa


  12. Omar Ls

    Omar LsAnno fa

    Es mejor george michael

  13. Catwhisperer8

    Catwhisperer8Anno fa

    These two singers are just AMAZING. This is obviously Freddy Mercury's song so he does it the best but no better person than George Michael's voice to be right up there with him. I am and always been a fan of George since I was 8 years old. So sad they are both gone. Only hope to see them on the other side one day.

  14. arthur workman

    arthur workmanAnno fa

    Is it my imagination or do Dean and Perry sound so much alike.

  15. arthur workman

    arthur workmanAnno fa

    Back when every one had their own TV variety shows especially Christmas specials.

  16. Philipp Völler

    Philipp VöllerAnno fa

    This isn't Dean Martin. It's Perry Como.

  17. M.Angeles Diaz

    M.Angeles DiazAnno fa

    Feliz cumpleaños freddie

  18. Tim Guttesen

    Tim GuttesenAnno fa

    Should have played the Queen version from concert for kampuchea. That is quite possibly they best version of this song with Freddie

  19. Cheryl Speares

    Cheryl SpearesAnno fa

    I love George's version better, sorry but I do 😊

  20. Daniel Pastor

    Daniel PastorAnno fa

    no me meto con nadie

  21. Daniel Pastor

    Daniel PastorAnno fa

    queen its more power

  22. ranjankumar bhattacharyya

    ranjankumar bhattacharyyaAnno fa

    My favourite song. Rip George michel & Freddie mercury

  23. mine santos

    mine santosAnno fa

    DEan Martin´s magic cigarrets

  24. Mohammad Sadiq

    Mohammad SadiqAnno fa

    Extremely Sorry Freddie, but George sings far better than you. Sadiq from Karachi, Pakistan.

  25. Lydia Cartagena

    Lydia CartagenaAnno fa

    Two legends

  26. CampSecXXI

    CampSecXXIAnno fa

    Gm/ fm/ thank you very much/ valeu

  27. TheSunnybunny2000

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  28. David Salinas

    David Salinas2 anni fa

    That’s Perry Como not Dean.

  29. The Wolf is Awesome

    The Wolf is Awesome2 anni fa

    George is better

  30. BCMTUK

    BCMTUK2 anni fa

    One of the reasons people may confuse this with Dean Martin, is likely that they are thinking of Memories Are Made Of This.

  31. ThAt KId

    ThAt KId2 anni fa

    rip that description

  32. Cebula Janusz

    Cebula Janusz2 anni fa

    The Best Voices Of All Time! Rest In Peace Freddie Mercury & George Michael 💔

  33. Rosa Araya Huerta

    Rosa Araya Huerta2 anni fa

    Amo a este hombre...

  34. s r

    s r2 anni fa

    why does song sound so sad but makes you smile

  35. parijuana1

    parijuana12 anni fa


  36. James Belcher

    James Belcher2 anni fa

    Always my top five artist; Freddie mercury, Paul Mcartney, Elvis Presley, George Michael, and Michael Jackson, all ledgends, and happy birthday Paul❤️

  37. Natalie Weiss

    Natalie Weiss2 anni fa

    I know everyone else has said it, but yeah... this is so absolutely Perry Como haha

  38. Happy

    Happy2 anni fa

    GM brought me here!

  39. Lisa Harmer

    Lisa Harmer2 anni fa

    George absolutely nailed it, this has to be the best performance at a tribute concert ever. It is not easy to cover a Freddie Mercury song and to be honest most people shouldn't even try. RIP to two of my favourites

  40. Federica Alla

    Federica Alla2 anni fa

    chi sono i 32 con i pollici in giù ? mah!! MITICI FREDDY E GEORGE 2 LEGGENDE!🎤👼🎵🎶🎤👼🎶👑👑✌✌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💘

  41. YaroSz.

    YaroSz.2 anni fa

    ...magiczne 😊👌📷🎬 🎦 🎥👀 ...😊👍👏👌👂🎼🎵🎷🎺🎸🎤🎻🎹🎶🎵

  42. Mauro Elias

    Mauro Elias3 anni fa

    This is the most AWFUL thing I've ever heard to a song, this is a travesty of whats good in the world. This is harmful to human beings and other sentient species. This should be illegal because of this undoable damage to both, mind and soul. Actually I will rectify that, because it also makes physical damage to you, losing almoust enough hp to numb your feelings to every kind of art, imagination o creation. Fuck you.

