Joe Seibert
Joe Seibert
Joe Seibert

  1. Richard W Jennings

    Richard W JenningsGiorno fa

    America's best popular music. And I knew Elvis.

  2. Virginia Quesada

    Virginia Quesada2 giorni fa

    When men wore suits and women wore dresses with high heels. Men were handsomely groomed. Women had modesty as key factors in their appearances. Men and women danced in each others arms. Wonderful thoughts of promising futures with music just like this. Bring it back!

  3. Dave Freeman

    Dave Freeman4 giorni fa

    ¿What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Burger Barn opening

  4. iiartzyii

    iiartzyii6 giorni fa

    *Me* : Makes my bestfriend kiss her crush *Me again* : This magic moment UwU Btw this song is gorgeous i love it

  5. ..M

    ..M6 giorni fa

    The sopranos make me come here

  6. Kenzi pacholski

    Kenzi pacholski8 giorni fa

    If This song doesn’t play at my funeral I’m not going


    MR WHITE SOLO9 giorni fa

    "This magic Moment" Cover

  8. Janson Briggs

    Janson Briggs9 giorni fa

    I listen to this song every day. I sit here & dream of the first time I kissed her & every moment we shared after that. While I cry my eyes out. She’s gone now. But this song always brings her back & reminds me that I’ll never be able to forget her.


    GUNO RIJSSEL11 giorni fa

    Guy in the middle is CLYDE MC PHATTER. He succeeded BEN-E-KING after he left to pursue an individual career!!

  10. Bowen Nace

    Bowen Nace11 giorni fa

    I wonder if they knew they would affect people so long after the song was gone.

  11. Bodie Gilliland

    Bodie Gilliland12 giorni fa

    Heroes are remembered but legends never die

  12. rissaa :

    rissaa :13 giorni fa

    I want to die to this song. It sounds weird ik but lemme die to this song

  13. K•I•n•s•I•e PaRkEr

    K•I•n•s•I•e PaRkEr13 giorni fa

    Legends never die. That all ima say if you know this then your the real og’s

  14. Cesar Migueltorena

    Cesar Migueltorena14 giorni fa

    When music was music. No voice alterations no machines.

  15. Marie-Thérèse SANGLAR

    Marie-Thérèse SANGLAR19 giorni fa

    J'ai toujours eu un très grand respect pour Mr BEN.E.KING,en Anglais veut dire le roi,par rien tout le monde n'est pas roi...Respect pour Lui si vous l'aimes en temps que chanteur? Merci pour lui.

  16. Jsmoove2101

    Jsmoove210120 giorni fa

    Just rewatched The Sopranos series for the 50th time. This songs comes on after Bobby Baccala pops his cherry killing someone. He goes from the traumatizing experience of killing someone. Then Coming back to seeing his daughter run to him, and feeling that love and peace that was taking from him when he pulled the trigger. Beautiful scene!

  17. Andrikopoulos Bet

    Andrikopoulos Bet20 giorni fa

    One of the best melodies in history should have 3 billion views, not 3 million...

  18. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith20 giorni fa

    I remember this from. High school and rolling skating with my girl.then the draft hit me .lest us never forget 👍🇺🇸🗽

  19. oxed brox

    oxed brox20 giorni fa

    Bobby won fair and square

  20. Darryl Evans

    Darryl Evans22 giorni fa

    One of the greatest songs The Drifters ever made written by the late and great Doc Pumus who had polio a of his adult life wore leg braces. Which i can relate to because I have polio and wear leg braces me the Masterblaster i still play this song on my internet radio show Classic Soul.

  21. M 96

    M 9623 giorni fa


  22. AJ Bolt

    AJ Bolt24 giorni fa

    Makes me want to watch the sandlot

  23. john laudadio

    john laudadio24 giorni fa

    Don't need no visuals, don;t need no movie, don't need no extras, to make us appreciate this music...we, from the golden days of satin, smooth rhythm and roll dug this way back when!

