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Kick4Life in Lesotho
  1. อดิศักดิ์ ใจทัด

    อดิศักดิ์ ใจทัด5 minuti fa


  2. Muba Cali

    Muba Cali18 minuti fa

    messi would have scored 2000 goals in that era

  3. Mohammed

    Mohammed20 minuti fa

    Alhilal Saudi win 2019 ✅

  4. Jaewook Lee

    Jaewook Lee59 minuti fa

    For some reason ITgos algorithm brought me here again


    OCHI OCHIOra fa


  6. TheGreatHeisman

    TheGreatHeismanOra fa

    Serbia were denied a penalty in this game when Mitrovic was dragged down. Ref should've awarded Serbia a penalty. This ruined Serbia's chances of making it out of the group stage and it would've been fun to see a Serbia-Croatia matchup in the playoffs. But the ref was horrible in this game. But Mitrovic played great in this game. But great equalizer by Xhaka I can't believe that did not get mentioned in goal of tournament great strike by him.

  7. Yeesyesyes NJ

    Yeesyesyes NJOra fa

    00:07 penaldo 🤣

  8. KH G4MER

    KH G4MER2 ore fa


  9. Muhammed Nizar C M

    Muhammed Nizar C M2 ore fa

    am i seeing the 6 times ballondor winner

  10. mashri969 mashri969

    mashri969 mashri9692 ore fa

    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Official Emblem: $

  11. Mlitavikinez

    Mlitavikinez2 ore fa

    Where's a Nacho's goal against Portugal

  12. Hazard Abraham

    Hazard Abraham3 ore fa

    The first teenage goal since Pele himself gives me chills

  13. Kabbya Rahman

    Kabbya Rahman3 ore fa

    No bangladesh

  14. Jill Valentine Don't Cry for me Argentina

    Jill Valentine Don't Cry for me Argentina3 ore fa

    Argentina were better

  15. Kabbya Rahman

    Kabbya Rahman3 ore fa

    Maybe no

  16. Kabbya Rahman

    Kabbya Rahman3 ore fa

    is there any boy or man or old man

  17. Kabbya Rahman

    Kabbya Rahman3 ore fa

    And womans

  18. Kabbya Rahman

    Kabbya Rahman3 ore fa

    Hi girls I am boy

  19. Technical Gamerx

    Technical Gamerx3 ore fa

    Nacho's goal was faster than my WiFi

  20. Kabbya Rahman

    Kabbya Rahman3 ore fa

    Bangladesh Bangladesh

  21. AlejanDroCse Lugano

    AlejanDroCse Lugano3 ore fa


  22. Joshua Xiquin Quintanilla

    Joshua Xiquin Quintanilla4 ore fa

    El. quetzal en el logo

  23. Masrony Mat

    Masrony Mat4 ore fa

    Who else is here for peter drury commentary?🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

  24. rokEE

    rokEE5 ore fa

    Croatia players are more french than the french team lol

  25. damadnessisback v

    damadnessisback v5 ore fa

    Anyone gonna talk about that hes not even playing with anyone

  26. Tristan.

    Tristan.5 ore fa

    I’m pumped for my country (France) to get eliminated in the group stage to Canada

  27. Luciana Santos

    Luciana Santos5 ore fa

    Lindoooo D+!!! Emocionada! Parabéns mamãe! Premio merecido!!!

  28. FXXF 1359

    FXXF 13595 ore fa

    Is it just me , or is Pelé is under rated?

  29. King Bob

    King Bob5 ore fa

    That luck goal from france goal keeper just shock abit really near on hand

  30. Cool Not

    Cool Not5 ore fa

    Dishwasher soccer

  31. Pin Cyril

    Pin Cyril5 ore fa

    Italy the better team without Buffon!

  32. Pin Cyril

    Pin Cyril5 ore fa

    Le noir, se pas le bues. Diving for a penalty.

  33. shashank gupta

    shashank gupta5 ore fa

    The main question is : Did Ronaldo stand up in the end ?

