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  1. The Earthtones

    The Earthtones10 secondi fa

    All the patriots do is cheat !

  2. Graeme Cannon

    Graeme Cannon12 secondi fa

    he did get hit in the face tho but no one talking about that

  3. -NN-

    -NN-Minuto fa

    This BIG DAWG needs to get his rest.

  4. Robert Lyons

    Robert LyonsMinuto fa

    I'm calling it, the Bengals will win. Remember who said it.

  5. Turhan Henderson

    Turhan Henderson2 minuti fa

    Imagine thinking it's disrespectful to do everything for your team to win the game. He can't say nothing, if the man is following the rules

  6. Alf Stewart

    Alf Stewart2 minuti fa

    It's so much less stressful as a fan without ball hog Westbrook on the team. I swear the team works better together i'm more than happy for CP3 to put in his efficient 16 points and run the floor over erratic Westbrook.

  7. Sebastian dela Cruz

    Sebastian dela Cruz2 minuti fa

    Nobody: Me at 2:30am: *watches SAS baby compilation*

  8. IAm Atlas

    IAm Atlas2 minuti fa

    AD deserves MVP.. I keep saying it.. If anybody on the Lakers should win MVP rn i think it should be AD

  9. Rok

    Rok3 minuti fa

    It's a show so one has to say he's not good so they can argue about it.

  10. Ryan Coyte

    Ryan Coyte4 minuti fa

    Honestly, Someone needs to buy Dolan out of his ownership of MSG. He is cancer that needs to be cut out of the organization. Coming from a Raptors fan I want Masai to turn the Knicks around and let the maestro work his magic. Raps have Bobby Webster were fine. If this doesn't happen I think Joe Dumars and Mark Jackson are the only viable option. Others could include the Van Gundys or Tom Thibodeau.

  11. Jason Pettit

    Jason Pettit6 minuti fa

    Well that's what happens when you get a new clone, he'll get it together

  12. Thomas Limbu

    Thomas Limbu6 minuti fa

    Robbed? Aj wasn’t finna fight wilder anyways and even if he did, he would be out cold.

  13. Лексий Второй

    Лексий Второй6 minuti fa

    This fake doing it in to basket 7" tall.

  14. oso._.antonio

    oso._.antonio6 minuti fa

    he went to my state

  15. Jonathan Kluger

    Jonathan Kluger7 minuti fa

    Pats beat the Chiefs in KC last year in the playoffs. C'mon Rex

  16. Jose Alba

    Jose Alba7 minuti fa

    Dallas. Lose. Raiders. Lose. Stephen. A. Smith. 4. President

  17. Jason Amburgy

    Jason Amburgy8 minuti fa


  18. KSU 1989

    KSU 19898 minuti fa

    Marcus Peters has more interceptions & pick 6's than Deion Sanders had in his first 5 yrs & there's still 3 games to play. I hated that the Chiefs gave up on him.

  19. ً

    ً8 minuti fa

    Next Chapter of NBA Season: When NBA Players goes up in the bench, they will be suspended. This is how curse and very soft the NBA nowadays.

  20. Jason Amburgy

    Jason Amburgy9 minuti fa

    Wow spelling be

  21. Sanjeev Juneja

    Sanjeev Juneja9 minuti fa

    Saturday night drinking game: Every time melo says "ummmm pretty much" you have to take a shot of tequila.

  22. paul h

    paul h9 minuti fa

    Since when does any QB "need" to prove anything to anyone besides their own coach much less black sports commentators? Seriously, too emotional for their own good and just can't admit when they're wrong about someone. Theys just all about da brothas.

  23. Rok

    Rok9 minuti fa

    Marc Spears clearly didn't watch the game. Why do we have to listen to this bullshit

  24. Nice Comeback

    Nice Comeback10 minuti fa

    Keep playing and he will be considered a great still young

  25. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony Garcia11 minuti fa

    Tom Brady should've just retired with a bang.

  26. Jason Amburgy

    Jason Amburgy11 minuti fa


  27. Jason Amburgy

    Jason Amburgy11 minuti fa

    Mr. Fitz I got a p.e right neow

  28. The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube

    The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube11 minuti fa

    I fuckin love Shaq... 😂


    NOLAY AUSTIN11 minuti fa


  30. J H

    J H12 minuti fa

    Clippers can use him for a big body but I don’t wanna give up anyone for him, but realistically he’s perfect for spurs

  31. Jo Makaveli

    Jo Makaveli12 minuti fa

    What a Beast

  32. TheBzoldos32

    TheBzoldos3214 minuti fa

    Losing they won 4of5 Jarvis is better and Odell is a number 2 on the browns face it

  33. Doc

    Doc14 minuti fa

    lost to Kings but before that they beat Lakers and Rockets but that dont matter right

  34. Maxi Mayr

    Maxi Mayr15 minuti fa

    Wait! Who would choose KD!?!?!?