  24. Shrek the gamer

    Shrek the gamer24 giorni fa

    Don’t call me weird but this makes me want to fake drown and kiss the lifeguard doing cpr

  25. theee Jams m

    theee Jams m25 giorni fa

    2020 ♥️🎼🎶

  26. Kalen Waterman

    Kalen Waterman25 giorni fa


  27. SirKryptic

    SirKryptic25 giorni fa

    Reminds me of farcry 5

  28. M.N. D

    M.N. D26 giorni fa

    Songs like this take me back to a time when life was good. I wasnt born then but atleast through time captured through these songs i get a glimpse of it. Music reflects the time we live in so life was good then.

  29. I- Jail

    I- Jail27 giorni fa

    Michael Squints Palledorous walked a little taller that day. And we had to tip our hats to him. He was lucky she hadn’t beat the CRAP out of him. We wouldn’t have blamed her. What he’d done was sneaky, rotten, and low… and cool. Not another one among us would have ever in a million years even for a million dollars have the guts to put the moves on the lifeguard. He did. He had kissed a woman. And he had kissed her long and good. We got banned from the pool forever that day. But every time we walked by after that, the lifeguard looked down from her tower, right over at Squints, and smiled - Scotty smalls.

  30. Marilynn lol

    Marilynn lol28 giorni fa

    This reminds me of when someone has their first kiss. I want this to play when I have my first kiss.

  31. I- Jail

    I- Jail29 giorni fa

    This song makes me wanna just be playing baseball in the 60s and enjoying just the moment and maybe even kissing someone under fireworks coming from a young person with a old soul(:

  32. Ghost0209

    Ghost0209Mese fa

    2020 anyone 🙂 he had suck a beautiful voice :(

  33. Shirley Hancock

    Shirley HancockMese fa

    Yes ...thats what I'm talking about

  34. Kyl Ced D

    Kyl Ced DMese fa

    This makes me want to drive in 69 SS Camaro

  35. Elijah Profitt

    Elijah ProfittMese fa

    0:13 “UGH!! LITTLE PERVERT!!”

  36. ItsLuis

    ItsLuisMese fa

    Anyone else find this song when first watching Sand Lot?

  37. asdfsd afa223a

    asdfsd afa223aMese fa

    Black culture was so beautiful until hip hop came along. What a shame.

  38. Akaylia Mckellop

    Akaylia MckellopMese fa


  39. who?

    who?Mese fa

    i can feel meme cover

  40. Lucas Da Motta

    Lucas Da MottaMese fa

    You probably don't even hear when it happens, right?

  41. J T

    J TMese fa

    Love this shit

  42. Charlotte Cavanagh

    Charlotte CavanaghMese fa

    When i hear this song i act like im in a movie

  43. chabchae

    chabchaeMese fa

    If we could bring the best parts of this decade and culture, leave the shit, and bring it to modern times this world would be a great place.

  44. I. R

    I. RMese fa

    time when the world was worth living for❤️

  45. Michael Cain

    Michael CainMese fa

    I always imagine myself chilling with the girl I’m in love with and listening to this. Never going to happen unfortunately, just a fantasy I have

  46. Gregory Werbrich

    Gregory WerbrichMese fa

    Squints. Always a legend...

  47. Lisa Wynn

    Lisa WynnMese fa

    I adore each one of you! Lots of class!!!

  48. Daniel mora

    Daniel moraMese fa

    Alguien 2020?

  49. Maria East-side Story

    Maria East-side StoryMese fa

    This song reminds me of my crush in 2017, we used to work in a coffee shop.

