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  1. Kimi Hsn

    Kimi Hsn2 ore fa

    You're cute Jinnie, don't worry 😄 thank you for sharing that with us ! Keep going ! 🔆😇

  2. Minecraft Girls

    Minecraft Girls2 ore fa

    Почему у этого чела на Ютубе больше подписчиков чем у BTS в инсте😁😅

  3. han chim

    han chim2 ore fa

    Loll 😂😂

  4. Jazmin Araceli Vilca Serramo

    Jazmin Araceli Vilca Serramo2 ore fa

    tengo que aprender coreano pronto

  5. Trent Chang

    Trent Chang2 ore fa

    Imagine directing the background people “Okay so just act like yout in a ghetto music video.”

  6. mm hazar

    mm hazar2 ore fa

    mind blowing bro there can be no second bts for sure

  7. Priyanka Dhivare

    Priyanka Dhivare2 ore fa

    He is👶🏻😂💜

  8. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa

    Taehyung's first appearance and he's sleeping. I hate BigHit yall 😭😂😂

  9. Tidjene Amairi

    Tidjene Amairi2 ore fa

    This song is so sweet

  10. Trent Chang

    Trent Chang2 ore fa

    Imagine if movie companies started casting the bts members omg

  11. Ambika Raje Singh

    Ambika Raje Singh2 ore fa

    7 boys preparing to change the world

  12. Andrea Ramos* *here*

    Andrea Ramos* *here*2 ore fa

    Bts fetuses trying to be handsome Memories bring back memories bring you~

  13. Angelika

    Angelika2 ore fa

    Grammy's, you know the winner

  14. 소미는뚠뚠

    소미는뚠뚠2 ore fa

    우리 탄이오빠들 이게 힘들고 저게힘들고 털어놓을수 있는 자리 만들어주셔서 감사해요 정말 얘기하다보면 맘속 깊이 새겨져있는것들도 다나오게 되는것 같아요.탄이오빠들 행복할동안 불행도 따랐을거고 불행이 따르는동안은 행복이따르는것 같아요 우리오빠들한테 'ㅠㅠ그만울어요ㅠㅠ'보단'맘껏 울어요 힘들었죠?괜찮아요..맘껏울고 소리질러도 괜찮아요,'라는 말이 더 힘이될것 같아요.오빠들 많이 힘들었죠?울고 싶으면 울고 웃고싶으면 웃어요 오빠들이 꼭 '방탄'이라는 이름이아닌 김남준.김석진.민윤기.정호석.박지민.김태형.전정국 이기도 하잖아요.지금껏 많이 힘들었던거 멤버들끼리 오순도순모여서 털어도놓고 울기도하고 술먹고싶으면 술도먹고ㅎㅎㅎ그랬으면 좋겠어요ㅎㅎ 그럼 앞으로도 보라해💜

  15. ريما

    ريما2 ore fa


  16. Precious

    Precious2 ore fa

    taehyuuuung!! 😭💜

  17. ريما

    ريما2 ore fa



    THE WEBLOG2 ore fa


  19. ريما

    ريما2 ore fa

    Love you BTS 🥰💙

  20. Nguyễn lê giang

    Nguyễn lê giang2 ore fa

    😍😎😋😋😊😊😊thích của tôi đi

  21. bangtan'sXArmy's babygirl

    bangtan'sXArmy's babygirl2 ore fa

    3M people have seen this so far can it be 10M

  22. Ganpat rathore

    Ganpat rathore2 ore fa

    Seokjin looks like Nick Jonas with beard😱😱

  23. Malaika

    Malaika2 ore fa

    I love to sing... so sometimes I sit at home and sing with him. Its peaceful. It's fun to pretend I'm in the studio recording next to him when I use the karaoke version. I hope someday it can be In real life.