  35. Trent Davis

    Trent Davis15 minuti fa

    Kevin love should go back to Minnesota

  36. jlxelite

    jlxelite15 minuti fa

    He smashed Teanna Trump

  37. Jon Kim

    Jon Kim16 minuti fa


  38. A B

    A B17 minuti fa

    Marc that was a low blow to Luka. He did mostly everything right. The fact that none else other that hardaway and him were the only ones who step up to the plate doesn't mean the young star did his job. Don't forget they overcame s 20+ deficit to almost tie the game. If he had gotten that fault call, in wondering what would've been your comment?

  39. David Cowan

    David Cowan17 minuti fa

    Kevin Love just elbowed tf out of DeRozan.

  40. Gregor Slana

    Gregor Slana17 minuti fa

    Spears is upset he is schooling his 'brothas'

  41. Mr SS

    Mr SS18 minuti fa

    Hey thats just smart bball

  42. Glaze4K

    Glaze4K18 minuti fa

    34 points in a hot L

  43. Lebron James

    Lebron James18 minuti fa

    Reff counted slightly faster for Tyson Tyson picks up mouthpiece Ref counted to 9 😑

  44. Cookiesrfood

    Cookiesrfood18 minuti fa

    Rams will not make the playoffs because the Vikings will end up with the better record and the NFC East has to send someone to the playoffs Rams are probably 10-6 and miss out

  45. Glaze4K

    Glaze4K18 minuti fa


  46. Swat Me

    Swat Me18 minuti fa

    20-5-5 games is that a real stat or do u come up with random stats just so modern players can "make history" every other day?

  47. Turhan Henderson

    Turhan Henderson19 minuti fa

    So, Giannis but without rebounds? Cool.

  48. sphere 528

    sphere 52819 minuti fa

    its simple, when they can't *CHEAT* they lose

  49. Clutch Carabelli

    Clutch Carabelli19 minuti fa

    I sure hope them fighting at this weight and neither side acting like they care isn't because the fight is fixed... Eddie Alvarez was the most suspect championship fight I've ever seen....

  50. Buli Chew

    Buli Chew20 minuti fa

    Steven A i don't want to hear nothing about Tom Brady not having absolutely nothing, thats BS. Those guys he have are NFL players right? You can't make it to the NFL if you are on the so called nothing level...

  51. Ricardo Del Rio

    Ricardo Del Rio20 minuti fa

    The Rams vs 49ers will be interesting 🤔 to watch now that the Rams are once playing that Rams football 🏈 we come to love and appreciate as of late

  52. Miami AD

    Miami AD20 minuti fa

    Stephen A the giants sucked a lot don't blame eli

  53. AT

    AT20 minuti fa

    Is Dan just looking off into the distance? LOL or is he reading a teleprompter?

  54. JoeCnNd

    JoeCnNd21 minuto fa

    I swear analyst have to be paid to say the opposite of whatever the other analyst says. Doing rock paper scissors between commercials to pick if they're gonna be the hater or the person to tout the team.

  55. Zellz

    Zellz21 minuto fa

    this video walked so grace vanderwall could RUN

  56. Ricardo Del Rio

    Ricardo Del Rio21 minuto fa

    I was really surprised 😮 how my Rams team came out and defeated the Seattle Seahawks so easily 💁🏻‍♂️ let’s go Rams 👏👏👏

  57. Alexander Bluhm

    Alexander Bluhm22 minuti fa

    49er gonna win the Superbowl.

  58. Ricardo Del Rio

    Ricardo Del Rio23 minuti fa

    I agree Jared Goff does have a lot to prove. But you gotta admit these last two games he has played amazing 😉 but can we see that type performance all season and against every team then and only then 👏👏👏 the Rams can be dangerous once again 🙌

  59. Turhan Henderson

    Turhan Henderson24 minuti fa

    So... Close to WB stats tonight but just more rebounds basically? Cool.

  60. Obaid Khan

    Obaid Khan25 minuti fa

    Just call him CP 6ix9ine

  61. Benny Wave

    Benny Wave25 minuti fa


  62. Just a Guy

    Just a Guy25 minuti fa

    Cerrone deserves red panty night..

