Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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6 mesi fa

I'm the BASS Guy
  1. Ambrogio Maresca

    Ambrogio Maresca23 ore fa

    Davie you already taken your headpones off in the video where you cook spagetti OMG


    EPIC BASS23 ore fa

    Why i dont see E-pick Seriosly i dont see it

  3. Alejandro Cuadrado

    Alejandro Cuadrado23 ore fa

    Es Fake

  4. Hotel Papa

    Hotel Papa23 ore fa


  5. Sacheen Pukhrambam

    Sacheen Pukhrambam23 ore fa

    Nobody slaps like Davie :) Actually the bass itself slaps :)

  6. Death Scythe

    Death Scythe23 ore fa

    You guys are the best couple!

  7. Kazuki Kazami

    Kazuki Kazami23 ore fa

    4:52 Lmao

  8. Leo Verheggen

    Leo Verheggen23 ore fa

    I wanted to slap like but pinched instead, me a guitarist inaccurately slapped duslike *shame opun me*

  9. Sharanya Chakraborty Originals

    Sharanya Chakraborty Originals23 ore fa

    Very impressive.. but what can you do with a broken bass?

  10. Lars's Wig

    Lars's Wig23 ore fa

    "I'm a girl. Like you." -in a deep manly velvety voice

  11. D. Roshe

    D. Roshe23 ore fa

    Damn I join to my second account and slap like again!

  12. Seiser

    Seiser23 ore fa

    whatever luigi from mario games

  13. Bikram Sarkar

    Bikram Sarkar23 ore fa

    Playing with di*k

  14. Pchel's Bitch

    Pchel's Bitch23 ore fa

    Epical.. There is Slap Ukulele guitar P.S. OMG it's a Davie504 on my screen.

  15. Nithish Nithish

    Nithish Nithish23 ore fa

    You missed the 'bass'ic part...... Ha checkmate!

  16. Elliott Sz.-B.

    Elliott Sz.-B.23 ore fa

    I want someone to look at me the way Davie504 looks at the camera. <3

  17. Shadow Freddy

    Shadow Freddy23 ore fa


  18. Andy Kampen

    Andy Kampen23 ore fa

    yours was by far the best

  19. Harrysound

    Harrysound23 ore fa

    Some of these are great

  20. Δημητρης Ιωαννου

    Δημητρης Ιωαννου23 ore fa

    Toss a coin to your Bass Player oh valley of plenty

  21. gvymamdvcnj131309

    gvymamdvcnj13130923 ore fa



    OOOHHH_MY_GWAD23 ore fa

    Its ALOONA

  23. SnapDragon

    SnapDragon23 ore fa

    Not cringe

  24. Tillolenski Art

    Tillolenski Art23 ore fa

    It worked

  25. Ethan Lim

    Ethan Lim23 ore fa

    I want know the non reverse

  26. kv ds

    kv ds23 ore fa

    pewdiepie 😂

  27. Roseta Kuing

    Roseta Kuing23 ore fa


  28. extra ordinary coder

    extra ordinary coder23 ore fa

    Its the instrument of my country

  29. Angel Perez

    Angel Perez23 ore fa

    I think $69 did the best Not because the nunber.........smh

  30. Tweek Tweek Tweeker

    Tweek Tweek Tweeker23 ore fa


  31. Gorilla

    Gorilla23 ore fa


  32. Wisdom Ntshalintshali

    Wisdom Ntshalintshali23 ore fa

    Watching Dave504 trying hard not to laugh was Epicc. Slap like now!!!

  33. choppingshif

    choppingshif23 ore fa

    *PP HARD*

  34. Jaydude _

    Jaydude _23 ore fa

    6:44 THE L I C C

  35. Carlos K

    Carlos K23 ore fa

    Song name 7:50?

  36. San Sesbunso

    San Sesbunso23 ore fa

    Actually Davie looks better with this filter

  37. Mina Hatsuko

    Mina Hatsuko23 ore fa

    2:18 i can't stop laughing XDDDDD

  38. SpacePope

    SpacePope23 ore fa


  39. Jeremy Spike

    Jeremy Spike23 ore fa

    I mean Tool is metal...

  40. Don't even try it

    Don't even try it23 ore fa

    Girl: Do you know Prom Dress? Definitely not Davie504: Yes *proceeds to play megalovania theme*

  41. Liam Deißl

    Liam Deißl23 ore fa

    I become my bass today

  42. Tasty Boii

    Tasty Boii23 ore fa

    ngl I think the bending ones are underrated

  43. 17seventySIX

    17seventySIX23 ore fa

    We thought the 7 dollar drummer did better than the $190.. but the$300 drummer(we don't even consider this shmuck a drummer) just sucked balls

  44. Der Dude

    Der Dude23 ore fa

    hast to stay on vacation because of corona. Epic or not Apic

  45. Nifuji Hirotaka

    Nifuji Hirotaka23 ore fa

    what instrument is this

  46. Nick Thomas

    Nick Thomas23 ore fa

    May I have permission to play the BASS Davie? OMG!!!

  47. Christian Tanner

    Christian Tanner23 ore fa

    N a. N. I.

  48. Kyle Jitskie Juridico

    Kyle Jitskie Juridico23 ore fa

    0:46-1:04 G U I T A R !!!

