YoungBoy Never Broke Again - AI Nash (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Youngboy Never Broke Again - AI Nash (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
3D by KAYO
Director of Photography - Cole Bennett
Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino
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  1. George Sasse

    George Sasse10 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> I didn’t know that Alvin and the chipmunks were in this song

  2. Ghost Boy

    Ghost Boy10 ore fa

    YB Stay Trending 😎 Never Seem Anything Like It 🤯🐐

  3. 1 Subscriber Before Christmas

    1 Subscriber Before Christmas10 ore fa

    He would've did better numbers on his own account.

  4. Yvng riot

    Yvng riot10 ore fa

    Like or u will lose ur family

  5. Joseph McClaran

    Joseph McClaran10 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a> bro he lookin like a boogie

  6. Thilaxsan Ragavan

    Thilaxsan Ragavan10 ore fa

    Probably one of the best song he ever made 🚫🧢🔥🔥🔥💯

  7. wow ok

    wow ok10 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>

  8. Liam

    Liam10 ore fa

    How is this criminal trash on trending?

  9. Martraevious Gordon

    Martraevious Gordon10 ore fa

    13 hoes that part was hard asf

  10. Sabir Abhi

    Sabir Abhi10 ore fa chek

  11. Lamont Stoner

    Lamont Stoner10 ore fa

    yb THE G.O.A.T

  12. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast10 ore fa

    Nobody: Youngboy: I’m aboutta sample Jlo’s song titled “Get On The Mic”.

  13. Yvng riot

    Yvng riot10 ore fa

    Who else thought that skeleton on the

  14. Kevin Laguna

    Kevin Laguna10 ore fa

    This guy's so much trash, he had ghetto fans😂

  15. Lost_Elii

    Lost_Elii10 ore fa

    Me: Is This A Banger?? Youngboy: you think 🤔

  16. Montas PR

    Montas PR10 ore fa

    When he said "haianendbosoaowmemen" I felt that.

  17. Omar Lopez

    Omar Lopez10 ore fa

    Dear youngboy, ima challenge you to something. I challenge you to drop a song that isnt 🔥🔥🔥. Jk. I wouldnt set you up for failure like that, your shit straight 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Simply

    Simply10 ore fa

    The beat sounds invisible.

  19. Johnny Robbins

    Johnny Robbins10 ore fa

    NBA youngboy is so overated!


    AMV STUDIO10 ore fa

    *do you like anime&amv welcome to my channel*

  21. Th3 Unknxwn

    Th3 Unknxwn10 ore fa

    Bro y’all can say whatever you want but yb is one of the most consistent artist out 💯

  22. Je zielig groen ikea stoeltje arm

    Je zielig groen ikea stoeltje arm10 ore fa

    Use me as a “I didn't come from TikTok” button

  23. YTaurus Channel

    YTaurus Channel10 ore fa

  24. tyler laforest

    tyler laforest10 ore fa

    Sounds like everyone else who raps right now who likes this shit?

  25. Variance the unknown

    Variance the unknown10 ore fa

    Yo dirty Iyanna almost caught a body

  26. Ltmb Jay

    Ltmb Jay10 ore fa

    Who else think yb the Goat ?

  27. BBQ#1 -_-

    BBQ#1 -_-10 ore fa

    A random person who likes will be successful in life

  28. Başak Gülten

    Başak Gülten10 ore fa

    no naked girls, just talent

  29. Reps

    Reps10 ore fa

    #1 Trending

  30. Tamieka Frazier

    Tamieka Frazier10 ore fa

    Youngboy Unreleased leaked 🔥🗣

  31. Mary Nice

    Mary Nice10 ore fa

    Го вз подписку

  32. Chznce

    Chznce10 ore fa

    cole made a youngboy music video? yep its a banger

  33. Cafajestte ꪜ

    Cafajestte ꪜ10 ore fa


  34. NLE YT

    NLE YT10 ore fa


  35. Abel Sanchez

    Abel Sanchez10 ore fa


  36. Yunginn Rich

    Yunginn Rich10 ore fa

    #1 trending once again 🐐 Lil top

  37. Kmaire Kylen

    Kmaire Kylen10 ore fa

    The preview was on Instagram and I knew that Louieknows didn’t edit this straight away

