Vintage JukeBox - Don't Stop The Music
Vintage JukeBox - Don't Stop The Music
Vintage JukeBox - Don't Stop The Music

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  1. Lolys Inzunza

    Lolys Inzunza2 minuti fa

    Gracias 🥳🤩😕🧐🤓☹️😖🥳😕🥳🤩🤪😚😋😛😝😜😎🤓🥳😻🤖🤑😪🤠🤑🤮🤕😮🤥😬😯😶🤗🤔🤭🤫🤥

  2. Pat Fry

    Pat Fry32 minuti fa

    Just listening to Jim Reeves beautiful singer, Merry Christmas to you all and a healthy and happy New year, Tricia in England


    NORM KUNESH2 ore fa

    Oh, Oh, would I like to do it again and again.... Love you doll.

  4. Joke Koops

    Joke Koops3 ore fa

    Great collation of Christmas songs by a singer with a voice so special. With songs that are popular and at least for me as not american not all known, love it

  5. Joracy Boemer

    Joracy Boemer3 ore fa

    Glenn Miller...quando volto a ouvir suas músicas, recordo os inúmeros bailes em que a orquestra tocava suas músicas, me fazendo sentir saudades daquela época.

  6. Bobn Georgie

    Bobn Georgie4 ore fa


  7. nycbbbco

    nycbbbco4 ore fa

    It simply does not get any better than this!

  8. Максим Щербатов

    Максим Щербатов5 ore fa

    Музыка на все времена!

  9. William L.

    William L.5 ore fa

    wonder who decided these cuts were Monk's best....?

  10. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatient5 ore fa

    Why couldn't Taylor swift die in a plane crash instead of Patsy ????!!!

  11. Victoria Elizabeth Aguilar Gomes

    Victoria Elizabeth Aguilar Gomes6 ore fa


  12. Fred Ayiera

    Fred Ayiera6 ore fa

    Beautiful and pleasant to listen to Skeeter 's powerful sweet voice. Will always be fresh

  13. Khaled Wakili

    Khaled Wakili6 ore fa


  14. Geoff Horgan

    Geoff Horgan6 ore fa

    i first heard him when i was 12 years old and he inspired me to do music as well he was great at arrangements and his music and orchestra are just fantastic rock on Glenn shame he died so early he could have made a lot more music but what he recorded lives on forever!

  15. Princess Persaud

    Princess Persaud6 ore fa

    Merry Christmas to one and all and a bright and prosperous new years 2020❤❤🙏🙏🙏

  16. The Everything Electronics Store

    The Everything Electronics Store6 ore fa

    That is not Johnny Cash singing in the 1st track of Folsom Prison Blues.. I don't why these people insist on creating these ITgos videos etc when they obviously have no fucking clue what they are doing

  17. Loraine Ashton

    Loraine Ashton6 ore fa


  18. Eva Poplewski

    Eva Poplewski7 ore fa

    Good to hear these classic or traditional Christmas music. Brings back good memories.

  19. Mario Bon

    Mario Bon7 ore fa

    01 canta Flo' Sandons - 02 canta Nilla Pizzi.

  20. Lynn Raasakka

    Lynn Raasakka7 ore fa

    Wonderful voice! Underrated singer!

  21. Johnny Ukab

    Johnny Ukab9 ore fa

    Jim Reeves' legacy has blessed millions of peoples around the world

  22. Pete Lewin

    Pete Lewin9 ore fa

    Merry Christmas all Elvis fans his voice touches the heart and soul of all here’s to the homeless and lonely

  23. Eduardo Castillo

    Eduardo Castillo11 ore fa

    Good music

  24. Lupita and felipe alabanzas Vitolas

    Lupita and felipe alabanzas Vitolas11 ore fa

    Johnny will be forever remembered he will be in our hearts for a long long time he's the best merry Christmas singer


    HOUSE SESSION12 ore fa

    reminds me abit of phineas newborn jr if he was still alive


    HOUSE SESSION12 ore fa

    woah this a killer dam

  27. CLAIR uno

    CLAIR uno12 ore fa


  28. Jensen Yap

    Jensen Yap12 ore fa

    Happy Christmas everyone!!! May your day be merry and bright, and all your Christmases be white!! 😊

  29. Raul Fuertes

    Raul Fuertes13 ore fa


  30. Berkcam

    Berkcam14 ore fa

    Otis hit the UK music scene afround 1967/68 and as a fourteen year old white lad I was spellbound.

  31. flo pezant

    flo pezant15 ore fa

    Elvis : one of a kind, forever our king a beautiful humain being too

  32. Batallador1957

    Batallador195715 ore fa

    Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para vosotros vintage jukebox music maravilloso 😍😍

  33. william jenkins

    william jenkins15 ore fa

    julie london I love this l.p. she is very good.w.p.j.