  49. Chill Nation

    Chill Nation23 ore fa

    Im horney😂

  50. Krishna Gupta

    Krishna Gupta23 ore fa

    What is pp.... I am confused


    WING SHUN LEE23 ore fa

    this vid’s intro is EPICO

  52. Jason Carter

    Jason Carter23 ore fa

    TOOL @ 5:30

  53. Chill Nation

    Chill Nation23 ore fa

    U inian??

  54. -robo-

    -robo-23 ore fa

    Well, I'm gay now I guess.

  55. FIake Caron

    FIake Caron23 ore fa

    Пхах, я кстати задумался, а почему гопники носили именно ADiDaS?

  56. Jason Carter

    Jason Carter23 ore fa

    Would have been more authentic if it were a wig and his GF did some femme makeup.


    CROBOX GAMING23 ore fa

    "My comment epicc"

  58. BadAss Snake

    BadAss Snake23 ore fa

    My pp Was 🔥!!!!

  59. Davin Playz

    Davin Playz23 ore fa

    "If you're not japanese, say something japanese anyway" *YAMETE* *KUDASAI*

  60. KOTA .N

    KOTA .N23 ore fa


  61. Pandu Salam

    Pandu Salam23 ore fa

    Charlie chaplin : are u challenging me?!

  62. Hrangbung peningwar

    Hrangbung peningwar23 ore fa

    Teach me how to play in video


    BLUE_BLAD23 ore fa

    where's the cap Восьмиклинка and the black makasini

  64. Hrangbung peningwar

    Hrangbung peningwar23 ore fa

    Davie I buy bass wat should I do ?

  65. Adbeel Gamer

    Adbeel Gamer23 ore fa

    and think that this was the video I met you with I feel old xd

  66. Jason Carter

    Jason Carter23 ore fa

    You look like Cher

  67. Jason Carter

    Jason Carter23 ore fa

    Hey slapper ! Is it true that 'virago' is an Italian word for 'an effeminate man? In Australia, it was the name of a motorcycle

  68. Paolo Fallea

    Paolo Fallea23 ore fa

    0:32 ahahahahaaha he put dislike in his own video !

  69. si hiu

    si hiu23 ore fa

    0:46 bruh


    BLUE_BLAD23 ore fa

    the most popular singer is Цой

  71. Danny Silvas

    Danny Silvas23 ore fa

    Davie504 omg! U Lie to me! I slap like and I STILL cannot slap bass! Not epico!

  72. Kaustie Productions

    Kaustie Productions23 ore fa

    Learn Maths Always OK?

  73. Ma. Thereza Bandala

    Ma. Thereza Bandala23 ore fa

    Why 504 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  74. jacob cpp2

    jacob cpp223 ore fa

    Can you play killing in the name by rage against the machine?

  75. Stefanko C

    Stefanko C23 ore fa

    0:48 his face

  76. Duc Minh Tran

    Duc Minh Tran23 ore fa


  77. jenny ,

    jenny ,23 ore fa

    Ending was nice..OMG👀😂

  78. Pranjal Mehla

    Pranjal Mehla23 ore fa

    Hey you were telling boys only some and girls long

  79. Ma. Thereza Bandala

    Ma. Thereza Bandala23 ore fa

    Small bass small pipi

  80. devilko marian

    devilko marian23 ore fa

    you have 51 year wtf? 😅

  81. Roblox istnieje naprawde YT

    Roblox istnieje naprawde YT23 ore fa


  82. WaKandaks Forever

    WaKandaks Forever23 ore fa

    Sub mga tao/ay kababayan pala....PH

  83. MasterChiefCovenant

    MasterChiefCovenant23 ore fa


  84. standartformat jpeg

    standartformat jpeg23 ore fa

    My dad plays bass my mom plays guitar (very evil smh) so I'm playing a mini guitar-bass hybrid aka ukulele.

  85. Tweek Tweek Tweeker

    Tweek Tweek Tweeker23 ore fa

    I like $47 guy he is good 4:37

  86. devilko marian

    devilko marian23 ore fa

    8:10 Amsterdam?

  87. Archer

    Archer23 ore fa

    10:02 OMG

  88. Тимофей Богачев

    Тимофей БогачевGiorno fa

    Это не он играет

  89. Adbeel Gamer

    Adbeel GamerGiorno fa


  90. devilko marian

    devilko marianGiorno fa

    7:17 I'm cold ❄

  91. Матвей Титаренко

    Матвей ТитаренкоGiorno fa


  92. WaKandaks Forever

    WaKandaks ForeverGiorno fa

    Some day i will find it.

  93. Rasyid Izzar

    Rasyid IzzarGiorno fa


  94. Malcolm Moore

    Malcolm MooreGiorno fa

    checkmate 344k

  95. mike johnson

    mike johnsonGiorno fa

    Omg this is too good 😂

  96. Rasyid Izzar

    Rasyid IzzarGiorno fa

    What The

  97. angle bemis

    angle bemisGiorno fa

    i absolutely knew 1 was gonna be Sweden

  98. Adniel Hernandez

    Adniel HernandezGiorno fa


  99. Gilles bkf

    Gilles bkfGiorno fa

    You should definitely have got a realistic wig instead of that sloppy filter

  100. Oleg Leonchenko

    Oleg LeonchenkoGiorno fa

    ok. now i cant sleep normaly. i need bass