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  1. isabella duque cardona

    isabella duque cardona45 minuti fa

    hay alguien que hable español aqui?

  2. ahana m

    ahana m48 minuti fa

    Corona virus after watching this video *has left the chat*.

  3. DiaMondBlack rd

    DiaMondBlack rd48 minuti fa

    No mames la que esta hablando es la Rosalía

  4. Disney Drawer

    Disney Drawer50 minuti fa

    Great I love it and watermelons 🍉

  5. myvoice31

    myvoice3152 minuti fa

    He could do so much better- song is just ok.

  6. Chayenne tikai

    Chayenne tikai52 minuti fa

    these girls are so lucky

  7. Allison Rodríguez

    Allison Rodríguez53 minuti fa

    I am addicted to this song, I love it is the best in the world ❤️

  8. Luke Davidson

    Luke Davidson55 minuti fa


  9. Cami Legaspi

    Cami Legaspi56 minuti fa

    he looks like frat boy harry


    DANIEL PASCUAL56 minuti fa

    Te Amo Harry

  11. sofia R

    sofia R57 minuti fa

    Guárdame lechuga

  12. Tabitha Cigainero

    Tabitha Cigainero59 minuti fa

    HI Harry styles ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️💕

  13. babygirl deserae

    babygirl deseraeOra fa

    I’m so in loveeee HES SO UNIQUE UGHHH 😍

  14. Kemili Alcântara

    Kemili AlcântaraOra fa

    Joalin e seus roles aleatório kkkkkk

  15. Violetta Edelman

    Violetta EdelmanOra fa

    It really took this long to film this song?!?1

  16. Hasan Dastgir

    Hasan DastgirOra fa

    How is it even remotely related to touching?

  17. cristina corona

    cristina coronaOra fa


  18. donklate78

    donklate78Ora fa

    Why he touching the watermelon like that tho

  19. Vianey Gonzalez

    Vianey GonzalezOra fa

    Estoy llorando

  20. Dumb Whore

    Dumb WhoreOra fa

    Okay what is all the hype over him?

  21. lesley rhind

    lesley rhindOra fa

    Love him !

  22. Magic john

    Magic johnOra fa

    C est un enchantement magic 👍👍👍

  23. lesley rhind

    lesley rhindOra fa

    Awesome voice !

  24. Gigi Gigis

    Gigi GigisOra fa

    Nice video oficial nice good

  25. katie kane

    katie kaneOra fa

    the fact that harry styles can sing higher than and im a 12 year old girl is just sad towards me

  26. The Bissessar's

    The Bissessar'sOra fa

    harry...... yes watermelon.......touch meh

  27. Hunny Cam

    Hunny CamOra fa

    Let’s just say So hot 🤤

  28. Ramon R

    Ramon ROra fa

    I see watermelon but did not see sugar.

  29. Danish Zaidi

    Danish ZaidiOra fa

    Listened to it for the first time hated it. Couple of days later listened to it again still don't like the lyrics but kinda like it. Now Stupid lyrics but too catchy.

  30. Cathrine Oestrich

    Cathrine OestrichOra fa

    okay but like i love this music video but who else got like mad one direction vibe when harry ran into the water and then ran right back because...... same

  31. Andrea A

    Andrea AOra fa

    0:38 i wanna be that watermelon :D

  32. ALEF

    ALEFOra fa

    wow. honestly, I see him first time. He is exactly same looks as my cousin brother... unbelievable...so many similarities

  33. Bella Orourke

    Bella OrourkeOra fa

    Paris ----------> Rome U know if u know ;)

  34. Faith Monges

    Faith MongesOra fa

    this sounds like a one direction song. like the beat of the song does

  35. The Girl

    The GirlOra fa

    watermelon sugar 🍉🥤 high 🚬🔥

  36. efrenespartano

    efrenespartanoOra fa

    I really hated One Direction. Iugh. But Harry's own music is very good! I really like it.



