Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins

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Losing a Best Friend
It's Time To Move On...


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Bye For Now

Bye For Now

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Types Of Fans

Types Of Fans

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Bloopers 2017 !
  1. Alissa Daood

    Alissa Daood22 ore fa

    Am I the only one who ships Bryce and Addison BUT ALSO ADDISON AND GRAYSON?!? I think I still ship Addison and Bryce more though

  2. Reese Smith

    Reese Smith22 ore fa

    why is this iny recommended in 2020

  3. Jasmine Twyman

    Jasmine Twyman22 ore fa

    Hi! I’m Grayson Dolan and you’re watching Disney Channel 13:16

  4. Kayla Gordineer

    Kayla Gordineer22 ore fa

    I have have watched this video multiple times, I really love the dynamic between all of you please make more videos together this was really entertaining

  5. Deisi Naula

    Deisi Naula22 ore fa

    May 2020?????? Classic

  6. Mike Potter

    Mike Potter22 ore fa

    such a good dance

  7. Alex Estrada

    Alex Estrada22 ore fa

    “Still got cake thoooo” “what?” 😭😭😭


    ARIEL MILLER22 ore fa

    “I thought you were gonna chop down on me with your jaws of steel.” Grayson Dolan

  9. L*A

    L*A22 ore fa

    Those photos Grayson showed Ethan made me cry those were disgusting

  10. Rachel Sousa

    Rachel Sousa22 ore fa

    okay but ethan is maybe left handed and i never noticed until now

  11. Laura Erickson

    Laura Erickson22 ore fa

    Where’s Liz and Rachel from Twintertainment

  12. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster22 ore fa

    Okay but like who else was dying of laughter with ethan😂😂

  13. Caroline Uribe

    Caroline Uribe22 ore fa

    They all notice me my name is caroline teehee🥰

  14. Gabby H

    Gabby H23 ore fa

    This is so sweet, I can't 🥺🥺🥺💖💖

  15. blah

    blah23 ore fa

    Its funny how you zoomed nikki and gabi but didnt put them in the thumbnail 😒

  16. Leah Thomas

    Leah Thomas23 ore fa

    ethan:i thought we were cabrón's lmao a cabrón is a dumbass not a student estupido

  17. Isabella Green

    Isabella Green23 ore fa

    Why so u cuss so much?!?

  18. S4vio Beats

    S4vio Beats23 ore fa

    Wait a second there’s 2 Charlie dameilos

  19. Amber Nicole

    Amber Nicole23 ore fa

    That jawline @ 6:03 😮

  20. HBK4 LYFE

    HBK4 LYFE23 ore fa

    that "EVERY" in the title really gets people's attention

  21. Mobile Fahed

    Mobile Fahed23 ore fa

    No one is gonna talk about how it's righten on the board homework due Oct 69???!!!!!!;;

  22. Sheyenne Hottel

    Sheyenne Hottel23 ore fa

    Is an artist compared to Ethan

  23. Jenna Delaughter

    Jenna Delaughter23 ore fa

    People are disgusting

  24. Sheyenne Hottel

    Sheyenne Hottel23 ore fa


  25. YOLO For life

    YOLO For life23 ore fa

    Wait Dixie isn’t younger 😳

  26. 1k subscribers without any video challenge

    1k subscribers without any video challenge23 ore fa

    i was 'today years'old when i came to know that identical twin can have an age gap of 3 years

  27. éloise beauchamp

    éloise beauchamp23 ore fa

    he sleeps w his socks on ‼️

  28. ilana garza

    ilana garza23 ore fa

    grayson and jake are the duo we forgot we needed

  29. ThatGamer

    ThatGamer23 ore fa

    I am a twin but not identical

  30. Selenafoote Trashy stuff

    Selenafoote Trashy stuff23 ore fa

    Bruh poor kid

  31. Kendall Schechtman

    Kendall Schechtman23 ore fa

    dudee their so good wtffff

  32. Glitch_ Technicians

    Glitch_ Technicians23 ore fa

    I can see the differences in these two not twins

  33. Eimear Barr

    Eimear Barr23 ore fa

    I live in Ireland 🇮🇪 please come back

  34. Miss_B213

    Miss_B21323 ore fa

    I thought that one of them died at the beginning 🥺

  35. Gaming girl

    Gaming girl23 ore fa

    Lmao my dad came in my room thinking what the noises where when the were getting waxed lol?

