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  1. Bivo M

    Bivo M23 minuti fa

  2. Beckey Vasquez

    Beckey Vasquez32 minuti fa

    I love this song

  3. Ava Moonstar

    Ava Moonstar33 minuti fa

    I just realized that male's singing stardand is much lowet than female's standards ☕

  4. Alex Shultz

    Alex Shultz33 minuti fa

    Still in my playlist

  5. bogdan gaming

    bogdan gaming35 minuti fa

    Like ako si balkanac

  6. Amigo Ako

    Amigo Ako53 minuti fa


  7. Cameron Cherubino

    Cameron Cherubino54 minuti fa

    The music feels different with the actual video

  8. White Boy

    White BoyOra fa

    Cut down on smoking so you can keep making cool songs

  9. Max Musti

    Max MustiOra fa


  10. Mostafa Doraki Hamedi

    Mostafa Doraki HamediOra fa

    I can't believe I haven't heard this song until yesterday accidentally played it and now I fuckin love it

  11. RYS MELE

    RYS MELEOra fa

    Camila Mendes😾

  12. EvilSpartan 74

    EvilSpartan 74Ora fa

    Best song ever

  13. Helen Moonen

    Helen MoonenOra fa

    Am - Fmaj7 - C - G (010023) it sounds the best when you strum upwards. Btw your forefinger stays on the same string the whole time ^^

  14. Aman Karsh

    Aman KarshOra fa


  15. sergio polanasa

    sergio polanasaOra fa

    Sick boy

  16. Fahad Rahman

    Fahad Rahman2 ore fa

    Man, I remember listening to this song fresh not even out for like 3 days, I literally listened to it about 10 times. In those days it barely had 10 Million Views, and when I'm back visiting this audio track, 272Million .... Damn.

  17. Fahad Rahman

    Fahad Rahman2 ore fa

    Should be named in one of the top songs of this decade

  18. Fahad Rahman

    Fahad Rahman2 ore fa

    This song should've reached Billboard Top 10, I'm a very big fan of TCS. This song has always been in the top picks ever since this song was released. I understand that some of the lyrics really don't add up in their songs, but man the melody, the surround, that groove. You won't get anywhere else. Cherish this moment, Drew and Alex in their prime.

  19. TFF_Kostakos_ YT

    TFF_Kostakos_ YT2 ore fa

    This song now it's has 1,7 billion views ❤️🔥🏆

  20. Eli James

    Eli James2 ore fa

    Heathens is such a great song right?

  21. Filip Misiak32PL

    Filip Misiak32PL2 ore fa

    Now From this time my. Fav song

  22. 2ndHomeTown Mudumalai

    2ndHomeTown Mudumalai2 ore fa

  23. Rohan Vartak

    Rohan Vartak2 ore fa

    This song is never going to get oldaaaarrrr !

  24. Rana Abdullah Alkan

    Rana Abdullah Alkan2 ore fa

    I will back here every 27 february 2020: done✅ 2021: 2022: 2023: 2024: 2025:

  25. Cheiling ashura

    Cheiling ashura2 ore fa

    damn time is going to fast almost 4 years🤔😔

  26. German Gaming

    German Gaming2 ore fa

    The best Song of de Planet

  27. Sara Helena

    Sara Helena2 ore fa

    BR 🇧🇷

  28. czarymary games

    czarymary games2 ore fa

    this is the best song!this is the best song!this is the best song!this is the best song!this is the best song!this is the best song!this is the best song!this is the best song!this is the best song!

  29. elisabete duarte

    elisabete duarte3 ore fa


  30. Даша Алексеева

    Даша Алексеева3 ore fa

    Так себе

  31. Sj Rumald Mike

    Sj Rumald Mike3 ore fa

    One of my favorites song ever.

  32. KaTaN

    KaTaN3 ore fa

    That's the most nostalgic music for me because i have a lot of memories with my friend playing on PC listen this music 5 hour then we are going out and playing football on street(this was in summer and i was 11 now im 14:))this music changed my life❤❤

  33. Dheeraj Verma

    Dheeraj Verma3 ore fa

    Indian boys only can get the true spirit of lyrics... LOL

  34. kolec elo

    kolec elo3 ore fa

    Kto Polska daje łapke pod filmem i komentarzem :)

  35. Dixie Rife

    Dixie Rife3 ore fa

    " You Owe Me!"

  36. lol lil jeek

    lol lil jeek3 ore fa


  37. THE ONE AND ONLY Mariyah East

    THE ONE AND ONLY Mariyah East4 ore fa

    Love this song

  38. ميرو mero

    ميرو mero4 ore fa

    شنو سالفه مليار ونص مشاهده شو احنه عرب ماعدنه

  39. Therese Boulos Haber

    Therese Boulos Haber4 ore fa

    7month 7fucking month

  40. Thiago Vilela

    Thiago Vilela4 ore fa

    very good , best music of the word

  41. Justin phajja

    Justin phajja4 ore fa

    Who is this here?

  42. Joseph PICKETT

    Joseph PICKETT4 ore fa

    It my sister

  43. awesome spot

    awesome spot4 ore fa

    Voice for my love story 2017..

  44. Stephanie Roop

    Stephanie Roop4 ore fa

    I love this song

  45. Creek eSports

    Creek eSports4 ore fa

    2 years ago i played against a friend and had this music on, now we aren’t friends anymore😞 I clapped him😉

  46. Matheus Barchfelde

    Matheus Barchfelde4 ore fa

    Bah, eu ouvia essa música em 2015 enquanto jogava um belíssimo Skywars no Minecraft 😔😭 Belos tempos

  47. Prashant Keshari

    Prashant Keshari5 ore fa

    Best music great feeling

  48. Armandas B

    Armandas B5 ore fa

    Poor dudes those witches jumping their car up and down.