  38. Tj Laster

    Tj Laster10 ore fa

    NBA gay

  39. NLE YT

    NLE YT10 ore fa

    During 23

  40. Josh Maze

    Josh Maze10 ore fa

    Why everyone so worried about a damn skeleton ona four wheeler

  41. Eh kbaw Hsee

    Eh kbaw Hsee10 ore fa

    Shout out YoungBoy

  42. Liekk _

    Liekk _10 ore fa

  43. Raymond Solomon

    Raymond Solomon10 ore fa

    This needs to be on Apple Music already

  44. Dwayn Sweetney

    Dwayn Sweetney10 ore fa

    Ya man that’s wat im saying, can’t wait to download

  45. Kenroy Smith

    Kenroy Smith10 ore fa

    Greatest rapper out rn yall just be dick ridin

  46. Alloyd Aleph

    Alloyd Aleph10 ore fa

    Herpes Incurable

  47. B.J. Koh

    B.J. Koh10 ore fa

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Jackson 182

    Jackson 18210 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> when you say somthing in front of a fan

  49. Sicid dek Isse

    Sicid dek Isse10 ore fa


  50. internet 2020

    internet 202011 ore fa

    🗑☢Foolish, Childish TRASH MUSIC!🗑☢

  51. Kappa ll

    Kappa ll11 ore fa

    Wtf is this 🗑

  52. BlackMetalTroy322 Skumshow

    BlackMetalTroy322 Skumshow11 ore fa

    What is this garbage?

  53. angel nava

    angel nava11 ore fa

    I can name 5 reasons why hate YB 1. He is overrated 2.people compare him to Tupac 3.he sound the same in every song 4.he has herpes 5.his anger issues I bet these reason on this young goat but there’s one thing you can’t discredit his consistency 💯

  54. NLE 2K

    NLE 2K11 ore fa


  55. Prince kj 25

    Prince kj 2511 ore fa

    This shit ass😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️

  56. Exist6nce

    Exist6nce11 ore fa

    Nobody : Youngboy : #1 trending

  57. Poop Feast asmr

    Poop Feast asmr11 ore fa

    Why would he do a video for youngboy who is the worst artist right now

  58. Luna Soap ASMR

    Luna Soap ASMR11 ore fa

    Nobody: Youngboy: "why the temperature 80 degrees but I'm the only one cold in here"

  59. Baby Taylor

    Baby Taylor11 ore fa


  60. Chris Crazy

    Chris Crazy11 ore fa

    Fuck jackboy ♿️

  61. LightskinShaq 3X

    LightskinShaq 3X11 ore fa

    Subscribe to my channel yall

  62. Luna Soap ASMR

    Luna Soap ASMR11 ore fa

    A random person who like this comment will be a billionaire 👇🏻

  63. Money P 95

    Money P 9511 ore fa

  64. Phillip Duncan

    Phillip Duncan11 ore fa

    So this is what replaced coryxkenshin’s video for 1# on trending 😑

  65. Jonathan Barrionuevo

    Jonathan Barrionuevo11 ore fa

    how i see nba young boy hair:roddyrich looks:21savage

  66. fcq zae

    fcq zae11 ore fa

    He ran this bih 😈

  67. Brayden Morrison

    Brayden Morrison11 ore fa

    “Oh you think”

  68. BillieOnTop

    BillieOnTop11 ore fa

    dog shit

  69. PKMenace

    PKMenace11 ore fa

    Person below me gay

  70. Mike the mudder

    Mike the mudder11 ore fa

    LONG LIVE YOUNGBOY !!!!!!!!!

  71. ryannayr140

    ryannayr14011 ore fa

    The media has been taken. Ap news associated press



    New clip posted during the quarantine thank u

  73. Greenlight

    Greenlight11 ore fa

    This shit hot trash

  74. AZKrono

    AZKrono11 ore fa

    thank you

  75. 3ric _yoboii

    3ric _yoboii11 ore fa


  76. Austin Neace

    Austin Neace11 ore fa


  77. Keyno Smith

    Keyno Smith11 ore fa

    I wanted some shit with more horses 🐎 so I went to the lot and widen the body 🔥🔥🔥

  78. xqc's cousin

    xqc's cousin11 ore fa

    Inspired island vibes

  79. Ssontai

    Ssontai11 ore fa

    check my video out

  80. Bornloll

    Bornloll11 ore fa

    He’s ass tho

  81. Lógica Básica

    Lógica Básica11 ore fa

    there's a little song in your autotune men


    ALEX BALOG11 ore fa

    Wtf is this shit??!