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The $1.7 Million Lie
  1. Barnaby Welch

    Barnaby Welch31 secondo fa


  2. A Total NOOB

    A Total NOOBMinuto fa

    Hey matpat ,when will you do a theory on the new fnaf ar game ,'FNAF Special Delivery ' ,marktplier and dawko have already started a let's play ,so where is the theory???

  3. bowser301

    bowser301Minuto fa

    13:28 why Arceus and Dialga? Wtf

  4. Supernatural gaming

    Supernatural gaming2 minuti fa

    I also figured something out(not sure though) I think YT is making us pay their fine!did u guys see the petition?you could sign if u pay 150,multuply it by a million and they only get to pay 20M!!!they makin us fix their mistake!

  5. James Holbrook

    James Holbrook3 minuti fa

    I dont understand watching people play games like do you not have them game just play it and i feel like there being a gaming trending tab is special treatment not second class

  6. James Holbrook

    James Holbrook6 minuti fa

    How condescending "I dont have a lot of free time to play games" or whatever she said

  7. Symphony Merit MLP

    Symphony Merit MLP8 minuti fa

    Can you do a video on villagers and herobrine

  8. Bailey Carter

    Bailey Carter12 minuti fa

    Hello neighbor is a fantastic game with a lot of mystery

  9. Masonjar Productions

    Masonjar Productions15 minuti fa be honest it’s the parents problem, and now creators are paying for it

  10. Demon Knight

    Demon Knight15 minuti fa

    Can we get a petition to make Matpat CEO of Google/ITgos? He might not deflect as many questions lol.

  11. Matrinian W

    Matrinian W16 minuti fa

    Two of my closest friends have had to experience cancer. One got diagnosed when she was 2, and the other got diagnosed when he was 4. Even though I've grown apart from them, I'm still involved with Relay for Life to support American Cancer Society and this entire fundraising for St. Jude's hits so close to home for me. I can't thank you enough for all of this😁💚

  12. Spencer Steelman

    Spencer Steelman16 minuti fa

    Really glad she took the time to sit down and do this. Respect!!

  13. Saltythun

    Saltythun17 minuti fa

    Matpat: why should gamers stay on and create content on ITgos? Reasons given: -Get you the most views -Get the most revenue -Create communities -Features like membership, superchat and super stickers Kay but is any of that unique to ITgos? Like that’s the same as saying if any other platform becomes bigger than ITgos, then I can’t think of any reason why you should stay.

  14. Khalil Jalal

    Khalil Jalal18 minuti fa

    14 bears in fnaf

  15. Demon Knight

    Demon Knight18 minuti fa

    When she said “Platform”, I thought she sad “Pot Farm”. Lmao

  16. Barreled Squid

    Barreled Squid21 minuto fa

    This might be the most important video on ITgos at this time, for gaming content creators at least. Fantastically impartial and genuinely informative to see the important questions being asked and handled without the aid of a press team over your shoulder

  17. Animale

    Animale23 minuti fa

    Mario maker was easier

  18. Red Guy

    Red Guy26 minuti fa

    Hey i saw paige the page there... Don't remind me

  19. Oliver Barclay

    Oliver Barclay26 minuti fa

    my friend has the update edition book

  20. elodie

    elodie27 minuti fa

    i love matpat but this is a s t r e t c h

  21. Ian Ford

    Ian Ford28 minuti fa

    Weird, the *Bell* Icon was turned off. I never turned it off. Um, ITgos???

  22. Sly Dragoon Cooper

    Sly Dragoon Cooper29 minuti fa

    Sums up Matpat and the Theorists video: People in general that commit an act of violence CHOSE to do so in their own decisions BUT influences like say, playing Mortal Kombat and other violent games every day for up to 1 hour and going unchecked, can be bad BUT again, if you play video games across multiple platforms, literally every gamer on average, most games resort to violence as the last option, unless you're specifically looking for it, and thus makes everything go back to, its not the video game's fault or the creator of that video game's fault, it's each individual that decides, "I'm gonna do this because I want to.". Planting video games right back with other items like guns, "Living with guns in your house all your life results in you shooting a person." <---- media, false inaccurate info. Thank you Matpat and the Theorists for this video and a clarification on what causal and correlative impacts are and how they work. The Game Theorists making solid and major breakthroughs since, I'm gonna guess, the beginning of their channels or somewhere around there.