  34. donov25

    donov2516 ore fa


  35. Bret Williams

    Bret Williams16 ore fa

    Dean Martin Christmas songs are the best. He even passed away on Christmas day.

  36. Shane Balthazaar

    Shane Balthazaar17 ore fa


  37. Rob and Chris Sweet

    Rob and Chris Sweet17 ore fa

    The only Christmas music I want to listen to. This is what makes it feel like Christmas to me. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe holiday season.

  38. Eleanor Stewart

    Eleanor Stewart18 ore fa

    When I'm really sad nothing like listening to a Jim Reeves album the greatest singer of all times he left us so tragic but God knows best RiP my brother

  39. Eleanor Stewart

    Eleanor Stewart18 ore fa

    Only one Jim Reeves that beautiful velvet voice RIP you are always in our hearts

  40. Godfrey Saldanha

    Godfrey Saldanha18 ore fa

    No one can sing like this. He is now singing with the angles and saints

  41. slede love

    slede love19 ore fa

    I was born in late 78 next week is my birthday... I've grown up listening to Roy orbison as my dad used to sing some of his songs and play his music aswell as others. This man is a legend with such a unique but beautiful voice.

  42. Jon Dunning

    Jon Dunning20 ore fa

    He was so cool.



    Que excelente voz m encanta escucharla x las noches!!!

  44. Anna Elvis

    Anna Elvis20 ore fa

    Elvis is one and lonley the best the greatest forever.Happy Christmas 2019 all the fans of Elvis.

  45. Reddog5546

    Reddog554620 ore fa

    The Preservation acts are the best thing they ever put out. All of you are wrong.

  46. Ridwan Hutahayan

    Ridwan Hutahayan21 ora fa

    Merry Christmas Everyone , 2019 especially for Indonesia nation... GOD BLESS ALL (MISS YOU .PA & MA. 😭😭😭) REST IN PEACE

  47. Leonard Wilson

    Leonard Wilson22 ore fa

    I can remember hearing him on radio and seeing him in movies. I especially liked his performance in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

  48. Brian Nantais

    Brian Nantais23 ore fa


  49. Bennie DJ

    Bennie DJ23 ore fa

    The Supremes had good songs at the start, but it was Holland-Dozier-Holland that really helped them to their full potential.

  50. lucerito lucero

    lucerito luceroGiorno fa

    Excelente música

  51. Nicola Browne

    Nicola BrowneGiorno fa

    elvis is the best singer out there even elvis is not on eath but his music will live on forever

  52. Regina Couto

    Regina CoutoGiorno fa

    fantastico esse cantor ... pena q partiu cedo dimais🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  53. multicaruana

    multicaruanaGiorno fa

    He was an American original, some kind of hybrid of The Christy Minstrels, Dylan, the Mama's and the Papa's, but ultimately a total original. He hit the right notes- that's for sure.

  54. 아롱범

    아롱범Giorno fa

    The songs Jim Reeves sang were the favorite ones of my late father...It always reminds me of my daddy...I miss him so much every christmas...May all have a happy christmas! from South Korea...

  55. Shana Badr

    Shana BadrGiorno fa


  56. Comic Book Guy

    Comic Book GuyGiorno fa

    Ok, why the fuck wasn't 'My Little Drum' in the show?! That's one of the best songs. I had no idea it existed until I listened to the soundtrack.

  57. caught you in another lie

    caught you in another lieGiorno fa,

  58. K Ngo

    K NgoGiorno fa

    The track list isn't accurate when the links are clicked...! Great music though. Thanks!

  59. Derek M. Theriault

    Derek M. TheriaultGiorno fa

    #ugottalisten2b4udie 10- Santa's beard 22:47

  60. Joseph James

    Joseph JamesGiorno fa

    When my x wife was a teenager Bing was her Pin up because her family name is Fitzgerald.

  61. Cilla Barnes

    Cilla BarnesGiorno fa

    Fantastic fantastic singer best ever to walk this earth been a fan for 60 yrs

  62. Tony RHYNE

    Tony RHYNEGiorno fa

    Cool hand Luke

  63. john dicapua

    john dicapuaGiorno fa

    he is sooooooooooooooooooo smoooooooooooooooooooooooth like his boooooooooooooooooze

  64. Sebastião Veríssimo Da Silva

    Sebastião Veríssimo Da SilvaGiorno fa

    Excelente,Excelente,Katyna Ranieri muitos mas muitos Aplausos .

  65. snurfbee58

    snurfbee58Giorno fa

    My favorite Christmas music!

  66. Frank Loper

    Frank LoperGiorno fa

    In reading these comments can see that lots of other people took to the four freshmen the same way I did ! I was only 16 and heard them and Stan Kenton as well, I'm 80 now and have most of their records and cd's ,love them very much and they will always live in my heart as long as I do !

