Harry Styles
  1. Isa de Mul

    Isa de Mul43 secondi fa

    This man is a genius

  2. Eles Tonanti

    Eles Tonanti2 minuti fa

    oh my god Rosalia's voice is on full display here, i appreciate harry so much for giving her this opportunity

  3. Eliaa Quraan

    Eliaa Quraan2 minuti fa

    This so smart OMG

  4. Emily An

    Emily An2 minuti fa

    This is like a short flim,with a great message and comedy...


    I BROKEMYOWNHEART6 minuti fa

    Looks like Harry went to Asgard 2

  6. DPQM_2003

    DPQM_20039 minuti fa

    Harry is the best thing that has ever walked this world and he has to save him

  7. Briana Dubay

    Briana Dubay10 minuti fa

    Harry having a smile brighter than the sun is very fitting, that boy is literal sunshine.

  8. Renuka Perera

    Renuka Perera12 minuti fa

    ERODA backwards🔙 ADORE cries in 425679736654 languages...

  9. Park Jiminshi

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  10. Sevde Aldemir

    Sevde Aldemir35 minuti fa

    I can watch this video over and over again I can watch it while trying to fall asleep boy your voice is so magical

  11. Czaee Patil

    Czaee Patil40 minuti fa

    imagine a world without Harry’s smile, I would die omg

  12. Czaee Patil

    Czaee Patil40 minuti fa

    “resting fish face” *slow clap*

  13. The Beets

    The Beets44 minuti fa

    What a good interviewer, too. I never watch interviews till the end! Great job to both of them. And I love Harry to bits, so glad to see him speak out more!

  14. J

    J51 minuto fa

    the amount of times i’ve replayed 00:15

  15. Francesca Forte

    Francesca Forte53 minuti fa


  16. darlinglies93

    darlinglies93Ora fa

    wattpad make noise

  17. Ale Ange

    Ale AngeOra fa

    Issues of being a Starry-Eyed dreamer in this world...

  18. Tagam Komut

    Tagam KomutOra fa

    This is going to be the best video of 2019,Thank you for your Christmas present.

  19. Simret Sekhon

    Simret SekhonOra fa

    I wanna cry

  20. momo Padilla

    momo PadillaOra fa

    Madre mía Rosalía bajale


    ASSEM MZAHOra fa

    is rosalia doing the voice over ?

  22. Carol Cassiano

    Carol CassianoOra fa

    tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwww :3

  23. Mananappzz Vlogs

    Mananappzz VlogsOra fa

    I waited for the tune to play. I thought it's a music video.

  24. rafa

    rafa2 ore fa

    i would 100% watch this movie

  25. Richi Angel

    Richi Angel2 ore fa

    About self love 💕

  26. María López

    María López2 ore fa

    Douuuuu :0 ✨💙

  27. Isabella Miró

    Isabella Miró2 ore fa

    Rosalía and Harry: perfection 🖤

  28. kiara

    kiara2 ore fa

    It’s literally what his smile does to me except I can’t get enough of it

  29. gerard comics

    gerard comics2 ore fa

    Omg has anyone else seen the tumblr post on this

  30. Maria Quinonez

    Maria Quinonez2 ore fa

    I've never realated to someones nail polish so much

  31. Camila Sosa

    Camila Sosa2 ore fa

    la Rosalía

  32. Krishnapriya Rajeev

    Krishnapriya Rajeev3 ore fa

    OMG Leeds

  33. Hana the Sixth

    Hana the Sixth3 ore fa

    Harry Edward Styles. Stop. This. At. Once.

  34. carme cedres

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  35. Neelika Silva

    Neelika Silva3 ore fa

    Plz someone tell me..is this a film or song ?

  36. F R A N C I S C A

    F R A N C I S C A3 ore fa

    Ok,I just realized that "Eroda" is "Adore" backwards

  37. Khouloud Kdc

    Khouloud Kdc3 ore fa

    Y’all.. I just love Harry way too much

  38. Muhammad Hafizhan

    Muhammad Hafizhan3 ore fa

    When will the music video be released? Because honestly... I really want to see it.

  39. LadyUchiha

    LadyUchiha3 ore fa

    I knew it was Rosalía's voice from the the first sentence ❤️❤️❤️ Would love a collab between these two!!

  40. Simone Tsob

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  41. freedom

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  42. Lukita

    Lukita4 ore fa

    So this is why harry rejected his role as prince eric *Now he is a peculiar*

  43. Kimmy Fangirl

    Kimmy Fangirl4 ore fa

    I feel like this is so absurd for Harry 😂 I enjoy this concept tho

  44. Guillermo Aguilar

    Guillermo Aguilar4 ore fa

    Quem conhece La Rosalía sabe bem quem narro o mini clipe LA ROSALIA

  45. Antonia Karanastasi

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  46. eliya

    eliya5 ore fa

    harrys voice is just so soothing

  47. Black Star

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  48. Tessia Grimmage

    Tessia Grimmage5 ore fa

    is this for tales of the peculiar?