  50. jaymo

    jaymoMese fa

    Sopranos brought me here 👍👍👍

  51. SoulStrutter

    SoulStrutterMese fa

    Hi Joe Thanks for posting this. I am doing an article for my blog re George Wilson so would be grateful for any info as it would appear that you may have known him. Discogs states he was 'a prolific soul performer from Pittsburgh' and died in 1984. I know of only 45s the one you have posted on Stand and another on Black Circle in 1971 which surprises me as he has a great voice. I didn't know he performed with The Embers - did they release anything together? Thanks in advance

  52. Dj Zepher

    Dj ZepherMese fa

    This song is why sandlot is great

  53. Ricky Valentine

    Ricky ValentineMese fa

    R.IP Ben E King

  54. Danielle A

    Danielle AMese fa

    Here in 2020 cronavires has killed lots of ppl America is on lockdown can only go to the supermarket and back if ur are reading the in the future just wanted say always keep this error of this music in your soul and never take life for granted it can change an instance as we all learned in 2020 as a Coronavirus changed our lives across the world

  55. [[ Fry Greaze ]]

    [[ Fry Greaze ]]Mese fa

    Imagine having a voice this wonderful

  56. Riley Garner

    Riley GarnerMese fa

    i am only 11 and i know what the sandlot is it is the best movie ever Squints is so funny Benny is my boy

  57. Cory the goat

    Cory the goatMese fa

    This song not long enough!

  58. Massai Shuler

    Massai ShulerMese fa


  59. westyft60

    westyft60Mese fa

    Always think of Wendy Pefercorn when I hear this lol

  60. kiki g

    kiki gMese fa

  61. Jack Smith

    Jack SmithMese fa

    Yes yes ❤️

  62. jdz

    jdzMese fa

    This song makes me want to kiss the lifeguard

  63. Jamshid Salokhitdinov

    Jamshid SalokhitdinovMese fa

    Sopranos Home Movies

  64. ArezinaM

    ArezinaM2 mesi fa

    Imagine dying in slow motion than this song comes on

  65. ann davis

    ann davis2 mesi fa

    My girlfriend & neighbor friend loves this song...I justlove seeing her sing & dance to this song. Ty

  66. Gavin

    Gavin2 mesi fa

    Listening to this while on quarantine and playing Skyrim 😖😖😖

  67. Luke The Ghost Killer 2515

    Luke The Ghost Killer 25152 mesi fa

    "Oh man! He's in deep shit!"

  68. Stacey Neal

    Stacey Neal2 mesi fa

    “Sweeter Than Wine.... Softer than the summer night” Those lyrics make me just wanna dance.. "Wendy Peffercorn!!!" i'm young but got a old heart 💓

  69. Alexandra Salazar

    Alexandra Salazar2 mesi fa

    You can’t beat true, real, great music!

  70. Mark Hernandez

    Mark Hernandez2 mesi fa

    Anybody know a doing that sounds like the beginning of it but has men chanting probably something in spanish

  71. Vortex

    Vortex2 mesi fa

    Sopranos, the last episode before everything changed forever. You know when it happens, you don't even hear it..

  72. Bathsheba Anaya

    Bathsheba Anaya2 mesi fa

    My first time listening to this song was actually due to my sister I was taking pretty long nap in the evening (which till this day I rarely do) she walks into my room played this on my phone kissed me on the forehead and left I remember feeling so sleepy like almost without energy and hearing this song put me in such a trace it really was a magic moment I honestly miss those days I makes me want to go back I felt more whole back then

  73. Juan gabriel Arias

    Juan gabriel Arias2 mesi fa


  74. Jack Graham

    Jack Graham2 mesi fa

    Ok now I’m gonna sandlot

  75. lcvilla legend

    lcvilla legend2 mesi fa

    When singers could sing

  76. O B L I V I O N

    O B L I V I O N2 mesi fa

    Anyone want to dance??

  77. Roger Alsop

    Roger Alsop2 mesi fa


  78. Henry Kilar

    Henry Kilar2 mesi fa

    I forget about the corona and quarantining by listening to this

  79. Dwight Dodd

    Dwight Dodd2 mesi fa

    Remember when you were a young boy and did'nt like Girls.....? Me neither............NEVER experienced that....Did'nt know what I wanted to do with them,but I KNEW I wanted one..............