  36. Yasara Kodagoda

    Yasara Kodagoda23 ore fa

    Why the hell dsnt this video have audio ?

  37. Carrie Obase

    Carrie Obase23 ore fa

    0:52 grayson: fucked up Also grayson: "ethan ready?" 😂😂😂 im dead. Lowkey having a dolan twins Marathon😂

  38. sydney reese

    sydney reese23 ore fa

    i miss them.

  39. emma tutorials

    emma tutorials23 ore fa

    I CRIED WHEN HE SAID “and that’s on period” LMAO

  40. Destiny Brown

    Destiny Brown23 ore fa

    Grayson literally said “dolo”

  41. Phoebe Cole

    Phoebe Cole23 ore fa

    jefree is going to probably going to die young cause of bad food choices

  42. Carmen H.

    Carmen H.23 ore fa

    It’s beautiful

  43. Vsco bAhAh

    Vsco bAhAh23 ore fa

    It’s so awkward without larray’s editing 😭😂

  44. Destiny Brown

    Destiny Brown23 ore fa

    I miss them doing challenges 😭

  45. Aoife McBarron

    Aoife McBarron23 ore fa

    Any one here during quarantine cuz u miss them

  46. Edrei Manzano

    Edrei Manzano23 ore fa

    I know some of the twins

  47. bildahome

    bildahome23 ore fa

    OMG, this is so fake!!

  48. Dayanara Damian

    Dayanara Damian23 ore fa

    Ethan:Yeah 1:15

  49. StarRee Nyt3mare

    StarRee Nyt3mare23 ore fa

    How does Grayson KEEP GETTING HOTTER!? WTF 😭

  50. miss ems school of dance

    miss ems school of dance23 ore fa

    James wishing not to have another sister scandle

  51. Tattiana Karanja

    Tattiana Karanja23 ore fa

    Quarantine got me watching old videos

  52. tatiana nicholas

    tatiana nicholas23 ore fa

    Noone: Absolutely noone: Grayson pants:stop looking at my dick.

  53. -Marie-

    -Marie-23 ore fa

    ~iMAGINE bEING that RICh~ Can't.

  54. Musical Blue berry Life

    Musical Blue berry Life23 ore fa

    I'm saving this as my wallpaper😂

  55. Amy Johnson

    Amy Johnson23 ore fa

    Great job

  56. Lily The savage

    Lily The savage23 ore fa

    So 1.6 million people are now Gray’s girlfriend😂🥰👏

  57. paige holmes

    paige holmes23 ore fa

    Nobody: Every comment on a video i watch: is anyone else watching this during quarantine?

  58. Isabelle Hickman

    Isabelle Hickman23 ore fa

    Low key ship Addison and gray tho

  59. scot mac

    scot mac23 ore fa

    "Put it there", "put it there man;, I'm waiting for you to say please. C

  60. i- -

    i- -23 ore fa

    yall forgot the most identical twin ever, me and my deppresion

  61. Avery Mack

    Avery Mack23 ore fa

    the camera person moved the camera around when Ethan was rapping

  62. Kiersten Schwarte

    Kiersten Schwarte23 ore fa

    Grayson is amazing he did everything with a passion and fought for everything he did and ended up teaming up with Ethan and destroyed this challenge

  63. im confusion

    im confusion23 ore fa

    dont ship them❤️

  64. i- -

    i- -23 ore fa

    life lesson: dont call girls "identical" unless they say t already they will get madddddd

  65. Lore’s Life

    Lore’s Life23 ore fa

    whoever’s watching this in 2020 be like: he’s touching the glory rn.