  23. dog gamer

    dog gamer29 minuti fa

    Theory: When A Pokemon And Ditto have a baby, the offspring is ditto permanently trapped as the other pokemon.

  24. Dad _Bot_

    Dad _Bot_30 minuti fa

    Susan wojckljkcjjkkc

  25. Drew Hartzel

    Drew Hartzel30 minuti fa

    has anyone tried to take glitchtraps head? ie. pull it off them through the hole

  26. Beat Saber

    Beat Saber32 minuti fa


  27. Patrick Brou

    Patrick Brou32 minuti fa

    That's Jirard right in front of the camera lol

  28. Oliver Barclay

    Oliver Barclay32 minuti fa

    my friend made the Twisted ones no joke he made a fan made game of it and then someone copyed him and showed it to scott and then they complained that who made it so they all made the twisted ones

  29. Charlie Power

    Charlie Power33 minuti fa

    Me:So are video games causing violence ??? MatPat: *PERHAPS*

  30. AlexRoXx310 RR

    AlexRoXx310 RR35 minuti fa

    I hate everyone who disliked

  31. Orc Savage

    Orc Savage39 minuti fa

    Do warfram e theories

  32. Tyrone Johnson

    Tyrone Johnson39 minuti fa

    So what you’re saying is...Tom Brady is basically Anakin Skywalker

  33. TheMock5000

    TheMock500042 minuti fa

    I mean what did you expect from a person who ignores the problems of the platform they oversee.

  34. Marcus Schneider

    Marcus Schneider43 minuti fa

    this was a great interview, its awesome to have someone how what they are taking about asking questions

  35. Gage Sees

    Gage Sees44 minuti fa

    I love the lore of this game more than any other 😍

  36. Kathleen Yow

    Kathleen Yow44 minuti fa

    And sword and shield is the uk

  37. Dingleberg

    Dingleberg45 minuti fa

    Gamers rise up

  38. Timothy Monk

    Timothy Monk46 minuti fa

    6:28 she says that other creators would be thinking "why are gaming creators getting these features first", implying that gaming is being treated better. That's thin. Very likely the reason they were developed for (or rather 'on') gaming, was because it's a more minor section, that YT isn't as concerned about, so they're happy to give a potentially terrible feature to while they figure out how to make it work for the rest of the creators. Adding to this is that at least some of those features would work better for gaming, so gaming creators would likely cope with unfinished features for a while.

  39. Kole Boyd

    Kole Boyd47 minuti fa

    This must be how the blind guy from rogue one could do what he did

  40. Odman_is_Od

    Odman_is_Od47 minuti fa

    I love this game. : ): ): ): ): ): ): )

  41. Epic Sans

    Epic Sans48 minuti fa

    vacuole gang

  42. Brandon Parr

    Brandon Parr50 minuti fa

    So my midaclorions, or midoclorion makes my psychic sense n clairvoyant abilities work at a Force like ability? 🙃

  43. SuperDoomNinja

    SuperDoomNinja53 minuti fa

    The way she said " Would you like to go to the met Gala?" was so condescending. Its clear in her mind games are the stereotypical shut in who wouldn't dare want to go to a social event. I also didn't appreciate the way she subtly implied precise content rules were too just far complicated for our little content creator brain to figure out. Let us as the users decide that! Even if its the size of 8 part series of novels long. I bet this community would have it broken down into easier understood steps, converted to an audiobook, a cartoon mini series and and Epic rap battle within a month or less. Don't sell us all so short.

  44. Diabetic Sama

    Diabetic Sama53 minuti fa

    Making the speed 1.5 makes her sound a little more excited... Just a little

  45. Do Not Watch

    Do Not WatchOra fa

    Matpat: what are the rules Susan: umm yeah so about them sponsor

  46. Toly Ganley Pintado

    Toly Ganley PintadoOra fa

    Why are all her answers just so cringey to listen to

  47. Derick Entertainment

    Derick EntertainmentOra fa

    I was hoping that she would address how to fix the fraudulent 'copyright claims' from companies that actually don't have the rights to that content.