    LHASA APSO32 mesi fa

    Ben E. King ... the best of the best. He turned Doc Pomus' creative writing into "Magic"

  81. Jesus

    Jesus2 mesi fa

    am i the only weird person who literally imagines a a scenario that fits the song . i do that with almost every song i listen to i consider myself a really old soul . i’m mexican and all i listen to is oldies mexican and americans like frank sinatra and this type of music . everyone around me thinks i’m weird lol i can go from country to hip hop to rat pack to classical to rock I JUST LOVE MUSIC WITH MEANING. the music now a days sucks and programs people to be idiots and evil . i wish i lives in the era where people loved each other more and technology wasn’t around to destroy humanity . when i say this song play while bobby was holding his daughter at the lake it made me feel some type of way. ( the sopranos) i wish i could feel happy once in my life . genuinely happy . not the mask i put everyday . i want to feel this song as i live the moment . idk i’m weird . i literally picture myself in a beautiful lake or ocean with someone that loves me . surrounded by people i love and we just have a great time and enjoy life and forget the troubles

  82. comfy slumber • 7 years ago

    comfy slumber • 7 years ago2 mesi fa

    Beautiful song but it would be perfect for a psychopath edit

  83. Queen Priscilla

    Queen Priscilla2 mesi fa

    Back then before corona virus was found 🙄🥺

  84. Conman 1u

    Conman 1u2 mesi fa

    The Sopranos brought me here

  85. Eileen Lawson

    Eileen Lawson2 mesi fa


  86. Mr Right

    Mr Right2 mesi fa

    Im Getting Married Today!! This will be our song as we walk out of the church! This Magic Moment❤

  87. Faye Merlo

    Faye Merlo2 mesi fa

    Another great group with great songs

  88. Mistica Young

    Mistica Young2 mesi fa

    I am in 💓 with song

  89. Scott Richard

    Scott Richard2 mesi fa

    They engaged in sex in seen god because the love was so strong

  90. Scott Richard

    Scott Richard2 mesi fa

    Something from out of this world

  91. Scott Richard

    Scott Richard2 mesi fa

    So crazy if it never happened to you you don't really understand really listen

  92. Scott Richard

    Scott Richard2 mesi fa

    This really happened to me and my wife after 20 years wow

  93. Logan Calloway

    Logan Calloway2 mesi fa

    Sandlot will always be my favorite movie

  94. Robert Bernardo

    Robert Bernardo2 mesi fa

    Wendy pfeffercorn! Squintz!!! You dawg! You!

  95. Nathannael Mansion

    Nathannael Mansion2 mesi fa

    Sandlot anyone

  96. Karina Tehe

    Karina Tehe2 mesi fa

    This magic moment So different and so new Was like any other Until I kissed you And then it happened It took me by surprise I knew that you felt it too By the look in your eyes Sweeter than wine (sweeter than wine) Softer than a summer night (softer than a summer night) Everything I want to have (everything, everything) Whenever I hold you tight This magic moment (this magic moment) While your lips are close to mine Will last forever Forever, till the end of time (this magic moment) Whoa, oh, (this magic moment) oh Sweeter than wine (sweeter than wine) Softer than a summer night (softer than a summer night) Everything I want to have (everything, everything) Whenever I hold you tight This magic moment (this magic moment) While your lips are close to mine Will last forever (this magic moment) Forever, till the end of time (magic) Whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh Magic, magic, magic

  97. Amber Scott

    Amber Scott2 mesi fa

    you can’t tell me he doesn’t sound just like Carlton Banks...

  98. i'm the blues

    i'm the blues2 mesi fa

    90's movies+50's music= heaven

  99. Tyler W

    Tyler W3 mesi fa


  100. Jody Pilarchik

    Jody Pilarchik3 mesi fa

    Old Hearts can be Sexy and Smart ! I concur jp