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Offset - Lick (Audio)
Migos - Bando

Migos - Bando

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  1. Jyotsna Das

    Jyotsna DasOra fa

    2:26 that's how kulture came in their Beautiful life 😍🤭

  2. GR11N

    GR11NOra fa

    This is one of the best music videos I've seen lately, even though it's so simple.

  3. Bokang Busang

    Bokang BusangOra fa

    Takeoff is my favourite Migo,but no lie Offset has the best album out of all the three. He deserves some credit .

  4. Zoe meow

    Zoe meowOra fa

    Dont you think we already ritch 3×10 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  5. Åvī Kâpäłøt

    Åvī KâpäłøtOra fa

    This song is literally Wiz kalifa “black and yellow “

  6. Rashad smith

    Rashad smith2 ore fa

    This song needs to be on Nba2k21 Tbh #GNF 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Elle Scarface

    Elle Scarface2 ore fa

    Young thuger💥💥

  8. Tavarus English

    Tavarus English2 ore fa


  9. Zachary Clossin

    Zachary Clossin2 ore fa

    Someone should tell them the bling era is over.

  10. Kala Yara

    Kala Yara2 ore fa

    OMG! well, this Is the music of today 😒

  11. love bug

    love bug2 ore fa

    Bring back Will Smith please!

  12. FuNNk

    FuNNk3 ore fa

    I m crying rn

  13. Official JR15

    Official JR153 ore fa

    3:12 can’t lie that was cool

  14. Potato Power

    Potato Power3 ore fa

    why r y'all so damn negative. if you dont like it do us all a favor and LEAVE.

  15. bad Moon

    bad Moon3 ore fa

    2:45 *wash your man then you should wash your mouth 🎶*

  16. Kingfelo Olef

    Kingfelo Olef3 ore fa


  17. Isly Moniquee

    Isly Moniquee3 ore fa

    I only listened because of Travis Scott and thug

  18. Ikari Reese Jr

    Ikari Reese Jr3 ore fa

    @3:38 How bout we not do that 😂👀

  19. Dalesha's Life

    Dalesha's Life3 ore fa

    Wooooo Way too much yellow

  20. patrickmc 8142

    patrickmc 81423 ore fa

    Only took 72 seizures but It was worth it.

  21. I like to eat booty

    I like to eat booty3 ore fa

    Diffenly the best migo

  22. Cornell Tyler

    Cornell Tyler4 ore fa

    Cardi is making me wanna wife a stripper

  23. Familus Bengino

    Familus Bengino4 ore fa

    Travis scott just lit lit🔥🔥🔥

  24. Markel Thomas

    Markel Thomas4 ore fa

    It Sound like Thug Keep Saying Spaghetti 😂

  25. Robins Damus

    Robins Damus4 ore fa

    this song had so much potential. they better not mess up culture 3

  26. Anthony M

    Anthony M4 ore fa

    Sounds like Pop Smoke 🤦‍♂️ R.I.P.

  27. Jessica C

    Jessica C4 ore fa

    Migos ft. with BLIND FURY. Trust me ! 🙏 He brings alot to the table!! Just took a chance that someone would see this because this boy is on.fire

  28. T Nitram

    T Nitram4 ore fa

    "Took me a rich shit, cuz i have racks on my plate." lmfaoo I just now gotnit

  29. ZB

    ZB4 ore fa

    Sorry but the video better than the song

  30. Zaeem Mir

    Zaeem Mir5 ore fa

    Your Video Is Good

  31. Esphire

    Esphire5 ore fa

    Am I the only one who's listening to this song in New Zealand?

  32. Vansh Multani

    Vansh Multani5 ore fa

    I still listen 👂 to this song

  33. taliban

    taliban5 ore fa

    they really saved the best for last

  34. Zaeem Mir

    Zaeem Mir5 ore fa

    Bone Thugs Are Fake I Made L-Burna Thug By Nature Album When My Brother Give Me Ecstasy

  35. Zeldris

    Zeldris5 ore fa

    Why they do Drake like that lol

  36. Rodrigo de morais

    Rodrigo de morais5 ore fa

    Bone thugs é bem melhor

  37. Zaeem Mir

    Zaeem Mir5 ore fa

    Layzie Bone Is Evil He Does Ouija I Heard He Want To Harm You U.S. Whitehouse Will Arrest Layzie Bone

  38. Verrrnay

    Verrrnay5 ore fa

    Replay buttons for the best part of the song. Cost 1 like 2:42

  39. Oden Vasquez

    Oden Vasquez5 ore fa

    Banger 🔥🔥🔥

  40. dee

    dee5 ore fa

    Migos fell off bro😣 this jit trash

  41. Mystic Force

    Mystic Force5 ore fa

    Offset looking like Uncle Bobby!(the proud family) 🤣

  42. its plum

    its plum5 ore fa


  43. Nikko Aris McCarroll

    Nikko Aris McCarroll5 ore fa

    Remember when they used to curve me (Swoop) Now they wanna represent my earnings (Represent it)

  44. Rene Gonzalez

    Rene Gonzalez5 ore fa

    Offset is the best migos this song proved it 🎯🗣

  45. Λkatsukiハご曖悲しい

    Λkatsukiハご曖悲しい5 ore fa

    *I'm slowly feeling my brain cells killing themselves by listening to this*

  46. Akinleye Israel

    Akinleye Israel6 ore fa

    Me watching this My little sister: shouts in confusion

  47. Todd Justice

    Todd Justice6 ore fa

    Her whoops at the end of the song shows her level of showmanship She knows what's hot that's voice control



    Who's here before 10 million views If it gets many likes i will edit it and say 100 million views