  43. Ajesh Soogrim

    Ajesh Soogrim3 anni fa

    two legends

  44. avyeris

    avyeris3 anni fa

    so obviously the instruments play on a lower tone (or tune sorry dont know exactly) but Im not sure about the vocals. Is it just me or does freddie sing on a higher tone ?

  45. Roseann Licchio

    Roseann Licchio3 anni fa

    What year was this from?

  46. hughoto

    hughoto3 anni fa

    RIP George Michael

  47. Yassir Sade Q.

    Yassir Sade Q.3 anni fa

    Hermoso tema ! pero es de Perry Como ! ...en todo caso grandes ambos y cantaron juntos varias veces! :)

  48. 1967870

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  49. Dante Sinatra

    Dante Sinatra3 anni fa

    That's Perry Como

  50. Jose Pinilla

    Jose Pinilla3 anni fa

    La mejor versión de Magic Moments, Perry Como.

  51. Harvey Dude-o

    Harvey Dude-o3 anni fa

    Definitely Perry Como!


    EDWARD BULLER3 anni fa

    that defo perry como

  53. robert szvetics

    robert szvetics5 anni fa

    that's perry pally

  54. Gloria Fearnley

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  55. Pete Mack

    Pete Mack5 anni fa

    Their voice are in the same kind but in a little different way

  56. Janna Watson

    Janna Watson6 anni fa

    Dean and Perry sound alike. Fooled me.

  57. Christine Mcconnell

    Christine Mcconnell6 anni fa

    Love this guy

  58. Carlos Nitsch

    Carlos Nitsch6 anni fa

    Una cancion hermosa . Beautiful song

  59. Renzky Celino

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  60. christopher march

    christopher march6 anni fa

    Haha loving the pun

  61. Richard Opp

    Richard Opp6 anni fa

    Shore did bring back some MEMORIES!!!!!

  62. isukaman

    isukaman7 anni fa

    Sad, but nice.

  63. Queen LoveOfMyLife

    Queen LoveOfMyLife7 anni fa

    pt4 by Freddie who will be there with his wonderful charasmatic smile and piano to play and join in as George Michael & Aretha Franklin serenade him with their song - "i knew you were waiting for me." How appropriate could that be! Have a beautiful day and listen to beautiful music or make it! Now go and listen to George Michael & Aretha Franklin's -" I Knew You Were Waiting For Me," A truly inspirational, happy and uplifting song. ~e

  64. Queen LoveOfMyLife

    Queen LoveOfMyLife7 anni fa

    Pt3 Funny Freddie was just pretending to be arrogant his usual public persona. Obviously, Freddie gave them much attention and certainly recognized great singers when he heard one. Well, thank you for the post of this blend of Somebody to Love. At some points they sound very similar, and yet Freddie's passion always gloriously comes through and George's clarity for enunciation is equisite. Maybe (smiling a prayer) when Aretha and George get to the Pearly Gates of Heaven they will be met

  65. Queen LoveOfMyLife

    Queen LoveOfMyLife7 anni fa

    pt 2 (Freddie don't be so hard on yourself! Everybody brings something original to the table, and you have left us a banquet of gorgeous, exciting and songs with the beautiful sound of that QUEEN Sound.) Well, how it happened to be George to sing, I don't know? But in a later interview, Freddie said he admired George Michael, and his song Careless Whisper. He also joked that He (Freddie) could have done the part of George Michael & Aretha Franklin's "i knew you were waiting for me" better!

  66. Queen LoveOfMyLife

    Queen LoveOfMyLife7 anni fa

    Two of my most favorite male singers. What a joy to hear! For the tribute concert they couldn't have made a better choice for that song than to have George, being a male singer. Now, I think if Freddie had his way he once said that he wished that Aretha Franklin would have sang his song, as he loved her way of singing with so much effortless emotion, or so it seemed. (Meaning he had to think about how he would do it, whereas Aretha just seemed to not be thinking but just feeling. .