  34. Edna Silva Lima

    Edna Silva Lima5 ore fa

    América Latina só time Br🇧🇷🇧🇷



    Este mundial me trajo gratos recuerdos ⚽👍

  36. Luis R.

    Luis R.6 ore fa

    Real madrid el mas grande 3 seguidas 💪💪💪

  37. ReauSheuGaming

    ReauSheuGaming6 ore fa

    Imo Brazil were unlucky this cup

  38. Gabriel Chaves

    Gabriel Chaves6 ore fa


  39. Matheus Carvalho

    Matheus Carvalho6 ore fa

    South Korea 9x1 Brazil

  40. A.R.K. Rafael

    A.R.K. Rafael6 ore fa

    Money Power duel!!!

  41. Snorlax

    Snorlax6 ore fa

    I rather have Puyol win World Cup over Robben any day

  42. Shaggy Snacks

    Shaggy Snacks7 ore fa

    Every ronaldo goal Diego Costa makes a goal *HMMM*

  43. Raven Caos

    Raven Caos7 ore fa

    Esa Holanda no ganó el mundial de milagro

  44. Noah Mirabito

    Noah Mirabito7 ore fa

    Lazio legend too

  45. Kevin Cazares

    Kevin Cazares7 ore fa

    Te dejaste caer arjen roben

  46. Diego Andre Galvez Pinto

    Diego Andre Galvez Pinto7 ore fa

    at 0:17 zabivaka is cheating

  47. A.R.K. Rafael

    A.R.K. Rafael7 ore fa


  48. A.R.K. Rafael

    A.R.K. Rafael7 ore fa



    PHUONG TRONG7 ore fa

    brazil love numberone

  50. A.R.K. Rafael

    A.R.K. Rafael7 ore fa

    Tahiti Amazing!

  51. A.R.K. Rafael

    A.R.K. Rafael7 ore fa


  52. Billy M.

    Billy M.8 ore fa


  53. αgυรтiи

    αgυรтiи8 ore fa

    El de Cavani fue mucho mejor que el de Messi Cavani le hizo un golazo o Portugal con una buena jugada en el segundo gol

  54. Patrick 1905

    Patrick 19058 ore fa

    Sport recife 🔴⚫

  55. PO WA

    PO WA8 ore fa


  56. Weird Dude

    Weird Dude8 ore fa

    Nice comeback :)

  57. Fahri gotze

    Fahri gotze8 ore fa

    Auto,, terkejut ...

  58. Weird Dude

    Weird Dude8 ore fa

    Spain (1) - 1 South Africa

  59. Lucas

    Lucas8 ore fa

    0:54 o jogador do Liverpool empurra covardemente o jogador do São Paulo que marcou o gol

  60. Kakatua

    Kakatua9 ore fa

    5:18 Guy in the low left corner: WHAT THE--

  61. Crisna Mina

    Crisna Mina9 ore fa

    dogs : wolf wolf cats : meow meow idiots : 2019? 2019?

  62. Delilah Blanchett

    Delilah Blanchett9 ore fa


  63. Adarsh S V

    Adarsh S V9 ore fa

    Ribery deserves it ... Robbery

  64. Mashuk Miah

    Mashuk Miah9 ore fa

    So messi knew he was the winner already and he was already on the stage behind the curtains

  65. christopher yepes

    christopher yepes9 ore fa

    Let’s all be honest, this game was played very dirty by Brazil, the bought the ref and knocked out Colombia by cheating

  66. Felix Kim

    Felix Kim9 ore fa

    It’s so sad. It’s over already. Now we have to wait another 4 years

  67. christopher yepes

    christopher yepes9 ore fa

    Yeah Colombia 🇨🇴 James I love him

  68. Ray Pequenaliz1

    Ray Pequenaliz19 ore fa

    Força Flamengo!

  69. Redy Pajero

    Redy Pajero10 ore fa

    This World Cup have more surprises than I can count..

  70. Jessy Costa

    Jessy Costa10 ore fa

    Nacho vs Portugal anyone?