  67. TorontoIam

    TorontoIamGiorno fa

    He was religious and very involved with the Catholic church. You can hear his faith in his singing.

  68. Noemi Bo

    Noemi BoGiorno fa

    Extraordinario ! 👏👏👏⭐️🎄❤️

  69. Patsy Frazier

    Patsy FrazierGiorno fa


  70. batna bat

    batna batGiorno fa


  71. Gato Pan :3

    Gato Pan :3Giorno fa


  72. Ralph Williams

    Ralph WilliamsGiorno fa

    Like his gospel nobody does Xmas like the king 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  73. DrSauce

    DrSauceGiorno fa

    5:50 my favorite....what a voice and the choir is excellent, as well

  74. Trevor Cunningham

    Trevor CunninghamGiorno fa

    When your son/nephew says boys don't play the clarinet... Excuse me? Hold my coffee...

  75. Mar Weis

    Mar WeisGiorno fa

    Необыкновенная музыка💜

  76. Zoraida García

    Zoraida GarcíaGiorno fa

    From the first syllable I could see, or hear, what a beautiful voice this lady had. Today, with so many "stars" and "celebrities", the system itself does not allow these non-shouting singers to get to the public so that we can enjoy their music. R.I.P., Miss Katyna, and thanks again to this channel for the video.

  77. vwbug1971

    vwbug1971Giorno fa

    I was born at a time when the Mills Brothers were being appreciated by grownups, and it was their genre that became my favorite, along with traditional country music. Rock never really satisfied my taste for smooth, mellow tunes. These guys had harmonies and melodies with lyrics that can be heard and understood, a preference that was easy to make above noise and distortion.

  78. Kelly Empson

    Kelly EmpsonGiorno fa


  79. Berton Orr

    Berton OrrGiorno fa

    if anyone is ever looking for some tracks for their next creepy horror film...

  80. Berton Orr

    Berton OrrGiorno fa

    Thanks Brian

  81. Elisabeth Petronella Lautrup-Larsen

    Elisabeth Petronella Lautrup-LarsenGiorno fa

    Unikt spillet af Mr. Liberace❤

  82. Berton Orr

    Berton OrrGiorno fa

    is the fourth guy in from the left in blackface? :* D

  83. Berton Orr

    Berton OrrGiorno fa

    Peter Asher related to Jane Asher? Original Paul McCartney's fiance? I know the Beatles gave them a song or two

  84. Jasper Gallardo

    Jasper GallardoGiorno fa

    Great christmas songs with disturbing midsong ads.'hope they'll put them in between songs.pls...

  85. Mario Lee

    Mario LeeGiorno fa

    I just turn 37 today and this is still my dude love

  86. Rosie Rosettia

    Rosie RosettiaGiorno fa

    I LIKE HIS VOICE ...and i appreciate the movie with Latifah

  87. Valentin Kuzmin

    Valentin KuzminGiorno fa

    Прекрасный организатор и оранжировщикспустя100 лет его хиты пользуются тонким успехом как и раньше

  88. BooMz N BladeZ

    BooMz N BladeZGiorno fa

    Born in 1990, there is still no other christmas song or album more iconic and memorable than anything Bing Crosby has done.

  89. 100perdido

    100perdidoGiorno fa

    Relax. You don't have to believe in God. Just believe in Kitty Wells. She is real for sure.

  90. John sarab

    John sarabGiorno fa

    My baby does the hanky panky (physical stuff for your kids). Break through hit. Excuse me, but I got get up and move it! Today's music is generic, ghetto trash, or T&A - all forgettable!

  91. Tomas Romero

    Tomas RomeroGiorno fa

    Well i dont speaks i nglish...but i think beatiful músic...i. Remember when i was child...bravo!!!

  92. ChaCha theGreat

    ChaCha theGreatGiorno fa

    You forgot "The Christmas Song." :(

  93. Mohawk G's

    Mohawk G'sGiorno fa

    17 years old here

  94. paxonearth

    paxonearthGiorno fa

    So awful that Buddy was only 22 when he died.

  95. n balser

    n balserGiorno fa

    Vince Guaraldi. Master. You are dearly missed but never forgotten.

  96. Ellen Richardson

    Ellen RichardsonGiorno fa

    Can't beat music like this today!!💖💖💖

  97. Lucas Brunholi

    Lucas BrunholiGiorno fa

    you americans have an amazing music. Happy Christmas from Brazil.

  98. M T

    M TGiorno fa

    and a great cowboy

  99. Terry Fortman

    Terry FortmanGiorno fa

    I was 25 when this music came along. It feels good to hear it again at my current age.

  100. Carmen Barajas

    Carmen BarajasGiorno fa

    Todas las navidades infaltable