  67. Usmaan Siddiqui

    Usmaan Siddiqui7 anni fa

    I agree, Freddie's singing in the show must go on ranks as one of the greatest vocal performances of all time. However, I am pretty certain George never said he had to change key to the song or acknowledged that he didn't have the same vocal range of Freddie. It is pretty sad, but I have been following George's interviews most of my life and I have never heard that.

  68. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Thank you =D

  69. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Haha yea it's not Dean but the song just fit so nicely Perry Como is still one of the greats and thanks =)

  70. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Everyone should =P

  71. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Yep, I love him too thanks

  72. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    thank you glad you enjoyed!

  73. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    Thanks means a lot =]

  74. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    He sure is =D

  75. christopher march

    christopher march7 anni fa

    thanks, it was fun to do soo many clips I could have used

  76. Madeline Miesen

    Madeline Miesen7 anni fa

    Love this

  77. Trent691

    Trent6917 anni fa

    I love Dean as well, and I like this tribute to him that you have made. You do know that he's not singing this song though, don't you?

  78. Nefer7yriGM

    Nefer7yriGM7 anni fa

    Why Not??? :)))) WONDERFUL. We can dream we're hear them singing together...

  79. Danielle

    Danielle7 anni fa

    I love Delano

  80. garfield5788

    garfield57887 anni fa

    Love this so much.. thank you for making this fantastic tribute to the coolest, gorgeous gentleman ever.. Dean was total magic, huge fan !! :)

  81. hitcan79

    hitcan797 anni fa

    key and tempo

  82. brunaeisotta

    brunaeisotta7 anni fa

    YUOI GOT THE SPIRIT OF DEAN, funny , relaxed and tender, in other words PERFECT ....... great job for the video, thanks for this gift !!!

  83. Messinatudine

    Messinatudine7 anni fa

    uncle Dino's is funny

  84. girl43

    girl437 anni fa

    Thank yo so much for making this! What a lovely tribute :)

  85. totalNOsense

    totalNOsense7 anni fa


  86. David Bruce

    David Bruce8 anni fa

    What a terrible mix - The songs are in different keys!!

  87. Usmaan Siddiqui

    Usmaan Siddiqui8 anni fa

    @larabina34 That is true. The adrenalin that a Freddie live performance induced cannot be duplicated by any artist! Definitely the best live performer in history

  88. larabina34

    larabina348 anni fa

    @usi123 I'd have to agree. I cant watch GM's version enuff, and post it to my FB page at least 1x a month. But honestly, Freddie had SOOO much stage presence, he could get a 90yo up on his feet, dancin away!! :-)

  89. စ နိတ္

    စ နိတ္8 anni fa

    dislike this

  90. Theatrical Trailers

    Theatrical Trailers8 anni fa

    u shudve blended the audio clips together

  91. Raffaele Biancalani

    Raffaele Biancalani8 anni fa

    Thank God for Freddie we miss you

  92. Diane Hurley

    Diane Hurley8 anni fa

    cool.....very goood

  93. aawsomereddude123

    aawsomereddude1238 anni fa

    to me queen is better than Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Beatles anything you can name. Like this is you agree.

  94. Francisco el fuerte

    Francisco el fuerte8 anni fa

    @10doloresmir George Michael es un gran cantante, el Genio es Freddy Mercury.

  95. fabio alexandre oliveira dias

    fabio alexandre oliveira dias8 anni fa

    que melhor forma de homenagear freddie, senão pelos seus amigos, bryan e roger? se nao gostou, faz melhor e toca no wembley, ops, desculpe!! srsrsr

  96. Sandra V

    Sandra V8 anni fa

    Thank you for this music!

  97. Maria Alejandra Hernandez

    Maria Alejandra Hernandez9 anni fa

    excelente!!!! Freddie sos único !!!!!

  98. MsSweetunes

    MsSweetunes9 anni fa

    Freddie looked fabulous with or without a moustache because he was the superhero of music! God of Music more like it!

  99. K T

    K T9 anni fa

    @cjcj1212 ok! xD Love Freddie´s sexy mustache!

  100. christopher march

    christopher march9 anni fa

    @TheJumpyPopcorn Done this already lol the comment was on another one bites the dust because it was the first music video that made it to the top 10 that we see his moustache =]