Twenty One Pilots: Level of Concern (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)

Twenty One Pilots unite outside during an at-home performance of their song "Level of Concern" for The Tonight Show. Get the all-new Twenty One Pilots "Level of Concern (live from outside)" here:!
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Twenty One Pilots: Level of Concern (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)


  1. Carolyn Bishop

    Carolyn Bishop11 ore fa

    I love this! 💛💛💛

  2. Tengus Pengus

    Tengus Pengus11 ore fa

    I'm glad tyler is pure talent no auto tune is needed:)

  3. Joe Green

    Joe Green12 ore fa

    Nobody: Tyler: Julie starts to mAAAKKKKKEEEEE MMMEEE NEERVVOOUUSSS

  4. skellifur

    skellifur12 ore fa

    "you ask me if it's real i see your shifting eyes you're digging in your heels i dig my hole to die" _tyler jøseph 2020_

  5. skellifur

    skellifur12 ore fa

    Drumming and singing *now that's talent*

  6. skellifur

    skellifur12 ore fa

    i didn't know josh ever sang background

  7. katie rydz

    katie rydz12 ore fa

    low-key wish this was the original


    VIN DRIESAL13 ore fa

    Jimmy kimmels house is a vibe

  9. Claire Sanchez

    Claire Sanchez13 ore fa

    This just got better when Ned came in i love him so much! he is so cute!.....

  10. dun god

    dun god13 ore fa


  11. dun god

    dun god13 ore fa


  12. Nicola Cast

    Nicola Cast14 ore fa


  13. The Nerd Crusader

    The Nerd Crusader14 ore fa

    "Hey, whatcha doing?" "Just making lemonade. VIA EMAIL"

  14. Xander Buck

    Xander Buck14 ore fa

    When you begin to relate to tyler a bit to much

  15. Andrea Avila

    Andrea Avila14 ore fa

    Me encantó más esta versión que la original,

  16. Rus Rus

    Rus Rus15 ore fa

    I loved your music for: 1) insanely strong Christian poetry and psychologism, 2) chanting the ideas of freedom. Where did it all go? Instead now: 1) pop stupefaction and horned devil in the clips (all this is typical Satanism), 2) supporting the Blockout for the house arrest of people under the guise of health care. People are forced to behave like prisoners or slaves, deprived of their jobs and businesses... There is setting up a new Great depression. But not all the people are slaves. There were protests against Blockout in US and even in Ohio. These were real free people! Were you stand with them? No... You have to advertise sitting at home and slavish behavior. What a pity, I was very disappointed because I loved your early music very much. It was beautiful and had a soul. Now it's not. But anyway, thank you for that I loved...

  17. agustin jensen

    agustin jensen10 ore fa

    omfg what

  18. panic! at the floor

    panic! at the floor15 ore fa

    We Stan Ned

  19. E• Editions

    E• Editions15 ore fa

    I loved this so much!!!!!

  20. Илья Тепляков

    Илья Тепляков16 ore fa

    Жаль не чего не понимаю но все равно слушаю,голос очень приятный.

  21. C.M. Engelberg

    C.M. Engelberg16 ore fa


  22. K r i s

    K r i s16 ore fa

    Tyler's vocals-♡

  23. Sofi Pombo

    Sofi Pombo17 ore fa

    this is a fucking masterpiece

  24. Jeasi Silva

    Jeasi Silva17 ore fa

    Very nice!🙌🏼❤️

  25. Gretchen

    Gretchen17 ore fa

    I need Josh's isolated vocals asap

  26. 10k Subscriber Challenge With No Videos

    10k Subscriber Challenge With No Videos18 ore fa

    Ned appears, Me: well thats confusing to anyone who is a new top fan

  27. Jairo Meeuse

    Jairo Meeuse18 ore fa

    i love this band

  28. Juvenal Conceição

    Juvenal Conceição18 ore fa


  29. Jonathan S

    Jonathan S18 ore fa

    297 drunk dislikers

  30. Jonathan Fairhurst

    Jonathan Fairhurst18 ore fa

    How cool would it be if Paul Meany, recently orphaned from his genius band, ended up joining Twentyonepilots? Like I love the duet dynamic, but a) they seem to love collabing, and b) Meany has a lot of talent to bring to the table and can really sit into this new groove TØP is carving. Imagine Tyler and Paul switching instruments every couple songs and both of them killing it together. I think it fits.

  31. Lisya

    Lisya18 ore fa

    Woaaa ned is here! :D

  32. Chasmin Ekström

    Chasmin Ekström18 ore fa

    I'm crying 😭😭😭 Love you so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  33. Zero Evilsizor

    Zero Evilsizor18 ore fa


  34. Astrid Hernandez

    Astrid Hernandez18 ore fa


  35. larziele

    larziele18 ore fa


  36. larziele

    larziele18 ore fa

    wait whos trumpet guy

  37. Isaac Gabith

    Isaac Gabith18 ore fa

    Como que Ned vive en el campo y no en la fábrica de Cloralex? 🧐

  38. Daríø Mercadø

    Daríø Mercadø19 ore fa


  39. Windor

    Windor19 ore fa

    I still can’t get over that *JOSH IS DOING VOCALS* AND *NED IS USING THE GUITAR*

  40. GodzBilla

    GodzBilla19 ore fa

    where the fuck are the other 16 pilots

  41. AlishaCat

    AlishaCat19 ore fa

    Josh looks so cute in this! I love them all so much :D

  42. Julien P

    Julien P19 ore fa

    Paul Meany ❤️ Also Ned

  43. Gina Baker

    Gina Baker19 ore fa


  44. Somesmallemoloser Yee

    Somesmallemoloser Yee19 ore fa

    Tyler has more friends than me

  45. Martín Gabriel Astudillo Vargas

    Martín Gabriel Astudillo Vargas19 ore fa

    20 lt of limanate, please, Tyler. No sugar.