  48. SinCity KJ

    SinCity KJOra fa

    Did you talk about COPPA? That will single handedly end a lot of creators and ITgos is letting it happen and it’s crazy that it costs a creator up to $42,000 per video that is flagged for violating the COPPA law. ITgos is spiraling out of control and the ones who benefit from creating content for people are going have to suffer for ITgos’s actions.

  49. Evan Harris

    Evan HarrisOra fa

    Don't you literally have to be 13 to have an account. It says in theterms of service so why the duck is this a thing

  50. Ethan Manzi

    Ethan ManziOra fa

    Coming back, waiting this video today, the issues still seem to apply. ITgos as a market is complex, and frankly, still a baby. I just came here after watching your interview with Susan W. (I can't spell her last name if I tried). I think in the early days, ITgos as a baby was simple, as many are, and thusly content was the same. Now ITgos seems to be approaching her teenager years. Things are becoming extremely complex, and things are not as easy to interact with her. ITgos is still trying to figure out how to properly engage with their fans and creators. ITgos has to ask the question, what do I, the viewer, want to see on my main page? Even today, ITgos seems to focus on retention. Why do I get recommended twenty Game Theory videos on my main screen? I come back and watch the videos on this channel - I only recently discovered GTLive (I didn't even realise you had a SO or child before watching!). In theory, it makes sense. I keep coming back, so I must love this channels content, right? Kinda. I like pretty much all of the channels content, but this idea doesn't apply to all channels. For example, channels that also offer vlogs (I frankly **HATE** vlogs and the vlogger-sterotype-person) are still lumped together into my content. I think as ITgos matures content recommendation will improve, and the platform will improve too. Instead of relying as heavily on blackbox AI algorithms to choose what I like, using other users. Looking to the bar at my right, the content is RANDOM from all the channels I frequently watch. A lot of Game Theory, some GreyStillPlays ... and that seems to be it. I scrolled and scrolled, but only PatTheory (my name for GameTheory, FilmTheory, etc.) and GreyStillPlays content. It only sees that this is a generally gaming channel and these are the channels I watch. In the future as ITgos matures, it might instead say "Okay, people who watched this video were also generally interested in other videos talking about the ITgos system itself, so let's recommend a video talking about the ITgos algorithm". I think we should cut ITgos a little slack, it's at most a teenager. Sure, the platform isn't perfect, and Big Brother running it (I mean Google) only really cares about money (I mean, helping creators create content in which a economically beneficial platform is created, in which a stable relationship exists between advertisers and creators), and it's pretty flawed in fundamental ways. However, is there really that many other platforms out there that exist that can provide the niche that we exist in. Let's be real, streaming is pretty freaking new, and in the grand scheme, it is still a niche. Thank you for listening to my TED talk. Make sure you subscribe to Game Theory, and hit that bell icon to be notified of MatPat going insane trying to figure out the lore of Five Nights at Freddie's, but remember, that's just a theory - a ITgos theory! Thanks for watching, and .... cut!

  51. Zach Hunter

    Zach HunterOra fa

    I feel you I live by tornadoes and I almost was in one

  52. ashraf alshorafa

    ashraf alshorafaOra fa

    I'm a muslim and also a loyal theorist, and this is not the first time mat uses an Islamic reference, but this time while Quran was revealed in 23 years, we are not certain that it all started in 23rd , but in and 20th odd night in Ramadan month so yes it might be 23rd night but it can also be any other night

  53. Elthian Cyberius

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  54. Im Just Swordyll ゴ

    Im Just Swordyll ゴOra fa

    No One: Literally No One: Me:Susan Wojudjudcudcudyhfygey

  55. Jae Likes Jam

    Jae Likes JamOra fa

    This is basically the only video I have disliked

  56. 1M subs with no videos challenge

    1M subs with no videos challengeOra fa

    You can tell shes talking slow so he cant ask more questions lol

  57. Jorddin Rood

    Jorddin RoodOra fa

    Thank you for making this. It needed to be made.

  58. Yuuki Plays

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  59. Frances Novelle David

    Frances Novelle DavidOra fa

    I, for one, is happy for the existence of Easy Mode. I am not the best gamer our there; far from it. But I also want to experience certain games firsthand instead of just watching gameplays/cutscenes and Easy Mode in games allows me to do that.