  71. Redy Pajero

    Redy Pajero10 ore fa

    *The Match that South Koreans will always remembers forever*

  72. Ahmed Howsawi

    Ahmed Howsawi10 ore fa


  73. Luis Fernando Silva Ferreira

    Luis Fernando Silva Ferreira10 ore fa

    São Paulo FC

  74. Roblox Gamer boy

    Roblox Gamer boy10 ore fa


  75. REFILOX Frasz

    REFILOX Frasz10 ore fa


  76. imothy 90

    imothy 9010 ore fa


  77. platano king

    platano king11 ore fa

    Ese arquero de dinamarca save tapar

  78. Jogn Fong

    Jogn Fong11 ore fa

    Who's here after watching the latest Champions League episode where ter Stegan and Nauer referenced this

  79. Lucas Cordeiro

    Lucas Cordeiro11 ore fa

    Piada esse time

  80. Muhammed Ali

    Muhammed Ali11 ore fa


  81. Williams Diego

    Williams Diego11 ore fa

    Flamengo vs Liverpool na final 2019. Quem acredita?

  82. Elias Perez

    Elias Perez11 ore fa

    Solo 1 a 0 🤣🤣😂😂

  83. Anderson Vicente

    Anderson Vicente11 ore fa

    Tava em outro patamar

  84. Alisandro Toledo

    Alisandro Toledo11 ore fa

    Tomaram sacode barcelona

  85. HUNT N

    HUNT N11 ore fa


  86. Fer LO

    Fer LO12 ore fa

    Salcido en esos tiempos era pieza clave de la selección

  87. Robin Parker

    Robin Parker12 ore fa

    Di Maria vs France?

  88. pop rock

    pop rock12 ore fa

    Amazing facts in football Messi and Ronaldo never won the world cup despite being goat of this generation almost everytime Netherlands came very close but never won a single cup on which Day Messi is gonna win an international trophy with Argentina Buffon never won champions League in his entire career despite winning world cup how on earth Brazil lost to Germany 7-1 in the semis if a team won the world cup so why they get eliminated in the group stagesafter that why there's a rule of outside in football.

  89. -WSBR-

    -WSBR-12 ore fa


  90. -WSBR-

    -WSBR-12 ore fa

    1 Libertadores And 2 World Campionship CURINTIANUS Thief Team

  91. Cálculo infinito

    Cálculo infinito12 ore fa

    Esse Kdiaba é muito engraçado

  92. Ephraim Solomon

    Ephraim Solomon12 ore fa

    He doesn't even shake Messi's hand... immaturity!

  93. Petrus Mnnrt

    Petrus Mnnrt12 ore fa

    Doping helps a lot

  94. محمد آل سعود

    محمد آل سعود13 ore fa

    Russia 🇷🇺 was taking a steroids that’s why we lost 5 - 0 🙂👎🏼👎🏼

  95. Marlon Brando

    Marlon Brando13 ore fa

    I once scored a better one than that but unfortunately cameras hadn't been invented then..

  96. Mourad chelfawi02

    Mourad chelfawi0213 ore fa

    Final Alhilal vs liverpool

  97. asia 005

    asia 00513 ore fa

    6 cup one season only Barcelona

  98. Kheloufi Noureddine

    Kheloufi Noureddine13 ore fa

    And Brahimi's goal of Algeria deserve to be at the top ten of 2014 Goals!!

  99. Alexandre Moreira

    Alexandre Moreira13 ore fa

    Esse Sérgio Ramos é maldoso. e o juiz cegueta.

  100. Матвей Сизов

    Матвей Сизов13 ore fa

    Hello FIFA. This is a fan of the Russian national team. In connection with the new WADA law, I ask all fans of Russia not to forbid us to participate in EURO 2020 and the World Cup 2022, because our players have not found signs of doping. Why innocent footballers and fans should suffer because of the sins of other athletes. Sorry for mistakes. Thank you in advance a fan of the Russian national team.