  24. Jimin Army

    Jimin Army2 ore fa

    My cute boys 😍😍😍😍i miss you Bts 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 i love u my handsome boys 😘😘😘😘😘

  25. Nari Park

    Nari Park2 ore fa

    Yoongi's smiley face 😭

  26. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa


  27. ollǝɥ ǝɹǝɥʇ

    ollǝɥ ǝɹǝɥʇ2 ore fa

    *al Maria jin is jin's girlfriend and he's telling us by this hidden message.* _and that's a fact_

  28. Faith Sacdalan

    Faith Sacdalan2 ore fa

    I just watched this again because I miss them :((

  29. bangtan'sXArmy's babygirl

    bangtan'sXArmy's babygirl2 ore fa

    Can i know the song name please army

  30. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa

    Okg boyfriends

  31. Nicha

    Nicha2 ore fa


  32. عاشقة BTS بفخر وجنون

    عاشقة BTS بفخر وجنون2 ore fa

    تكفون لا تسحبون علينا تعالو مره ثانيه 😭🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  33. 李星儀

    李星儀2 ore fa


  34. J Laurel

    J Laurel2 ore fa

    They should just stick the candles in a big basket of strawberries. That’s what they all seem to like the most. 🍓🤣🥳💜

  35. GS EXO BTS

    GS EXO BTS2 ore fa

    JIMINAAA😘😘💜💜💜ARMY 💜💜💜

  36. bangtan'sXArmy's babygirl

    bangtan'sXArmy's babygirl2 ore fa

    Ah~ i wish they stay happy like this

  37. han chim

    han chim2 ore fa

    Jujur enggak bisa ga nangis pas denger lagu ini, dan lagi bikin aku inget mimpi ku apa

  38. Shelry Lopes

    Shelry Lopes2 ore fa

    BTS eu amo muito VOCÊIS mais eu não posso ver o SHOW de VOCÊIS porque ru moro muito longe mais eu amo VOCÊIS de coração beijos 😥😘😘

  39. angy Lopez

    angy Lopez2 ore fa

    Ooo wow OMG jajaja xd alguien que me explique lo que dijoooo porfavor no entiendo nada pero yo también te quiero Suga jajaja ♥️🤧

  40. bangtan'sXArmy's babygirl

    bangtan'sXArmy's babygirl2 ore fa

    So they love jin eomma just for selfie

  41. Conteúdos Legendados

    Conteúdos Legendados2 ore fa

    Esse homem é um gênio.

  42. pooja verma

    pooja verma2 ore fa

    Yeontan is so cute SOBSSSSS!! I also want to buy a dog with whom i can play.

  43. Saso 123

    Saso 1232 ore fa

    I love you all, but more Tata😅

  44. 유민

    유민2 ore fa

    참... 이게 예전에는 엄청 멋있었는데 지금은 맘아프다 진짜 여기까지 달리느라 수고했어요 방탄

  45. Kailash Sahu

    Kailash Sahu2 ore fa

    Big bigger biggest fan from india😷😷😷 watching in 2020😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😳😳😳😳😳

  46. Valeria Rosas García

    Valeria Rosas García2 ore fa

    Enserio no entendí nada soy mexicana pero aún así lo quiero mucho a todos

  47. Seo Rosie

    Seo Rosie2 ore fa

    That iconic *jimin you got no jams* will always be remembered

  48. Yacino Nani

    Yacino Nani2 ore fa

    I wich i was there

  49. Gauranga Acharjee

    Gauranga Acharjee2 ore fa

    I noticed everyone has wore puma dresses

  50. 이예코스코

    이예코스코2 ore fa

    시간 가는줄 모르고 봤다 진짜

  51. Aj OrangeJuice

    Aj OrangeJuice2 ore fa

    Legendary superstars...they are now unreachable still cant go to their concerts 😢😂. But seriously Im so proud of them even tho I am not a super active fan. Continue supporting these boys no matter what. (I just realize this is just old doc. But who cares) 😅ddaeng


    JEISA VIEIRA2 ore fa

    You are soooo cute

  53. Purple Noona

    Purple Noona2 ore fa

    this is me getting ready for Festa 2020 💜

  54. lailah jeon

    lailah jeon2 ore fa

    king of everything

  55. Janina S

    Janina S2 ore fa

    I'm new ARMY I'm not used to seeing them with this small dancing space :0

  56. Yannina Orta

    Yannina Orta2 ore fa


  57. jeydg ñdjdy

    jeydg ñdjdy2 ore fa


  58. Lorrany santos Santos

    Lorrany santos Santos2 ore fa


  59. elizabeth white

    elizabeth white2 ore fa

    I still love this song.