  60. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniOra fa

    Someone: Avengers: Endgame is the most ambitious crossover! MatPat: Hold my Coke

  61. Visionex ZakZ

    Visionex ZakZOra fa

    Metalcore Deathcore ThrashCore

  62. Rachel Bullock

    Rachel BullockOra fa

    Was the end trying to mix with hunger games or am I overthinking this

  63. Armando Montero

    Armando MonteroOra fa

    oh well, youtuber exploits kids for years, and now they are getting exploits, and they complaing. it s time to evolved, to get creative to stay on your sit as youtuber. for youtube to actually make a clear definitions. and to ads company stop been greedy mother f*cker that wanna ads to kids. Im glad that they are doing something about it. as someone with youngs kids god damm theres some horrible content really easy to access for young kids (2--6 years). glad i can use ads blocker on pcs of my house. but on the mobiles device i cant used it. so they are expose there.

  64. The Ultimate Master

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    Hot wings

  65. KidZaki

    KidZakiOra fa

    R I B O S O M E S

  66. Shadow of Games

    Shadow of GamesOra fa

    I get how you get fast with force slow making you faster.But if you are fighting more than one enemy,and if you slow one why don't the others slow down too?

  67. Thomas Bixler

    Thomas BixlerOra fa

    Wtf I love midichlorians now

  68. Aris Oxide

    Aris OxideOra fa

    Wait why is only one side of his hair short lol

  69. Aggieboy

    AggieboyOra fa

    It's clear ITgos cares about their ads. However, she makes it seem like ITgos ONLY cares about their ads because "they are the ones paying money". Maybe the creators and the viewers should quit watching ITgos for a bit so you can see WHY THEY ARE PAYING MONEY AND SHIFT YOUR CARE ELSEWHERE

  70. Stephajn Szekely

    Stephajn SzekelyOra fa

    It’s a pity that COPPA couldn’t come up in this interview.

  71. Ismael Alnajdi

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    super mash universe be like, only 20 damage real life me like, wait wheres my character.

  72. Sly Dragoon Cooper

    Sly Dragoon CooperOra fa

    from what i heard and saw i believe matpat will be able to attend another Gaming Creator Summit, along with being quite possibly the main interviewer to interact with; with that being said its awesome to hear youtube is actually working on relations and policies to, quote matpat, "help us help you" and further gain support for these channels. color me impressed and consider The Game Theorists channel to be the first i aim to buy merch from. :D

  73. Lian Kyle Mamaril Acunin

    Lian Kyle Mamaril AcuninOra fa

    There was 2 more games! It was The Joy of Creation and The Return of Creation

  74. EE pro DUCKS!!!

    EE pro DUCKS!!!Ora fa

    Tell me matpat how to use the force

  75. Donavan Weaver

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    I never knew matpat was such a perv😂... also, why is this on my recommended after 7 years?

  76. Ky’leigh Luafutu

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    Game theory: Wanna be a subscriber x2 Hater:NO! G.T.:Wanna like the vid x2 Hater:NO!! G.T:Wanna be turn on notifications x2 Hater:*sighs “fine” *New theory’s come out* Hater -> subscriber:~~~oooo~~

  77. Victor B0333

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    I won't be sad seeing some channels go tbh

  78. _スミオ・ゲーム

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    Just realized theres a minecraft cactus table.

  79. Dominic Vegh

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    Yay just figured out my favorite creator just shut down his channel because of this so I came here to learn what this garbage system is

  87. Ky’leigh Luafutu

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    12:17 Isn’t that the street were su-I-side Mickey took place????(sorry forgot how to speed it su-I-side)

  88. Hunters Galaxy

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    I’m kids content

  89. Ulanda Bailey

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    hey matpat alpha 4 and a full release came in 2019, how do i know that, its 2020

  90. Che Sinson

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    Imagine the golden sword was a butter sword, the pigmens don't need to eat neather warts anymore

  91. Chogs

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    mat: why should we make gaming content on youtube susan: well first of all we have a platform

  92. Hunters Galaxy

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    And security on everything

  93. Richard Bolton

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    36:28 yeah talk about politicians. Your just like one. A liar

  94. Knight TheDarkraiMaster

    Knight TheDarkraiMasterOra fa

    Okay, but if you can only slow one thing again time then you are in fact slowing the object not speeding yourself up. Not to mention that you can interact with inanimate objects using other force abilities such as force push and force grip. This doesn't really effect the theory that much but does effect your conclusion