  49. Shela Cahaya

    Shela Cahaya5 ore fa

    Aneh banget kenapa :(

  50. DawN

    DawN5 ore fa

    Only ad i don’t wanna skip

  51. Irum Masood

    Irum Masood5 ore fa

    I love you harry you are the best

  52. Taliyah De Almedia Gomes

    Taliyah De Almedia Gomes5 ore fa

    All those dislikes r the fish

  53. Jeenal Moreshwar

    Jeenal Moreshwar5 ore fa

    I don't know why but when he started talking about 1D i started crying 😭😭😭 Comeback 1D 😭😭😭😭😭

  54. Anna Kozhokar

    Anna Kozhokar6 ore fa

    oh my god i am so looking forward to this. this is so interesting , im so excited!!!

  55. Average Meme

    Average Meme6 ore fa

    Watch the beginning of the mv be him eating the fish.

  56. Paola Mosqueda

    Paola Mosqueda6 ore fa

    Alguien que hable español? O soy yo la unica jajaj

  57. Luis Quintero

    Luis Quintero6 ore fa

    Harry styles y rosalia😱😱😍me quedo sin palabras los mejores artistas del momento

  58. malexroswellnm

    malexroswellnm6 ore fa

    I'm not even a fan of hers but even I know that's Rosalia narrating.

  59. Maelyn Monett

    Maelyn Monett6 ore fa

    Eroda means adore but backwards..

  60. Mari Cano

    Mari Cano6 ore fa

    Jodida maravilla

  61. Izzy Bee

    Izzy Bee6 ore fa

    1:15 my boy is wearing nail polish 🥰🥺 love it

  62. Katharine Wade

    Katharine Wade6 ore fa


  63. Giorgina Maria

    Giorgina Maria6 ore fa

    I swear like my whole neighbourhood is freaking out cause he filmed like 1 seen in cockenzie 😂

  64. Noora Sajwani

    Noora Sajwani6 ore fa

    Can you please continue the to be continued faster? And please don’t die

  65. Carlos Perry

    Carlos Perry6 ore fa

    ¡LA ROSALÍA! 💃🏻🌹🌹🌹

  66. Oscar Pedroza

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  67. SHAY

    SHAY6 ore fa

    just so good. sharing good. he’s good. promoting good. all around good vibes lol i LOVE

  68. gibby

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    Wow I can’t believe Harry styles stans we’re right about this, crazy

  69. Arini widya cahyani

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  70. madeline sideras

    madeline sideras7 ore fa

    see you at the album release next friday in LA harry!!!

  71. Gabriela Lozano

    Gabriela Lozano7 ore fa

    I mean I’m crying, but in a cool way

  72. Carolina Malik

    Carolina Malik7 ore fa

    why is this man perfect? genuinely asking..

  73. Aika Rios

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  74. - Confectious

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  75. Ilsa S

    Ilsa S7 ore fa

    i feel like the more harry creates (music/mvs) the more i get to analyze his brain

  76. Eloise Van Gogh

    Eloise Van Gogh7 ore fa

    The narrator seems to be Rosalias’ voice

  77. Neich Phao

    Neich Phao7 ore fa

    Resting fish face 😂😂😂

  78. Mahnoor S

    Mahnoor S7 ore fa

    Ok budget

  79. Vincent Ciccone

    Vincent Ciccone8 ore fa

    Frowning, "Resting Fish face". Omg I laughed so hard at this I thought I was gonna have a stroke 😂🤣😂

  80. ikanterii

    ikanterii8 ore fa

    how come i just realized eroda is adore in reverse

  81. Maria Fernanda Alfaro

    Maria Fernanda Alfaro8 ore fa

    Just so you know, this is Rosalia's voice

  82. John Cruz

    John Cruz8 ore fa

    anybody else got Amelie vibes?

  83. Izabella Tóth

    Izabella Tóth8 ore fa

    his a very talented singer and a motherfuckin actor too😍

  84. Annahh

    Annahh8 ore fa

    Wtf lol

  85. The SPA Production

    The SPA Production8 ore fa

    Harry Styles Your The Best

  86. The SPA Production

    The SPA Production8 ore fa

    Love it

  87. Eleanor Jenkins

    Eleanor Jenkins8 ore fa

    why am i literally crying

  88. Abril Ayala

    Abril Ayala8 ore fa

    Rosalia😍😍😍😍 harán una canción juntos????🤔

  89. I_am_me

    I_am_me8 ore fa

    Personally, I’m not a Harry Styles fan. But this looks amazing, the storyline looks so cool! Will definitely have to check out the rest of the story of Eroda and the boy who smiled.

  90. Laura Garcia

    Laura Garcia8 ore fa

    now i reaaaaaaaally want to hear this album

  91. Khushi Shah

    Khushi Shah8 ore fa

    Guys hes got something huge planned we have to get ready

  92. Khushi Shah

    Khushi Shah9 ore fa

    Omg I love this

  93. V a l s

    V a l s9 ore fa

    La Rosalia xdxd

  94. I'm Just Lucy

    I'm Just Lucy9 ore fa

    Everyone here is feeling spiritual and stuff but this video gave some weird the power within vibe....

  95. Nicole Dayeli

    Nicole Dayeli9 ore fa

    What a brilliant mind

  96. Maryangel camacho

    Maryangel camacho9 ore fa

    It's perrisisisisismo 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  97. Maryangel camacho

    Maryangel camacho9 ore fa

    Wow WOW!!!!!!

  98. Maryangel camacho

    Maryangel camacho9 ore fa


  99. AbrionTV

    AbrionTV9 ore fa

    a masterpiece. make it a feature length film

  100. Jessica Perez

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    yesss bby💞💞💞🤩🤩🤩