  60. Savage Gurl

    Savage Gurl2 ore fa

    Who else sees Panini in the backroung from chowder XD.I guess he's refencing his song panini -w- fan-made. ⬇ how many people noticed it

  61. Danger zone of wali

    Danger zone of wali2 ore fa

    Why is no one talking about V's face through out the video. It's like dead serious even during the part when JK takes his wings out

  62. Sabrina Smiles

    Sabrina Smiles2 ore fa

    If ya all wanna hear him play real smooth, ya can speed it up to x2. But i do suggest hearing him play at normal speed ^^ enjoy hehehe

  63. BTS 548 ARMY

    BTS 548 ARMY2 ore fa

    They are so impressed🤣🤣

  64. Raks Santos

    Raks Santos2 ore fa

    True to his words jimin inproved his visuals and become better from "ugly duckling" to a beautiful swan. He is so captivating that you can't take your eyes off him.

  65. snag min

    snag min2 ore fa

    crying rn, i miss my mom :((

  66. HerŞey

    HerŞey2 ore fa

    Minmum withdraw 0.00001 btc I keeping per day. @t

  67. Dishikori Samyuu

    Dishikori Samyuu2 ore fa

    I'm in love with this video

  68. Kim Kookie

    Kim Kookie2 ore fa

    kim seokjin i wanna say that i love you

  69. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa

    Fetus BTS hyping lmao

  70. Ecrin Kurt

    Ecrin Kurt2 ore fa


  71. !!방탄 소년단 팬

    !!방탄 소년단 팬2 ore fa

    OMG! I was literally in shock when I seeded JK playing the piano!

  72. Kookie's banana milk

    Kookie's banana milk2 ore fa


  73. HUOD Wuw

    HUOD Wuw2 ore fa

    جيمين الوحيد يلي ما تغير شكله ابدا لما كبر

  74. Awin Rai

    Awin Rai2 ore fa

    Jin Love you so much Forevermore Always

  75. Eden Tervonen

    Eden Tervonen2 ore fa


  76. Squishy Namjoon

    Squishy Namjoon2 ore fa

    0:28 he's a cat. confirmed.

  77. ARMY de BTS

    ARMY de BTS2 ore fa


  78. Inu Yeazca

    Inu Yeazca2 ore fa

    Ive never tired watching thier old songs and video's. Seeing them having fun while practicing their dance steps makes me happy.the feelings of a mother seeing her kids enjoying what they are doing💜💜💜

  79. Angel Biju

    Angel Biju2 ore fa

    OMG!! the way Jungkookie played with hat got me JUNGSHOOKED😲

  80. Danze practise y asmr

    Danze practise y asmr2 ore fa

    Min yoongiiiii

  81. Ambar Priyono

    Ambar Priyono2 ore fa

    I love you jimin 😍

  82. nyctophilely

    nyctophilely2 ore fa

    Ohkay! But why this on audio playlist?? Bighit add the original audio on the playlist not this one!!!

  83. Guadalupe Reyes rodriguez

    Guadalupe Reyes rodriguez2 ore fa

    La verdad no entendí 😩😩😦😖

  84. park bunny

    park bunny2 ore fa

    Me seeing this video is streamed live in 1 week ago but stil trending in!#46 Wow!

  85. kamilly Oliveira

    kamilly Oliveira2 ore fa


  86. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa

    In this moment when Jimin was taller than Jungkook

  87. rhiiannon 1205

    rhiiannon 12052 ore fa

    No one Absolutely nobody at all Jhope at the back: paBaPaPAbApA

  88. midsunight

    midsunight2 ore fa

    Omg they around me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. Elsa ses

    Elsa ses2 ore fa

    Where is suga??

  90. Dishikori Samyuu

    Dishikori Samyuu2 ore fa

    Everyone is so pink and white

  91. BLINK & ARMY

    BLINK & ARMY2 ore fa

    I Love BTS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  92. ThisAccountIsNotImportant

    ThisAccountIsNotImportant2 ore fa

    the translators spelt blonde wrong lmao

  93. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa

    I really searched this omfg HSHSHAJWH

  94. Angel Biju

    Angel Biju2 ore fa

    Missing Jungkookie's rap...😭😭 Anybody else misses his rapping???

  95. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa

    baby baby baby

  96. Reyhan ctn

    Reyhan ctn2 ore fa

    It's been 6 years but he's still our baby 🥺

  97. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa

    Hi i love u

  98. Yoonki Min

    Yoonki Min2 ore fa

    My first ship in BTS