  49. Topherz Santos

    Topherz Santos5 ore fa

    I like this music related to my self reality✌

  50. ilkim t

    ilkim t5 ore fa


  51. om Kakade

    om Kakade5 ore fa

    Anyone in 2020 ? If yes then Please man please don't like this comment i'm boared of this like notification's

  52. Bruno Vicktor

    Bruno Vicktor5 ore fa

    mano ja passou 3 anos e essa música continua sendo minha favorita KKKKK

  53. Lil Baka!

    Lil Baka!6 ore fa

    The start kinda sounds like the song from the drama Goblin- I think it’s called Stay with me

  54. Madhav Tummala

    Madhav Tummala6 ore fa


  55. 「SnailLord」

    「SnailLord」6 ore fa

    Nobody: Me: i aM ThE Am i tHe tHicc bOi

  56. Ankush Jangra

    Ankush Jangra6 ore fa

    ❤️ From 🇮🇳

  57. 주은

    주은6 ore fa

  58. كارلَٰـوس

    كارلَٰـوس6 ore fa

    2 0 2 0 ¿

  59. Richard Dennis

    Richard Dennis6 ore fa

    This song makes me feel like the world was a better place, and it’s sad that it’s not... 😞

  60. Sophie Nordström

    Sophie Nordström6 ore fa


  61. shilpa raje

    shilpa raje6 ore fa

    We need shiny clothes Ashton and Luke: YES

  62. TOGScrimmages

    TOGScrimmages6 ore fa

    The cartoon animation is so damn good

  63. Daniel Ingenpass

    Daniel Ingenpass6 ore fa

    great song but connected to to much pain

  64. Eamon Ng

    Eamon Ng6 ore fa

    I'm sorry to those who has been hurted by me.

  65. susan apple

    susan apple7 ore fa

    My cake heart is going to explode when Luke joins in Calum's solo part 😭

  66. Lata rautela

    Lata rautela7 ore fa

    no i i i cant stop

  67. jc1 rei

    jc1 rei7 ore fa


  68. Delight Night

    Delight Night7 ore fa

    Like this

  69. Jaba Tasnim

    Jaba Tasnim7 ore fa


  70. patangia sangeet

    patangia sangeet7 ore fa

    This song remembers me of class 10 memories😭😭.....wanna live those days again

  71. Anil Kumar

    Anil Kumar7 ore fa

    Mind blowing


    MAHEE VED8 ore fa

    The best friends lyric” if we go down we will go down together”

  73. Uzumaki Naruto

    Uzumaki Naruto8 ore fa

    Why cartoon 😢 Why not anime ☹️ Naruto and conan goku with natsu itshigo to sasuki and milyoudas to levi L and luffy zoro with lwo i wan something just like this 😔

  74. ram lumamba

    ram lumamba8 ore fa

    _I want something just like this...._

  75. Izabel Diniz

    Izabel Diniz8 ore fa

    Amor está música

  76. Mr. Mysterious

    Mr. Mysterious8 ore fa

    they re made the video? wtf

  77. joydeep Das

    joydeep Das8 ore fa


  78. Pew Series

    Pew Series9 ore fa

    Mirip Lagu Kery Astina

  79. Mr. Mysterious

    Mr. Mysterious9 ore fa

    why no one is mentioning rory kramer?

  80. Olivia Morrison

    Olivia Morrison9 ore fa

    Best Chainsmokers song

  81. Maria Luisa Carreira Muller

    Maria Luisa Carreira Muller9 ore fa

    Você e chou eu sou muito sua fa

  82. markymarkfresh gang

    markymarkfresh gang9 ore fa

    This song I'm loving it noice :>

  83. capi darwin

    capi darwin9 ore fa

    Wow is good song

  84. Vekun Ringa

    Vekun Ringa9 ore fa

    Reminds me when I was outside state for studies yet party hard with this song

  85. काण्ड टीबी

    काण्ड टीबी9 ore fa

    One of my favourite

  86. Salakjit Kham

    Salakjit Kham9 ore fa

    2020 😍

  87. budi hanafi

    budi hanafi9 ore fa

    26 februari 2020 ...?

  88. ياسين خالد

    ياسين خالد9 ore fa

    her legs is a story

  89. San Roy

    San Roy9 ore fa

    Fav 😍

  90. drake junior

    drake junior9 ore fa


  91. Marina Papadoppulou

    Marina Papadoppulou9 ore fa

    Very good

  92. Marina Papadoppulou

    Marina Papadoppulou9 ore fa

    Τέλειο 😍😍😍😍😍

  93. Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish9 ore fa

    This was insanelyyyy sad

  94. stan bunny

    stan bunny9 ore fa

    The people who has unlike this song they don't know what this feeling is like.

  95. Zolo

    Zolo10 ore fa

    so many memories attached to this one song...

  96. Youness Zezow

    Youness Zezow10 ore fa

    I love you rmix

  97. venchris chris

    venchris chris10 ore fa

    2020/02/27 🌹🌹👍💠🔹️💠🥰

  98. Noor Alkhafajy

    Noor Alkhafajy10 ore fa

    I swear i though this song is for rihanna

  99. Carp's Gaming

    Carp's Gaming10 ore fa

    2020 Anyone?

  100. 老哥稳

    老哥稳10 ore fa

    希望武汉肺炎疫情早日过去,民主中国早日到来!!! 2020-2-27晚于 🇨🇳