Vintage JukeBox - Don't Stop The Music
Vintage JukeBox - Don't Stop The Music
Vintage JukeBox - Don't Stop The Music

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Vintage Jukebox Team

  1. Khamomil

    Khamomil49 minuti fa

    Great lady!

  2. Rui Cassapo

    Rui CassapoOra fa

    Tanta música boa e tão poucas visualizações. Precisamos valorizar mais as raízes da MPB.

  3. Tom Roach

    Tom RoachOra fa

    The Greatest generation.

  4. Garvey Neal

    Garvey Neal3 ore fa

    he was the perfect man to voice the cat in the hat.

  5. Giovanni Petruzzella

    Giovanni Petruzzella5 ore fa

    con Shirley non serve James Bond per vincere

  6. Scott Brown

    Scott Brown6 ore fa

    Horace is my all time fav...grateful that when I was in 7th grade (circa 1977) my father took me to see him and introduced me too him at Bakers Keyboard lounge in Detroit. He did not disappoint -he was very kind and gracious when I met him.

  7. Cheh Phooi chun

    Cheh Phooi chun7 ore fa

    Have yet to meet a guy with a more mesmerizing wonderful voice. He sounds great either talking or singing.

  8. Guillermo Ramos

    Guillermo Ramos7 ore fa

    To be honest, I had never heard of this artist before, it sounds great, it's surprising to me that there were a lot of artists who performed in that era

  9. Nelsie Tormis

    Nelsie Tormis8 ore fa

    I Love Matt Monroe.. I Remember B4 during college Time.. Together w/ my b.f.. But I'm not Lucky.. He is married already..

  10. Willie Solomon Moore

    Willie Solomon Moore9 ore fa

    Growing up in the Sixties, whenever My Father would go into the club, he would always drop some change in the Rock-Ola and his Number One tune was, "Angel Eyes". "Brother Jug"!!!

  11. probyngregory

    probyngregory10 ore fa

    Diamond Ring not the original. My guess is that this is the one song this label could not get the rights for. I'll ask the song's writer Al Kooper and see what he says.

  12. Thomas Ryan

    Thomas Ryan11 ore fa

    I’ve got Glenn Miller on my Pandora. My dad in 1941 looked like Glenn. One of my first memories as a kid was seeing a GM album and noticing the resemblance. I came of age before R&R so got to listen to this wonderful music when I was 10. Still love it. Great stuff on you tube with Tex Beneke singing and the Nicholas brothers dancing. Tex took over the band after Glenn’s death during WWII. Check it out.

  13. Scott Cocker

    Scott Cocker13 ore fa

    Who else is listening Jan 18, 2020. Never to late to listen to Bing

  14. Jerome Slaughter

    Jerome Slaughter14 ore fa


  15. Santino Castillo

    Santino Castillo16 ore fa

    Dude look like a lady....oh yeah cuz he is a lady.

  16. Colleen Vantrease

    Colleen Vantrease16 ore fa

    What a super wonderful voice of a wonderful man, I just love the music that people like Perry Como made . They have a wonderful talent all their own . Thanks again for the wonderful music you made .

  17. edward kirton

    edward kirton16 ore fa

    What a voice and what a spirit. I am thankful for God giving us her

  18. יוחנן בן הרננדז

    יוחנן בן הרננדז16 ore fa

    Simply AWESOME!

  19. Elizabeth Silva

    Elizabeth Silva16 ore fa

    Ela era maravilhosa!

  20. Jill Blaske

    Jill Blaske17 ore fa

    Oh be still my heart!! I've had a crush on Dino since i was 4!! I'm 57 now and i love him still!!💗☺💗The King of Cool!!💗💗💗😘

  21. Mike Harrison

    Mike Harrison17 ore fa

    These guys had no voice! 😮

  22. Mike Harrison

    Mike Harrison17 ore fa

    Bunch of bubble gum songs 😳

  23. Carlo Mastrodonato

    Carlo Mastrodonato18 ore fa

    Tutte queste canzoni di Joan e Bob mi hanno fatto compagnia e sognare nelle lunghe e solitarie serate nei 60's e 70's.