  63. Sheryaar Khan

    Sheryaar Khan25 minuti fa

    blame the magic coach for not putting isaac on giannis the whole game. they did it the 4th quarter but it was to little to late. although giannis was still scoring, isaac atleast made it super difficult and frustrating but no they decided to let aaron gordon guard him smh

  64. BNAMusic88 _

    BNAMusic88 _26 minuti fa

    “You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them..... bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness.”- Orlovsky Kenobi

  65. Biggie Sneeze

    Biggie Sneeze26 minuti fa

    Ryan Clark’s needs to stfu...he was a toaster in his time....

  66. SteegJobz Official

    SteegJobz Official26 minuti fa

    WOW.. everybody talking shot but that’s basketball IQ getting his team the dub

  67. Adonis Asuncion

    Adonis Asuncion27 minuti fa

    Please don’t get Giannis mad be warned ahh ahh ahhh

  68. dwj0nes

    dwj0nes27 minuti fa

    dabo sweeny? rex u drunk lol its DEEBO SAMUEL

  69. Riley McCallister

    Riley McCallister27 minuti fa

    Ohio state kicker does the same thing

  70. Daniel Cho

    Daniel Cho27 minuti fa

    4:38 Is Marcus Spears a cyborg?

  71. Damian Vega

    Damian Vega27 minuti fa

    Still lost though 😂

  72. Caloy Lang

    Caloy Lang27 minuti fa

    Does Luka have a shoe deal??

  73. Jesus I

    Jesus I28 minuti fa

    Less Marcus spears please

  74. Supreme Bugs

    Supreme Bugs28 minuti fa


  75. Noel G

    Noel G28 minuti fa


  76. Sprax

    Sprax28 minuti fa

    This isn't anything new to anybody that's played sports.

  77. FlyingArmBar 24/7

    FlyingArmBar 24/728 minuti fa

    Harden slipping away

  78. Rosemary Smith

    Rosemary Smith29 minuti fa

    Dan would take the 3 rings any day

  79. Nameis Restless

    Nameis Restless29 minuti fa

    Im not sure if refs are blind or they forgot the rule.

  80. Thabiso Andile zinyuke

    Thabiso Andile zinyuke29 minuti fa

    Molly...Molly...Molly ...SMH

  81. C H

    C H30 minuti fa

    Michael Thomas is a close number 2 right now.

  82. Young Cal

    Young Cal30 minuti fa

    Giannis > LeBron

  83. Pierre Louis

    Pierre Louis30 minuti fa


  84. smokeyjoe

    smokeyjoe30 minuti fa

    Y'all just talk about anything huh

  85. AJ Breezy

    AJ Breezy30 minuti fa

    I think I want to go back to the Underdog role, this is too much Publicity. TitanUp tho

  86. Цэрэндорж Эрхэмбаяр

    Цэрэндорж Эрхэмбаяр30 minuti fa

    He should't have gone to cleveland in the first place. GSW was going to get him in 2014

  87. SoAmaazing10

    SoAmaazing1031 minuto fa

    As a Titan fan...thanks for the mentions but keep us quiet. You never talk about us so don’t start now. 🤫

  88. Robert Wells

    Robert Wells31 minuto fa

    Paul has never won anything. The snitch can’t win the right way.

  89. Tony Preston

    Tony Preston31 minuto fa

    If anyone is reading this, I hope you have a good night sleep. I’m studying for finals, wish me luck!

  90. Seikou Sawaneh

    Seikou Sawaneh31 minuto fa

    Mvp simple 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. Rosemary Smith

    Rosemary Smith32 minuti fa

    He wouldn't transcend anything if he was getting tagged upside the head. This is flag football just like Troy P said

  92. Dr Air

    Dr Air32 minuti fa

    Guy from the future-- gsw indeed don’t make the playoffs

  93. gary purewal

    gary purewal32 minuti fa

    Jerry lucked out with 5 1st round draft picks for H Walker. Jerry get out of the way. Jones ain't Kraft.

  94. KSU 1989

    KSU 198932 minuti fa

    The Patriots need an asterisk on their Super Bowl wins.

  95. Kamau Thabiti

    Kamau Thabiti32 minuti fa

    you a-hole need to stop making mess where there is none. you don't like the Lakers, leave them alone.

  96. Keith Smith

    Keith Smith32 minuti fa

    Absodamnlutely!!!...... Patriots had there time and luxury of winning over the seasons's going down hill.

  97. first last

    first last32 minuti fa

    How many times has it gone the other way

  98. Daymeon

    Daymeon32 minuti fa

    2:36 That was a Shaq like dunk

  99. Andre' Nguyen

    Andre' Nguyen33 minuti fa

    Did anyone see Marcus shears intro it said he was drafted by colts and was a punter lol

  100. Solid Mike P

    Solid Mike P33 minuti fa

    I was waiting to hear “ HES STILL PORNSTAR JIMMY TO ME!”