    The voice of Rosalía😍. She has a precious spanish acent

  38. Michaela Torre

    Michaela TorreOra fa

    This is like cake by the ocean they have a food but they talk about sex

  39. GUMAGU

    GUMAGUOra fa

    1M ✅ 2M ✅ 3M ✅ 4M ✅ 5M ✅ 6M ✅ 7M ✅ 8M ✅ 9M ✅ 10M ✅ 11M ✅ 12M ✅ 13M ✅ 14M ✅ 15M ✅ 16M ✅ 17M ✅ 18M ✅ 19M ✅ 20M ✅ 21M ✅ 22M ✅ 23M ✅ 24M ✅ 25M ✅ 26M ✅ 27M ✅ 28M ✅ 29M ✅ 30M ✅ 31M ❌ 32M ❌ 33M ❌ 34M ❌ 35M ❌ 36M ❌ 37M ❌ 38M ❌ 39M ❌ 40M ❌ 41M ❌ 42M ❌ 43M ❌ 44M ❌ 45M ❌ 46M ❌ 47M ❌ 48M ❌ 49M ❌ 50M ❌

  40. Moo Moo :D

    Moo Moo :DOra fa

    I was today years old when I found out he was not talking about watermelon cause look at how the girls faces looked when they were touching the watermelon i-😭💀

  41. rashiqa ramadhan

    rashiqa ramadhanOra fa

    secemburu ini.


    NINI NINIOra fa

    Where are my Young And Beautiful stand yet??

  43. Victoria Olmos

    Victoria OlmosOra fa

    I don’t know, i really want to be the watermelon or the strawberries?

  44. vi odio tutti

    vi odio tutti2 ore fa

    this hits different when you’re sitting alone while is raining outside..

  45. Rebeca

    Rebeca2 ore fa

    Imagine being paid to kiss Harry Styles

  46. Saketh Kilaru

    Saketh Kilaru2 ore fa


  47. Ken John Porras

    Ken John Porras2 ore fa

    Guys please stream drag me down and story of my life too #DMDTO1B #SOMLTO1B

  48. Paige Cassandra

    Paige Cassandra2 ore fa

    y’all, if you play it at 1.5 speed, it sounds like country music and it hits very different

  49. Katerina Rizopoulou

    Katerina Rizopoulou2 ore fa

    What a nice song! *Greetings from Greece* ☺️

  50. Ana Lepez

    Ana Lepez2 ore fa

    i love harry Stiles bb💖💖

  51. Ruth Smith

    Ruth Smith2 ore fa

    2:40 :)

  52. Perfect Illusion

    Perfect Illusion2 ore fa

    The most amazing human being. Love you so much.

  53. Banu Azalea

    Banu Azalea2 ore fa

    Like lights coming, whit girls

  54. little panda

    little panda2 ore fa

    My crush:I like watermelons Me:

  55. gabriela

    gabriela2 ore fa

    Harry is truly an icon.

  56. Florencia Villalba

    Florencia Villalba2 ore fa

    Mi watermelon JAJAJAJAJAJAJA 💚🍉

  57. Sidney Junior

    Sidney Junior2 ore fa

    #harry styles.#sign of the times.jr.

  58. jeet k.

    jeet k.2 ore fa

    Harry- touches watermelon saying tastes like strawberries Watermelon- cries but in a cool way😂

  59. Grace Larkin

    Grace Larkin2 ore fa

    i am confused why this man only had 6 million subscribers

  60. maju uniter

    maju uniter2 ore fa

    A Diva Joalin vivie Sophia Loukaama aparece

  61. Kate Murphy

    Kate Murphy2 ore fa

    this gives me so much seratonin

  62. Phoebe Olivia

    Phoebe Olivia2 ore fa

    Harry looks like the next elvis generation here

  63. Grace Larkin

    Grace Larkin2 ore fa

    my god i am sobbing

  64. Samim Ahmed

    Samim Ahmed2 ore fa

    Return one direction?

