Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus

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Lucas Got Sick..

Lucas Got Sick..

20 giorni fa

We met our TRIPLET!
  1. leela rosenow

    leela rosenow9 ore fa


  2. Ricardo Williams

    Ricardo Williams9 ore fa

    Ew who buys a pink full house what a waste of money 😒

  3. Roblox Gamer

    Roblox Gamer9 ore fa

    I am confused with this iPhone stuff I have a iPhone

  4. Brian Martinez

    Brian Martinez9 ore fa

    Brian Martínez

  5. Jamal flameteam

    Jamal flameteam9 ore fa

    This video touch me men

  6. Andy C.

    Andy C.9 ore fa


  7. Danielle Gonzalez

    Danielle Gonzalez9 ore fa

    I’m so confuse who’s Lucas and Marcus

  8. Karla Roman

    Karla Roman9 ore fa

    I wont the iphone plis 😢😢💖💖💖 i love you

  9. Maya Anderson

    Maya Anderson9 ore fa

    I love yall

  10. Salma Aladwan

    Salma Aladwan9 ore fa

    Name Salma Aladwan Plz can I have the iPhone my phone is Samsung plz can i have the iPhone

  11. Desiree Reyna

    Desiree Reyna9 ore fa


  12. Vincent Taylor

    Vincent Taylor9 ore fa

    What they did is illegal

  13. Nahomy Lora

    Nahomy Lora9 ore fa


  14. Nahomy Lora

    Nahomy Lora9 ore fa


  15. Anxiety_Spinz

    Anxiety_Spinz9 ore fa

    It's lit like NYC

  16. The Zakmeister

    The Zakmeister9 ore fa

    I phone entury Done Why because my mom cant afford to buy me one i need it for school and my birthday is april 18

  17. Sebastian Quirino

    Sebastian Quirino9 ore fa

    Its was funny when Cyrus say thank you

  18. Kara Wult

    Kara Wult9 ore fa

    This is the not the best time to do this

  19. Haven_Roseツ

    Haven_Roseツ9 ore fa

    did i just see a text cussin or nah not to hate..

  20. Vickythe cat lover 202 Caravaggio

    Vickythe cat lover 202 Caravaggio9 ore fa

    I cried

  21. Kamauri Moses

    Kamauri Moses9 ore fa

    She is fake

  22. Queen D

    Queen D9 ore fa


  23. Miah Derain

    Miah Derain9 ore fa

    Why : my mom dose not have the money to A phone

  24. Zen Kit Xander Loo

    Zen Kit Xander Loo9 ore fa

    looxander is my Instagram username

  25. Seb Sovannaream

    Seb Sovannaream9 ore fa

    Bro what is your ice box

  26. Miah Derain

    Miah Derain9 ore fa

    Name : miah

  27. Salmahari Barela

    Salmahari Barela9 ore fa

    I give the song a 10 out of 10 because I love it never let anybody bring you down wish I can meet y’all but I can’t I wish and I hope I can meet you one day may got bless y’all

  28. keira christopherson

    keira christopherson9 ore fa

    I liked subscribed well I was already subscribed and my name is keira

  29. B O R L123 L R O B 321

    B O R L123 L R O B 3219 ore fa

    the play is so fire🔥

  30. Kishwar Saira

    Kishwar Saira9 ore fa

    What an outfit

  31. Callum Moses

    Callum Moses9 ore fa

    You didn't prank me but it was cool nice prank over there

  32. Megamaster117 T

    Megamaster117 T9 ore fa

    5:13that noise tho

  33. Stephanye Alvarez

    Stephanye Alvarez9 ore fa


  34. mevans 73

    mevans 739 ore fa

    It’s so fake

  35. Thora Muhi

    Thora Muhi9 ore fa

    Happy birthday ivanita

  36. Agustina Santiago

    Agustina Santiago9 ore fa

    0:08 PES it meny time

  37. Ariadna Carrasco

    Ariadna Carrasco9 ore fa

    They didn't actually break up.. °-° did I really just get joked on? :( Edit: But atleast they are still together! 😄♥️

  38. Dede Ariangga

    Dede Ariangga9 ore fa

    "IPhone entry" "Done" Why:l have never had an iPhone and where live it's really expensive and my parents don't have enough money for 1 i need to change my phone after long time :') i really need please, my phone is 3G internet btw

  39. Bairon Arce

    Bairon Arce9 ore fa

    I feel so bad for steve becase he tought he was going to get prasents 😥 😥 😥

  40. Jaden Mandujano

    Jaden Mandujano9 ore fa

    Good jab

  41. Melandie Stallings

    Melandie Stallings9 ore fa

    Love you lol i’m a big fan

  42. annmrie gulpane

    annmrie gulpane9 ore fa

    do you break up why do you dont want to kiss in the last video you kiss

  43. Melandie Stallings

    Melandie Stallings9 ore fa

    Did you see my phone number

  44. atari Lol

    atari Lol9 ore fa

    My recommended:iMa eNd tHiS dUdEs CaReaR

  45. Melandie Stallings

    Melandie Stallings9 ore fa


  46. Andi Barrios

    Andi Barrios9 ore fa

    I always want to help the homeless people and give what they need this video makes me happy 😊 😊😊

  47. Nichole Burkus

    Nichole Burkus9 ore fa

    4:15 the text..

  48. Mariam Alhosani

    Mariam Alhosani9 ore fa

    Why: because I want to give to one of my family members?

  49. Nevy G

    Nevy G9 ore fa


  50. Nevy G

    Nevy G9 ore fa


  51. Yazmin Mejia

    Yazmin Mejia9 ore fa

    It looks like Maddie but to much foundation

  52. Nevy G

    Nevy G9 ore fa


  53. Alondra De La Cruz

    Alondra De La Cruz9 ore fa

    I already did

  54. Daniela Aguirre

    Daniela Aguirre9 ore fa

    That was good!

  55. Yes Ma’am

    Yes Ma’am9 ore fa

    Okay but that house is just gorgeous

  56. Harriet Thompson

    Harriet Thompson9 ore fa

    My name is Hattie belle Thompson

  57. Jimmy Tongaxx

    Jimmy Tongaxx9 ore fa

    I’m a triplet

  58. Danny Reyes

    Danny Reyes9 ore fa

    I felt so bad when I watched this.😿

  59. Alex Berry

    Alex Berry9 ore fa

    Plz plz I live in Australia though so probably can’t get it also rly rly love your app

  60. Frank Lawson

    Frank Lawson9 ore fa

    Name frank Lawson