  49. Shelly Jackson

    Shelly Jackson6 ore fa


  50. Aaron king of YouTube And woodruff

    Aaron king of YouTube And woodruff6 ore fa

    He still young

  51. nico keables

    nico keables6 ore fa

    So much yellow

  52. gilmer contillo

    gilmer contillo6 ore fa

    "you don't wanna smoke with me, this is a laced blunt"

  53. Queen Girl

    Queen Girl6 ore fa

    They had fun making that video walk it how you talk it then

  54. OTTO Sounds.

    OTTO Sounds.6 ore fa

    This gon be a timeless track "2020"

  55. Tayvion Johnson

    Tayvion Johnson6 ore fa

    itgos.info/video/rI2CqWfOeWB5Z9U.html check out my one of one offset co signed art piece done worth brisk lemonade

  56. Dylan Aron

    Dylan Aron6 ore fa


  57. CClippyTY

    CClippyTY6 ore fa

    This video basically gives you a visual demonstration of how high the migos are

  58. Adrian Carlos

    Adrian Carlos6 ore fa

    WTF have they done to HIP HOP

  59. Aleksa Ilic

    Aleksa Ilic6 ore fa

    Bring back the culture I Migos with the hard beats, catchy hooks and different flows. Not this bullshit.

  60. Jaden Wilson

    Jaden Wilson6 ore fa


  61. Imsupreme 21

    Imsupreme 217 ore fa

    Wait’s till niki part comes

  62. kaItLyN Teehee

    kaItLyN Teehee7 ore fa

    Offset:*watches tic toc* Offset: THEY DO ANYYYYTHING FOR CLOUT!

  63. joey badass

    joey badass7 ore fa

    Despite young thug speaking in tongues this song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. FlaminCamin

    FlaminCamin7 ore fa

    Not even the description has the lyrics right.. It's saying backwood doors on the royce, give no fckxs not "stores of the runts"

  65. Luis Rivera

    Luis Rivera7 ore fa

    I met him at the airport no cap

  66. Goyim Defense League

    Goyim Defense League7 ore fa

    Joooooooz did 911

  67. Tebo Freestyles

    Tebo Freestyles7 ore fa

    This type of beat, plus on the track with the migos! Thug should have killt this beat😡 but he didn’t deliver😩 he kept it light

  68. Matt Lopes

    Matt Lopes7 ore fa

    Only reason I’m here is madden 20🤣

  69. Kyle Hazen

    Kyle Hazen7 ore fa

    Everyone is on here making funny comments but I cant this is prob the worst song I have ever heard

  70. H5N6

    H5N67 ore fa

    Why the melody sound like harry potter

  71. Dashi Tykheev

    Dashi Tykheev7 ore fa

    Ее айсултан

  72. Relampago Boxeo

    Relampago Boxeo7 ore fa

    Die mumble rap die🙅🏽‍♂️

  73. juliiie _

    juliiie _7 ore fa

    why they always have to do an epileptic thing ??? 😂

  74. siegfried

    siegfried7 ore fa

    sopa de macaco, sopa, sopa de macaco

  75. Pz Mc

    Pz Mc8 ore fa

    Foda 🇧🇷

  76. jjisdabeast23

    jjisdabeast238 ore fa

    The only verse was travis verse

  77. AKChoppa

    AKChoppa8 ore fa


  78. Michaela Boss

    Michaela Boss8 ore fa

    Who else is in here in 2020

  79. mike jones

    mike jones8 ore fa

    Holy HELL this is some dumb shit 😂 Video aside, these guys prove u could put a old man gargling to a nice beat and it'll sell these days. No talent needed 🤣

  80. Edin Avila

    Edin Avila8 ore fa

    This video looks like what an acid trip feels like

  81. Edwin Mavoungou

    Edwin Mavoungou8 ore fa

    You can say what you want about Nicki but she's for away better than Cardi B

  82. Fear dogg

    Fear dogg8 ore fa

    came back to this song for some reason idk why but glad I did

  83. Caleb Pérez

    Caleb Pérez8 ore fa

    Quien vino por byviruzz

  84. Daniel Abaneme

    Daniel Abaneme8 ore fa

    Travis legit carried this whole song

  85. Wanderson Thug

    Wanderson Thug8 ore fa

    Young Thug>>>>>>

  86. Arielito 504

    Arielito 5048 ore fa


  87. krzeszewski

    krzeszewski8 ore fa


  88. Jose Benito GE

    Jose Benito GE8 ore fa

    not even Travis could save this song

  89. Lid Montgomery

    Lid Montgomery8 ore fa

    It’s called getting the crowd hype with every effort/effects/imaginations.

  90. Mya Morales

    Mya Morales9 ore fa

    Nikki has the better verse but cardi had the better presence

  91. Tyler Gaming

    Tyler Gaming9 ore fa

    Only real rapper I respect ✊💯

  92. Applemaxx Music & Media

    Applemaxx Music & Media9 ore fa

    What happened to hiphop

  93. Ali Elhanafi

    Ali Elhanafi9 ore fa


  94. Martim Pinho

    Martim Pinho9 ore fa

    the editor must have been payed 5000$ hour

  95. Leland Grayer

    Leland Grayer9 ore fa

    I hope it's positive energy behind the reason Travis being alone on his verse 😔

  96. Nya Bowman

    Nya Bowman9 ore fa


  97. Jourdan Brothern

    Jourdan Brothern9 ore fa

    Quavo, Takeoff, Offset, & Nicki was 🔥 But all Cardi was talking about nothing but Offset

  98. Anthony Gil

    Anthony Gil9 ore fa

    Quavo = UZI

  99. Ke’Arjahnique Green

    Ke’Arjahnique Green9 ore fa


  100. princesse gold

    princesse gold9 ore fa

    Idgaf thugger verse is litt🔥🔥🔥🔥