  65. supeex

    supeex2 ore fa

    It's very nice of Harry to give us free access to all his music and lyrics. Thanks Harry.

  66. Öykü Efe

    Öykü Efe2 ore fa

    He didn't sound like Harry Styles

  67. Fery301 Können

    Fery301 Können2 ore fa

    give us some 🍉

  68. Isha Karki

    Isha Karki2 ore fa

    loving you's (harry) antidote

  69. Luise P.

    Luise P.2 ore fa

    *Where are my Larries?* ;)

  70. Nil Passos

    Nil Passos2 ore fa

    I like your songs. Falling angel singing.

  71. Eunice Portuguez

    Eunice Portuguez2 ore fa


  72. Alter Sike

    Alter Sike2 ore fa

    FUN FACT: Watermelons were actually berries

  73. ERYCC

    ERYCC2 ore fa

    Soñé que me comia una sandia y sonaba esta canción

  74. Belém Jiménez

    Belém Jiménez2 ore fa

    The best♥️😻🔥

  75. Phoebe Dwyer

    Phoebe Dwyer2 ore fa

    I love how all the girls are so unique and beautiful in their own way

  76. minimossee production

    minimossee production2 ore fa

    suddenly i feel like this song is about dying and going to heaven idk but I just felt

  77. Mickeias Lourran

    Mickeias Lourran2 ore fa


  78. Mili Lennon

    Mili Lennon2 ore fa

    La primera canción de Harry que escuché como solista, y quedé totalmente impactada ¡Amo su música! 🎶♥️🎶🎸

  79. Paula Orell

    Paula Orell3 ore fa

    Does anyone else get an Elton John vibe from this?

  80. Jonny Adams

    Jonny Adams3 ore fa

    This song should have got 42 million likes

  81. ornella scigliano

    ornella scigliano3 ore fa

    "she's a good girl" "she feels so good" i just can't

  82. Carla Pinheiro

    Carla Pinheiro3 ore fa

    Lindoooo ❤️

  83. FireFrog

    FireFrog3 ore fa

    A master class in how to be explicit without actually being explicit.

  84. Iris Slika

    Iris Slika3 ore fa

    I ❤ Harry ❤❤❤❤❤

  85. Iris Slika

    Iris Slika3 ore fa

    I ❤ Harry ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  86. Iris Slika

    Iris Slika3 ore fa

    I ❤ Harry ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  87. Nobody Fromnowhere

    Nobody Fromnowhere3 ore fa

    I’m in love with this. HORRIBLY

  88. Zayra Glez

    Zayra Glez3 ore fa

    Yo viendo aquí como Harry le dedica la canción a un pez 😂

  89. clear skins

    clear skins3 ore fa

    The way harry styles using women for sex object. Im disgusted.

  90. Camila Martínez

    Camila Martínez3 ore fa

    0:36...OMFG When you don't have to be explicit to be sexual ...

  91. Adam

    Adam3 ore fa

    the watermelons got Corana

  92. snoot

    snoot3 ore fa

    I'm in love with this artist. With this man. With this dork. With this song. With these musicians. Fuck, even with this black t-shirt.

  93. kawaii official

    kawaii official3 ore fa

    The watermelon is the luckiest fruit ever

  94. Lívia kampff

    Lívia kampff3 ore fa

    perfect amanzing😙😚

  95. Rana -

    Rana -3 ore fa

    I love this song my favorite part thou when the beat gets heavy and sultry near the end

  96. Glaucio Franco

    Glaucio Franco3 ore fa


  97. StoneOcean

    StoneOcean3 ore fa


  98. Welberthon Silva

    Welberthon Silva3 ore fa

    I’am Brazilian

  99. Krishna Gonzalez

    Krishna Gonzalez3 ore fa


  100. Hifi St

    Hifi St3 ore fa

    It's been long since a song made me feel alive