  24. sonia leray

    sonia leray19 ore fa

    Milles Merci pour le partage !

  25. brother rabbit

    brother rabbit20 ore fa

    Growing up in South Louisiana, Jimmy reed always had a hit on the radio, both R&B and R&R stations.

  26. NYMArts

    NYMArts20 ore fa

    FAB u lous :o) Thanks for putting this up.....

  27. roland brucker

    roland brucker22 ore fa


  28. Colleen Vantrease

    Colleen Vantrease22 ore fa

    I really truly honestly do love the songs that you made . Your songs brighten me up when I was having a bad day .

  29. Colleen Vantrease

    Colleen Vantrease22 ore fa

    You have a wonderful singing talented voice . When you sing you put everything in the songs . You're deeply missed,loved by all of your fans . It's a shame that someone who's beautiful,talented happen to died in a plane crash . You won't never ever be forgotten . There's lady singers who have a talent of their own . Your talent is fantastic .

  30. Colleen Vantrease

    Colleen Vantrease22 ore fa

    Patsy Cline you were born beautiful,you will be beautiful in people hearts.

  31. Dewi Dipo

    Dewi Dipo23 ore fa

    So glad I found this. Brings back the memory of my late father as he bought this exact Glenn Miller record sometime in 1968. I can still remember, at that time many of his friends would come to our home and he would play this album on the record player.

  32. John Korwa

    John KorwaGiorno fa

    Terima kasih utk tampilan Lagunya... Semoga ke depan, ada ya

  33. silvia kapfinger

    silvia kapfingerGiorno fa


  34. Eliza Veber

    Eliza VeberGiorno fa

    Glas, ki boža dušo - super!

  35. Louis Fernandez

    Louis FernandezGiorno fa

    Fan of Cliff since 1961 sings his number Living Doll with guitar

  36. Annabel Whitehead

    Annabel WhiteheadGiorno fa

    I love this kind of music old soul annael lancaster pa.

  37. mark mc myn

    mark mc mynGiorno fa

    Nobody sings blues like BB King,one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all blues singers.

  38. bellini verdi

    bellini verdiGiorno fa

    esta mujer y su real ser artistico siempre me ha encantado.............desde el primer dia de escucharla...............una de las mejores cantantes..........para mi esta en la lista de las mejores del mundo y de todos los tiempos.......................

  39. Manny Barbosa

    Manny BarbosaGiorno fa

    Was born in Cuba, but blossomed in Mexico with Mexican players, all his compositions MADE IN MEXICO.

  40. Aleida Janneke Kuijer

    Aleida Janneke KuijerGiorno fa

    When I was young, I used to listen to the holiday toast, a very nice Christmas album from Bing, but now I can listen to him every day

  41. Creed Bratton

    Creed BrattonGiorno fa

    Hot pastrami FTW!

  42. SirParcifal

    SirParcifal2 giorni fa

    my grandfather and grandmother got me into him; Glen Miller; and Benny Goodman!

  43. Maciej Szymanski

    Maciej Szymanski2 giorni fa

    Me wife is jealous of her...

  44. Sergio Bustamante

    Sergio Bustamante2 giorni fa

    The voice of this Lady was perfect and wonderful.

  45. Jonathan Bower

    Jonathan Bower2 giorni fa

    what a playlist! thanks

  46. Aro O

    Aro O2 giorni fa

    I love this beautiful heartfelt amazing music. Thank you for sharing.

  47. Mo W

    Mo W2 giorni fa

    Nothing like that Miller tune! My baby is six and he has autism. His brain sucks up music like a sponge. He LOVES to hear the GM orchestra and I ain’t mad at him!

  48. Lee Sandro

    Lee Sandro2 giorni fa

    I'm 57 years old and all of my friends growing up thought that I was nuts listening to this stuff, even my older sister thought me a little off the rails, but this stuff is far better than some of the stuff that they were listening to then or now, 95% of the stuff coming out today that is being called music is pure garbage, I think that I was born in the wrong time. but this was the music of my parent's time and it is with a bit of a heavy heart that I listen to this now, but I know that they are together again, and worrying about us kids, like parents always do. how I miss them

  49. jose francisco hernandez soberanes

    jose francisco hernandez soberanes2 giorni fa

    Gracias por programar a unos de los muchos gigantes del blues y el la. Música.