  46. Johan Castillejo Sanchez

    Johan Castillejo Sanchez19 ore fa

    ned!!!!! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a>

  47. m a y a r a

    m a y a r a19 ore fa

    EU AMOOOOOOO ❤❤❤🇧🇷

  48. hi hi

    hi hi20 ore fa

    Why this song isn't #1 on billboard ?

  49. Baby Bobo Chan Fan

    Baby Bobo Chan Fan20 ore fa

    Ned Returns In Level Of Concern Live From Outside.

  50. can i get 2k subscribers with no videos challenge

    can i get 2k subscribers with no videos challenge20 ore fa

    Who else wants the upcoming album from tøp to have lots of josh singing parts?

  51. Addyson Garant

    Addyson Garant20 ore fa

    I Kinda want that to happen to mee!

  52. Addyson Garant

    Addyson Garant20 ore fa

    OMG That would be so cute!!

  53. so emo I fell apart

    so emo I fell apart20 ore fa


  54. riya sharma

    riya sharma21 ora fa

    I didn't know James MacAvoy was a keyboard player

  55. TOP- MAN_

    TOP- MAN_21 ora fa

    I need more ned

  56. Allie Reyes

    Allie Reyes21 ora fa

    JOSH SINGING DAAAAAAMN. I love this video with all my heart, all my boys killed it

  57. Juan Cruz Gaona 3

    Juan Cruz Gaona 322 ore fa

    Tocar separados en la cuarentena es bastante duro, pero es algo que tenemos que aprender en estos meses, mientras se graben mas canciones... =)

  58. Eren Summers

    Eren Summers22 ore fa

    well i was casually vibing until <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> lmao

  59. Tea S

    Tea SGiorno fa

    Here there be gods!

  60. Hlutea Khiangte

    Hlutea KhiangteGiorno fa

    Friend : Let's make a lemonade. Me : Opens email. Friend :??? Me : You wouldn't get it.

  61. Victoria Graveé

    Victoria GraveéGiorno fa

    Even at home They are perfectttr

  62. Paola Muñoz

    Paola MuñozGiorno fa

    Ned's the real talent here

  63. cyvic

    cyvicGiorno fa

    Sounds really pre recorded. If it isn't, great job on an already amazing track!

  64. snoot

    snootGiorno fa

    I'm going to say it. This is so fucking good.

  65. ענבר בינו

    ענבר בינוGiorno fa

    Is somebody understands: " out here making lemonade via email!" What?

  66. Kane and katt and koen Dyball

    Kane and katt and koen DyballGiorno fa

    Tell me what alright tell me what ok!!

  67. Krishnan unni

    Krishnan unniGiorno fa


  68. certified trash

    certified trashGiorno fa

    he had to change the lyrics to "in a world that's seen better days" bc we all kept saying "in a world where you bitches lie to me."

  69. Hanieh Sahranavard

    Hanieh SahranavardGiorno fa

    This is even better than the original!! Missed Ned.

  70. Luke Venters

    Luke VentersGiorno fa

    Ned + chlorine bath = badass guitar player

  71. noridory

    noridoryGiorno fa

    we need to see TOPxMM doing level of concern rn

  72. Yoga Frog

    Yoga FrogGiorno fa

    noridory Paul Meany on the keys is the only one from Mutemath. He’s been co-producing with TØP since Trench. 🙂

  73. Pan

    PanGiorno fa

    viA eMaiL

  74. Shadow game

    Shadow gameGiorno fa

    No se inglés pero está bien perrona❤️

  75. Indiana Dal Molin

    Indiana Dal MolinGiorno fa

    "Via Email!"-Twenty One Pilots

  76. Spartan_X117 !

    Spartan_X117 !Giorno fa

    Me: See's Ned in Level of Concern Also Me: Level of Chlorine

  77. SandrøMusic TV

    SandrøMusic TVGiorno fa

    I think this is the best American Band ever

  78. Bear0fDespair

    Bear0fDespairGiorno fa

    The Piano dude looks like Micheal Fassbender

  79. Camila Durand

    Camila DurandGiorno fa

    :0 recien me doy cuenta de esto :´0

  80. AnImAtIoN

    AnImAtIoNGiorno fa

    Josh con una pandereta feliz es lo mejor que veremos hoy :')

  81. karen Moreno

    karen MorenoGiorno fa

    Perdón por la ignorancia pero tiene algún significado el monito?

  82. karen Moreno

    karen MorenoGiorno fa

    AnImAtIoN Ooh ya veo, si me gusta la banda pero tipo escuchaba las canciones y no sabía de quienes eran pero ya me puse a ver pues la banda y eso, pero pues no tengo mucho conocimiento de ellos jaja. Gracias ahora entiendo. :)

  83. AnImAtIoN

    AnImAtIoNGiorno fa

    Si ned , no se si sigues la banda pero ah aparecido en canciones anteriores como clorine y es como se podría decir una mascota que se aprecia mucho en el clique si no me equivocó no llevo mucho en el clique tampoco solo 113 días

  84. Wasabiわさび

    WasabiわさびGiorno fa

    yah yah