  66. ilana garza

    ilana garza23 ore fa

    larray is like a proud dad and addison is like an uninterested but also enthusiastic cousin (but also look at how ethan looks at her)

  67. Helen S-G

    Helen S-G23 ore fa

    ethan: why are you wearing such small underwear the girls: OMG WHERE

  68. éloise beauchamp

    éloise beauchamp23 ore fa


  69. Theresa Marsh

    Theresa Marsh23 ore fa

    So set up


    ARIEL MILLER23 ore fa

    “It’s like Jenga,” *drops all the boxes*

  71. ava zimmerman

    ava zimmerman23 ore fa

    11:50 why does e look like he is having a stroke...

  72. Elena Popovic

    Elena Popovic23 ore fa

    "u have chocolate on the side of your mouth" "it's beans" DJFHNAJFHSDJFH

  73. savy weatherford

    savy weatherford23 ore fa

    i love how this video was 4 years ago and grayson is still acting like a dad lol

  74. Maleigha Leckey

    Maleigha Leckey23 ore fa

    Grayson blowing on his nails in the back at 5:19 Is super cute

  75. K-Pop is life

    K-Pop is life23 ore fa

    This made me smile so freakin hard

  76. man voetbal

    man voetbal23 ore fa

    Nobody: Crazy fan: i know how dixie and charli smell🥴

  77. Rosy

    Rosy23 ore fa

    i ship addison and grayson

  78. cyclingaddict imi

    cyclingaddict imi23 ore fa

    I thought the d amelio twins was Mia khalifa...

  79. Moonlight Gacha

    Moonlight Gacha23 ore fa

    Me sitting here watching in 2020 like ಠ_ಠ

  80. •Twilight_BlizzxrdGacha•

    •Twilight_BlizzxrdGacha•23 ore fa

    seeing this video makes me want to be a twin

  81. s st

    s st23 ore fa

    You guys forgot the Martinez twins....

  82. Tilly Russell

    Tilly Russell23 ore fa

    Wait so a $40,000 Rolex isn’t a flashy gift?

  83. Kevster Videos

    Kevster Videos23 ore fa

    When did the Dolan twins become gay

  84. amaylea cuevas

    amaylea cuevas23 ore fa

    They just called me poor in 50 different languages

  85. totototot popopopopop

    totototot popopopopop23 ore fa

    where is deepadamaga twin

  86. Adam Idnell

    Adam Idnell23 ore fa

    I twin too

  87. Tilly Mansfield

    Tilly Mansfield23 ore fa

    What about Jack and Finn harries 🥴🥴

  88. kaylee dionne

    kaylee dionne23 ore fa

    Is it just me or would Addison and Grayson be a good couple

  89. gaby

    gaby23 ore fa

    i swear they are from Supernatural


    ARIEL MILLERGiorno fa

    He should be an actor

  91. Lana Anderson

    Lana AndersonGiorno fa

    Was it just me or did it say something weird on graysons pants.....

  92. Hilary S

    Hilary SGiorno fa

    Who wants them to colab again ?

  93. Aaryana Brown

    Aaryana BrownGiorno fa

    Ethan puts on sunglasses 😎 “ I now work for douchebag construction co.”

  94. George Roberts

    George RobertsGiorno fa


  95. Cerys Mayers

    Cerys MayersGiorno fa

    I kinda ship Addison and Grayson though

  96. Marlo Wilson

    Marlo WilsonGiorno fa

    gray kisses e e: EW grey: sorry....i felt the love

  97. iikyra isweird

    iikyra isweirdGiorno fa

    Everyone: * talks about twin stuff * Chari and Dixie: 👁👄👁

  98. Amy Stoner

    Amy StonerGiorno fa

    I love how grayson had a mini heart attack when he thought his mom was taking down the water park he made. XD

  99. Daniel Isidro

    Daniel IsidroGiorno fa

    Hold up we’re the Martinez twins at

  100. Shianne Faumui

    Shianne FaumuiGiorno fa

    Aww that’s nice though😩💛💛💛💛