  50. Wanderson William Araujo

    Wanderson William Araujo2 giorni fa

    Queimando uma erva da boa em uma noite chuvosa e ouvindo Anita o'Day é uma viagem perfeita ao século xx!

  51. sebastien dupont

    sebastien dupont2 giorni fa

    Hi high can see the De Dupont blog d'entreprise sur face book

  52. Glecias Bautista

    Glecias Bautista2 giorni fa

    I love her voice until now

  53. eduardo pereira martins gomes

    eduardo pereira martins gomes2 giorni fa

    Strictly mint!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. ShadowHawk4219

    ShadowHawk42192 giorni fa

    I remember some of these from" Sil Austin Plays Pretty for The People "in the early 60's. Such beautiful music. RIP Mom and Dad, and to the great Sil Austin too, brings back some great memories.

  55. Glen Quagmireful

    Glen Quagmireful2 giorni fa

    As a vision of America, written in the bardic tradition of Whitman or Thoreau, nothing really compares to Chuck Berry. God bless you Chuck and your absolute poetic genius. Bye bye New Jersey, I become airborne….

  56. Claudia 1010

    Claudia 10102 giorni fa

    México dice: Grazie!!!!

  57. David JL

    David JL2 giorni fa

    Hi love Christmas so much cuz Jesus Christ was born in Christmas time 🎄😇🎄 i wish i was married to a woman that loves Christmas like I do 🎄💝🎄🌹😇David JL

  58. Roseli Silva

    Roseli Silva2 giorni fa

    Just Love so much Elvis Presley, everything abaut Elvis

  59. Mr. Meeseeks

    Mr. Meeseeks2 giorni fa

    For le Android users: 01-Johnny B Goode 00:06 02-Around And Around 02:45 03-Almost Grown 05:25 04-Brown Eyed Handsome Man 07:55 05-Carol 10:11 06-Dear Dad 12:59 07-Im Talking About You 13:56 08-Little Marie 15:45 09-Maybellene 18:25 10-No Money Down 20:44 11-No Particular Place to Go 23:43 12-Roll Over Beethoven 26:25 13-School Day ( Ring Ring Goes The Bell ) 28:47 14-Sweet Little Sixteen 31:38 15-Too Much Monkey Business 34:38 16-You Cant Catch Me 37:33 17-You Never Can Tell 40:20 18-One For My Baby 43:03 19-Promised Land 45:47 20-Diploma for Two 48:10

  60. Денис Федосов

    Денис Федосов2 giorni fa

    Great singer

  61. jad stéphanois

    jad stéphanois2 giorni fa


  62. Isabel Gruñeiro

    Isabel Gruñeiro2 giorni fa

    Adoro está música y Al Bowlly, lo descubrí hace poco y me emociona .

  63. Catherine Manuguerra

    Catherine Manuguerra2 giorni fa

    Janvier 2020 Salomon burk 👍👍👍👍

  64. Dhrubajyoti Biswas

    Dhrubajyoti Biswas2 giorni fa

    Nothin' like Django

  65. Don

    Don2 giorni fa

    One of my life's goals was to meet her and tell her how much I loved her. Hopefully, if I get to heaven, I can do it then.

  66. Ruben Iazurlo

    Ruben Iazurlo3 giorni fa

    Love this music!

  67. Tradeinthecar

    Tradeinthecar3 giorni fa

    Love to Sing His Songs

  68. AfricancoolChic

    AfricancoolChic3 giorni fa

    Like everyone else, I just love this album. This really is special!

  69. joe castillo

    joe castillo3 giorni fa


  70. Maciej Szymanski

    Maciej Szymanski3 giorni fa

    Lady be Good, bo jak nie to w mordę!

  71. Paul Mallery

    Paul Mallery3 giorni fa

    Love old hank senior.

  72. Jerry Brownell

    Jerry Brownell3 giorni fa

    R. I.P. Mary Travers.

  73. Don

    Don3 giorni fa

    Very 1950s, whisky highballs, Catskills resort dance floor

  74. carcar madanguit

    carcar madanguit3 giorni fa

    1 of the world greatest fave since i learned to love music and until now i am in my 60s Thanks Matt Monroe for this greatest contribution to humanity. your golden voice will alwaysbe heard through all the years....

  75. Matilde Zayas

    Matilde Zayas3 giorni fa

    I adore Bill Haley and the comets; even though I was a teenager in the mid 1960's

  76. Kennith Tubbs

    Kennith Tubbs3 giorni fa

    Let your fingers do the talking we love you boys

  77. Aaron R

    Aaron R3 giorni fa

    I first heard Antonio when I heard "Insensatez" on the Lost Highway soundtrack back in '97. I got interested in his work and I've been a fan ever since. Hard to believe that was over 2 decades ago, and he had been around decades before that. My wife and I are still fans of his music and songs.

  78. Patricia Curcio

    Patricia Curcio3 giorni fa

    Send me more music like that

  79. Patricia Curcio

    Patricia Curcio3 giorni fa

    I love him bill Haley I saw him in a movie

  80. Fiona Eller

    Fiona Eller3 giorni fa

    Das waren noch Zeiten...

  81. yuk fai tang

    yuk fai tang3 giorni fa


  82. Gene Downs

    Gene Downs3 giorni fa

    Great harmony. Not like the trash music of today.

  83. Alvaro Rojas

    Alvaro Rojas3 giorni fa

    Estas hermosas páginas nunca debieron escribirse para oírlas en nuestra niñez. Debieran conservarse como patrimonio histórico de la humanidad. Patrimonio intemporal. Gracias por permitirnos gozar de ellas.

  84. Dredo

    Dredo3 giorni fa

    Magic moments

  85. Наталья Мухина

    Наталья Мухина3 giorni fa

    Первый раз я услышала этот голос в далёком детстве и с тех пор восторг и потрясение остались на всю жизнь. Уникальный голос необыкновенной красоты и широчайшего диапазона!

  86. Susan W

    Susan W3 giorni fa

    I'm 57 and love big band music.

  87. Isueng

    Isueng3 giorni fa

    The percussionist sure knows how to play those jam jars isit p

  88. Roma Ivanov

    Roma Ivanov3 giorni fa

    Hello my dear friends. I am from Russia. I very like beach Boys. And me 33 age.

  89. Hadi Afarideh

    Hadi Afarideh3 giorni fa

    The best

  90. juan montes vega

    juan montes vega3 giorni fa

    Bill Haley es el fundador del Rock n Roll.

  91. Daniel Oliveira

    Daniel Oliveira4 giorni fa

    Estou arrepiado

  92. dario mulonia

    dario mulonia4 giorni fa

    Il maestro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Ivars Bezdechi

    Ivars Bezdechi4 giorni fa

    Glenn Miller is a titan who will forever live on..... So many artists come and go, but there is and will only one Glenn Miller....for all eternity. Thank you for the great jukebox.

  94. Natalya Gorbunova

    Natalya Gorbunova4 giorni fa

    Orville Peck bringes me here

  95. Awesomedia

    Awesomedia4 giorni fa

    Ryan Reynolds could easily play Jan in any great movie on J&D. They’re twins!! Who’s with me? 🖐

  96. Janina Barbara Natoniewska

    Janina Barbara Natoniewska4 giorni fa


  97. Kelvin Wang

    Kelvin Wang4 giorni fa


  98. Marilyn Stevenson

    Marilyn Stevenson4 giorni fa

    Andre Previn played the original theme for the television show..The Aquanauts..If anyone could direct me to this on youtube, it would be appreciated..

  99. Doug Auzene

    Doug Auzene4 giorni fa

    Shut lt Down, Seacrest....THIS...Is The Talent ALL AMERICA Needs to Know...NUFF SAID....Just Enjoy, Listen...& Learn!

  100. Juan Sebastián Arroyo

    Juan Sebastián Arroyo4 giorni fa

    The real American Way of Life. Yes sir.